Watch Me Seize Absolute Power With Only TWO Executive Orders. And According To Democrats I’d Be Only 1/69th As Fascist As Obama In Doing So.

Obama has issued 139 executive orders, according to one source I saw.

And that’s less than Bush or Reagan.  So how can Obama be a fascist for his executive orders?

With little due respect, if you’ve fallen for that “logic,” I’ve slapped flying bugs that were trying to suck a little of my blood that are smarter than you.

There are “executive orders” and there are executive orders.  How many is irrelevant in comparison to how sweeping those executive orders are and what those executive orders accomplish.

If Barack Obama ISN’T a demon-possessed liar, watch me seize absolute power over America’s political system and become a tyrant.  And still be 1/69th as fascist as Obama.

I’m president and I only sign TWO executive orders into law:

1) All powers are hereby transferred to the executive.

2) The Democrat Party is hereby declared a treasonous, terrorist and criminal organization and every Democrat is to be hunted down with dogs and burned alive.

There.  And I’d still be able to write 136 more executive orders and I STILL wouldn’t have abused my office as much as Barack Obama, according to the Democrats’ morally idiotic arguments.  So I’d probably start with my third one making me president for life.

Only the most dishonest political ideologues in the history of planet earth could have made such a warped argument.  And yet Obama and his Democrat stooges have been repeating it over and over and over again.

Obama has issued executive orders that have suspended, changed and outright abrogated laws that were passed by Congress and signed into law by presidents.  He has already imposed “laws” that not only the House of Representatives but even his own Democrat-controlled Senate have been unable to pass.  He is a fascist and a clear and present danger to America.

This is a truly amazing time we live in, where one party can be so utterly morally insane and actually have more than ten people – let alone half the damn country – vote for it.

What I find most amazing about Obama is how much we can learn about the coming Antichrist.  Two examples.

The first is that Antichrist will be “the man of lawlessness” according to 2 Thessalonians 2:3.

“Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction.”

“The man of lawlessness.”  I’ve often wondered what that meant.  To the extent that I didn’t fully understand, in the lawlessness of Barack Obama, I’ve been given the final piece that unlocks the mystery.

“The mystery of lawlessness.”  I think that’s such a powerful phrase.  I now understand it as I watch pure EVIL becoming transcendent in the world and no one is doing anything to stop it or prevent it.  To the extent that we have human government, it is either doing NOTHING to stop the rise of evil – such as the cases of Islamic State and other Islamists creating vicious caliphates across increasingly broad land masses, such as the case of Russia gobbling up helpless nations while the world does nothing meaningful to punish them and restore what was seized; such as Iran feverishly working toward nuclear weapons while a US administration actively helps them do so and in so doing facilitates the proliferation of nuclear weapons across the Middle East as Sunni Muslim nations read the writing on the wall understanding the sheer moral idiocy of Obama’s so-called “deal” with Iran and begin to work toward their own bomb to try to respond to the Shiite Iranian nuclear threat – or government is itself becoming the SOURCE of evil as secular humanist liberal government murders sixty million innocent babies in America alone by abortion, as government imposes rabid homosexuality on Christians and forces them to bow down before the sodomy of what used to be “Christendom”, as secular humanist liberal government becomes the engine of abandoning Israel and leaving the Apple of God’s eye dependent on the coming Antichrist in direct fulfillment of Daniel 9:27.  And if you are a Democrat don’t think for one second that you won’t one day be held accountable by a wrathful God for the government that you voted for and that your support enabled.  “The mystery of evil” is that God’s people are watching evil rise and we cannot do anything to prevent it.  And we are left shocked and dismayed that the godless and the wicked are so transcendent and so powerful and so unstoppable as we enter the last days before the full wrath of God is revealed against this godless, wicked world in the form of the Tribulation.

We are a nation of laws.  We have a constitution.  Yet Obama is running so roughshod over both that even Jonathon Turley – the SECOND most cited legal expert in America as well as an ardent liberal – is warning constantly that Barack Obama is a clear and present threat to the very Constitution and to the heart of American law.  Turley argues passionately that Obama has become the very danger that the Constitution was written to avoid.

