Why Obama’s Secret Service Has Failed So Miserably

We have seen over these last several years a complete meltdown in the Secret Service in the reign of Pharaoh god-king Obama.  The details are simply astonishing.

On September 19 a fence-jumper made it all the way to the East Room.  And then the Secret Service actually lied about how far the intruder got and how massively they screwed up.

In any other country that man would have been a terrorist with a bomb instead of a knife and he would have blown up our White House.

Shortly before that, the Secret Service allowed an armed felon to ride on an elevator with the Pharaoh god-king.

Before that, we had seven bullets that struck the window of Barack Obama’s private residence but went unnoticed for days.  Obama’s youngest daughter was inside at the time of the shooting.  It wasn’t even the Secret Service who noticed the bullet holes; it was a cleaning lady who observed broken glass.  It turns out that agents reported the gunfire but were told by their superiors to stand down.

Before that, eleven agents on Obama’s security detail were sent home after a week of drinking and sleeping with prostitutes while on duty.

After that, despite promises to get their act together and reform the agency, we had an agent on duty in Amsterdam become so drunk he was passed out in a hallway while on duty in a hotel.

That is nowhere near the full list of scandals, for what it’s worth.

They talk about “a pervasive culture of cover-up.”  Agents were told over and over, “Do not file any written report.”

Which is the exact same thing that is going on in all of Obama’s other scandals.

You look at the history of Secret Service screw ups and you tell me that the president of the United States has ever been placed in so much danger in any other administration.  I mean, the Secret Service has had a few issues, but nothing like this.  NOTHING like this.

The question is why this meltdown has happened during the rule of our Pharaoh god-king.

There are two reasons, with one being unique to the Secret Serve and the other being endemic to the cancer that is Obama’s presidency.

As to the former, imagine you are a Secret Service agent.  You have trained your entire professional career to be the absolute best at security and you have risen to the apex of your profession.  You have a rare level of pride in yourself, your professionalism and the renowned agency you serve.

Then you get to your assignment.  You are handed a bag of fecal matter and instructed to guard that bag with your life.

Do you think you’d feel at least slightly deflated?

THAT is a major part of the reason the Secret Service has so miserably collapsed during the Obama regime.  These professionals know what a sack of foulness Obama is.  We’re not talking about his race, of course, in spite of whatever blatant lies liberals want to spew because they are the spewers of lies; we’re talking about his loathsome personal character, his utter lack of integrity, his malignant narcissism.

What the Secret Service now have to protect is a disgrace.  And these professionals know it.

Do you know what the difference between the sack of fecal matter and Obama?  The sack of fecal matter draws flies and Obama tells lies.

Oh wait, never mind…

Lord of the flies

So if I’m a Secret Service agent and I’m told I have to either protect Obama or protect the sack of fecal matter, I would sigh, shrug my shoulders, resign myself to despair and ask for the sack.

And if I was then told that all the more senior agents had already chosen to guard the sack and I’d have to serve on the Obama detail instead, that’s when they’d hand me the bottle of booze to help get me through the shame of the next hours.  Which explains all the Secret Service agents drunk on the job.

It has always been the highest and most prestigious honor for a Secret Service agent to be chosen to serve on the security detail of the president of the United States of America.  Until now.

They are trying to do their best at guarding Obama, but you have to imagine the poor morale of guarding a truly dishonorable man.

The second reason is much more endemic and also serves to explain why ALL of Obama’s regime is failing, from his ObamaCare to his IRS to his intelligence community.

Let’s take the Secret Service.  A big hullabaloo was made over the fact that Obama had selected the first female Secret Service director ever.  I mean, wasn’t that just so wonderful?

You know what I would have preferred?  The best Secret Service Director ever.

It is simply an appalling fact that the very worst and most basic security lapses have occurred with Julia Pierson running the show.

I’m not in any way trying to claim that a woman couldn’t be the best director; I’m claiming that in being determined to find a woman Obama ignored the vast majority of the candidates who should have been considered for that job.

That’s always the problem with race or gender preferences; you end up with the most PC candidate rather than the best candidate.

Do you know what Obama is looking for whenever he appoints a senior-level bureaucrat for an important federal position?  The same damn thing Hitler did: personal fealty to the Führer.

That is why we’ve had massive screw up after massive screw up and nobody ever gets fired.  Because these bureaucrats weren’t put in their jobs because they were competent; they were put in their jobs because they would lie and cheat for Obama.

Why wasn’t Kathleen Sabelius fired when the ObamaCare rollout was so miserably screwed up it literally became a joke?  Why wasn’t Hillary Clinton destroyed over the Benghazi fiasco?  Why wasn’t Eric Holder fired when guns that HE put into Mexican drug cartel members’ hands were used to murder a US Border Patrol agent and then Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to allow them the materials necessary for congressional oversight?  Who was fired and criminally prosecuted for the political targeting of conservatives by the IRS?  Obama just threw his whole intelligence community under the bus and claimed “they” screwed up; so who the hell has been FIRED?

In Julia Pierson, in Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sabelius, in Attorney General Eric Holder, in IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, in Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki, in Director of Central Intelligence John Brennan, you have people who are willing to lie for their messiah and cover up his crimes that would otherwise have gotten him impeached years ago.

