Why Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal Is So Awful And Actually GUARANTEES Iran Will Get Nuclear Weapons AND THE BALLISTIC MISSILES TO DELIVER THEM

I’ve pointed out that even the leftist New York Times acknowledges that Barack Obama is basically a malignant narcissist who believes that he’s better than everyone, smarter than everyone, more wonderful than everyone. And that he’s always right no matter what the facts say to the contrary.  The Iran nuclear deal is “historic” precisely because Obama flies in the face of all previous presidents, all previous American history, Iran’s amply demonstrated history of pathological hatred for America, Iran’s repeatedly demonstrated ability to ignore deals they made with “infidels,” numerous deadly attacks against Americans from Iran, and so on.  None of it matters to him.  He alone knows.  He believes he is God and the rest of us are mere mortal sheep to be led or slaughtered as he sees fit.

It is frankly amazing: if Obama had treated Iran the way he treats Republicans and pretty much everybody – including fellow Democrats – he disagrees with, we would have gone to full scale war with Iran by now.  Obama has NEVER even so much as bothered to talk to anyone, let alone negotiate with them and surrender concessions to them.  Rather, Obama’s attitude toward Republicans in particular has been characterized every single day of his presidency since by something he said shortly after being elected president:

Obama responded: “Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.”

Which was a great line for Obama, until Republicans first took the House and then took both the House AND the Senate.  And then all of a sudden elections obviously shouldn’t have consequences.  In 2010 when Republicans slaughtered Democrats and took control of the House, suddenly it was the worst kind of evil for elections to have consequences.  And in 2014 when Republicans not only added to their numbers in the House, but took over the Senate, Obama issued a statement that the election didn’t matter at all because he could “see” the people who didn’t vote and knew that they all stood solidly behind him.  But let’s set aside the fact that Barack Hussein Obama is the worst hypocrite who ever lived.  Just to underscore how profoundly arrogant, narcissistic, and pathologically immune to any form of compromise Obama is, here’s an illustrative title from The Hill: “House Democrats can’t figure out why Obama won’t talk to them.”  Two paragraphs in that article sum up even Obama’s attitude of utter disdain for his fellow Democrats, let alone the Republicans he actively despises:

Some are scratching their heads why, after nearly six years in office and a reshuffling of his legislative affairs team, Obama’s working relationship with Congress remains prickly.

“It’s hard for us to fathom; I mean, is it just lack of full staffing and resources? [Is it] professional commitment? Is it a disdain for the legislative branch? I mean, what is it?” asked Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.). “People like me want to be allies — I mean, I am an ally. So work with us, reach out to us; you know, we’re not the enemy.”

And whenever Obama hears anything even remotely different from his own view, he says something like this:

“Don’t come to the table with the same tired arguments and worn ideas that helped to create this crisis,” he admonished in a speech.

Obama said those words in 2009, only days after taking office.  When it came time to speak about his Iran deal, he told Congress to talk to the hand:

While Obama on Tuesday said he welcomed a “robust” debate over the deal’s merits, he issued a warning to lawmakers considering blocking the agreement, bluntly threatening to veto any measure that would prevent the deal from going into effect.

“Precisely because the stakes are so high, this is not the time for politics,” he said

On Obama’s malignant narcissist view in which he is God Almighty and therefore transcends mortal politics; he alone stands above the politic frays of sinful humanity.  It doesn’t matter that the reality is precisely the opposite, with Obama stooping lower into cynical partisan politics than any American political figure in the history of the Republic.  This is a man who in 1996 declared, “I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages,” and yet somehow afterward swore to the American people that he was opposed to same-sex marriage “as a Christian,” then “evolved” his position to impose it on the nation by executive tyranny.  Which is own most senior campaign official said was a lie all along with Obama engaging in the very lowest and most loathsome form of cheap politics there is.

The Iran deal is a horrible deal that comes from the horrible heart of an evil, horribly narcissistic man.

