America’s Disgrace-in-Chief Reveals His Naked Contempt For The Military He Just Sent To War

I don’t have words for such an act of disgrace:

Obama latte salute2.

I can only compare it to the same guy just a few weeks ago when he gave a speech about how heinous and evil Islamic State is after they had just beheaded an American on video for all to see. And then went golfing 8 minutes later and was seen yukking it up on the golf course.

It is widely agreed that it was those beheadings that ultimately forced Obama’s hand to stop ignoring the Middle East he had allowed to become a fiasco by doing NOTHING – and by making one false assurance after another that he had terrorists on the run – that forced America back into the war Obama took so much damn credit for getting us out of.

If you’re going to order men to war, you treacherous coward, the LEAST you can do is value your military more than your damn latte and pretend to show them the dignity and respect they deserve.

Update 9/25: As usual, the psychotic left that so rabidly despises George Bush is pointing to none other than George Bush to justify the behavior of their messiah Obama.  I mean, dude, if you think Hitler is a bad guy, DON’T POINT TO HITLER TO JUSTIFY THE BEHAVIOR OF YOUR HERO, OKAY?

I could jump on the horns of the dilemma and say that they both ought to be impeached, but it turns out that there are a few things that make these two salute situations very different.

The first is that Obama is carrying a latte cup while Bush is carrying his dog who is essentially a family member.  Which would you say is easier to toss into the trash on your way out of the plane?

NBC in its propaganda effort to protect their messiah Obama cited a picture of George Bush trying to salute with Barney in his arms says Bush.  They say that Bush should have put Barney on a leash.  Well, have you ever tried to walk a short-legged dog off the steps of an airplane ramp?  Unlike the coffee cup that could have and should have been trashed, SOMEBODY had to carry Barney off that plane.  And Bush did it himself rather than insult a Secret Service agent and have him carry the dog.

The second thing is that – despite the fact that Bush was carrying the larger and more awkward bundle of Barney versus Obama who only had a damn coffee cup in his hand, Bush STILL managed to salute with an empty right hand as the photo shows.  Which is to say that Bush came CONSIDERABLY closer to rendering a proper salute than Obama even though Bush had a much more substantial burden to carry than Obama had with his stupid coffee cup.

But it’s the third thing that makes the cake: when was the Bush photo taken?  It was taken on June 26, 2001.  Which is to say it was taken only five months into the Bush presidency and it was taken four months before America was attacked and President Bush found himself a president at WAR.  What was awkward, if not cute, prior to 9/11/2001 when America was attacked and Bush ordered the men who saluted him into war is rightly a national disgrace now.

This is similar to another of Obama’s grievous displays of his contempt for America.  George Bush loved playing golf.  But when the left attacked him for golfing while he was sending our sons and daughters into war, what did Bush do?  He had the character to stop golfing and never played another round during his presidency.  He sacrificed something he genuinely loved for the good of his nation.

Let’s look at that comparison, too.  Obama – as I already pointed out above – was on the golf course smiling and laughing only EIGHT MINUTES after describing the horror of beheaded journalist James Foley.  He was back on the course AGAIN within less than a day in spite of the deserved criticism for the round he had just played.  Then he later blamed the media for his “bad optics” as a man who pathologically refuses to accept responsibility for ANYTHING.  Obama is a man completely devoid of decency or integrity.  Since becoming president, in spite of the fact that he has been a president at war just like Bush was, Obama has played nearly 200 rounds of golf.  Compare that to professional golfer Tiger Woods, who has played 269 rounds of golf during the same period.  Obama’s behavior is not only a sick joke; it’s a national disgrace of a president who WILL NOT DO HIS JOB AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE COUNTRY.

Obama had just ordered America back into war.  I mean, he had JUST ordered America back into war when he delivered this shame of a salute.

You tell me that the left wing media wouldn’t have gone bat-poop ballistic if Bush had given that disgrace of a salute with that damn coffee cup in his saluting hand if Bush had done that the day our military was fighting in Afghanistan after 9/11.

Could some propaganda hack show a picture of Bush golfing and then claim that Obama wasn’t doing anything Bush hadn’t done?  Yeah.  Their are plenty of “journalists” dishonest enough to do that.  Would those Goebbels hacks point out the differences that make Bush so much better than Obama it’s not even silly?  Absolutely not.

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2 Responses to “America’s Disgrace-in-Chief Reveals His Naked Contempt For The Military He Just Sent To War”

  1. E_man Says:

    So, what’s the top story over at the GOP propaganda ministry, aka Fox News? A salute.

