Four Blood Moons: The Beginning Of The End? Israel Invades Hamas After Over 1,200 Terrorist Rockets And Two Broken Cease Fires

As of yesterday, at least 1,241 terrorist rockets had been fired at Israel and Hamas had broken TWO cease fires – including one just hours ago.  I’d call that more than enough patience.

About two hours ago, Israel began the ground offensive necessary to root out the tunnels that Hamas is exploiting in their efforts to indiscriminately kill and maim as many Jews as possible.

Some 40,000 troops had been massed on the border waiting for the order to go in.  You can’t just keep that kind of force idly hanging around.  When Hamas violated yet another cease fire, it was time to pull the trigger and go.

There’s no reasoning with terrorists.  There’s no chance for peace as long as Hamas has anything to do with the Palestinian government.  You either kill them or let them kill you and your women and children.

Not that the world or the political left cares.

It’s truly amazing: liberals will literally fight to the death and go to extreme lengths for the “right” to murder as many babies as they possibly can.  But they don’t believe the Jews have a right to defend even their own lives against violent terrorist attack.

I put it in 2 Corinthians 4:4 terms:

The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

They also cannot see truth, because as Jesus Himself put it:

“If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated Me first.  If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.” — John 15:18-19

Israel fights because Israel is FORCED to fight by those who hate her.  Israel “occupies” because if they DON’T “occupy” their enemies will use the ground Israel gives up to murder Jews.  And the reason people cannot see the obvious is because there is a personal Satan – “the god of this age” – who owns them and controls their thoughts and their emotions.

What we see now – both in America and throughout the world – is a spiritual war more than it is a political war.  The Democrat Party is the party that is radically opposed to the God of the Bible and His righteousness as declared in His Word.  They mock it.  They hate it.  They literally decry the Bible as the most evil book ever written because it opposes the homosexuality and the abortion and human government socialism that they worship and love above all things.  They are completely blind.  They have no clue and no desire to have any clue.

And the Bible assured us that in the last days, the world would be truly FILLED with such people.  And that they would turn in violence and hate against the people of God.

And that is surely coming to pass.

The Bible in both the Old and New Testaments repeatedly prophesies that Israel would be surrounded and hated by literally every nation on earth.  That has come to pass exactly as the Bible – which prophesied the rebirth of Israel from dry bones as happened in 1948 – declared it would.  Especially since Barack Hussein Obama was elected president of the United States and turned America’s back on Israel.

A number of significant Bible scholars have seen something that is part biblical and part extrabiblical: the ominous sign of four consecutive blood moons that would occur over four consecutive Jewish holy days.

John Hagee’s book – describing these four blood moons and their ominous portent for the last days – was published in late 2013 to describe what he believed would happen this year.

I’d say he’s got some added credibility now, myself.

There’s a little about that in this article:

In his latest book, Four Blood Moons: Something Is About to Change, Hagee lays out what he calls celestial signals. He describes how a series of blood moons in 2014 and 2015 will have great significance for Israel.

Although single blood moons happen fairly regularly, four appearing so closely together is extremely rare. There have only been a series of blood moons a handful of times over the past 500 years. […]

Blood moons are set to appear in April 2014, on Passover, and then again in September 2014 during the Feast of Tabernacles, or Sukkot.

The timing is the same for 2015 — a total of four blood moons, all appearing on Jewish feast days.

“The sun and the moon and the Earth are controlled by God almighty,” Hagee said. “He is the one that is getting them in a direct alignment on a certain day at a certain time — but each time, it’s a Passover or Sukkot.

Is it a coincidence that we have what is happening right now in Israel and Gaza right smack dab in the middle of “blood moon” time?

I support Israel and I support Israel’s right to the land that GOD gave her and I support Israel’s right to defend herself.  I do this as a Christian who believes with St. Paul that ultimately, eventually, “all Israel will be saved” as “they look upon Me whom they pierced and mourn as for an only son” when Jesus Christ returns in His glory to reclaim planet earth from the devil and his human tools.

These are frightening times – as the establishment of a caliphate across Iraq and Syria, the shooting down of a commercial jet with nearly 300 souls BY RUSSIA through their separatist proxies, and now this.

But Jesus told us that the end would be characterized as nation arising against nation, and that the violence would come closer and closer together as birth pangs come upon a woman about to give birth.

Christians can be steadfast and immovable because we alone can know beforehand where the world is going and where WE’RE going.

The Rapture is at hand.  And if you aren’t looking up you are in danger of being left behind to see the coming Antichrist and the coming Tribulation and the coming Armageddon that the Bible describes.

I pray for the Israeli soldiers, that they be safe.  I pray for the safety of the Israeli people, whom God has miraculously protected just as He declared He would in the last days.  And I pray for the safety of innocent Palestinians who are forced to endure misery because they allowed a terrorist state to represent them.  Most of all, I pray for the salvation of people – Jew, Muslim and all other Gentiles – as the world prepares to worship the beast and take his mark in these last days.

For the record, let me give you this spoiler alert: if you read the Bible, you find that God wins.  Jesus Christ will return at the end of the seven-years Great Tribulation that is coming upon the world as King of kings and as Lord of lords.

Maranatha, Lord Jesus.  I pray You come quickly.


