The Greatest Crisis Facing America: The Democrat Party Represents The WRONG 90 Percent

I took my bike to the dealership to have some repair work done and – having forgotten to do so beforehand – more or less randomly grabbed a book of a shelf that struck me as the thing to read in the haste of the moment as I ran out the door.

It was The Battle For Truth” by David A. Noebel.  I’d read through it before years ago, but it was a great refresher.

Noebel accurately describes in his introduction secular humanism as both a worldview and in fact a religion that is at hostile warfare with Judeo-Christianity for the soul of America.  And then he states the following:

The influence of this Humanistic way of thinking is prevalent in every sector of our lives.  Consider, for example, the way that atheistic evolutionary thinking has become the accepted and undisputed truth within the scientific establishment and for those who are teaching the next generation of young people.  Although the overwhelming majority of Americans believe in the existence of God, 90% of the leadership of the National Academy of Sciences consider themselves to be atheists.  Their atheistic dogma reaches into every public school of America via naturalistic evolutionary propaganda.  Evolution is not treated as a theory, but as an unquestioned fact.  “In China,” writes a Chinese paleontologist, “we can criticize Darwin, but not the government; in America, you can criticize the government, but not Darwin.”  — Page ix, The Battle For Truth by David A. Noebel

Ben Stein documented that last point is profoundly and terrifyingly true in his documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.  Stein documents, among many other things, a number of tenured professors who were destroyed for nothing other than committing the heresy of believing in Intelligent Design rather than in random and mindless evolution.  He specifically compares the Stalinists in their ideological purges to what we see going on today in American colleges and universities as the most intolerant people on earth impose their belief system.  Here are a couple of links to quotes from that movie – 1, 2, – to give you a flavor.  I also found this insight into the film insightful.

I submit to you that fact and that fact alone is why China is doing so much better than America and why China is rising while America is falling.

China and Russia – as evil as both nations are – don’t deserve to die.  America does.  Because as evil as both these nations are, America under the control of the Democrat Party is even MORE evil.  And as a result of Democrat Party godless fascism, we have so pissed on the vision of this nation as “one nation under God” that it is beyond laughable.

THAT is why Russia and China are both in the Bible in the last days and America is nowhere to be seen.

I didn’t used to understand this.  I mean, is America more wicked than China?  Than Russia?  After all the awful things these nations have done and the Bible says will YET do?

Now I’ve come to realize something: when you were once a nation that powerfully called upon the LORD – as America did – and then you turn your back on Him and spit in His eye and say ‘We don’t need you any more,’ you subject yourself to a FAR harsher penalty of judgment than those nations that never turned to the Lord in the first place.

As a powerful example, think back to World War II during the most critical moment of the war as the D-Day Invasion of Normandy began.  The war would have turned in an awful direction had America failed to land in Europe that June 7, 1941.

And the president of the United States turned to the Lord and prayed.

Joseph Stalin didn’t pray to the Lord for divine assistance.  Neither did Mao Tse Tung.

FDR did.  And the American people by the millions sank to their knees in factories, in offices, in shopping centers, in homes, and prayed that God would spare this nation and grant us success.

And now when America shakes its new socialist-collectivist fist at God and snarls, “We don’t need you any more!”  God says, “That’s fine.  I don’t need YOU any more, either.  And One of Us is great enough and powerful enough to live while the other one dies.

God is not mocked.  And this nation that once worshiped God but now worships abortion and sodomy and socialism is a mockery unto God.  And we will fall because of it.

The crisis facing America is that the Democrat Party is the party of the 90% of the “intelligentsia” who are atheist and who have – having gotten their foot in the door – acted like fascist thugs to purge everyone who disagrees with them from journalism, from academia, and from government bureaucracy.

The Democrat Party is the Party of the Middle Finger Salute to God.

And we like sheep have been led astray.  And sheep poorly led are invariably sheep led to slaughter.

And America is going to go pay for it.  We’re going to go down hard – in a way that even nations such as China do not deserve to go – as God “gives this nation over” to the depravity imposed by the Democrat Party that worships the murder of more babies than all the deaths of all the people on all sides killed during the entirety of World War II in addition to their worship of homosexuality.


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8 Responses to “The Greatest Crisis Facing America: The Democrat Party Represents The WRONG 90 Percent”

  1. truthunites Says:

    The Democrat Party is the Party of the Middle Finger Salute to God.

    True, dat.

    Superb rhetorical summation.


    Not a rhetorical question. How does a Christian love a militant secular liberal?

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Not a rhetorical question. How does a Christian love a militant secular liberal?


    The same way Jesus loved the people who mocked Him, savagely beat Him and crucified Him.

    It is that simple.

    And that hard.

    Forgiving those who hurt you and who even hurt your children is a terribly difficult thing. Only through God can we do it. I struggle with it every day myself. But God clearly called us to live Kingdom lives, not worldly lives, and He said that the Kingdom life was the exact opposite of the worldly life in every way. Worldly people hate and fight and kill; Jesus people love and turn the other cheek and bless.