    The White House uploaded a video to Instagram of the president disembarking from Marine One on his way to address the UN. As he comes down the stairs he returns the salute of the two Marines flanking the stairs. Pretty innocuous stuff. Unless you’re Allen West. Shortly after the video was posted, Michele Hickford, the editor-in-chief of West’s little corner of crazy on the Internet wrote: “If there was ever any doubt how this Commander in Chief really feels in his heart about our men and women in uniform, this should seal the deal. We have warriors engaged in harm’s way, and he does THIS? The latte salute. And he has the nerve to publish it on his Instagram account. Disgraceful.”

    What was this “disgrace” that proved that Obama hates our brave warriors in uniform? As he descends the stairs with a coffee in one hand and holding his suit jacket closed with the other, Obama casually returns the salute of the two Marines stationed at the bottom of the stairs WITH A CUP OF COFFEE IN HIS HAND! It’s even worse than Umbrella-gate!

    It wasn’t long before Fox News dutifully took up the charge and turned it into a full blown scandal. In a segment with Karl Rove on Sean Hannity’s show, Hannity showed the video and incredulously asked Rove, “Would President Bush ever do that?” Rove mockingly saluted with a cup of coffee in hand and blasted Obama: ”Are we surprised? After all we’ve got a chai-swillin’, golf-playin’, basketball trash-talkin’ leadin’ from behind I got no strategy Osama bin Laden is dead GM is alive community organizing commander in chief… How disrespectful was that?”

    Obviously Rove is an expert when it comes to disrespect. He also never answered Hannity’s question, and for good reason. As the AP noted, George Bush was photographed multiple times exiting Marine One and awkwardly saluting while holding his dog Barney, the most popular member of the Bush administration. But Fox was just warming up. Later, Hannity invited disgraced former Lt. Colonel Oliver North to comment. North obligingly slammed Obama for hating the military:

    “Here’s the real problem – he doesn’t give a damn (about the military). The reality of it is any president, any commander-in-chief, even Lyndon Johnson would find out from his military aides what the proper pronunciation of things is. This is a president who can go out on a golf course and high-five people minutes after he has been on the phone with a correspondent’s parents who is dead. I mean this is the kind of person who truly does not get it.”

    Almost every Fox talking head in every segment took up the drumbeat. Curiously, Bill O’Reilly proved to be the one voice of sanity in Fox’s alternate universe. Appearing on Fox and Friends, O’Reilly said: ”I know a lot of people don’t like President Obama, but once in a while ya gotta cut him a little slack. He didn’t mean anything malevolent. If he had dumped the coffee on the Marine, then we’d have a problem.”

    But the Wingnutosphere was already ablaze in full blown poutrage mode. Fox contributor Todd Starnes took to Twitter, as did Jim Hoft, The Stupidest Man on the Internet. Fanned by Fox, in no time the “latte salute” flames of outrage spread to Breitbart, Newsbusters, Daily Caller and the rest of the right-wing noise machine. Even the Republican National Committee got in on the act by creating the site to raise money for Republican candidates. How much can they raise on something so insignificant? Knowing the GOP base, my bet is quite a bit.

    Not only was the Wingnutosphere reaction petty and downright silly, it was based on ignorance. They all got it completely wrong. I’m sure you’re as shocked as I am. I happen to have a go to guy when it comes to presidents, Marines and salute protocol. My father is a retired Marine Corps officer who served as a military aide to the Eisenhower White House. One of his duties was managing the protocol of the Marine Corps White House detail. When I ran this by him he told me that “I never saw Eisenhower salute when not in uniform. Ike was a real stickler for military protocol. He’d chew my ass for even the slightest breach of decorum or the tiniest uniform defect from any of the Marines stationed at the White House. He never saluted the Marine detail. He didn’t think it was proper.”

    Some have claimed Ike never saluted military personnel as president, based, it seems, on a passage from Rachel Maddow’s 2012 book ‘Drift’: “Soldiers were supposed to salute their president; the president was not supposed to salute the soldiers. No modern president, not even old Gen. Eisenhower, had saluted military personnel. It might even be, well, sort of, improper.”

    In this case Maddow, whose work is generally impeccably sourced and dead on accurate, exaggerated slightly. Ike did salute military personnel, but only rarely and only on special occasions, like the dedication of the Marine Corps War Memorial or when presenting medals. He did not salute military personnel in the course of his daily duties as president. In fact, going all the way back to George Washington, no president routinely returned salutes from military personnel. It’s both a matter of military protocol and a way to show that we have a civilian head of state, not a military leader.

    So, when did this whole presidents saluting thing come from? Ronald Reagan. Reagan, who had flown a desk in the Army Air Corps during World War II, liked to salute. His aides advised him it wasn’t proper protocol for a civilian president to salute military personnel in uniform. Reagan liked to tell an anecdote about how he overruled his aides. Over a few drinks one night, Reagan asked General Robert Barrow, the Commandant of the Marine Corps at the time, if it was appropriate for a president to salute military personnel in uniform. According to Reagan, Barrow answered, “I think if you did, no one would say anything.” According to other sources, Barrow gave Reagan a far more Marine type of answer. “Sir, you’re the goddam President and you can do any goddam thing you want.”

