If Conservatives Were Like Liberals, They Would Riot, Burn And Loot In Every City Until The IRS Thug-in-Chief Nixon-Waved And Resigned

I was watching the news as I rode my exercise bike/hamster wheel and heard a “journalist” on CNN lecture the space-time universe that in spite of the fact that blacks were violently rioting, looting, burning, throwing Molotov cocktails, etc., etc., etc., there was no “racial pathology” involved and to think otherwise was itself “racist.”  After all, there have been other riots.  And he proceeded to cite riots that were caused … by liberals in every single case.  I mean, we’ve got our violent World Trade Organization protestors (liberals); we’ve got our violent Occupy Movement protestors (liberals); we’ve got our violent union thug protestors (liberals); we’ve got our violent May Day protestors (liberals).  And of course we can go back to the violent gay riots in Stonewall or violent black riots in Watts.  Liberals, all.  Always liberals.

Watts – excuse me, I meant what – we DON’T have is conservatives rioting in Republican cities.  Never, ever, ever.  Nope.

It’s liberals who riot, because it is liberals who are pathologically – to cite that CNN commentator’s term – vicious, violent fascist goon-thugs.

I watched a brilliant Wall Street Journal editorialist take apart Obama’s “neutral” stance on Ferguson (as in no “If I had a son, he’d be just like that strong arm robbery thug, Michael Brown”) by pointing out that in addition to Obama being wrong about his application of moral equivalence, he was even MORE wrong about his diagnosis of the problem being discrimination and poverty in black communities.  The Wall Street Journal editorialist pointed out the inconvenient truth for the left that the black crime rate was far, FAR lower in 1960 before the Great Society, the New Deal or the Civil Rights era.

Who is lying?  Is Obama lying now when he claims that the skyrocketing black crime rate is due to discrimination and poverty, or is it that Democrats have been demonically lying for going on fifty years as they claimed they were making things better for blacks when in reality they were creating even MORE discrimination and poverty for blacks and other minorities???

So either in fact black rioting and violence DOES have a “racial pathology,” or its not the color of their skin that is at issue, but rather the color of their communist red liberal ideology that is pathologically violent.

I actually agree with that CNN commentator: it’s not because they’re black that they’re vicious and evil; it’s because they’re liberals that they’re vicious and evil.  All liberals are fascists who want to impose their fascist totalitarian government on people who don’t want it.  That’s the problem.

So, here’s the deal.  They say they want “justice” in Ferguson, Missouri, do they?  Well, damn, so do I.  I want JUSTICE in Obama’s use of the IRS as his own personal “Internal Revenge Service” against conservatives.

Somebody might say, “Well, you don’t have proof that Obama did anything wrong.”  Well, other than the fact that we’ve got 500 times more proof than the protestors in Ferguson have.  After all, we’ve got 500 conservative organizations that were singled out versus one black punk who was shot.  And we’ve got every bit as much if not MORE proof that Obama was the one who wanted “anti-Obama rhetoric” officially attacked by the IRS than they’ve got proof that that cop did anything criminal.

I want JUSTICE.  I want a damn special prosecutor.  No way Obama’s lawthug Eric Holder “investigates” this fairly, given what we’ve already seen as most of the organizations that were victimized and had their civil rights flagrantly violated by Obama’s criminal IRS were even INTERVIEWED.

Michael Brown’s family defines “justice” as the police officer arrested, prosecuted and convicted.  Okay.  That’s what justice looks like: Barack Obama arrested, convicted and prosecuted.  Nothing short of that is anything close to “justice.”

If conservatives were like liberals, we’d have been violently rioting and burning and looting in every damn city in America until Obama did his Nixon wave and resigned from office like the disgrace he is.  And they would keep tearing America apart and burning the rest until Obama was behind bars.

But the fact remains that we’re not like liberals.  We’re not fascist.  We want justice but we rely on our words and our reason.  Which of course the brainwashed left – hat tip to truthunites – is pathologically incapable of responding to.