Israel could not be more against this “deal” as demonstrated by every single Israeli cabinet official denouncing it:

Israeli media provided exhaustive coverage of the deal and its terms, together with harsh reactions from virtually all senior officials in and allied with Netanyahu’s government.

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon called the accord a “tragedy.” Education Minister Naftali Bennett declared it a “black day” and Culture Minister Miri Regev said Iran was given “license to kill.” Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom said a Western preference to “reap short-term achievements” resulted in a deal that primarily serves Iran’s interests.

That article, which coming from the leftist Los Angeles Times tries to somehow blame the poison that is Obama on Netanyahu, points out that even the most moderate Israeli politicians, oppose this wicked deal: “Israeli politicians, including some of Netanyahu’s moderate foes, voiced broad agreement that under the deal, Iran was given too much of a free hand to develop its nuclear program.”

And yet Obama actually has the elephant sized cockroach testicles to lecture us that he’s the best friend Israel ever had and somehow did this terrible deal for them.

As I have previously pointed out many times before, I am a Christian who believes in the Bible and sees the last days prophecies of the Bible coming to life.  The Bible could not be more clear: the Tribulation, which leads to Armageddon, is initiated with the state of Israel signing a seven-year peace covenant with the coming Antichrist.  That has never been a real possibility given Israel’s close relationship with the United States and the U.S. promise to always maintain Israel’s security.  Until now.  Barack Obama, in his “historic deal,” has ABANDONED ISRAEL and Israel now knows that they are completely and utterly isolated.  Obama has urinated and now defecated in a relationship which began when Democrat President Harry Truman was THE first world leader to recognize the state of Israel.  And that relationship continued until Barack Hussein Obama irretrievably fractured it.  It has been broken.  All trust in the United States is gone.  And Israel WILL turn to the Antichrist as a result.

Just as the Word of God declared 3,000 years ago through the book of Daniel.

The Word of God also declared 3,000 years in advance through the book of Ezekiel that there would be a last-days war in which Russia and Iran, leading a host of nations that are conveniently ALL Islamic states, would attack Israel.  Russia would be dragged into the conflict as God literally says of it, “I will turn you around and put hooks in your jaws to lead you out with your whole army.”  And I defy anyone to tell me how that hasn’t been made more likely as Israel – driven to desperation by this wicked deal – launches its own attack against Iran’s Russian-built nuclear facilities.  And the Iran that has called Israel “a one-bomb country” and vowed to “wipe Israel off the map” demands blood.

I don’t see how that can be a good thing.

Here’s an article from the leftist Washington Post titled:

Arab states fear nuclear deal will give Iran a bigger regional role

It acknowledges the fact that:

In private, Saudis were more candid, with one diplomat describing the deal as “extremely dangerous.”

“Shocked by perceived US capitulation,” there is a “deafening Arab silence” to this godawful deal, another article points out.

So let me now get back to just how pathologically DISHONEST Barack Hussein Obama constantly is in how he deceitfully frames his argument.  He challenges critics of his horrible deal thus:

So to go back to Congress, I challenge those who are objecting to this agreement, number one to read the agreement before they comment on it, number two to explain specifically where it is that they think this agreement does not prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, and why they’re right and people like Ernie Moniz, who is an MIT nuclear physicist and an expert in these issues is wrong, why the rest of the world is wrong, and then present an alternative.

I believe I just documented rather convincingly that Israel is in vehement opposition to this deal.  I believe I just documented that Saudi Arabia and the Arab states are in opposition to this deal.  But in Barack Obama’s warped and dishonest view, the Republicans are somehow ALONE in being opposed and every single nation and every single human being who is not a Republican on earth is blissfully for it.  Barack Obama is a demon-possessed liar.  Period.