    Regulations state that not even active service members are required to salute when they are not in uniform, but all of the presidents following Reagan have adopted saluting as a matter of routine. It’s good optics, if not good protocol. But what about Obama’s awkward salute with a cup of coffee in his hand? That must be a serious breach of decorum, right? Well, not so much. The higher the rank, the more casual returned salutes tend to be. Many high ranking officer return the salutes of lower ranking officer in a perfunctory, casual way. Some barely raise their arm. Rank has its privileges, and one of the privileges of high military rank is you can salute anydamn way you want.

    So, even by the traditions of the military, Fox News got it all wrong. But the consumers of right-wing noise will never know this. It’s not the first time a salute has caused controversy for a president. It’s not even the first time an Obama salute has sparked conservative rage. A couple of years ago right wingers were outraged by another Obama salute while descending the stairs of Marine One, this time while talking on a cell phone , because of course the leader of the free world should hang up on whatever head of state he may be speaking to show respect for a couple of enlisted men. That picture flashed through the Wingnutosphere, as well, but it didn’t spark the same level of poutrage.

    Why, then, is the right-wing outrage machine cranked up to 11 this time? It may have to do with the fact that most Republicans agree with Obama’s decision to bomb Syria. Fox News and the rest of the GOP can’t appear to be siding with the president. A scandal, no matter how petty or how wrong on the facts is just what the right-wing doctor ordered.

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    First of all I denounce you for your personal dishonesty.

    As a former academic I am intimately familiar with a term called “plagiarism.” You do that here. You cite a whole article without bothering to mention that it is someone else’s work. You clearly don’t have an intelligent thing to say on your own and so all you can do is parrot somebody else’s garbage. In my day, plagiarism literally got you kicked out of school because it is dishonest and undermines the integrity of the entire system.

    Second, as a former solider, I am also intimately familiar with saluting. Had you EVER served – and very clearly neither YOU or the fool that wrote your garbage piece did – you would NOT say that saluting is “Pretty innocuous stuff.” Your fool cites Allen West. WHO SERVED and therefore understands what you and your gibberish-spouting article writer don’t understand.

    Like plagiarism, the sort of half-ass “latte salute” from a man who is supposed to be our commander-in-chief undermines the integrity of the entire military system. When you salute a superior, you are rendering honor. And that act of rendering of honor ought to be returned.

    And when I render you a crisp hand salute and you casually and dismissively wave your damn latte cup at me, you dishonor me and you dishonor my uniform and you dishonor the military and you dishonor the sacred role of the military.

    For the factual record, I was able to google the phrase in quotes “President Eishenhower saluting troops” and find several images of Eisenhower AS PRESIDENT saluting troops;

    Rachal Maddow is an idiot and as much a disgrace to journalism as Obama is to the presidency.

    That said, I frankly DON’T CARE if it’s a more recent tradition. I mean, damn, you turd, I could reason that the abolition of slavery is just a fabricated convention because we didn’t always ban it. If you want to try to claim that only presidents since Reagan have done it – although I just showed that aint true above – then nevertheless presidents since Reagan have done it. And unless you’re every bit as big a jackass as I think you are, you have to admit that Obama is “a president since Reagan.”

    It’s just like you degenerates to just keep subverting and subverting and subverting. And it’s just NEVER fascist when you do what you demonized your opponents for doing. It was FASCIST for Bush to play golf. But Obama plays nearly as much golf as Tiger Woods does and it’s all good because you’re a hypocrite without shame or honor or decency or virtue of any kind whatsoever.

    In the same damn vile slanderous manner, when George Bush was president, you so viciously slandered him for violating civil liberties that it was unreal. But when your messiah Obama uses the NSA to violate our rights than every damn president before him combined, you don’t care. When your messiah Obama uses his lawthug Eric Holder to violate the constitutional freedom of the press, illegally target whistleblowers, refusing to enforce the LAWS OF THE LAND such as DOMA, immigration, etc, you don’t care. When your messiah Obama uses the IRS as his own personal “internal revenge service” to target his political opponents, you don’t care. When Obama illegally declares a “recess appointment” and fascistically abrogates the separation of powers, you don’t care. when Obama gets slapped down by unanimous SCOTUS decisions THIRTEEN TIMES because he’s a damn Nazi, you don’t care. Because again you’re a hypocrite without shame or honor or decency or virtue of any kind whatsoever.

    I can only wish Obama would have been honest for once in his life and argued your argument here when he ran for president saying that he wouldn’t bother to salute the troops. So the turd could have NEVER BEEN ELECTED TO BEGIN WITH. Because that’s what would have happened had Obama told us how he was going to disrespect the military.

    Now get lost, plagiarist.

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