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15 Responses to “Four Blood Moons: The Beginning Of The End? Israel Invades Hamas After Over 1,200 Terrorist Rockets And Two Broken Cease Fires”

  1. austinbright Says:

    Here’s what I do not understand.
    How many Israelis have died during this recent conflict? 1
    How many Palestinians? Hundreds. If you are going to argue that they are all terrorists, I ask you this: were those four boys killed yesterday terrorists? Treating all Palestinians as Hamas will not fix this problem. In addition, we don’t have the money to hand out to Israelis right now. I really wish politicians in Washington would really cut down on our debt. Last point I want to make; I support self determination. Why can’t the Palestinians have their own state? Is this not what we wanted in 1776? When I have made these points before, I have been accused of “supporting” terrorism. I hope that’s not the kind of nonsense I will come across should you choose to respond.

  2. dog walker Says:

    I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

  3. truthunites Says:

    “They literally decry the Bible as the most evil book ever written because it opposes the homosexuality and the abortion and human government socialism that they worship and love above all things. They are completely blind. They have no clue and no desire to have any clue.”

    Sigh. It’s the last part that bothers me most. They don’t desire to have any clue. That’s just saddening. And maddening.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    I am sorely tempted to call you “austindull” due to your incredibly idiotic moral reasoning.

    As of now, Hamas – a TERRORIST organization according to even Obama and the United Nations – has fired a good 1,500 explosive rockets into Israel that have a range of up to 100 miles.

    YOUR argument is that, because only one Jew has physically died, Israel should simply “grin and bear it.”

    I don’t even have to bother to ask you how you would feel if I showed up at your house and your parent’s house and your brother’s house with a bulldozer and tore it down and then shrugged and said that “nobody died” when you cry that I just destroyed everything your family has. Because I have a feeling you would give me a dishonest answer.

    But it’s not just that: it is YOUR opinion that since only one HAS died, if we keep letting Hamas shoot rockets, no one else WILL die. Is that it??? You know for a fact that a rocket won’t slip through and actually kill a whole lot of Jews??? I mean, maybe you could tell me: how many Jews should Israel first allow to actually be killed before they respond to the people who are VERY CLEARLY TRYING TO KILL AS MANY JEWS AS THEY CAN????

    By the way, the answer that anyone who is NOT a true fool would give is “not even one.”

    So maybe your attitude is that if I park outside your house and start wildly firing thousands of bullets from a rifle at you, if I’ve got up to at least 1,241 rounds fired and no one inside has been killed, I should get to keep shooting??? I mean, you wouldn’t be a damn hypocrite and call the police and expect them to do something about the lunatic firing all the bullets at your house because of your position about Israel, right??? If you WERE to call the police, they would use ALL deadly force necessary to prevent me from firing even ONE more bullet at your house. In other words, the police would act like Israel is acting NOW. They would shoot me down dead if I so much as pointed the weapon at your house. So your very calling of the police would qualify you as a “hypocrite.”

    And I dare say every rational person on earth reading this will know that you WOULD call the police if I started shooting thousands of bullets at your house. And you would expect the police to deal with me EXACTLY the way you say Israel has no right to deal with Hamas rockets.

    I guess you are somebody who lets OTHER people do your fighting for you while you condemn them for the violence they employ to protect you.

    Your view that Israel ought to have no right to defend itself or its territory is EVIL. That is the ONLY word for it.

    You are also very clearly ignorant regarding the notion of a Palestinian State. Israel is NOT opposed to a “Palestinian State.” It’s WHERE the Palestinians want to put their state and what they want to TAKE AWAY from Israel to have it that’s the problem.

    Look at a damn map: how much land do the Arabs have around Israel? Millions of square miles. How much land do the Jews have? It is literally your view that the Arabs should not give up ONE SINGLE INCH of their land for Arabs but the hated Jews should cease to exist as a people – in spite of the Holocaust that proved they NEED a nation to protect them – and give up EVERYTHING.

    Again, the word “evil” comes to mind.

    You mentioned 1776 and America. That actually works rather horribly against your view. Because if George Washington said he wanted an “American State” to exist and by the way he wanted LONDON to be its capitol, and he wanted it to essentially replace the sovereign state of Britain by taking their land from them, THAT would actually be analogous. And you know what? Great Britain would have fought to its last soldier to NEVER give that unreasonable demand to us. If we wanted our state to replace theirs, we would have been the evil side. Just as the Palestinians by the same measure are the evil side in this conflict. Just as YOUR side is evil.

    But there is one other thing that America in 1776 and the Palestinians today have in common: prior to 1776, THERE HAD NEVER BEEN AN “AMERICAN STATE.” Just as there has NEVER BEEN a “Palestinian State.” For ALL of history, yes, ESPECIALLY WHEN MUSLIMS HAD TOTAL CONTROL OF THAT REGION, there was NEVER a Palestinian State. It is a pure mythical invention of people like YOU.

    So you put those two above paragraphs together – that there has NEVER been a Palestinian State even when Muslims controlled the region plus the fact that this “Palestinian State” is nothing but a destruction of the State of Israel and the artificial creation of a “Palestinian State” in its place – and you get the moral idiocy that you believe in.

    And yes, in demanding that Israel give up its capitol (Jerusalem) which has BEEN its’ capitol since the time of King David a THOUSAND years before Christ (see 2 Samuel chapter 24:24-25), YOU ARE SUPPORTING TERRORISM. YOU ARE SUPPORTING THE ILLEGITIMATE DEMAND OF PEOPLE WHO USE VIOLENCE TO GET THEIR WAY.

    You say, “Treating all Palestinians as Hamas will not fix this problem.” But what you are REALLY saying is that Israel should not be allowed to treat HAMAS like the terrorist scum they are. And again, damn are you ever ignorant: Israel has tried harder than any nation EVER has to prevent killing Palestinian civilians. But your pals Hamas are locating their rocket sites in hospitals, mosques, schools and family apartment buildings and using Palestinians as human shields. So, being a moral idiot, you demonize Israel for “Treating all Palestinians as Hamas” when if you had any moral reasoning whatsoever you would be condemning HAMAS for “treating all Palestinians as terrorists” or at least as terrorist shields for the terrorists to hide behind.