So here’s your choice, Democrat: either Obama is THE most wicked and dishonest pathological liar who has ever been born, or else Israel and for that matter Saudi Arabia and our (now likely former) Arab allies are not part of “the rest of the world.”  OR you could say, “Well, Obama isn’t a liar; he simply agrees with Iran that Israel ought to be wiped off the map so that their opinions no longer exist along with them damn Jews that Obama’s reverend for 23 years publicly hated on.  But either Obama is a liar without shame, or he shares the same hatred for Israel that his true god Lucifer holds for Israel.  You take your pick.

Either way, Barack Hussein Obama is a breathtakingly wicked man.  He is a political monster with no shame, no honesty, no honor, no virtue, no integrity of any kind.  He just incessantly speaks naked and transparent lies.  And bad people believe his lies because it is the nature of bad people to prefer lies to the truth.

Obama has in fact triggered a massive nuclear arms race in the craziest part of the world, with Saudi Arabia vowing to lead the way.

I don’t see how that can be a good thing.

But I’m actually just getting started.

One of the things that this “deal” does is grant Iran access to conventional weapon purchases, INCLUDING BALLISTIC MISSILES. NPR reports:

The deal between Iran and six world powers is limited to keeping that nation from building a nuclear bomb. But it’s inevitable that the agreement, announced Tuesday in Vienna, will have broader consequences and one of them could be a buildup of conventional arms in the Middle East.

As part of the nuclear deal, a United Nations arms embargo on Iran, which was imposed in 2007 in response to the country’s nuclear program, will be lifted in five years for most weapons, and in eight years for ballistic missiles.

This is making some U.S. allies in the region uneasy, and they’re likely to seek more conventional weapons to counter an anticipated buying spree by Iran.

The U.S. has assured its allies that they can count on Washington’s help standing up to Iran. Two months ago, President Obama invited the Arab leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council, or GCC, to Camp David, where he promised them greater security cooperation.

I have pointed out over and over again that Iran has been a “threshold nuclear state” for several years and could have built a nuclear bomb any time they wanted to.  They have held off.  Why?  Because they needed ballistic missiles to be able to threaten the United States and other countries with in order to make their nuclear deterrent an actual deterrent.  I have argued that any future US president would blink, and then blink again if a dozen or two dozen major US cities would be vaporized if the US attacked them in response to their attacking Israel, or to blockading the Strait of Hormuz and sending oil prices through the roof, etc.

And Barack Hussein Obama just guaranteed that not only would there be a crazed race for nuclear weapons, not only would there be a crazed race for more conventional weapons, BUT THAT IRAN IS NOW GUARANTEED TO SOON POSSESS A BALLISTIC MISSILE CAPABILITY WITH WHICH IT WILL BE ABLE TO STRIKE THE UNITED STATES.


I have already pointed out that Barack Hussein Obama ignores ANYBODY who doesn’t agree with him.  So here’s what Obama’s own handpicked top officials have said about any deal with Iran:

“Under no circumstances should we relieve pressure on Iran relative to ballistic missile capabilities and arms trafficking,” [Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army Gen. Martin Dempsey]  told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, also testifying in a hearing otherwise focused on countering the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) threat, told the committee, “We want them [the Iranians] to continue to be isolated as a military, and limited in terms of the kind of equipment materiel they are able to get.”

What did Obama do?  Ignore them.  Utterly ignore them.  So what if our top experts say this is the stupidest thing we can possibly do?  Obama just waves his hand at some “scientist” we’ve never heard of and says that “the rest of the world” somehow completely agrees with him even thought it’s a lie straight from hell.

Obama is going to give Iran $150 billion to buy those conventional weapons and that ballistic missile technology.  Iran is literally going to be able to blow us up with our own damn money and most likely our own damn technology, thanks to Obama.

Iran is two months away from building a nuclear bomb and could make about a dozen bombs right now.  They’ve been at that point for some time.  They were waiting for this deal to take the next step toward Armageddon.  And Obama just gave it to them.  Wicked Democrats who will one day all burn in hell for the baby-murdering sodomite worshiping Anti-Semite Satanists that they are poised to give it to them in Congress unless Republicans can find at least a dozen Democrats who won’t drink Obama’s demonic Kook-Aid.