That’s all that matters to Obama.  Because while real leaders try to fix the problems, Obama only cares about fixing the blame.  While real leaders always accept responsibility and never claim credit, Obama always claims credit and NEVER accepts responsibility.  And that cancer has affected the entire government and all of its agencies and all of its personnel.

That’s why the Secret Service is so completely screwed up.  The same reason our health care system is completely screwed up and the same reason our intelligence community is so screwed up and the same reason the whole country is so screwed up.

Only the Secret Service is cursed with the responsibility to guard the turd who has done all the screwing up.  And that distasteful burden is eating away at their souls.

So please, everyone, please give the men and women who risk their lives the dignity and honor they deserve and render your very best latte salute to your Secret Service…

Obama latte salute2.

Fwiw, I’m sure those Marines would readily choose to salute the aforementioned sack rather than Obama, too.

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4 Responses to “Why Obama’s Secret Service Has Failed So Miserably”

  1. FMC Says:

    Julia Pierson was not let go because she screwed up, but rather because the reports were filed before letting the administration know therefore not giving them enough time to come up with enough excuses (lies) or spin to give to the media. If the administration had known and was not caught off guard and embarrassed by the media, I think that she would still have her position. This administration rewards and promotes incompetence.

    BTW. You talk about how Obama constantly plays the blame game. I couldn’t believe how he threw the CIA under the bus, blaming them for the administration not knowing enough about and underestimating ISIS. This was truly disgusting.

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    Julia Pierson was probably let go because we’re close to an ELECTION and NAKED POLITICS is all Obama cares about. The whole country is clearly falling apart and the fact that Obama can’t even keep his own damn HOUSE in order is “bad optics” for Democrats who are running on the “more institutional government is better” platform. Otherwise his history and pattern are clear: as long as you lie for me, I won’t fire you no matter how miserable and how incompetent you truly are.

    Obama is a moral cockroach who calls Sarah Fluke because this soon-to-be millionaire lawyer thinks that YOU should pay for her damn birth control when she’s in her Ivy League school. But he won’t pick up the damn phone and call the mother of the murdered SEAL in Benghazi; he won’t pick up the damn phone and make a call to get our Marine freed in Mexico. He is a rabid partisan ideologue through and through and through.

  3. FMC Says:

    It seems that everything that this cockroach -to borrow one of your better adjectives – does is political and ideological, instead of doing what is right for the nation. I suspect that the Isis bombing campaign is all theater for the elections, too. The leftwing media is providing cover by saying that he is the reluctant president, that he is being forced to do this. The Kurds are saying that the bombing is having basically no effect, which makes me wonder if that is by design.

    The Republicans need to start ramping up the smear campaign against the progressives and Obama. There are so many angles of attack, so many failures to exploit, incompetence, so many scandals that if repubs grew some balls and went on the offensive they could win the Senate easily Right now, I think Obama keeps the Senate, but I hope I am dead wrong.

    I had to shake my head when I heard Julia Pierson say that the secret service needs to become more welcoming, more like Disneyland. That statement right there pretty much sums it up what an incompetent slug she is and what a total, complete idiot Obama is. Maybe they could hire pajama boy from those Obamacare commercials to head the secret service. You are right, political correctness is going to be the death of this nation and death is coming soon to Disneyland, whether it be Ebola, terrorism, financial collapse or some other travesty resulting from Obama idiocy.

    Traitor Obama can negotiate a swap with terrorists for another traitor but can’t get a soldier who made a wrong turn out of a Mexican Jail, meanwhile, the border remains wiiiiiide open! Total disregard.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    I suspect that the Isis bombing campaign is all theater for the elections, too.


    No question of that one.

    What Obama is doing is claiming to be doing something – but of course we’ll have to wait and see what the results of that will be. And by the time it is obvious that it isn’t enough and yep, we’ll be needing ground troops, well, what a coincidence, the November election is over.

    If Obama did what was necessary, his leftist base would turn on him. Because they hate America and unlike Obama they don’t have to govern.

    [Not that Obama is doing much “governing,” either, fwiw. If it hasn’t gone to hell, it isn’t part of Obama’s federal government].

    There’s no question that Obama’s air campaign is way, way too little way, way too late. But Obama doesn’t give a flying damn. It hasn’t affected his golf swing in the slightest.

    As we speak, our health care system catastrophically failed to deal with Ebola, our IRS targets anyone Obama doesn’t like and covers up its crimes with claims of stunning incompetence, Obama announces he doesn’t have a damn strategy to deal with an enemy that our military and intelligence communities point out they were telling him about like two years ago, our border is in meltdown, Iraq is in total collapse after Obama and Biden boasted about what a wonderful thing they’d done, our VA system has utterly failed veterans under Obama, I mean, it just goes on and on.

    Moral idiots deserve to suffer. And we voted to suffer as a nation and to perish under the wrath of God according to Romans chapter one. That’s all we really need to know, I suppose.

    P.S. Good thing I wasn’t drinking coffee when I read your “pajama boy” line, because it would have snorted through my nose and I’d be wearing it on my shirt…

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