    Israel is doing everything humanly possible to limit the number of Palestinian innocents killed: your friends in Hamas are doing everything they can to kill as many Palestinians as possible so their friends like YOU can whine about it. You aid and abet the terrorists. Maybe that’s why people keep pointing out that fact you don’t like to hear.

    And I know that you ARE demanding that Israel give up Jerusalem because otherwise you are an ignorant fool who doesn’t have a damn clue what he’s talking about but babbles on about his opinion anyway: because the Palestinians won’t accept a “state” that does not give them Jerusalem. They will keep fighting. And it turns out that Hamas calls for the total destruction of Israel in its charter. It is NOW PART OF “THE PALESTINIAN STATE.” So if Israel gives up territory your friends will merely use that territory to launch more rockets.

    But of course you have no problem with your side launching thousands of rockets. And yes, it IS “your side.” YOU TAKE THEIR SIDE.

    And as a P.S., it’s funny that you would say “We don’t have the money to hand out to the Israelis right now” given that you are most likely somebody who would cheerfully spend us into bankruptcy on a myriad of other things that Obama wants to spend billions of dollars on. You’re like Obama, demonizing that huge Bush debt only to spend more insanely than every president in the history of the human race combined. And again, you betray your ignorance: Israel isn’t ASKING for a handout; what they are asking is that the United States publicly support their historic ally in the same manner that every president since TRUMAN has. But that said, again the stupidity and hypocrisy of your argument comes full “arguing in a circle” circle: because on the one hand you don’t want to give Israel any money, but on the other you are demanding that they remain poised forever with fifty thousand troops who can’t be working their real jobs remain on the border, while Israel either does nothing to prevent thousands of rockets from destroying their factories or else spends millions of dollars employing its Iron Dome system when each Iron Dome missile costs hundreds of times what each missile that Hamas lobs at them costs. So your idiot argument boils down to your demand that Israel absolutely not be allowed to militarily respond to military attack forcing them to spend BILLIONS they don’t have while you feel entitled to deny them any funds to carry out your stupidity. That’s just brilliant of you.

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    dog walker,

    I responded to your comment right after an earlier one by a fellow who calls himself “austinbright.”

    Something like 1,500 or MORE rockets have rained down on Israel with virtually no real damage.

    Do you think if terrorists launched thousands of missiles at a U.S. city that Obama would be able to prevent ANY fatalities???

    Let me ask the question: is that “Iron Dome” or is that God miraculously protecting Israel in the last days just as He promised He would?

    You quoted Genesis 12:3 (and thank you for that). Here’s God assuring Abraham just ONE page later in my Bible:

    After this, the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision: “Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward.” – Genesis 15:1

    The Bible assures us in Ezekiel 38-39 that one day, soon, Russia (Gog of Magog, the land furthest to the North of Jerusalem), Iran (Persia) and a host of nations that today are ALL Islamic states would attack Israel. The Bible declares that every other nation in the world will turn their back on Israel. But God would supernaturally come to Israel’s defense.

    We’re seeing that beginning to happen right now, dog walker. Just as God’s Word declared 2,600 years ago.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    Yep. That’s the part that drives me nuts, too.

    We see the spirit of this age in the Book of Revelation, when the world curses God for the results of their wicked unbelief rather than repenting (e.g. Revelation 16:11).

    There’s a “both and” component: Satan owns them and prevents them from understanding or seeing. That’s 2 Corinthians 4:4. So on that level it’s the devil who is to blame. But these people are content in their stupidity and blindness and so they do not seek God. So they are to blame.

    God says, “Seek and you shall find” (Luke 11:9)

    If these people even ONCE truly began to question, to reach out, to seek, God would begin to ensure they would FIND the truth. But these people WON’T seek. And thus they will NEVER find.

    People are either serving the side of God or they are serving the side of Satan. And as we enter the last days, the lines are increasingly clear who is on which side.

  7. austinbright Says:

    Where did I say that Israel does not have the right to defend itself? Point to the specific lines that contain these words. Where did I say that Hamas is in the right, and Israel is in the wrong? All I mentioned was that Palestinians ought to have a right to determine their own destiny. Have you ever been to Palestine? Have you seen the barbed Wire, the continuous building of Israeli settlements in the territory of Palestine? Have you seen Palestinian families trying to secure water for their young ; water that Israel controls? America was built on the idea of self determination, why won’t we support the right for Palestinians to govern themselves. Don’t say they govern themselves, they don’t. Like I said: Israel controls Palestinian resources; therefore Palestine has no control over itself. Israel doesn’t ask for a handout? Did we not spend 300 million on their Iron Dome? Do we not hand them 2 billion in loans every year? Again, (I am assuming you are a conservative) we don’t have money to spend away. No one in Washington cares about our debts and deficits. It appears you don’t either. Lastly, you say that I “demand” Israel give up Jerusalem. My question is where? If you have “morals” (because clearly, I don’t) I would hope you could see both sides of an argument. It’s not acceptable to kill 1 Israeli, its not acceptable to kill 300 Palestinians.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    Where did I say that Israel does not have the right to defend itself? Point to the specific lines that contain these words. Where did I say that Hamas is in the right, and Israel is in the wrong?


    Let me turn that right back atcha: Where do you say that Israel DOES have the right to defend itself? Point to the specific line that contains these words.