All we have is violence and thuggery against the Thug-in-Chief and his criminal co-conspirator Eric Holder.

Here’s another great recent example: Governor Rick Perry got criminally indicted by THE most liberal county in Texas and one of the most flagrantly liberal counties in America.  Why did they do it?  Because they could.  They already illegitimately nailed one Republican – Tom DeLay – and destroyed his career without anything more than rabid liberal hate.

But do Republicans have the right to do the same thing?  Nope.  If they impeach Obama – even thought they have EXCELLENT constitutional grounds to impeach that fascist – there will be hell to pay.  Which is why Republicans wouldn’t DARE do what Democrats are doing as we damn well speak.  So we sit back aghast and appalled as Democrats seek to take down by nothing more than their rabidness one of our front runners for president in 2016.

I’ve made this point before: we aren’t like the left, which is why we’re losing.  The left employs violence and cheating and every nasty, vile tactic there is to ensure that they win and we lose so they get to pick the winners and losers.  If conservatives lose elections, we get regulated and taxed and criminally prosecuted by liberal union thugs using the power of government as a punitive instrument; if liberals lose elections, they get left alone by a smaller, more limited government.  So the way things are framed, either they win or we lose.  Meanwhile, the right is sadly not all that “right” anymore.  It’s like what was said of the so-called Moral Majority movement in the 1980s: we are neither moral, nor a majority.  If we were truly powerfully righteous, it would be one thing.  But we are sadly much more like the Laodicean Church from Revelation chapter 3 than we are like anything else.  So instead of being inflamed for righteousness – as we should be – or inflamed for wickedness – as the left is and has been – we could fight.  But as it is, all we do is hunker down while the left keeps agitating toward the day when they get their beloved Anitchrist to take total government power as they have been dreaming of for sixty years now.

So if you’re a conservative, I know where I WON’T be seeing you.  At the next riot.

As I close, I can’t not cite the following fact: Russia, China and Iran are pointing fingers at America and lecturing us for our criminality and our human rights violations.  And you know who agrees completely with our worst enemies?  Liberals, that’s who.

We keep hearing from the news media that is terrified of being labeled as “racist” that it’s only a “few” bad people “from out of town” who are coming in.  Don’t blame the residents of Ferguson.  Don’t blame black people for what we CLEARLY see BLACK PEOPLE doing.  That’s bullcrap.  Let me tell you something that is simply a fact: if there weren’t those thousands of people out there night after night, the so-called “few outsiders” wouldn’t be there burning and looting.  If those mobs of people weren’t out there at night, the police would easily be able to get control of the situation and crack down on the so-called “few” who are doing all the rioting.  Which is why every single person who is out there is participating in the violence and rioting and looting.  Because it’s only happening because YOU’RE there to give the rioters and looters the distraction and the cover that they need.

Update: we are now getting in the actual facts of what happened to Officer Darren Wilson before the fatal shooting.  In short, Michael Brown assaulted him, punched him hard in the face, and there was a struggle for the officer’s gun.  Officer Wilson fired at Brown and Brown began to run away, but then bum-rushed the officer who – already dazed and beaten from the beating he had just endured – fired and kept firing until Brown was down.

Now, if conservatives were like liberals, we wouldn’t CARE about any evidence that proved Barack Obama wasn’t guilty in the criminal conspiracy to use the IRS to target hundreds of conservatives and violate our civil rights.  Nope.  We would be driven – like the left in Ferguson – entirely by our hatred, our bitterness and our viciousness.  And we would continue to demand “justice,” which means we would continue to demand Obama’s head.  Whether he was actually guilty or not.


