Barack Obama – Following The WORST And Most ARROGANT And Most NAIVE President In History – Just Betrayed America To WWIII Armageddon And To HELL

One of the little known facts – because the mainstream media is the political propaganda arm of the Democrat Party – is that Obama’s nuclear weapons deal with Iran actually proves that Barack Obama and the entire Democrat Party circa 2008 were abject FOOLS who told us that Iran was NOT a nuclear weapons threat. As I have previously documented.  By making this deal, Obama states that Obama was pathologically unfit to EVER be commander-in-chief.

The fool couldn’t have been more wrong.  And the wicked fool CONTINUES to be more wrong than any human being has ever been.  It is frankly astonishing to watch this demonic dumbass deliver Armageddon one piece of hell at a time.

I heard a little snippet about the arrogance and naivety of FDR and what a complete, abject fool that Joseph Stalin made of a president so adored by Democrats.  I actually had a hard time believing it was true.  I mean, how could any man be so arrogant, so stupid?  Anyway, I looked up a couple of phrases I recalled and found this straight from the Central Intelligence Agency writing based on actual recorded statements from one Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

I want you to read this CIA article with me and replace in your mind the names “Franklin Delano Roosevelt” with “Barack Hussein Obama” and replace the name “Joseph Stalin” with “Ayatollah”; when you see “Bolshevik dictatorship” read it as “Islamic dictatorship” and when you see “US-Soviet relations” read it as “US-Iranian relations”:

In recent years, the statesmanship of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in particular his handling of Soviet affairs, has come under attack in historical studies. The situation has reached such a pass that even a psychiatrist who examined FDR’s medical records has opined that toward the end of World War II the US President ceded the better part of Eastern Europe to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin because he was “gripped by clinical depression.1

Certainly the President’s moves can be questioned, but questionable policy can be founded on factors other than low spirits—which, in point of fact, were not generally observed in FDR at the time. Rather, the operant factors were: the President’s supreme confidence in his own powers of persuasion, his profound ignorance of the Bolshevik dictatorship, his projection of humane motives onto his Soviet counterpart, his determined resistance to contradictory evidence and advice, and his wishful thinking based on geopolitical designs—mindsets supported and reinforced by his appointed advisors. Taken together, these factors produced a false view of US-Soviet relations and inspired policy that had only superficial contact with reality. As an instance in point, they induced the President of the United States to do the unthinkable: walk into a surveillance trap, not once, but twice, and willingly.

Normally, in order to avoid the possibility of intelligence leaks and personal embarrassment, as well as to ensure physical safety, traveling US presidents stay in their own country’s embassies or other diplomatic buildings, whose tables and walls have been swept by instruments able to discover listening devices. But when Roosevelt went abroad to meet Stalin, he wanted very badly to please him, holding him to be a key figure in the postwar division of powers, and so did not insist on such accommodations. Consequently, at the conference in Teheran (November 1943) and again at Yalta (February 1945), he stayed in Soviet quarters and was bugged like no other American president in history.

FDR’s Acquaintance With Bugs

Roosevelt was no stranger to technical surveillance. In 1939, piqued by an incident in which he believed that the press had deliberately misquoted him, he had a secret recording system installed in the White House as a means of self-protection. Since German tape-recording technology had not yet found its way to America, something had to be invented. FDR’s assistants took the problem to David Sarnoff of the Radio Corporation of America. In June 1940, Sarnoff personally presented the President with a “continuous-film recording machine” that made use of motion-picture sound film. Set in a wire cage in a room beneath the Oval Office, the device was activated either by the President using a switch inside his desk drawer or by his technician down below throwing a switch on the machine itself. A single microphone poked out through a lamp on FDR’s desk.

Between 23 August and 8 November, 1939, during his campaign for an unprecedented third term, the President recorded fourteen of twenty-one press conferences held in his office, plus a number of private conversations, the latter possibly by mistake. It seems that he never used the system to entrap anyone, and no one knows why he stopped it. Relatively innocent by today’s standards of invasion, it nevertheless demonstrates that the President was acquainted with listening devices before his conferences with Stalin.2

In the very year of the Teheran conference, he was reminded of hidden microphones when watching Mission to Moscow, a movie based on a book of that title by Joseph E. Davies, America’s second Ambassador to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. 3 Produced in 1943 with the President’s blessing, possibly even at his explicit request, this blatant piece of propaganda was designed to drum up public enthusiasm for a political shotgun wedding: It colored Stalin as a simple, practical man with whom one could do business; rhapsodized about Soviet construction, government, and politics; and justified the Soviet blood purges, the Moscow show trials, and Stalin’s two-year pact with Hitler, which had ended when Hitler turned the tables on Stalin and invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941.

Attempting to forestall any criticism of the Soviet system, Davies even contrived to make a brief for bugging. In one scene, set in the American Embassy in Moscow, the Ambassador’s assistants warn him of listening devices, but he rebukes them severely:

I say nothing outside the Kremlin that I wouldn’t say to Stalin’s face. Do you? . . . We’re here in a sense as guests of the Soviet government, and I’m going to believe they trust the United States as a friend until they prove otherwise. Is that clear?

