Pair Of Escaped Murderers From Max Security Prison Proves The INSANE FAIL Of Obama ‘Let’s Close Gitmo’ Fiasco

So let’s consider Obama and Democrats’ religious belief that we can keep terrorists here and close down Gitmo.

NOT.  We can’t even keep garden variety murderers in our max prisons, let alone highly trained terrorists who are backed by a million Muslims who would help them escape for Allah:

How did 2 killers escape from a maximum security prison?
By Holly Yan, CNN | Video Source: CNN
Updated 9:04 PM ET, Mon June 8, 2015

(CNN)Convicted killers Richard Matt and David Sweat pulled off the kind of prison break that would normally be fodder for movies — except theirs might be even more astonishing.

Armed with a complex plot and power tools, the pair did what no one else has been able to do in the 170-year history of New York state’s most populated prison: escape from its maximum security walls.

Now, as authorities look for the men in three countries, many are left scratching their heads.


Yeah, let’s bury that insane “We can keep terrorists in our prisons here so there’s no need for Gitmo” madness along with the demonic hellhole a.k.a. ObamaCare.

Do you know how you could have prevented Richard Matt and David Sweat from ever seeing daylight?  You could have thrown them into Gitmo and let our interrogators practice their waterboarding techniques on them.  Well, that and make sure that Barack Hussein was never allowed to set foot inside the White House, much less live in the place.

Voting for a Democrat – which stands for “DEMOnic bureauCRAT” – is tantamount to voting to cut your own throat.  The shame is that they want to cut every other Americans’ throat along with their own.

Let’s move slightly off of Obama’s wretched policy toward Gitmo and contemplate the Democrat Party’s wretched policy toward capital punishment.  How likely would these two vicious murderers have been to escape if they’d been executed the way they would have been in any genuinely moral society?  The answer is not very damn likely.

Democrats stand for criminals walking the streets.  Because nobody else would vote for them but people who belong in jail.

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