Obama Administration Trying To Intimidate ISIS Beheaders: If We Catch You, We’ll Put You On Trial, Convict You, And Trade You 5-1 For Our Traitors

I had to laugh my ass off – and I don’t doubt that this is the ISIS/ISIL reaction as well – to Obama’s and Eric Holder’s gutless threats.

Obama said he’d be “relentless” on these man-caused disaster facilitators in this overseas contingency operation of his.  I mean, this turd is too scared to even call this WAR what it is and he’s going to be “relentless”???  He couldn’t even be “relentless” enough to wear a damn TIE for his announcement that, sorry, American people, but I just let the first one of many of you to come get beheaded.  And then our “relentless” president was RIGHT BACK TO THE GOLF COURSE.

Obama is saying that if he shows ISIS how “relentless” he is in pursuing his vacation, they’ll be scared, scared, scared.

I mean, ISIS BEHEADS people.  And the girlboy metrosexuals who run our country now start to puke at the thought of us waterboarding one of these monsters.

To hear our national leaders blathering, “We’re gonna put a warrant out for your arrest.  That’s right.  And one maybe one day in about ninety years we’ll catch you and we’ll put you on trial and allow you to spread your views to the whole world.  Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you get your Miranda rights and everything.  And if we get a conviction, we’ll put you in prison – but don’t worry, NOT Gitmo, because that would be mean and we’re never mean – until the day we trade you for our next Bergdahl traitor punk.  And so you’d better be scared.”

The only people who truly ought to be frightened and intimidated is the American people who are staring at our own humiliating weakness right in Obama’s eye.  Because we all ought to be realizing that we’re next.  And our leaders are pathetic, babbling cowards and fools.

We WON the war in Iraq.  All we had to do was keep some troops there and we could make that country as safe and secure and peaceful as Barack Obama and Joe Biden boasted it was after George Bush won the damn war over their whining.  But then Obama took office and cut-and-ran and called the people who would kick his scrawny little weasel ass and show him up for the fool disgrace that he is “JV.”

It is now beyond obvious to anyone who isn’t stupid who the “JV” fool is.

I used to be so proud that I was an American.  Now I’m so embarrassed it’s just unreal.

I still hang my head in abject shame that my country elected this contemptible, pathetic little turd.  TWICE.

But don’t you worry.  He’s “relentless” at Martha’s Vineyard, he is.  Nobody but NOBODY can tie up traffic with a procession of limousines like he can.

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6 Responses to “Obama Administration Trying To Intimidate ISIS Beheaders: If We Catch You, We’ll Put You On Trial, Convict You, And Trade You 5-1 For Our Traitors”

  1. truthunites Says:

    “I used to be so proud that I was an American. Now I’m so embarrassed it’s just unreal.

    I still hang my head in abject shame that my country elected this contemptible, pathetic little turd. TWICE.”


    It’s hard to get rid of guilt-by-association. Even though I didn’t vote for Obama in either 2008 or 2012, or even for any Democrat in many elections (and thus can claim: “I didn’t vote for Liberals!”) their stink still attaches to me, the Biblical Conservative.

    The self-inflicted disgusting downgrade of America falls upon everyone, biblically righteous or not. That neither seems right, nor fair. It just simply is.

  2. Beeker D. Says:

    Interesting how this ‘0BLAHma BUNCH’ is having sooooo much trouble handling(in 0blahmas word’s)THE JV’s called ISIS/ISIL!
    Find it also amazing that this 0blahma Leg-humping Media still
    props him up and never holds him to account for his IDIOTIC MELEE MOUTHED CONFUSING LYING STATEMENTS&CLAIMS!
    To ANYONE out there ‘IF’ you’re not aware of what this FECKLESS FOOL has done and is doing to this Nation `By Now`I Say:

  3. Michael Eden Says:


    In 2 Samuel 24, we learn the following critical lesson: God holds a nation accountable for the sin of its king.