    It first begins with simply knowing what you OUGHT to be doing, knowing what your attitude OUGHT to be.

    Then it’s time for the struggle to do what you know you ought to do to take place and pray every single day and try to do better and confess your sin when you fail and keep trying while you keep praying that God will help you be more loving to people who have made the nation evil.

    It’s a lot easier to be a liberal this side of eternity. As we see in Ferguson, Missouri right now, they don’t have to worry about stuff like the above; they are free to hate and hate more and more and more.

    But one thing that DOES make it easier for me to cope with is the knowledge that it will be a lot harder for them on the other side of eternity. We don’t have to hate them; our hating them won’t accomplish anything. But they will most assuredly get theirs and they will get all of it that they deserve. Which really ought to leave us free to turn to Jesus and to open our hands to God rather than looking to them with our fists closed.

  3. truthunites Says:

    Many Liberals are Pharisees.

    Jesus loved the Pharisees too, yes?

  4. FMC Says:

    One of the biggest problems many Christians have is unforgiveness. If God forgives us when we really don’t deserve it, then we are to forgive others regardless. Unforgiveness leads to demonic torment. The tormenters are demons and not forgiving gives them the legal right to torment.

    I use to know this young woman who had been raped as a young teenager. She had many problems and I am sure most of them stemmed from the rape. I told her she would never get free from it or move beyond it if she never forgave her abuser. She retorted that she would never forgive him and wished he were dead and seemed outraged that I would even suggest such a thing. As far as I know, her life has gone nowhere to this day. I think this is especially a key aspect for those that have been sexually molested or abused.

    34 And the lord was wroth and delivered him to the tormentors, till he should pay all that was due unto him.
    35 So likewise shall my Heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not everyone his brother their trespasses.

  5. Michael Eden Says:


    One of the things I’ve come to realize is that there are levels and degrees of “forgiveness.”

    Case in point: God forgave Christians. But He doesn’t forgive EVERYBODY. He ONLY forgives those who ASK for forgiveness.

    If we are to completely forgive the unrepentant wicked who hurt us, we are literally being called upon to be more “forgiving” than GOD. I’m pretty sure He doesn’t put that standard on us.

    In the case of a rape victim, is she to allow herself to be placed in a situation where she could be raped by the same man over and over again? Forgive me, he says. Okay, she says. [Rape]. Forgive me, he says. Okay, she says [Rape]…

    Rather, I submit that a rape victim ought to be encouraged to forgive her attacker first to this degree: “Lord, I renounce the right to hate this person for what he did. I renounce the right to take revenge into my own hands.”

    Many times when you’re wronged you play scenarios in your mind where YOU get to “mete out justice.” We should renounce the right to take justice into our own hands, allowing the Lord and the criminal justice system to do that.

    A rape victim would never have to see the person who hurt her to do those two. It’s literally a change in attitude that you’re not going to allow that hate that the rapist displayed to fester and grow like a cancer in you; not a willingness to be harmed by that person again as you act as if the rape had never happened.

    There’s a final, true level of forgiveness where relationship is restored and even fully restored. At this point the sinner has begged for forgiveness and demonstrated a changed and repented life.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    Yeah, I’ve written how liberals are like both the Pharisees and the Sadducees. They’re like the Sadducees in that they don’t believe in the power of God but the power of Government. They are like the Pharisees in that they constantly seek to change God’s Word and impose their own “spin” on it.

    But when Jesus hung on the cross, we have no record that He said, “Father, forgive them — except for those nasty Pharisees! Burn them in hell right now, Father!”

    As angry as I get at the left for what they are doing, I know that there is a place in me that says, “You might want to re-read Galatians 5:22 a few more times.”

  7. FMC Says:

    I would agree that there are levels of forgiveness. Personally, I think it is impossible for man to completely forgive, well, at least like God does.

    As far as the woman that I referenced, she clearly refused to forgive and often fantasized about her own street justice. She was and still is in bondage and the only way out is through forgiveness and Jesus Christ. In her case, forgiveness would not mean a restoration of the relationship (it was a relative). She should never have to see this man again and the forgiveness would basically be for her own good, not his. There is nothing in the Word that says that in order to forgive that we have to be friends or put ourselves in a position where we could be victimized again.

    “And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.”

  8. Michael Eden Says:


    Another thing about forgiveness is that it’s a process, a journey.

    I’ve forgiven people for wrongs they committed against me YEARS ago. And even though I’ve never even so much as SEEN those people since, I’ve later found myself angry with them again over the same wrong I’d earlier forgiven them for. It wasn’t like they said something or did something to remind me of the past; I’ve never seen them again.

    It’s that we can forgive and then get angry over what we’ve forgiven.

    And so we may have to go through a process to true forgiveness to the extent we can forgive (again, as an example, no woman should ever forgive her rapist to the point that she puts herself in a position to be raped by him again without a truly supernatural transformation taking place in all parties.

    We’re talking here about forgiving the left, and its the same thing. I will see my need to have a forgiving spirit one day and be angry the next. And I just keep taking my attitude to the Lord. Because I am clearly not up to doing it on my own power.

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