    Where do you say that Israel is in the right, and Hamas is in the wrong?

    Since you are clearly into playing rhetorical games, either show me where you said that in your fist post or I will block you. I despise these rhetorical games where you people try to make yourselves the victim.

    You simply have no comprehension of Israel’s dilemma: they are forced to deal with two entities: the Palestinian Authority which is the direct descendent of the terrorist PLO of Yassar Arafat, and the even MORE virulent Hamas. Both call for the total destruction of Israel quite blatantly in their charters which have NEVER been rescinded. NEITHER recognizes the right of Israel to even EXIST.

    Just how are you supposed to politely deal with someone who says you have no right to exist and then repeatedly tries to murder you???

    Their tactic in these unceasing rocket attacks points out yet again: these entities whose side (YES) you CLEARLY take have absolutely ZERO desire to save their own people’s lives. Quite the contrary. They literally WANT their people to be killed so that they can – through the help of people just like YOU – decry “brutal Israel.”

    You whine, “where did I say…?” So where did you condemn Hamas and the Palestinians for firing thousands of rockets at Israel? Where did you condemn them for using their own people as human shields? Where do you condemn them for using hospitals and mosques and children’s schools and apartment buildings as rocket launch bases????

    Goodness gracious, you DIDN’T say. And I have no time to waste on someone who doesn’t condemn that crap but DOES condemn the victim of vicious aggression in which the Palestinian people desperately try to indiscriminately murder as many Jews as they possibly can while crying about the retaliation to their attacks to murder as many Jews as they can.

    What you DO do is play a game of demonic moral equivalence. And in your wicked “moral logic” you condemn the good people for daring to protect themselves against the wicked who want to murder them.


    I’ve never been to the Palestinian areas. I HAVE been to Israel. But the fact that Israel is forced to treat people who want to murder them like people who want to murder them doesn’t strike me as evil the way it strikes you. Go to a max security prison and lament how cruel we are in our dealing with people who would rape and murder us all if we treated them any other way. And just cry me a river about that. And so, yes, they need barbed wire. They need gun emplacements. They need walls. Because the opinion polls of garden variety Palestinians clearly show the hatred these people have for Jews and it is simply a FACT that the tens of thousands of hard-core terrorists who live openly in their midst will infiltrate and murder Jews unless they have the barbed wire and the gun emplacements and the walls.

    You are no different from the liberal who decries the way we treat max security inmates. Oh, how cruel we are. It’s so, so wrong! But if you had these people in your home for one minute and didn’t do all the things that the people you demonize do to provide security, they would rape and torture and murder every member of your family, burn down your house, and then go next door to do it some more.

    And the Hamas terrorists that Israel is forced to deal with are even MORE vicious than our max security inmates. And they have a cold, naked hate for Jews that cannot be measured.

    And yet where do you do anything other than DEMONIZE Israel’s efforts to protect themselves? Because I don’t read it in anything you write.

    Today Turkey accused Israel of “genocide.” Do you know how INSANE that is, coming from the Turks who COMMITTED A HOLOCAUST THEY NEVER ACKNOWLEDGED AGAINST THE ARMINIANS???? But abject moral hypocrisy is the NORM with you people.

    And here you go AGAIN: you decry the aid we give to Israel, and yet I see absolutely NOTHING about you decrying the hundreds of millions we are giving to Hamas EVEN AS THEY SEND ROCKETS RAINING DOWN UPON ISRAEL.

    So as for your “show me where I said” game. You’re RIGHT. YOU DIDN’T say anything decent, DID YOU???

    So you search back through your first post and you show me YOUR EXACT WORDS where you state that Israel has the right to defend itself and you show me the EXACT WORDS where you state that Israel is in the right and Hamas is in the wrong. Because just because YOU are a rhetorical game player screwing around with facts and truth doesn’t mean I have to be.

    I note that you had ZERO response to what I said about 1776 and the fact that America DIDN’T demand to replace the British state with its own the way the Palestinians demand with Israel. I note that you had ZERO response to my point that the Arabs could give tens of thousands of miles to their fellow Arabs and create a state but you would prefer to force Israel to cease to exist. So it turns out that all those things you “didn’t say” become irrelevant given what you DID say.

    As to your final words, I’ll take the challenge. And yes, you DON’T have any “morals.”

    The ONLY way to stop Hamas from doing what they are doing is to go in and take them out. It is NOT Israel’s fault that Hamas has embedded itself in hospitals and mosques and schools and apartment buildings. It is the Palestinian GOVERNMENT’S fault for allowing that and it is the Palestinians PEOPLE’S fault for allowing it.

    Here is an analogous situation involving your 300 vs. 1: 300 armed brutal thugs are out to rape and murder one woman. The authorities show up. They think exactly like YOU, so they say, “Well, geez, there’s 300 of them and, I mean, there’s just one woman. To help that one woman would mean shooting at 300 people. So in our “moral logic” it is far better to just allow them to rape and kill that one woman. I mean, after all, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.”

  9. austinbright Says:

    Your analogies equal rhetoric as well, sir. I will agree, although, we shouldn’t send aid to Israel or Palestine. You are telling me I am playing rhetorical games, but you are. You turned my question around because you can’t provide an answer.You failed to answer my original question: where did I say Israel has no right to defend itself? You accuse me of saying Israel doesn’t have the right to exist. I never said this. I actually believe in a two state solution. Your last rhetorical nonsense paragraph doesn’t apply to what I am saying. Israel didn’t kill 300 thugs, many were civilians. Of course, using your simplistic thinking, all Palestinians must be terrorists. As far as the 1776 argument. No America did not want to replace the British the way “Palestinians” want to replace Israel (you continue to generalize here, I am assuming you have never spoken to a Palestinian in your life) A more logical statement would have been to replace Palestinians with “Hamas”. I am still waiting to here a coherent argument as to why I have no morals? Because I support self determination for a group of people you do not happen to agree with. It reminds me of how your counterparts cry racism when the President is criticized. Some people have no brains

  10. Michael Eden Says:


    You are wrong, just as you are wrong throughout your “analysis.”