When the assistant persists that still, after all, there may be microphones, Davies, played with aplomb by FDR’s favorite actor, Walter Huston, cuts him off: “Then let ’em hear! We’ll be friends that much faster!”4

This cinematic scene was based on an actual incident. In 1937, when a bug was discovered directly over the Ambassador’s desk at the US Embassy in Moscow, the real Davies laughed it off. If the Soviets wanted to listen in, he told his incredulous staff—which included George Kennan, Charles Bohlen, and other skilled State Department diplomats—they would only obtain proof of America’s sincere desire to cooperate with them.5

FDR strongly approved of the film. In his assessment of Soviet politics, he was much closer to Davies, his second Ambassador, than to his first, William C. Bullitt.6 Contrary to Davies, Bullitt never missed an opportunity to warn FDR of Stalin’s treachery. In a typical exchange, Roosevelt responded:

Bill, I don’t dispute your facts; they are accurate. I don’t dispute the logic of your reasoning. I just have a hunch that Stalin is not that kind of man. Harry [Hopkins] says he’s not and that he doesn’t want anything but security for his country, and I think if I give him everything I possibly can and ask for nothing in return, noblesse oblige, he won’t try to annex anything and will work with me for a world of democracy and peace.7

FDR’s hunch, Hopkins’ glowing reports on Stalin, and Davies’ boundless trust in the Soviet regime were the President’s counters to the admitted facts about Hitler’s recent ally, history’s greatest mass-murderer, and the sole ruler of a party and state dedicated to worldwide communism.8


And it is amply footnoted and documented, with said footnotes for the above passage here:

1. John Harlow, “Depressed FDR Handed Stalin Victory at Yalta,” The Sunday Times (UK), 24 February 2002.

2. The FDR Tapes,” American Heritage, No. 2, 1982.

3. Joseph Edward Davies, Mission to Moscow (New York, NY:  Simon and Schuster, 1941).

4. David Culbert, ed., Mission to Moscow [Warner Brothers Screenplay] (Madison, WI:  Univ. of Wisconsin Press, 1980), pp. 109-110.  When the film was shown to the Soviet public, all the scenes about bugging were cut.

5. Elizabeth Kimball MacLean, Joseph E. Davies: Envoy to the Soviets (Westport, CT:  Praeger, 1992), p. 40.

6. Bullitt served as US Ambassador to the USSR from 1933-1936, Davies from 1936-1938.

7. William C. Bullitt, “How We Won the War and Lost the Peace,” Life, 30 August 1948, p. 94.

8. Hopkins described the 5’ 3” Stalin as “an austere, rugged, determined figure in boots . . . built close to the ground, like a football coach’s dream of a tackle”—see his article, “The Inside Story of My Meeting with Stalin,” in American Magazine (Springfield, Ohio), No. 132, December 1941, pp. 14-15; Davies once said that the Bolshevik word of honor was “as safe as the Bible,” according to William C. Bullitt, citing the Daily Worker of 25 and 28 February 1942, in The Great Globe Itself (New York, NY:  Scribner’s Sons, 1946), pp. 22, 255, 256.

I don’t think it’s coincidental that FDR revealed what an abject fool that he was in Tehran, the capital of Iran.

Because of the incredible, stunning arrogance, foolishness, willingness to compromise with pure evil, and the naivety that FDR believed he could actually negotiate with pure evil and win the upper hand in his dealings, TENS OF MILLIONS OF HUMAN BEINGS WERE SEIZED BY THE MOST DEPRAVED, THE MOST WICKED, THE MOST EVIL POLITICAL SYSTEM AND WORLDVIEW IN THE HISTORY OF THE HUMAN RACE.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt had died and was already burning in hell and as the Bible points out, “The dead know nothing,” but Joseph Stalin almost immediately after the end of World War II proved that FDR was the worst and most unmitigated fool in the history of the world by seizing ALL of Eastern Europe and the tens of millions of souls that he would crush.  And the United States was thrust into the costliest war in the history of planet earth – the Cold War – because of the abject moral idiocy of one man, FDR.  The Korean War, the Vietnam War, and numerous other conflagrations stemmed from FDR’s complete moral idiocy and his refusal to understand the nature of evil and the fact that you can’t appease a Stalin any more than you can appease a cockroach.

And Barack Hussein Obama, a man even MORE arrogant, more foolish, more willing to compromise with pure evil, and more stunningly naïve in his belief that he could negotiate with pure evil and someone win the upper hand in his negotiations because of his malignant narcissistic belief in his own superiority, just guaranteed that America would face World War III and the Armageddon prophesied in the Holy Bible that he has so much naked contempt for.