    We can go to the very beginning, in Adam. God holds ALL mankind accountable for the sin of Adam. “In Adam, all sinned.” Romans 5:12-21 spells it out. There are several theories for this: the one I hold to is the corporate theory: we were ALL present in Adam because he was the father of us all. And to continue on this thought, it was as though Adam were our fastest runner and we were having a race in which the entire human race would live or die based on whether our fastest man could beat the fastest alien runner. Obviously, we would choose our very best runner if we were smart, right?

    Well, we chose. And in the case of Obama, we chose … poorly.

    I used to wonder a little bit more why God would hold the entire nation of Israel accountable for the personal sin of King David. After all, it wasn’t like the people voted for him or anything. But one of the things I realize now is to the extent that such “fairness” is an issue, God foreknew that in the last days we would be a world of DEMOCRACY and we would VOTE for our kings. And we sure as hell voted for King Obama.

    The rain falls on the good and the evil alike; in the same manner, judgment upon a nation falls upon the good and the wicked alike.

    But you can’t get away from one biblical FACT: the entire nation is going to stand or fall because of our King Obama. And I believe we are FALLING rather than standing.

    We’re all guilty because he’s our king now whether we voted for the fool or not. If I want to have any chance of escaping the wrath of God heaped upon the nation that was fool enough and wicked enough to elect Obama as king, I could bite the bullet and crawl out of the land of my birth.

    There’s a story that St. John the apostle, going to bathe in Ephesus and seeing Cerinthus within, ran out of the bath-house without bathing, crying, “Let us flee, lest even the bath fall, because Cerinthus, the enemy of the truth, is within.”

    Make no mistake: God is judging this entire nation because of our Obama, our own heretic Cerinthus.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Beeker D.,

    I agree with you and have been recently pointing out that this amounts to proof positive that there IS a personal, real Satan. People who were created in God’s image to have functioning minds cannot BE this blind, this stupid and this depraved without “the god of this age” blinding their minds (2 Corinthians 4:4).

  5. truthunites Says:

    “We can go to the very beginning, in Adam. God holds ALL mankind accountable for the sin of Adam.”


    Question calling for speculative answer: Suppose Adam did not partake of eating the forbidden fruit. Furthermore, suppose Adam vocally warned Eve not to eat the fruit. Even more so, suppose Eve slapped Adam’s hand and arm away as he tried to stop her from eating the forbidden fruit.

    What do you think would have happened then?


    Modern parallel:

    Remnant of biblically conservative shepherds repeatedly warn of devouring sheep-covered liberal wolves.

    The liberal wolves bring death and destruction to the stupid sheep.

    The Master comes home and woe is visited upon all of them, even the biblically conservative shepherds.

    It is what it is.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    We don’t know for certain.

    But on my view, the Bible makes it clear: it was ADAM’S sin that counted. It was ADAM’S sin that confirmed the human race to depravity.

    Paul points out that Eve was deceived, but that Adam knew what he was doing. I believe it went this way: Eve was deceived and ate the fruit. When she offered it to Adam, the reason he ate it was that he was making the conscious, deliberate choice to essentially choose the most staggeringly beautiful woman who ever lived over God. He basically said, “I want to go where she goes.”

    I believe that part of Adam’s sin was not in trusting God (which was what the serpent did to Eve, btw). Adam did not believe God would forgive Eve.

    On my view, since Eve was DECEIVED – and would most certainly not have chosen to give her soul away had she known what she was doing – God COULD have made provision for her. But Adam’s sin was in the full knowledge of what he was doing.

    But like I said, the Scriptures don’t directly state that counterfactual “what would have happened if” condition.

    I believe more and more that what we need to do is trust God. God is working out His plan. He TOLD us these days were coming, He provided the basic description of what the days would look like. We see them coming. We know whose bringing the darkness upon us. It makes me angry to think about what these people are doing. And in a way the liberals are ALL the players in the Genesis story except God. They are the devil in that they are the ones doing the deceiving; they are Eve in that they are the ones being deceived; and they are Adam in that their continuing sin is very willful indeed.

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