One of the biggest and worst and sickest jokes of all is how Obama keeps dishonestly claiming that somehow there will actually be inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities.  The actual process in Obama’s deal is such a convoluted joke it is beyond laughable.  Reuters reports that:

It was unclear exactly how the snapback mechanism would function, and the officials did not discuss the precise details. It was also unclear how the proposal would protect the United States and other permanent Council members from a possible Chinese or Russian veto on sanctions restoration.

It actually is quite clear: it is a convoluted mess that will never happen in the actual world.  Iran WILL cheat.  And Russia and China WILL protect Iran from having to allow any inspection that would catch Iran in the act of cheating.  Any and all “inspections” that will take place will be for show purposes only.  At the very best Iran will have at LEAST 28 days to stymie any inspection they don’t want until they’ve been able to relocate the evidence – which would of course require a FURTHER 28 days which would allow them to move the evidence again, and so on ad infinitum, ad nauseam.  And Obama will eagerly participate in the fraud and the farce for his own vain political reasons in order to pretend that he really did strike a good deal.  While Iran continues secretly building toward the day when they can unleash Armageddon against the Little Satan Israel and against the Great Satan America.  And the moment they get the ballistic missile capability that has eluded them because of the crippling sanctions, they will throw off all the stupid and laughable pretenses of this stupid and wicked deal.

Obama is the worst kind of fool there is.  This is a man who mocked Mitt Romney when he told us that Russia was our greatest geo-political threat. Now Obama’s own pick for JCS Chairman says Romney was right and Obama was and IS a complete jackass foolThis is a man who mocked Islamic State as “JayVee” and said they were nothing to worry about when they were in the process of eating us alive and creating the largest terrorist caliphate in the history of the world.  This is a man who has never ONCE been right about ANYTHING when it has come to foreign policy or domestic policy, for that matter.

You voted for Armageddon when you voted for Obama.  And Obama is going to deliver hell for you.  And hell is where you’re going.


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9 Responses to “Why Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal Is So Awful And Actually GUARANTEES Iran Will Get Nuclear Weapons AND THE BALLISTIC MISSILES TO DELIVER THEM”

  1. 4TimesAYear Says:

    Reblogged this on 4timesayear's Blog.

  2. FMC Says:

    It seems that the Democrats are hell bent on giving diabolic third-world countries nukes. Remember Bill Clinton and North Korea? Now I guess we just add Obama and Iran to this list.

    I can’t believe what I am seeing transpire before me. It seems almost everyday this evil administration is doing something to dismantle this country and unstabilize the world. This is definitely Biblical and I totally agree that this is another step, a giant leap actually, towards Ezekial’s War and the end.

    We kill our unborn by the thousands everyday and celebrate homosexually and every evil under the sun, but our most recent actions toward Israel is poking God right in the eye and this will be the start of our end. This nation is going to be utterly destroyed.

    Congress has done nothing to stop this. Piece of crap McCain is saying they can do nothing because the administration called it an agreement, not a treaty. I can’t believe how stupid our congress is. Oh, just change the word and magically we can get around clowngress. McCain has been in congress for decades and he apparently does not know the Constitution. McCain and the rest of the bunch are nothing but worthless traitors for allowing the dictator to get what he wants, again. Now, Israel has no choice but to bomb Iran and I hope they do..

  3. Michael Eden Says:


    Yeah, if I were John Boehner, I would have shut down the government over this and not lifted that shutdown until the Supreme Court addressed the following question: will the next Republican president have the right to ignore the Constitution, ignore laws that he doesn’t want to follow, create his own laws at a whim, issue sweeping executive orders bypassing Congress and our constitutional system of government, the same way Obama has? Basically, I’d want to know if the Supreme Court believes that the Constitution is unconstitutional. I mean, given everything else that they’ve deemed “unconstitutional” that everyone and their mother believed in, given the fact that they’ve decided that the most “constitutional” thing in the world is a man being sodomized by another man, there is no reason they would view the Constitution ITSELF as “constitutional.”