This is a criminal agreement that fundamentally and profoundly betrayed the interest of the United States of America.  Obama caved in on EVERY SINGLE major negotiating position he promised he would hold to to the tune of a dozen massive cave-ins that cave Iran everything while giving America NOTHING but empty, hollow, meaningless rhetoric.

As bad as the actual agreement is, we are beginning to learn of the existence of we have no idea how many secret side agreements in which Obama further betrayed America.

Iran was caught illegally purchasing nuclear weapons technology just last month while they were “negotiating” with Obama.  Anybody who believes Iran has ANY intention of not following the LAST TIME Democrats betrayed America by allowing North Korea to become a nuclear weapons state while promising they were doing the opposite is a true-blue FOOL.

But Democrats don’t care about history or facts or truth or reality; they piss on all of them the same way they pissed on Christ and continue to piss on Christ.

That fact is even MORE obvious now that Obama has betrayed America and its Constitution further by taking his wicked deal to the United Nations as if the Congress of the United States of America was completely irrelevant (which it IS under this wicked fascist).  Because the Ayatollah just said the deal means NOTHING in just about every way he could:

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told supporters Saturday that U.S. policies in the region were “180 degrees” opposed to Iran’s. The speech in a Tehran mosque was punctuated by chants of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”

“Even after this deal our policy toward the arrogant U.S. will not change,” Khamenei said.

Who would trust such a man?  Only the greatest and worst fools who ever lived.  Only Obama.  Only John Kerry.  Only Hillary Clinton.  Only the Democrat Party.  History has proven time and again that no one else and no other Party would be so vile, would be so arrogant, would be so evil, to appease and compromise with evil the way Democrats do.

Iran WILL get nuclear weapons and because of this wicked deal it will be ENTIRELY the wicked Democrat Party’s fault.  But even more unimaginably, Iran will actually get the ballistic missiles it has never had to deliver its nuclear warheads BECAUSE OF THIS WICKED DEAL.

History has a way of repeating itself.  And whenever Democrats are able to affect history, you can COUNT on the fact that that history will be GODAWFUL.  And that millions of people will miserably perish as a result of that history.

Every single major war we have fought – EVERY SINGLE ONE – was fought because of Democrats.  The Civil War was started by the Democrats after the nation elected Abraham Lincoln.  And Democrats sought in vain to kill their way to slavery.  World War I was fought as a result of the moral idiocy of Woodrow Wilson, Democrat (and see here, also).  Then World War II managed to catch the already described arrogant, naïve fool otherwise named FDR completely by surprise.  Then we had Harry Truman, Democrat, fall asleep at the wheel and literally entice North Korea to attack South Korea by act of monumental stupidity

In January 1950, American Secretary of State Dean Acheson gave an important speech to the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. He vowed that the United States would always be the best ally for those in Asia who sought “their own national independence,” arguing that anyone who sought aid from the USSR would end up dominated by the totalitarian Soviets. During the same speech, however, Acheson made a fateful announcement. The United States had a vital “defensive perimeter,” he said, a line that the Soviets could never cross without threatening America’s core national security interests. In the Pacific, Acheson said, that line ran from the Aleutian Islands off Alaska to Japan, through the Ryukyu Islands between Japan and Taiwan, and south to the Philippines. Conspicuously left outside the American “defensive perimeter”: Korea.

It’s not clear that Acheson meant to send a signal to Moscow that the United States wouldn’t fight to preserve Rhee’s government in South Korea, but that’s exactly what Soviet dictator Josef Stalin interpreted Acheson’s remarks to mean.

– and American weakness after we had built the most powerful military  in the history of the world because of the mistakes of the last fool Democrat president.  The once all-powerful United States became WEAK under Democrat turd Truman.  Then we had Vietnam – otherwise known as Democrat LBJ’s War.  That was a war fought so stupidly and in such a self-defeating manner that no matter how many military victories the American serviceman won, he could not win a war that was lost by the Democrat Party politically.

Democrats ultimately would turn on their own damn war and pulled out like the cowards they are to murder millions of Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians.  Democrats just walked away.  The same way they have walked away since from their own damn previous votes to oppose wars they voted for.  Millions perished because of Democrats’ – and therefore America’s – betrayal and abandonment.  What is ironically funny is that LBJ saw his own party becoming communist-possessed if not demon-possessed from within as this caught-on-tape quote reveals:

LBJ to Sen McGee (D-WY): “They’re going into the colleges and the faculties and the student bodies, and trying to get them to send wires that come right out of Communist headquarters.” — LBJ, Thursday, April 29, 1965, 4:29 p.m.

What was morally cancerous within the Democrat Party in 1965 is far, FAR more evil and more vile now.  We’ve got a freaking communist turd occupying the White House itself, now.  Even LBJ saw it coming.