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10 Responses to “If Conservatives Were Like Liberals, They Would Riot, Burn And Loot In Every City Until The IRS Thug-in-Chief Nixon-Waved And Resigned”

  1. Penumbra Says:

    The liberal racial- and integration policy has failed because it makes people into victims, in constant need of support and sympathy, instead of making them independent individuals who take responsibility for their own lives and actions. Both North America and Europe are in desperate need of a new policy towards less fortunate minorities, but the “well-meaning” liberals do not allow it. Why? Well, because it would reveal that the liberal political idea as a whole is a total failure.


  2. truthunites Says:

    I’ve made this point before: we aren’t like the left, which is why we’re losing. The left employs violence and cheating and every nasty, vile tactic there is to ensure that they win and we lose so they get to pick the winners and losers.

    That’s a tough nut to crack. How to beat the immoral, unethical, cheating-at-all-costs Liberals without being immoral, unethical, and a cheat too.

    Water, even the Living Water, doesn’t seem to put out the hellfire of Liberalism.

    Conservatives know their playbook. And know it well. Cloward-Piven. Saul Alinsky. Secular Humanist Manifesto. Communist Rules for Subverting Countries. The Liberal March through the institutions of Academia, Media, and the Government. We know that they’re going to run Power Sweep Left.

    And the Conservatives cannot neutralize and stop the play even though we know what they’re going to do.

    Right does not win many battles against Leftist Might. Will win the War at the end. Because we know Jesus wins in the End. But all the way from the 1st quarter to the 4th quarter, the Biblically Conservative team gets clobbered.

    Me? There’s glory in fighting for losing causes.

  3. Michael Eden Says:


    I want to make certain my point is clear. What I am saying is that pure evil will beat the snot out of lukewarm good every time the two fight. Every single time.

    Pure good kicks the crap out of pure evil every single time. Because when you are TRULY on God’s side He will deliver you. But when your “good” is as compromised as ours seems to be in these last days, evil will triumph.

    We live in an age when MOST of the “Christian Church” isn’t any more “Christian” than the “C” in “ACLU” stands for “Christian.” We’ve got openly homosexual pastors and reverends performing homosexual marriages left and right. We’ve got a whopping load of replacement theology churches that have decided that Hamas is the good guy and God’s people Israel is the bad guy. And on the conservative front, how united are we? Every time there’s a showdown you’ve got RINOs claiming they have the same goals as the conservatives but they have a different strategy. And so Obama has divided us and then divided the divided again.

    And my point is that we cannot win that way. All we can do is lose while some of the people who claim to be on OUR side say it’s a good thing we’re losing.

    In the last days (which we’re in), Jesus said that many would come in HIS name. And that even the elect would be deceived. It doesn’t sound like a winning strategy Jesus was predicting.

    And we KNOW the beast is coming. Just read the Bible. We KNOW that the beast will implement his mark. We KNOW Christians will face the worst persecution and martyrdom in all of human history filled with persecutions and martydoms.

    And that is because evil is transcendent in the world.

    Jesus won’t return to earth because you and I kicked the devil’s butt for Him. No. He’ll come back to save the world from the devil who will OWN the world otherwise.

    But, having stated all that bad news about the soon-coming future, I can also testify to this: the same Word that tells us all of the above also tells us that Jesus Christ WILL return as King of kings and as Lord of lords and that God WINS and wins BIG. I know that because I cheated and skipped ahead to the last page of the Bible.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    Great to hear from you! Hope you are faring well indeed in Sweden!

    Wonderful point you make.

    In 1960, we truly had real discrimination. We had the “separate but equal” garbage. We had separate bathrooms for “whites” and “coloreds.” And yet we had MUCH lower black crime.

    And the only thing that has changed to cause that is an ENTITLEMENT mindset. And thus Michael Brown felt “entitled” to rob a store and shove a small owner around. And Michael Brown felt “entitled” to walk down the middle of a street and ignore a police officer’s commands. And now we’ve got these rabid mobs that feel “entitled” to loot and burn.

    There’s nothing genetically inferior about black people. Now, if I were an evolutionist and believed like Darwin, I would believe in the “favoured” white race which alone deserves to be “preserved.” All other races being inferior and needing to be replaced in the struggle for survival and the survival of the fittest which is evolutionary ethos. But nope, as a Christian, I believe in a God who made all men in His image.