Obama has simply abrogated the law wherever he has wished.  On health care, where he abrogated the clear meaning and intent of even his OWN law.  On homosexual marriage, where Obama simply declared himself exalted above the Defense of Marriage Act that was approved by both the House and the Senate and signed into law by President Bill Clinton.  And now repeatedly on the issue of immigration, where Obama literally imposed measures that failed to win approval in BOTH branches of Congress (the DREAM Act).

Like Obama, the Antichrist will be a profoundly lawless man.  There will be laws aplenty.  Antichrist will simply ignore them and make up “the law” to benefit himself, his ideology and his politics as he goes along.

The Supreme Court has slapped Obama down THIRTEEN TIMES with unanimous decisions against him.   It is absolutely unprecedented in all of American history.  But Obama as the man of lawlessness couldn’t care less.  He simply ignores it and keeps violating the law and the Constitution.  They mean NOTHING to him.

If you didn’t understand what it meant for Antichrist to be “the man of lawlessness,” you do now after Barack Obama.

The second is that Antichrist will be an incredibly arrogant master deceiver who twists the meaning of words and tangles the truth up in knots, according to Daniel 8:23-25.

“And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.  His power will be mighty, but not by his own power, And he will destroy to an extraordinary degree And prosper and perform his will; He will destroy mighty men and the holy people.  And through his shrewdness He will cause deceit to succeed by his influence; And he will magnify himself in his heart, And he will destroy many while they are at ease….”

The coming Antichrist will be a man of cunning words. The NIV in verse 23 describes the Antichrist as “a master of intrigue.”  His soul will swim in deceit and deception and he will understand the “dark sentences” of deceiving lies that capture fallen humanity.  And he will leverage his lies powerfully to destroy his enemies (i.e., the people of God who believe the Bible that liberals so rabidly despise).  Interestingly the prophet Daniel is given wisdom to untangle mysteries such that men can know the truth; Antichrist has the opposite gift, the “shrewdness” (the Hebrew word is also translated WISDOM) to so tie the truth into so many knots that no man will be able to know the truth apart from God’s revealing. And of course since the coming Antichrist is to be ultimately revealed only after the Rapture of Jesus Christ’s Church on earth, there won’t be a lot of “God’s revealing” as Antichrist emerges to seize power. Which is to say the chronology appears to be this: 1) the Rapture in which every single human being on earth with the Holy Spirit who CAN know the truth is removed; 2) the Antichrist is revealed and seizes power with his lies to a godless, stupid world. (There WILL be believers during the Tribulation, but they will BECOME believers and of course there will be FAR too few to oppose Antichrist at the early point when he takes over the world).

And that sounds familiar, doesn’t it??? Because OBAMA is a man of deceit and lies and arrogant boasting like no man I have ever seen.

We are beginning to see now what this coming liar will look like and how he will make dishonesty and lies such an effective part of his political strategy.  Because it’s easy to document that that is how Obama has seized so much power.  Obama has CONSTANTLY lied to gain political advantage.  As another example there is the Barack Obama who ran as the non-partisan candidate for president versus the most rabidly partisan president in all of American history.  He lied.  He simply lied about what the New York Times said was “the core of Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.”  I submit that you can readily recognize as demon-possessed any one who is morally insane enough to believe that Obama fulfilled that promise.  And as yet another example, when he imposed the DREAM Act that failed to pass in the Senate and never passed in the House in open defiance of the Constitution, Obama declared that the DREAM Act “would be the right thing to do for our security.”  Just an outright lie.  But it worked.  And now he’s lying again as hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant children flood into America to take advantage of Obama’s lawlessness by blaming the fiasco on everything and everyone but himself.

Antichrist will be a man of deceit and lies and arrogant boasting. That’s what Daniel 8:25 (and other passages) teach.  He will be a constant twister of words.  And there will be no Fox News to try to remind you of what the man really said before he said whatever he decided to say next.

I’ve documented the malignant narcissist and incredibly arrogant man that Barack Obama is.  But even the extremely liberal New York Times has acknowledged the stunning personal arrogance that is Barack Obama.

Antichrist will be so incredibly arrogant that he will actually believe he is God.  Which may make him more humble than Barack Obama, who seems to believe he’s ABOVE God.

If you want to learn about the beast, about what kind of man he will be and how he will act, just watch Obama.  And learn the essence of political evil from him.

We’re seeing in Barack Hussein Obama the death in America.  But we’re also seeing the prime textbook example of how the coming Antichrist will deceive, slander and manipulate his way to total power.

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