This Labor Day, Demand Leftists Professors And Universities Have Their Salaries And Tuition Redistributed To Poor Working Students

I am so sick of the left.

On a daily basis, you have the left screaming for a higher and higher minimum wage, beyond what most businesses can afford to pay entry-level and unskilled workers.

The unions want it because they will then demand a wage hike for THEIR workers; after all, if that unskilled slob is now earning twice what he used to, surely that union worker ought to earn twice as much, too, right???

It doesn’t matter how much it hurts the little people who both struggle to run small businesses and struggle to find jobs as they are literally priced out of the market as it simply doesn’t pay to hire them anymore.

So I’m watching the television and there’s this leftist professor demanding higher minimum wages.

Let it come out of HER wages.  Because as a liberal professor, she represents THE most depraved money-hungry predator of ALL:

Between 2002 and 2012, prices for new textbooks rose 82%, while tuition and fees increased about 89% during that period, and overall consumer prices grew 28%, according to a 2013 report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

That according to the Los Angeles Times dated TODAY.

Tuition is skyrocketing.  The cost of college textbooks is skyrocketing.  And who runs that vile system lock, stock and barrel?  Cockroach liberals who say “other people ought to be forced to pay more.”

THEY ought to be forced to pay more.

I propose college tuition and books be reduced at the expense of college/university faculty and staff.

I further propose that any “living wage” increase ought to come right out of the wages of union workers who want to force other people to get gouged to pay for.

Let’s call it the “If you want it, YOU effing pay for it!” law.

Consider a smattering of articles I’ve written on the subject of “minimum wage”:

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Minimum wage increases invariably result in fewer employers offering the entry-level jobs that people need to begin working their way up the ladder to self-sufficiency.

Democrats WANT and in fact NEED people to be dependent on government.  That’s why they deliberately sabotage the jobs that people need to be able to succeed without them and their garbage socialism.

Democrats want the redistribution of wealth.  I’m fine with that; redistribute THEIR wealth and see how long they think it’s a good idea.


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6 Responses to “This Labor Day, Demand Leftists Professors And Universities Have Their Salaries And Tuition Redistributed To Poor Working Students”

  1. Beeker D. Says:

    Yep, along with demanding higher wages for their Union members they will claim “The Cost Of Living Has Gone Up” and “Everything Is More Expensive”!

  2. HL Says:

    Amen and Amen!!! I could not have said it better. While we are at it, let’s have the Left take in ALL the illegals flooding our border and pay for ALL of their needs.
    I join you in being beyond sick of the Left.
    We Conservatives could get along just fine taking care of our own and being generous and charitable to whom we want to be. The Left on the other hand could not survive without our money. They are depraved thieves and thugs.

  3. taxdoc4u Says:

    I thought we are ALL AMERICANS?

  4. Michael Eden Says:



    Consider Lee Harvey Oswald, “American.” Consider Aldrich Ames, “American.” Consider Adam Gadahn, “American.” Consider Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, “Americans.”

    If those are your “Americans,” you and I don’t have the same country.

  5. Michael Eden Says:


    So good to hear from you!

    You say,

    While we are at it, let’s have the Left take in ALL the illegals flooding our border and pay for ALL of their needs.

    I heard this today: the cost of educating Obama’s “border kids” is going to cost taxpayers – well, their grandchildren who will STILL be slaves paying off Obama’s debts in a hundred years – is $761 million. Per YEAR. And rising with ever single one of Obama’s kids who keep flooding into America.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Beeker D.,

    And of course everything IS more expensive because these demonic Democrat fools keep devaluing our damn money with their stupid policies…

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