If you were to consider actual history and consider the wars that Democrats have gotten us into, the costs and the causalities, and then compare their grim toll to the wars that Republicans have gotten us into, it is frankly beyond OBSCENE how bloody Democrat presidencies have been.  Democrats leave us wildly unprepared for war because it is their nature to spend billions – and now trillions – on anything and everything but the ONLY THING (yes, the MILITARY) that the Constitution DEMANDS the federal government spend money on.  They are pathological in their projection of weakness which encourages and emboldens our enemies to do things that will ultimately goad us into a war we wouldn’t have had to fight if we had been strong and powerful.  Then, even if we manage to win these wars, we disarm, nod off to sleep again, and repeat the cycle when Democrats are in power.  These are things called “facts.”

And the vile tendency of the Democrats to walk away from their own prior commitments (for the record, sixty percent of Senate Democrats including Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer voted to authorize the Iraq War) just happened in Iraq when Obama walked away from a hard-fought war that American troops WON.  It is very likely to happen again the same damn way in Afghanistan.

The US Senate now has sixty days to examine the Iran nuclear deal Obama “negotiated” – which will put it right smack dab in the middle of the next prophetic blood moon cycle that stands as a grim prophetic harbinger to Israel (please see here and here for the articles I’ve written about the Blood Moons).  The next Blood Moon will reach its zenith on September 28, 2015.  God is warning Israel, God is warning Christians, that Barack Obama is the very worst kind of wicked fool that there is; but because of the mystery of lawlessness – prophesied in the Bible for the last days – we live in a bizarre, apocalyptic world in which evil is transcendent and the righteous can only sit in stunned dismay as they can do nothing to stop it.  As the Bible describes it, the mystery or secret power of lawlessness has been at work all along, but it was being held back, restrained by God through His Spirit or through His Church.  But God told us that in the last days “perilous times would come” as God would begin to remove that restraint on evil so that evil would triumph.  And that ascendancy of evil would be at its zenith as the world embraces and worships a politician who will impose the ultimate form of socialist, totalitarian government onto the world in place of God.

I just want to point out that we have seen the ultimate satanic trifecta in the history of the world in the last three weeks because of Barack Obama and because of the Democrat Party which has become the most evil the most monstrous genocidal regime, the most unholy government in the history of the planet.

Democrats – and I mean every single Democrat will one day stand before a just and holy God as flames of white-hot wrath billow out of His chariot throne as He demands of them, “WHY did you murder My babies?” – are personally and individually responsible for the genocidal murder of more than sixty million innocent human beings just in the United States (the Party of Wickedness has also transported and sanctified the murder of hundreds of millions of more babies around the world).  Psalm 139 is a proof of the fact that it was GOD who formed that life in the womb that Democrats in their arrogant spirit of hate for humanity callously and brutally murder:

“You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.  Thank You for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous–how well I know it.  You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb.  You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in Your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.” — Psalm 139:13-16

Every single Democrat voted to abort GOD in their wicked abortion machine.  Further, the murder that abortion is is further documented in the Bible in the person of John the Baptist – who leapt in his mother’s womb for joy when a pregnant Mary the mother of Jesus was near him.

We have the scientific technology of ultrasound, with 78% of women determined to have an abortion having their baby after the obvious humanity of their child is revealed to them.  We have the medical fact that babies feel the agony of abortion – and that the most innocent human beings are not merely murdered by abortion – they are actually tortured to death by abortion.  We have the documented medical proof of “The Silent Scream” that is abortion as a helpless baby is agonizingly torn apart by vicious Democrat murderers:

We have the greatest indictment of the moral criminality of Democrats at all in the Person of Jesus.  A teenage girl was pregnant and in a dire state because of her pregnancy.  And because of the Democrat Party she aborted her baby.  And one day Jesus will tell Democrats, “I never knew you, because you viciously tortured and murdered Me in the womb.  Like millions of other babies, I never lived to fulfill the mission that God gave Me to save you from your sins.  I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness!”

I declare to you that we have seen the utter, abject, unholy horror of the vicious, hateful callousness of the abortion of the soul of every single Democrat.  We now can safely testify that Democrats KNOW the humanity of the babies they are murdering by the millions, because they are trafficking in the human body parts of their murder victims. We are talking about a level of barbarity and callousness for human life that is straight out of the heart of Nazism.  Oh, yes, Democrats are every bit as evil as the Nazi doctor Mengele.

If these babies aren’t human, then how the hell can they possibly have human body parts???  That are being sold with the callousness of produce???

I have pointed this fact out before: Science is actually crystal clear on what abortion kills: we have a rigorous system called “taxonomy” that classifies every single living thing.  If it is biological, it has a classification.  And from the very moment of conception when a man and a woman first produce a child, that zygote in the womb is classified as follows: Kingdom-Animal, Phylum-Chordata, Class-Mammalia, Order-Primate, Family-Hominid, Genus-Homo and Species-Sapiens.  It is classified as homo-sapiens, just as you and I are classified as homo-sapiens.  Logic and philosophy are just as clear: that tiny little baby in the womb is human by virtue of her parents, she is a being by virtue of the fact that she exists: she is a human being.  The Word of God, religion, science, philosophy and logic all intersect here to uphold the sanctity of innocent human life in the womb.  But in these last days we are no longer a society capable of caring about such things.  Abortion is a grave moral evil; it is the genocide of the very most innocent of human life in the very place where it ought to be the very safest: in mommy’s womb.