    My analogies are ANALOGIES. Look up the word “analogy” and see if “rhetoric” is a viable synonym. Because it isn’t. An analogy is a comparison between two things that share something in common. Versus what you do with your “where did I say” in which you are playing verbal gymnastics with your equivocations.

    You assert to condemn my analogy, “Israel didn’t kill 300 thugs, many were civilians.” Let me just ask: WHOSE DAMN FAULT IS THAT??? And in FACT it is the fault of the people whose side you take. Listen to what the United Nations said when it discovered 20 ROCKETS hidden in a school building:

    “This is a flagrant violation of the inviolability of its premises under international law. This incident, which is the first of its kind in Gaza, endangered civilians including staff and put at risk UNRWA’s vital mission to assist and protect Palestine refugees in Gaza.”

    I am absolutely amazed that at NO point do you EVER condemn Hamas and you NEVER praise Israel for ANYTHING. You are completely on the side of HAMAS, which stands for “Hiding Among Mosques and Schools.”

    You have NO criticism for that and you are EVIL not to understand how wrong you are.

    In law enforcement, if somebody hides behind human shields and the police shoot a hostage, do you know who is prosecuted for that hostage’s death? The rat bastard who used her as a human shield. Again, only in your warped, sick, depraved mind is this behavior by Hamas anything other than EVIL.

    Here’s an interesting survey result that goes to show just how wrong you CONTINUE to be about the Palestinians re: your two-state garbage:

    Marking a notable shift in Palestinian public opinion, 60 percent of the population surveyed in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (55% and 68%, respectively) said that the five-year goal “should be to work toward reclaiming all of historic Palestine, from the river to the sea,” according to the poll, a position meaning the elimination of Israel. Meanwhile, less than 30% (31% in the West Bank, 22% in Gaza) would like to “end the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza to achieve a two-state solution.”

    So your two-state solution actually has very little in common with the Palestinians you falsely imply you know so damn well. Most of them DON’T want a “two-state solution.” They simply want Israel to cease to exist.

    But that’s not quite enough, because it still doesn’t fully point out how irrational your “two-state solution” truly is to begin with.

    There IS no “two-state solution” if one state demands the exact same territory as the other state. THAT is what you foolishly fail to understand. You believe that you can eat your cake and have it too. You believe that you can split a baby down the middle and have living baby. You can’t. What you claim to want is physically impossible.

    You LIE when you say I don’t provide an answer to your question: demanding a “two-state solution” is tantamount to demanding the dismantling of the state of Israel, beginning with its very heart and soul (Jerusalem). That is, unless YOU have an answer to how Jerusalem and the Temple should belong to Israel and Jerusalem and the Dome of the Rock should belong to the Palestinians. All you have to do to show I’m wrong is to provide your answer how both sides can have the same exact part of the same exact baby.

    I’ve also repeatedly pointed out the fact that you make demonic equivocations when you compare the Palestinians killed to the Jews killed. It’s like making a moral equivocation between the fact that relatively few police officers are killed by criminals relative to the number of criminals who are killed by police and claiming the police are evil. But no, the police are trying to prevent criminals from hurting other people, etc. If you try to say that more police ought to be killed to balance out how many criminals are killed, you’re simply evil. And yet that’s precisely what’s going on here with the Israelis and the Palestinians. You don’t understand that. Or you don’t care.

    Israel is doing everything possible to protect their innocent civilians and at the same time they are doing everything possible to protect Palestinian civilians. They drop leaflets before they bomb, they alert in every way they can to their military disadvantage what they are about to do. THAT behavior you condemn. Meanwhile, the Palestinians tell their civilians to stay in areas they KNOW will be bombed. They put weapons in ambulances and fill the ambulances with children. They deliberately locate their rocket launchers in high civilian areas. They WANT to kill as many Jewish civilians as they can and they WANT as many Palestinian civilians killed as possible. Why? Because they KNOW that there are morally sick, twisted people LIKE YOU to spread the propaganda that Jews are killing Palestinians.

    I point OUT your equivocations with two questions that you bitterly whine about. I point OUT your hypocrisy. And I did that by asking a couple of questions of my own. Sorry that you don’t like it when I put your own shoe on your own damn foot.

    So yes I DID answer your question. You have failed to answer any of MINE. And the fact that this is actually my blog makes that particularly relevant.

    We’re past the point where your infantile “I didn’t say Simon Sez!” matters. I challenged you to show me where you said Israel had a right to exist or defend itself or that Israel is in the right and Hamas in the wrong because YOU ARE A MORAL EQUIVICATOR. You can’t pretend to be in the middle and have any legitimacy in this debate. You have CLEARLY sided against Israel. And your cowardly and whiny protestations to the contrary only make you even more pathetic.

    I always explain why I block people, as I will block you (because you didn’t accept the challenge that you gave yourself when you challenged me in your “where did I say?” whine). But if you can actually explain to me how the Jews can have Jerusalem and have the Temple Mount that is sacred to them, and how the Palestinians can have the Dome of the Rock Mosque that they – as a BLASPHEMY against Israel and the God of Judeo-Christianity – literally built RIGHT ON TOP of the Jewish Temple site at the same time, then and ONLY then you are not insane and evil. Because otherwise you are both.