    The Democrat Party is THE party of Satan in the world today. And the Democrat Party will remain the party of Satan until the Democrats have done their work dismantling America so that Satan can abandon the ruins that used to be the United States and move on to the government of the coming Antichrist.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Thanks for your work in reblogging, 4TimesAYear

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Michael :

    It is virtually imposibble for a blind and deceived individual to lead a whole country into the light. It is obvious that playing the Russian roulette game at the expense of the safety and peace of America and it’s allies is a token of a lack of appreciation and love and respect for the human race.

    Which should be the characteristics of a good leader? How do you lead in love something you hate? And how should you show your love for the country? By putting the peoples’ interest and safety first.

    It is obvious that this decision is NOT based on facts and the history and the relationship between Iran and America because if THAT was the case, we would NOT have about 12 members of even the democrat party opposing this suicidal treaty- wich President Obama does not want to acknowlege – since this deviated decision can only bring EVEN more fear as a devided kingdome would only demostrate instability and insecurity .

    It is written : that in the END TIMES , the ‘good ‘ will be called ‘bad’ and the ‘ bad ‘ ‘good’ this is when we should only rely on God’s guidance and mercy because the reality is the times will only get worse .

    This is WAR !! already , and we are in the middle of it – take note- we know the end of this story , stay strong ! and focused and prayerful . Jesus sacrifice STILL standing
    we are still saved ! so let’s fight the good fight ! the Victory belongs to God ! and we will see it.

    From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdome of heaven has suffered violence AND THE VIOLENT take it by force.
    Matthew 11:12


  6. Truth Unites... And Divides Says:

    God fearing people sow cowardice in the name of civility and peace. And mass liberalism has infected the culture, the schools, and the church, and even many duped Christians.

    Barack Obama, with scant media investigation and coverage of his long form birth certificate, is elected in 2008.

    Now it’s the reaping of cowardice masking as civility as we have just received a third consecutive left uppercut to the jaw.

    Obamacare sustained, and the rule of law flung to the curb by SCROTUS.

    Homosexual marriage nationalized, and states’ rights flung to the curb by SCROTUS.

    Now the traitorous Iran deal by Obola.

    The U.S.A. Titanic hit the iceberg some time ago, and now it’s time to get people on the life rafts. The maddening challenge is the people who claw your face and push you away, screaming that you’re a nutcase, as you try to persuade them that all is far from well.

  7. 4TimesAYear Says:

    You’re very welcome – :)

  8. Michael Eden Says:


    You are quoting from Isaiah 5:20, which says, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”

    That is the very ESSENCE of the Democrat Party today. Everything they stand for – absolutely EVERYTHING – is evil masquerading as good as their god, the god of this age, Lucifer, masquerades himself as an angel of light installs absolute vile wickedness such as the embrace of homosexuality or abortion – even selling human body parts like MONSTERS – candy-coated with some pretense of “look how good and tolerant we are.”

    Your other passage, Matthew 11:12, is intriguing to me. You don’t explain what you mean in citing it; so I can only imply my own understanding of that passage and how it relates to what you are saying:

    Jesus is describing the Pharisees. Jesus is pointing out that the law and the prophets described His coming and sanctified Him as Messiah. But these people had a very different agenda from God, from that of the God of the Bible. The Pharisees, as Jesus was pointing out, were basically saying, “No, God; You’re flat wrong. We’re going to do this OUR way!!!” And that is PRECISELY the spirit of the Democrat Party today as Obama and Hillary Clinton teach that the God of the Bible was misguided and wrong and it is SODOMY and the genocide of sixty million, a hundred million, who knows where it will end – of our children that will lead us into the light.