Democrats snarl in their contempt for God and for everything that is decent and holy that they’re not murdering a “human being,” but merely a POTENTIAL human being.  Well, you butchers, then THOSE HUMAN ORGANS YOU WERE JUST CAUGHT TRAFFICKING IN ARE MERELY “POTENTIAL HUMAN ORGANS” AND THEREFORE GOOD FOR NOTHING IN THIS ACTUAL WORLD.   You are ACTUALLY murdering an actual human being.

Abortion is the vile, evil, callous, rabid hatred of human life.  And every single one of the people who support it with their votes or their actions are nothing short of future citizens of hell.

And Planned Parenthood – a vile, demonic, satanic entity created by Democrats and supported by Democrats – that just got busted trafficking in the for-profit murder of babies and then harvesting their organs for resale much the way a slaughterhouse would do with herd animals – is also THE most racist organization in the history of the world, bar NONE.

Recently I documented the pure heart of evil that is Hillary Clinton and her feverish support for racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger who said this of blacks:

“Colored people are like weeds and are to be exterminated.”


“We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities.  The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

Is the EXACT same organization that Democrats today vow to continue funding no matter how obviously and blatantly and demonically evil it is proven to be.

It is a FACT that Planned Parenthood CONTINUES to target black populations in their location of baby-murdering factories.  It is a FACT that 6 out of 10 black babies are murdered by the Democrat Party.  It is a FACT that black women are more than 5 times as likely as white women to have an abortion.

But the very mass murderers of blacks – Democrats – are demonically and hypocritically slandering everyone but themselves as they scream “black lives matter” when in actual fact they rabidly hate black lives more than any other people on the face of the earth, Ku Klux Klan – (an organization created as the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party after Democrats lost a vicious war they started to keep black people in slavery) – included.

The ugly, hateful, cockroach soul that is the soul of the Democrat Party was captured when a Democrat was booed – and actually forced to apologize – for saying the unforgivable words that:

“Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.”

The fact is that NO LIFE matters to Democrats.  The Democrat Party is the Party of the Extermination of Human Life.  Only the most wicked political party in the history of the world would have booed a statement like that.  But that’s what Democrats did when one of their own said it.

But back to that article I cited linking racist baby murderer Hillary Clinton to racist baby murderer Margaret Sanger.  I pointed out how EVIL the Democrat Party was and how they were no different than Islamic State monsters because both groups exalted in the wanton destruction of history and historic sites.  Well, guess what, the Democrat Party is just like Islamic State barbarians in another way: because both groups viciously murder human beings and then traffic in their human organs for profit.

Radical terrorist Muslims want to create a totalitarian sharia state in which they rule over everyone and everything in the name of Allah; Democrats want to create a totalitarian system in which they rule over everyone and everything based on their religion of godless secular humanism.  Atheism is every bit as much as a religion as Islam (which has been correctly defined as a political system masquerading as a religion).  The ends are identical; only the means to that end slightly differ.  Or maybe you’d argue that liberalism is a religion masquerading as a political system.

Anyway, that was JUST exposed, bringing to light the full horror of sixty million abortions in the United States that the Democrat Party is ENTIRELY responsible for and the hateful and unconstitutional decision to legalize infanticide imposed by Democrats in 1973.

Then we had the pure, satanic evil that is the approval and celebration of homosexuality that came out of the Party Of Rabid Hate For God otherwise known as the Democrat Party.

It is still a shock to me that Obama IMMEDIATELY celebrated sodomy when he lighted up his White House – not MY White House, not the American People’s White House, but the illegitimate house of a wicked man – but refused to lower the flag to half mast in mourning of five US servicemen who were murdered by what Obama just as despicably refused to acknowledge was a terrorist act.

The Word of God could not be more clear: as evil as anything we did before (even abortion), we reached our true absolute rock bottom when we stuck our national middle finger up at God and screamed, “Bring on Your wrath, God!  We all deserve to burn in hell and we want what’s coming to us!”

This is a truly morally depraved man representing a truly morally depraved disgusting sex Party that worships perverted sodomy while despising the men and women who serve the nation Obama is killing.

It is this wicked man who made that wicked treaty with wicked Iran.

And now we have the abandonment of Israel, the Death-to-America desire, underlying this Satan-inspired deal.  The ONLY reason America hasn’t already collapsed yet is that we have been Israel’s greatest ally in the world.  That historic and sacred relationship has been broken by your Traitor-in-Chief.