    You can go back to the roots of this conflict and it is the MUSLIMS who are responsible for this conflict. THEY BUILT THEIR MOSQUE RIGHT OVER THE TEMPLE IN AN IN-YOUR-FACE ACT OF RELIGIOUS AGGRESSION.

    I know you cannot bear analogies that support the moral stupidity of your views, but imagine me building my house right on top of yours and saying, “I live here now. Go away.” But THAT is exactly what you implicitly support. And the fact that one temple is on the bottom PROVES who was there FIRST and WHO has the right to that land.

    If you cannot explain how both sides can each have sole possession of the EXACT SAME piece of land, then you are beyond irrational. Because if either side doesn’t end up with sole possession, there will NEVER be a “two-state solution” and there will be war. And you are a “feet firmly planted in mid-air” MORON who demands a solution that is utterly impossible.

    Either solve the intractable dilemma to your own “solution” or shut the hell up and go away. Because you are beyond woefully ignorant. Your words are worse than the blatherings of a fool. Because they aren’t merely meaningless; they are injurious.

    What we are seeing RIGHT NOW is a radical and violent disproof of everything you so ignorantly claim makes sense: Hamas is using territory Israel has given up to attack Israel. You are literally calling for Israel to give up more and more land closer and closer to their population centers so that it will be easier and easier for the Palestinians to murder Jews and harder and harder for the Israelis to protect their citizens. THAT is what you are calling for. And you are morally sick and evil to call for that.

    You call it “rhetoric” when I say, “Imagine if they were doing this to YOU.” That it is just “rhetoric” for you to try to conceive even for one moment what it would be like if YOU were under relentless attack, if YOUR home was the target of rocket attacks and gunfire by people who hate you and want to kill you, is itself a terrifying testimony of how morally idiotic you are.

    Your failure to respond to my point that you would be calling the police to do exactly what Israel is doing if somebody started attacking you exactly the way the Palestinians are attacking Israel proves you are simply a hypocrite.

    There are 6 million Jews in Israel. There are 300 million Muslims surrounding them. The only nation that ISN’T officially hostile to Israel is Egypt. But even THAT is false, given the fact that not long ago the Egyptian people elected a government led by the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD which calls for the destruction of Israel.


    I am going to quote myself from my last post:

    You whine, “where did I say…?” So where did you condemn Hamas and the Palestinians for firing thousands of rockets at Israel? Where did you condemn them for using their own people as human shields? Where do you condemn them for using hospitals and mosques and children’s schools and apartment buildings as rocket launch bases????

    Goodness gracious, you DIDN’T say. And I have no time to waste on someone who doesn’t condemn that crap but DOES condemn the victim of vicious aggression in which the Palestinian people desperately try to indiscriminately murder as many Jews as they possibly can while crying about the retaliation to their attacks to murder as many Jews as they can.

    I note in your miserable “response” that you cannot and WILL NOT condemn Hamas for deliberately trying to kill as many Palestinians as possible as you demonize the Jews for being forced to kill terrorists who are clearly trying to murder their children. I literally gave you multiple opportunities and you refuse to condemn what anyone who is not evil readily sees as evil.

    In fact three times I have made the same point. And strike three you’re out.

    So you are blocked from this site. There is no rational discussion with somebody who believes in firing rockets from children’s schools and from hospitals.

  11. FMC Says:

    The only objective Israel has is to secure its borders and live in peace. It is always Hamas or some other terrorist group that is the aggressor. The Muslim faith is hell bent on the destruction of Israel, who is completely surrounded by enemies.

    The Israeli army has gone to great lengths to limit the casualties of civilians in Palestine. They have dropped leaflets warning Palestinians in Gaza to prepare or flee because they are coming. Some air strikes were even called off because innocent civilians (human shields) were seen near the targets. Some have urged Israel to shut off the natural gas, water and other necessities to Palestine to achieve an advantage, but Netanyahu will not do this because innocent people will suffer and probably die. In short, Israel has done everything possible to limit the collateral damage.
    What more can they do?

    As far as the national debt and aid to Israel, why don’t we instead focus on the waste that is our bloated federal government. I mean, we are going to end up spending (borrowing) billions to support the tens of thousands who have illegally invaded our southern borders in recent months. How much do the millions of illegals that are already here cost this nation on an annual basis? What ever the figure, I am sure it is staggering. Even more, we could start by getting rid of many of the useless government agencies, whose only real purpose is oppression and the erosion of our constitutional rights. Aid to Israel is mere pennies compared to everything else.

    The radical elements in the Middle East want to kill everyone that will not convert, and in many cases, just kill. The scrutiny should rest squarely on groups like Hamas and Isis, not Israel. I would give these militant Arabs the ultimatum to repent or be wiped off the planet. In fact, I would join an army to go over there and do just that and stack the bodies so high as a testament to anybody wishing to wage Jihad in the future.

    There is very little more disturbing than to here people idiotically oppose Israel. I have had a few heated arguments with liberals regarding this issue. Anymore, I usually just let things go, because you can’t argue with a liberal, but not on this issue.

    It will be an awesome day when God wipes out 5/6 of the invading armies during Ezekiel’s War! AMEN

  12. FMC Says:


    I have read Hagee’s book as well as a couple others on the topic. I read Hagee’s book before the first blood moon appeared earlier this year and have been in anticipation ever since. Every time we get a tetrad, something very profound happens to Israel and, as we both know, Israel is the center of Biblical prophecy.