    What IS inferior about black people in America today is their culture. It is utterly toxic because it is shockingly socialist and dependent. And they will be dependent in a hundred years and they will be dependent in a thousand years because dependency is an entrenched way of life for them at this point.

    Jesus knew this would happen. Which is why in the last days He told us that ethnos (race) would rise against ethnos.

  5. Penumbra Says:

    Absolutely so, Michael. I do not regard black people as inferior. We are all God’s children. But it seems as the chaos that the Liberal system creates has a greater impact on the black communities, both in the USA and Europe (I am preparing a post on my blog on that subject).

    And yes, more and more Christian churches in the world are infiltrated by the evil one. The Swedish church is one of these. They spend a lot of time trying to reinterpret the Bible in order to fit in the new liberal ideas or face a massive anti-Christian propaganda from liberal media (= almost all media). I am saddened to witnessing this, it breaks my heart.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    What you are pointing out gets RIGHT to the heart of genuine Christianity versus Lucifer’s counterfeit of it.

    The issue at stake is the Bible, how reliable it is, and how “liberally” we interpret it.

    America is cursed with a president who openly mocked the Bible and relying on it as a guide for life. His direct charge is that those who take the Bible as a literal guide for their lives have never bothered to read it (or they’d know it was just gibberish as Obama does, you see).

    And of course what they first did to the Bible they’ve since done to the Constitution. They literally applied all the same techniques to undermine the literal reading of the Constitution that they employed against the Bibles. The undermined the integrity of the authors and went from there. So the Constitution is a precious document if and only if you read it the way LIBERALS do. Same thing with the Bible. The Bible is FINE – as long as it promotes homosexual sodomy and secular humanism and socialism.

    We can’t pick up a Bible and choose according to what our culture says or we are making culture god of our lives. We can’t pick up a Bible and choose according to our personal preferences or we are making ourselves god in God’s place. But the left does BOTH. They take the parts they like – almost always completely out of context – and dismiss or even demonize the parts they don’t.

    But one of the things the Word of God does is REBUKE and CORRECT us:

    All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. — 2 Timothy 3:16-17

    If you are letting CULTURE rebuke and correct you, you are NOT a Christian. The Bible talks about “the god of this age.” That is the devil. And that is who you are worshiping, not God. If you are relying upon YOUR wisdom in place of God’s in His Word, then YOU are the god of your life. Liberals are NOT Christians. Barack Obama is not a Christian: he rebukes and corrects the Word of God, not the other way around; the Word of God does not TOUCH his soul.

    The Bible reveals us and it reveals the character and nature of God. And liberals are totally ignorant on all counts.

    It is GOD’S Word that is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword –

    For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. — Hebrews 4:12

    – not Obama’s word.

    God’s Word is supposed to judge Obama, but Obama stands in judgment of God’s Word. And Obama is urging people not to believe what they read even as he mocks, “folks aren’t reading their Bibles.” Why would they if they thought like Obama?

    Which is why Howard Dean, the previous chairman of the Democrat Party, claimed that Job was his favorite Book in the New Testament. The man is a liar who never bothered to read the Bible in his LIFE. Just like Obama.

    We don’t let the Word of God penetrate us and judge us when we’re wicked; we judge IT just like Obama does.

    It’s funny, the word “judge” in Greek here is “kriticos,” from which we get the word “critic.” The enemies of Christianity are critics who criticize the Bible like our president does.

    I love the NLT rendering of Hebrews 4:12:

    For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.

    The Bible exposes us for what we really are.

    But only if we read it.

    Barack Obama and the left are working hard to advance the kingdom of Satan. Just as Satan taunted Eve in the Garden with the meaning of what God really said, so also does Obama. Just as Satan kept misrepresenting the Word of God to Jesus during the Tempation (see Matthew chapter 4), so also does the left misrepresent the Word of God.