Given the fact that Democrats have naked contempt for the Word of God and worship homosexual sodomy on an altar of murdered babies in spite of the crystal clear ordinances of God, there is no reason that they would have any less contempt for what the Bible says prophetically.  But what it decreed 2,600 years ago is that in the last days, there would be an end-times confederation between Gog and Magog – otherwise known as Russia – and Persia – a.k.a. Iran – along with a host of nations that today are ALL Islamic states.  And this coalition will attack Israel and ignite what will ultimately be known as Armageddon.  This is described in Ezekiel 38 and 39 right after Ezekiel 37, which famously prophesied that Israel would become a nation once again literally from dead, dried-out bones.  Which was fulfilled in May, 1948 whether godless liberals want to believe it or not.  It is a miracle of divine foreknowledge that the PRECISE coalition that Ezekiel prophesied exists as we speak.

And Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat Party and Democrats have guaranteed that all of this will take place.  Whether they believe it or not.  And they will burn in hell for their unbelief and for their insanely wicked deeds.

The United Stats of America WILL fall as no other nation in the history of the world has EVER fallen.  It will be a more devastating fall because we were once a nation that called upon the God whom we now have betrayed and reviled.  Our collapse will be worse and more agonizing than any nation that has come before us.  And we will deserve it because of Obama’s and the Democrat Party’s and Democrat voters’ demonic trifecta.

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13 Responses to “Barack Obama – Following The WORST And Most ARROGANT And Most NAIVE President In History – Just Betrayed America To WWIII Armageddon And To HELL”

  1. alanstorm Says:

    “World War I was fought because of the moral idiocy of Winston Churchill, Democrat.”


  2. hocuspocus13 Says:

    AMEN…to that

  3. Michael Eden Says:


    Dang, dude, you got me. I will have to agree with your “WFT?”

    I obviously meant Woodrow Wilson and will change the article to reflect that little thing called “history.” I was thinking about FDR and that made me think about Churchill and then I proceeded to conflate the names.

    Woodrow Wilson was a pathological racist and a pathological government-power worshiper. But because of him America was WILDLY unprepared for World War I. And our weakness as always emboldened our enemies into drawing us into a war that we truly had virtually nothing to do with.

    Woodrow Wilson was in many ways like a different Brit from the great man I accidentally maligned – Neville Chamberlain – and Barack Obama. You see in these men DICTATORS on the domestic front. But pathologically weak in foreign policy and national security.

  4. Questionman Says:

    Utterly disgusting. This is the Best case of using the holy word of God to promote hatred against anyone who ISN’T White, Christian or Straight. The infamous words from I hold dear is “Love Thy Neighbor” but according to scumbags like you, it means “Love Thy, White, Christian Straight Neighbor. everyone else is immoral.

    Typical right wing hate-filled blog.

    Of course, it’s an international deal, regardless of what courts do, it will go through, with our without the US. The result of all this anti agreement hoopla is political, not practical. Sanctions will be lifted, if not by US, by everyone else. There’s no way the US can “kill” the Iran “deal.” They can only object to US participation, thereby losing even more respect of the international community, in keeping with the GOP position begun by Bush. Ignore the facts, put oil and corp. profits first, and bully our allies. Won’t work anymore with the rest of the world.

    Again, this is an international agreement, not “Obama’s” agreement. The UN isn’t Congress, Obama doesn’t “send” things to the UN, no matter how you repeat the propaganda and lies
    The rest of what you say is demonstrable nonsense, as you attack the (by annual polls) world’s most respected man, and spout corp. agenda’s regular denunciations while “Congress” offers nothing thanks to the GOP’s inability to act on anyone’s behalf except corp. profits, subsidies, and tax breaks at the expense of the common welfare.
    Of course, “why does he always alley himself…” is a fiction. Bush mired us in a useless, unfunded war for the sake of his corp. croanies, but Obama actually GOT the terrorists that were at the core of 9/11. You throw “Shia” around like you actually know something about Islam, which you clearly do not. What’s dragging the US down is pandering to wealth and corp. profits by the GOP which is responsible for REAL damage, increased income inequality, failing infrastructure, inadequately funded public resources, a non-fictional decline in the international community standings, higher costs of goods and services, as private industry is less and less accountable to the public good, loss of jobs thanks to GOP failure to tie subsidies to any real job creation, or tax breaks, the increased burden of risk on taxpayer, and profits to the few, the list goes on…GOP policies aim toward a Somalian society, with every man forced to work, corp war lords, weak government, and no restrictions, the strongest rules.) Obama has been one of the most effective Presidents since Roosevelt, amazing in the face of the disrespect and blind obstruction of a GOP no longer responsive to the welfare of the American people as a whole.

    I won’t deny race relations are that their worst since Obama became President. that part is turn, but for ALL the wrong reasons.

    People blaming Obama extensively for the racial tensions is not only incorrect, but dramatically ascribing powers to him that boggle the mind.

    Do you really want to explore the problem of racism in America and the party of stupid bigots and virulent racists? Do you really want blame Obama for the way the racists have come out of the woodwork since he was elected? Do you really want to trot out the racist rationalizations that everyone in the GOP has learned since childhood to blame African-Americans for white supremacy?