    The previous tetrad occurred in 1967-68, the date that Israel got Jerusalem back. The other one in most recent history was in1949-1950, just after Israel become a nation again. You have to go back over 500 years to get to the next tetrad, which occurred in 1492-1493. During this time of the Spanish Inquisition, the Jews were expelled from Spain and Christopher Columbus set sail to what would become America. Of course, America would play a large role in Israel becoming a nation again and would also become a protector until Obama came on the scene.

    The next tetrad on feast days should not occur for another 500 years, so I think this will probably be the last one and most important. Maybe Ezekiel’s War is right around the corner!

  13. Michael Eden Says:


    The four blood moons – as you know – are “biblical” on the one hand and “extrabiblical” on the other. They are biblical in the sense that God told us He would leave signs in the heavens and that Israel would be the centerpiece of His plan for earth and the human race. They are extrabiblical in the sense that much is also based on Jewish tradition along with Jewish history rather than what is directly in the Bible itself.

    I was very curious, but wanted to see what – if anything – would happen. And of course, what we are seeing now is merely the beginning of anything that IS happening, being that the blood moons do not complete the “four blood moons” until NEXT year.

    I am with you in truly not being able to understand those who are so full of hate for Israel and for Jews that they literally morally side with people who launch thousands of explosive rockets at Israel in hopes of indiscriminately killing Jews and literally hide the rockets in schools and hospitals and mosques. And drive around weapons in ambulances that they also load up with children – literally HOPING that the children are killed so they can be “martyrs.”

    Again, this is 2 Corinthians 4:4 and nothing else. Those whom Satan has blinded are truly blind indeed.

  14. Alexis Says:

    Michael Eden,

    First off, if I do state something completely idiotic or ignorant, feel free to correct me, as I am only fifteen years old and can barely wrap my head around politics and global issues. I am not trying to use my age as an excuse for my naivety, rather I am admitting that I am naive – but am willing to do research to further my understanding on this topic.

    I have read your conversation between you and the person known as “austinbright,” and am glad to say that I have learned more about what’s going on in the world and that I fully agree with your arguments and viewpoints. You basically recited everything my father has informed me of, but have also given me more insight on other people’s ignorance and unwillingness to understand and comprehend. I also greatly appreciated the analogies – they made your arguments that much more meaningful and profound.

    Any who, thank you very much for allowing me to understand Israel’s predicament concerning the Palestinians (more notably, Hamas) and for teaching me the importance of perspective. Not everyone’s minds can be changed so easily, and I hope that others who are misinformed and illiterate will call upon God in search of enlightenment before it’s too late.

    If you have any more illuminations or wisdom that you can offer, I would greatly appreciate it :)

  15. Michael Eden Says:


    Well, my “illuminations or wisdom” to you come down to this: 1) You are a very intelligent and mature 15-year-old, as demonstrated by what you CARE about and want to know more about versus what most other 15-year-olds care about (the Biebs or whoever is supposed to be hot in pop culture now); and 2) you are very lucky to have a wise father and you further demonstrate your wisdom in listening to him.

    Hamas has now been caught for the THIRD TIME using a United Nations school to shelter its rockets. There is absolute ZERO factual question that Hamas is trying to get as many Palestinian civilians killed as possible so they can cynically and dishonestly condemn Israel.

    One side is doing everything they can to protect civilians – even civilians on the other side. The other side is literally indiscriminately firing rockets at innocent civilians trying to kill as many as possible while they exploit their own women and children as human shields. Those are simply facts, and anyone who doesn’t admit them is a liar.

    The United Nations has of course condemned Israel. It is a profoundly anti-Semitic organization which has condemned Israel for trying to survive for decades. Recently, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon travelled to the region (to demonize Israel) on a plane owned by Qatar, the leading financial sponsor of the thousands of rockets that are being fired at Israel. Incredibly, the UN didn’t even confiscate the rockets; they gave them back to Hamas. The UN didn’t want those rockets to go unlaunched, apparently.

    Israel frankly ought to accuse the United Nations of gross human rights violations. They are sheltering ROCKETS at facilities that are supposed to be for aid and shelter. If they want to claim that they didn’t know or they tried to stop it, Israel can clearly say the same dang thing, can’t they?

    Now, critics of Israel might point to “the reason” that Hamas is acting so wickedly – the blockade of Gaza. But what is Israel to do? If they blockade, the Palestinian people erupt in violence. If they DON’T blockade, the terrorist organization Hamas will pour weapons into Gaza to launch an even MORE vicious and lethal attack down the road.

    That’s the situation that Israel finds itself in.

    The Muslims have something the world needs: oil. And to the world, the Jews are an embarrassment and an inconvenient obstacle. The world would like Israel to kindly go away and die so the world can have “peace.” And in this self-serving, hypocritical, self-righteous “virtue” of “peace” that the world seeks, it is wrong for Jews to protect themselves against an organization that says this about Jews in Article 7 of its charter:

    ‘The Day of Judgment will not come about until Moslems fight Jews and kill them. Then, the Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, and the rocks and trees will cry out: ‘O Moslem, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him.’ (Article 7)

    Hamas wants “peace” in the form of murdering Jew and everyone who disagrees with their rabid ideology and having no more enemies to try to murder.