    In the Garden, Satan did three things with Eve: 1) He questioned what God really said; 2) He questioned God’s character and suggested that God was holding out on Adam and Eve and did not want what was best for them; and 3) He questioned God’s resolve to follow through with what He said (“You shall NOT die!”). Liberals do the same thing every single day. They undermine the Bible and attack its credibility and trustworthiness and then substitute their “interpretations” for what ALL of God’s people through the ages have always known the Word meant. They argue that homosexuality is right and God is wrong if He doesn’t approve of it. And they defy God to bring His judgment on them and sneer that God would never DARE do so.

    People don’t pick up their Bibles because they don’t BELIEVE their Bibles. And that’s why the coming big-government Antichrist is coming to impose his system on every human being.

  7. Penumbra Says:


    The Bible is the word of God spoken through His prophets. No doubt about it. Those who seek to rewrite it or change its meaning are enemies of God.

    Interestingly, the story of the devil’s corruption of humanity through the woman continues to this day. Some of the most aggressive and effective opponents to the Christian faith and the word of the Bible are the feminists. In fact, when the latest edition of the Bible was written in modern Swedish (“Bibel 2000”) prominent feminists wanted to change some parts because they were “discriminatory against women.”

    Feminists are also the biggest opponents of the traditional Christian family values because they see the traditional family as a “patriarchy”. They are the most aggressive defenders of the free abortion law. Feminists are often engaged in black magic, new-age religions, etc. Most of it humbug and sham, yet heresy.

    The corruption and decadence of the Swedish Church began when it allowed women to become priests. Today, men who oppose women priests are not allowed to become priests themselves.

    The Swedish Church has recently established the first Swedish female archbishop (Antje Jackelén). She doubts that Jesus Christ was born by a virgin and she is trying to adapt Christianity to other religions in the name of the multicultural society that socialists and liberals are about to implement, against the will of the majority.

    The Swedish Church is infiltrated by communists, socialists and feminists. It ordains homosexuals, it does not protest against abortion, it allows art exhibitions which ridicule or desecrate Jesus Christ, etc.

    And you will see the same changes in all protestant churches all over North-West Europe, which is the richest and economically most progressive part. Not in the independent evangelical churches though.

    Finally, if we look at how the votes are distributed between left and right, Swedish women generally tend to vote to the left compared to men. I guess you have the same situation in the U.S.

    Feminism is one of the devil’s most powerful instruments in corrupting the humanity of the day. Although I love and respect women, I can not ignore the facts.

  8. Michael Eden Says:


    Minds that love God’s Word think alike.

    You should read – if you haven’t (and I checked to see if you’d left a comment) – what I wrote to begin a recent article that quotes 2 Timothy 3:1-9 at the beginning. That passage describes the last days and the perilous times that would come and links it to “silly women” who are led astray.

    Down the article I later point out the “gender gap” by which it was WOMEN who elected Obama both times. Had men voted alone, we NEVER would have had this demon-possessed man in office. And I then immediately state:

    “Silly women” indeed. And just as Paul told us would happen in God’s prophetic word, the correlation between silly women and perilous times is 1oo%. with the increase of the former directly causing the increase of the latter.

    Now, as a caveat, my godly mother is more likely to vote conservative than I am. But she is not the face of women anymore; the liberal entitlement-whore and, yes – for what its worth – slut, Sandra Fluke is. And the feminist of today desperately wants evil on top of evil.

    Liberalism is powerless against evil primarily because it IS evil and wants evil to spread like the cancer that evil is.

    There is something about women – and I also point this out here in an article I wrote about the role of husbands (and also of wives). About a third of the way down the article – after trying to set up the context, I quote Paul’s words in 1 Timothy 2:12-14 and say the following:

    Let me begin with the fact that St. Paul is NOT talking about a woman as a business leader or even as a political leader; he is speaking spiritually in a spiritual context.