    The Pharisees exploited a horribly legalistic system of religion that was ultimately all about MAN, because it was all about man keeping the law and earning God’s approval – no matter how much or how radically or how terribly they were twisting and slandering the Word of God. The Democrats get to the same place a different way; they are about imposing a different religious system of secular humanism that essentially teaches that “the right thing to do” is to make religion lose every time anything that smacks of God’s biblically-ordained morality comes into play. Rather, they teach, it is human Government that alone has the right to impose its value system whether we like it or not, and NEVER the God of the Bible. And just like the Pharisees, it simply doesn’t matter how much they have to twist or distort or slander the Word of God to impose their system.

    The Democrats are out to impose homosexual sodomy and genocidal abortion and godless socialism upon the Kingdom of Heaven by as much violence as necessary.

    Democrats will NEVER bow down before the LORD God and do things HIS way; they will ALWAYS pervert God’s Word and impose their system by force.

    Just like the Pharisees before them.

  9. Michael Eden Says:

    Truth Unites… And Divides,

    I had that kind of “argument” when I was at the VA hospital waiting for an X-Ray that I stupidly had to make a giant effort to rush down to have so I could get the MRI that the doctor actually ORDERED for me. You see, some bureaucrat is trying to reduce the number of MRIs, so his/her “solution” is to add still MORE unnecessary medical tests in order to qualify for the actual test the medical doctor wanted you to have.

    So with that backdrop, annoyed by “the wisdom of liberals,” I sat next to a thin little man who remarked to me, “It’s a sad day to be a veteran.”

    I realized that he was probably talking about the terrorist shooting of four Marines who were banned from having any weapons in a “fun free zone” and thus became more statistics that every single mass shooting we’ve had have occurred in liberal Democrat zones where the murderers know that their victims won’t be able to fight back.

    Which facts I later pointed out. But my first remark was, “Yeah, this on top of the horrible Iran nuclear deal that guarantees our enemies the right to nuke us.”

    The skinny turd says, “Oh, I’m all for that. Any chance to prevent a war.”

    And I looked at him in horror and said, “I wasn’t there, but I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that you said that same stupid thing the day Bill Clinton looked the American people in the eye and promised them that his stupid deal would guarantee North Korea wouldn’t get nuclear weapons.”

    He looked at me and said, “This is completely different.”

    And I said, “Yeah, you’re right; this deal is actually even MORE insane than the North Korea deal. Because we have the historical fact as to what will happen when you make an amazingly naïve deal with a regime that any fool knows is going to cheat.”

    I said to the guy, “Your messiah promised us he was going to end the “war on terror” by redefining it to be just an “overseas contingency operation.” Your messiah promised he would transcend the war on terror, that if we refused to in any way, shape or form associate Islam with terrorism we would win our enemies and they would never want to attack us. Your messiah said he had reset the relationship with Russia and now we’ve got the Cold War shoved back in our faces; your messiah said that Islamic State was “JayVee” and now we’ve got the giant terrorist caliphate that Osama bin Laden dreamed of building. The Islamic State that didn’t even EXIST when Bush left office is encouraging domestic losers to murder us and Obama keeps calling it “workplace violence” and ignoring terror attack after terror attack. We had a Muslim carrying business cards that read “Soldier of Allah” and who screamed “Allah Akbar!” as he murdered a dozen soldiers. Workplace violence, Obama said. We had a man with Islam all over his Facebook page cut off a woman’s head and try to cut off another woman’s head while screaming “Allah Akbar!” Clearly more workplace violence. Even now in this attack you say is so sad for America’s veterans your messiah says it was just an “isolated incident” with a “lone gunman” and nothin’ to see here, folks. It turns out that political correctness is a horrible national security policy. And Just when the hell are you going to finally realize how wrong you are?”

    And he changed the subject. I suppose I should be grateful he didn’t accuse me of a hate crime. Because I surely would have been found guilty for using the most dangerous weapon in the world to a liberal (the truth).

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