    This is what I can tell you about the last days, Alexis; they are here. The Bible foretold an incredible moral idiocy that would characterize the final generation. Get out a Bible and read 2 Timothy 3:1ff. I’ve come up with a compendium of Bible versus to highlight the spirit of this age:

    The LORD saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time. – Genesis 6:5

    “Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the LORD? Because of this, wrath has gone out against you from the LORD” – 2 Chronicles 19:2

    A wise man’s heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man’s heart directs him toward the left. — Ecclesiastes 10:2

    You love evil more than good, Falsehood more than speaking what is right. — Psalm 52:3

    But he who sins against Me injures himself; all those who hate Me love death — Proverbs 8:36

    There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death. — Proverbs 14:12

    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! — Isaiah 5:20

    You who hate good and love evil, Who tear off their skin from them And their flesh from their bones — Micah 3:2

    Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools – Romans 1:22

    For God’s wrath is being revealed from heaven against all the ungodliness and wickedness of those who in their wickedness suppress the truth – Romans 1:18

    In their case, the god of this world has blinded the minds of those who do not believe to keep them from seeing the light of the glorious gospel of the Messiah, who is the image of God. — 2 Corinthians 4:4

    Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron — 1 Timothy 4:2

    This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come… — 2 Timothy 3:1

    For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. — 2 Tim 4:3-4

    Polls show that the Palestinian people are bitter and angry. They blame the United States for their dilemma. They blame the United Nations for their dilemma. They blame Israel for their dilemma. They blame Egypt for their dilemma. Do you know who they do NOT blame? They do not blame Hamas, the terrorist group who started the war by firing rockets into Israel. And they do not blame themselves for their wickedness in voting for a terrorist group to represent them politically. They have become a morally toxic and depraved people.

    Contrast what you read in the Bible and the Scriptures I cite above with the Islamic saying, “We are not afraid of death, but we desire it.” I am not afraid of death, either, as a Christian. But as a Christian I most certainly was not indoctrinated to desire it. Which is why Islam is the religion of terrorist suicide bombers and Christianity is NOT.

    And just as the Bible told us would happen as a world prepared to literally worship a human political tyrant as God (Revelation 13:4), the people of planet earth have to a great extent become the same. The human race is finally completely ready to worship the beast and take his mark. And the moral stupidity of the world in its condemnation of Israel for trying to protect its people from thousands of rocket attacks is a proof of that.

    Alexis, what is happening in the world right now is a lull before a complete economic collapse that will be followed by the coming of the Antichrist, the beast of Revelation and his economic system of the mark of the beast. I believe the United States will collapse, and that the collapse of the United States will trigger a global depression. There will be horrible wars, famines, disease. Revelation chapter six describes it. The beast is the first curse because he is the most central figure of “the four horsemen of the Apocalypse,” not because he actually shows up on the scene first. Let me put it this way: he comes riding a white horse. I believe it is analogous to the Westerns, where the “good guy” rides in on a white horse to save the day. The world will completely collapse. In our nuclear age we will see terrifying things beyond what any generation has EVER seen or felt before. And out of the chaos one man will rise up and appear to have the answers. He will be hailed as a savior. The world will literally WORSHIP this man who saved the day. But he will be the most evil man who ever lived.

    The Bible predicted 2,600 years ago in Ezekiel chapter 37 first that Israel would be resurrected from a dead corpse. That of course miraculously came to pass in 1948 as a nation that had been dead for 2,000 years came back to life. And it predicted that every nation on earth would hate Israel in Zechariah 14:2. That is coming to pass before our eyes. John Kerry as America’s Secretary of State proposed a “truce” that gave Hamas absolutely everything it wanted. It was unanimously rejected by an Israeli council that previously couldn’t agree on whether it was morning or evening. Prior to that, the Obama administration had essentially launched an economic boycott against Israel by shutting down air travel. Hamas hailed this as a “great victory.” When the US abandons Israel, they will truly be as isolated as the Bible declared it would be.

    For the record, the seven-year Tribulation described in the Book of Revelation officially begins when Israel signs a seven-year covenant with the Antichrist described in Daniel chapter 9. When Israel loses America as her ally – as is happening right now under Obama – she will turn to Antichrist simply because she has no one LEFT to turn to.

    I look at the horrifying moral idiocy of the world right now, Alexis, and I realize that it will be THIS generation that worships the beast and takes his mark.

    Just so you can understand the flow of my argument, it is this: 1) while no nation is perfect, Israel is CLEARLY on the right in this fight against a recognized terrorist entity attacking them. But 2) the United Nations and the world displays its profound moral idiocy by condemning Israel for defending itself and it’s people against thousands of vicious terrorist attacks. And 3) the Word of God foretold these very days and they are coming to pass exactly as God declared.

    I pray that you are a believer and will be spared this horror. If you seek wisdom and illumination, please seek Jesus. If you have Jesus, you have salvation. And before the beast – who is a judgment of God in the form of literally giving a wicked world over to its own evil – comes, Jesus will come for His people in the air in an event known as “the Rapture.” See 2 Thessalonians 4:16-17. We who know Christ do not have to be afraid. As bad as the world is, we have a God who foreknows the end from the beginning and told us all these things would happen prior to when He returns as King of kings and as Lord of lords (Revelation 19:16).

    What you say near the end of your comment, “Not everyone’s minds can be changed so easily,” I say “Amen.” When you realize you are talking to a fool, realize that you will not be able to talk them out of their foolishness with any facts or any logic or any persuasive argument. It is the nature of fools to reject truth. 2 Corinthians 4:4 describes the unbelieving world as having their minds blinded by god of this age. If you don’t believe in God, it’s not that you don’t believe in nothing, but that you become foolish enough to believe in ANYTHING. Such that anything, no matter how nonsensical or idiotic, becomes preferable to reality and the Creator God who made all things.

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