    What St. Paul is pointing out is that man WAS created first and intended by God to BE first and to LEAD. He created woman as a suitable helper, not as a usurper who would take man’s legitimate role away from him and unrighteously supplant him. And he further points out that there is something about man’s makeup and woman’s makeup that equips them to perform their God-given roles but that which KEEPS women from performing the roles that God intended men to have. There are many attributes about women that made them wonderful for the roles that God intends for them to have: they tend to be more compassionate than men, for instance, more gentle, less harsh. And these things and many other things that make women different from men are all good in themselves, and help balance men out in a godly relationship with women. But when women usurp men’s roles and rule over men, then these very good things become bad things: because all of these differences between men and women result in the fact that women are more easily deceived by Satan masquerading as a good, caring, sensitive, compassionate, sophisticated angel of light. The very same emotional and psychological differences that make women more caring also make them more likely to be spiritually deceived. Where men – who are more equipped and more empowered to stand up and FIGHT – see the true nature of evil more clearly.

    Adam KNEW what he was doing was wrong. In his case his wife had already committed the deed and he frankly chose Eve over God. But Eve had been deceived to believe what she was doing was actually good.

    I’d put it in its simplest form thus: the same sensitive nature of women that make them more sensitive to other points of view make them more open to deception from the wicked point of view that they are by their nature also more sensitive to.

    We’re seeing that a great deal today. And the polls clearly demonstrate that women are on the wrong side of most of the most serious cultural departures from God, whether it be abortion or homosexuality or socialism where the State replaces God.

    As a caveat, I submit that women can and should be pastors, but not senior pastors, according to the clear teaching of St. Paul. A woman pastor should be under the overall authority of a senior male pastor. That would satisfy the requirement of 1 Timothy 2.

    That was a necessary digression to try to provide some grounds for explaining why God has ordained a system in which husbands do more leading and wives do more following. And I don’t state that because I’m a man and I get to rule over women; I say it because the Word of God says it. And since liberal progressive secular humanist feminists defiantly won’t place themselves under the Word of God, it is no wonder they will refuse to place themselves under any man, either.

    That’s one nasty pill for any liberal progressive secular humanist feminist woman to swallow, I have no doubt whatsoever. It is clearly not even a very easy thing for a godly, Christ led woman to willingly choose: a submitted life.

    The devil knows how to exploit human weakness and frailty. He hits men with their pride; women he deceives by putting horror in a lovely gift-wrapped box.

    God created women as helpers. But in these last days, as man prepares to worship the beast and take his mark, women ARE serving as “helpers”: they are “helping” men lead the world straight into hell.

  9. Penumbra Says:

    Yes, Michael, we are united by our love of God, His Word, and our savior and lord – Jesus Christ. I wish I could actively visit your blog more often but I am limited in time and also my English skills are not what they should be. But I will not forget you and I will be back as often as I can.

    I often say that none of the most evil liberal reforms in our society have been possible if not communists, socialist and liberals had succeeded in secularizing a large part of the population in our western cultural sphere. It is a process that has been going on for over 100 years and behind it you will find the devil and his demons.

    But it is predicted in the Scripture, like most of what we are seeing today. We just don’t know the time scale. However, we shall not give up the fight against evil – all the way to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

  10. Michael Eden Says:


    Some powerful points, Penumbra.

    I actually gave a message about your last words: The same God who used all the evil and hate of Jesus’ day to bring Jesus to the cross so He could die in our place for our sins and usher in the New Covenant is also NOW using all the evil that we are seeing to create the RETURN of Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords.

    The Bible is clear: God is sovereign. Nothing happens unless He allows it to happen. He has a purpose and a plan. And the world – through “the world, the flesh and the devil” is working toward the plan that our God who foreknew the end from the beginning decreed from before the foundations of the world.

    It is always good to hear from you, and every time I think of Sweden I think of my brother Penumbra and say a prayer for you.

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