    Are you really prepared for this? How can Obama be blamed for some white people continuing to be racist. Stop trying to deflect from the fact that bigotry and hatred has infected conservatives. From Fox News, breitbart, daily caller, drudge report, WND your entire entertainment complex is 24/7 hate speech. The loudest voices on the Right are racist bigots, Trump, Coulter, Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reily, Beck, Palin, Guiliani, Nugent.

    Why is this a surprise? The idea that a black man was in the White House brought out the worst of the haters, egged on by the right wing media. The dog whistles and code words in plain view. Again, why is this a surprise?

    If there’s one contribution toward race relations that Obama has made, it’s to reveal just how widespread and ugly white racism is in this country. The simple color of his skin brought white racists out of the woodwork by the millions. The revolting protest signs held by Tea Partiers and the blatantly racist diatribes on right-wing (i.e., hate) radio were just the tip of the iceberg. All this white-hot hate and fear was just waiting to show its face, and Obama’s election was the perfect opportunity.

    Jeb Bush- Anyone voting to out another Bush in office has to admit they are mentally ill and check themselves into a psyche ward immediately. His father was a giant douchebag whose trickle down economic policies decimated the country and got us into a war by lying about babies being thrown into incinerators in Iraq that actually never happened. His brother was the worst President ever who ran the country into the ground, got us back into Iraq with even bolder lies and let North Korea get a nuke because he was too busy playing President rather than being one. Jeb Bush helped steal the 2000 election for his brother, destroyed every business he got his hands on and may actually be even dumber than George.

  5. Michael Eden Says:


    First of all, you liar, don’t you DARE lecture me for my “right wing hate” when YOUR side just demonized a man for saying this:

    “Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.”

    Don’t you DARE. Especially when I DOCUMENT that your side hates black lives so much that you murder more than six out of every ten black people before they can even make it out of their mothers’ wombs. And then you add to that extermination toll by caring NOTHING about the fact that nearly ALL black lives terminated by murder AFTER they are born are murdered by another black person. That means NOTHING to your side because you are NOTHING but vicious political monsters who want only to exploit misery and hate so you can fabricate MORE misery and hate with the policies of misery and hate.

    The Democrat Party BOOED that man who was forced to APLOGIZE. Because the Democrat Party is THE party of racist hate and it HAS BEEN SO since it fought a vicious Civil War to impose racist slavery through the day when a DEMOCRAT imposed the Confederate flag in South Carolina out of DEMOCRAT RACISM. But those are facts and you don’t truck with such.

    But you did something worse. Let me put it in the words of Jesus: You are like your father the devil and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies” (John 8:44). The name “devil” means “slanderer.” And that is PRECISELY what you are: you are a slanderer and a liar. You have been to my blog before and every time I block you, because every time you slander me with your vicious hateful lies. Here you did something to me I would NEVER do to anyone else: You dishonestly slandered me by claiming “This is the Best case of using the holy word of God to promote hatred against anyone who ISN’T White, Christian or Straight.” And then you refuse to offer even ONE example of how I do what you claim. NOWHERE IS THERE ONE SINGLE POINT WHERE YOU TRY TO SHOW HOW I IMPROPERLY HANDLE THE WORD OF GOD.

    By my count, I examined six passages of Scripture. Here they are:

    Ecclesiastes 9:5
    2 Thessalonians 2:7
    Psalm 139:13-16
    Luke 1:41
    Romans 1:18-31
    Ezekiel 37-39

    I look in vain at your OWN hate filled rant, you hypocrite hater, to see where you try to show where I incorrectly cite even ONE of these passages. But you fail to do so. Because all you have is slander and hate and lies. If I were EVER to accuse somebody of being a racist or perverting the Word of God or whatever hateful thing you accuse people of on a daily basis, you hater, I WOULD SHOW THE WORLD HOW THEY’D DONE WHAT I ACCUSED THEM OF DOING.

    But do you bother to so much as TRY to justify your slandering accusation? Because you are just like your father, the devil. And while I have the decency to hold to the truth, to explain it, to justify it, to say, “here’s why your interpretation of the Bible is wrong,” well, like the devil you don’t bother to hold to the truth. Because there IS no truth in you.

    The word of God is nowhere to be found in you. Especially the part about “love neighbor,” given your hate for me.

    In the same way, every single thing I assert I back up with FACTS. I offer EVIDENCE. You offer nothing but what Colossians 2:8 describes as “empty philosophies” and “high sounding nonsense.”

    For the record, that dishonesty and that slander is why you are hereafter blocked from this site. Yet again. Because you are the same racist, slandering liar you are every time you come here.

    You are such a hypocrite without shame. You self-righteously lecture me in your far-holier-than-thou smarmy way saying, “The infamous words from I hold dear is “Love Thy Neighbor.” And then immediately after qualify your “love thy neighbor” to exclude anyone who you don’t agree with. I’m not a human being to you who is writing from an understanding of the Word of God that even characterized YOUR FALSE MESSIAH merely two years ago: NO! What am I? Merely a purveyor of a “Typical right wing hate-filled blog.”

    You literally couldn’t even last past one sentence before you violated your own bogus and warped understanding of truth. Because you are a hypocrite without shame, without honor, without virtue or without decency of any kind.

    If you had had so much as a SCINTILLA of personal decency or honesty such that you made some trivial attempt to back up your hateful claim that I had somehow abused “the holy word of God to promote hatred,” I would have allowed you to have your say and debated you. But the fact is that you are very clearly NOT capable of debate because you are a slanderer and a liar who doesn’t care about facts any more than the six out of ten plus black babies you butcher (while selling their human organs to the highest bidder) while you demonically label me a racist.

    I notice that you didn’t bother in your racist rant about racism to deal with the fact that your ideology, that people JUST LIKE YOU, are responsible for six out of every ten blacks being MURDERED before they even leave the sanctuary of their mothers’ wombs. I notice you don’t bother to deal with the fact that out of the four-out-of-ten babies that somehow manage to make it out of their mothers, black haters JUST LIKE YOU murdered 93% of those black people. And you couldn’t give less of a DAMN about all those victims.

    Meanwhile, you were one of the people who booed the LOUDEST when that guy said, “White lives matter” and the Democrat Party erupted in racist hatred because they couldn’t stand that concept.

    I wouldn’t argue racism with you any more than I would argue racism with a pointy-hat-wearing Ku Klux Klansman. Because you are merely the mirror image of EXACTLY that same type of racial hate.

    And there is no point EVER trying to discuss ANYTHING with a slandering, hating liar.

    Now go back to whatever pit you crawled out of. Because I only argue with honest people who bother to try to back up their bullcrap.

  6. FMC Says:

    Michael Eden,

    You had me really confused about the Winston Churchill thing and then you didn’t clear things up for a couple days which had me scratching my head. Well, I would hate to inform you, but you made another grievous error. It is wtf, not wft. Now, I can probably let the Churchill thing slide, but this other one is a much more serious matter.

    I can’t understand how utterly naïve people like questionman are regarding the Iran deal. I’ve heard some locals around here talking about how great it is now that we have struck a deal with Iran. I didn’t get into a discussion with any of them, but in my mind I was tearing them to shreds and curb stomping them.

    It is not really a deal with Iran, but a deal for Iran. How can anyone really believe that Iran will honor any part of the agreement. Their religion allows them to and even encourages them to lie if that lie will give them advantage over the infidel. To them we are not only an infidel but the big satan. Of course they will lie and resort to subterfuge to conceal the true intention of their nuclear program. This is akin to striking a deal with satan. In fact, in this case, it really is striking a deal with the devil himself.

    Iran has been stating its intentions for years and those intentions are to wipe Israel off the map and destroy the United States. The only way they can possibly accomplish this is with nuclear weapons, and they have every intention of producing them and then using them.

    Just recently, the Ayatollah said:

    “Whether the deal is approved or disapproved, we will never stop supporting our friends in the region and the people of Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and Lebanon,” Khamenei said at the end of prayers marking the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. “Even after this deal, our policy toward the arrogant U.S. will not change. We don’t have any negotiations or deal with the U.S. on different issues in the world or the region.”

    Iran believes that their god wants them to usher in their version of the last days and destroy Israel and the US. Somehow, delusional liberals think a mere agreement on really nothing more than a hand shake changes all this.

  7. Jesus Says:

    Do you honestly believe only Democrats and Republicans exist? That’s some serious binary living right there.

  8. Michael Eden Says:


    Okay, I’ll bite.

    What’s life like sitting on the fence watching other people take a stand for something while you look at us with your vacuous cow eyes?

    What’s it like to thrill over being neither cold, nor hot, but lukewarm???

    All I know is what Jesus said about you people. Revelation 3:16 says it all.

    I guarantee you that either a Republican or a Democrat is going to be elected president. Which is pretty much another way of saying that only Republicans and Democrats actually MATTER. Which is therefore pretty much another way of saying that I guarantee that you and everybody like you is a completely useless good-for-nothing turd who ought to be lying in a yard somewhere waiting to get picked up and tossed into a stinky bag rather than wasting my time. And you can either elect a Republican who will probably end up being not that great or you can vote to sink this country into bankruptcy, depravity and hell. Sorry, but those are your two choices these days.

    Take a stand about something and actually make your vote count or don’t bother, but as for me I’m going to spend my time on the people who actually matter for either good or evil. And I am NOT going to bother with the fence-sitting gallery doing nothing who are whining, “Hey, what about us?”

  9. Michael Eden Says:


    Yeah, let’s quote the part where Questionman talks about the Iran deal. He says:

    Of course, it’s an international deal, regardless of what courts do, it will go through, with our without the US. The result of all this anti agreement hoopla is political, not practical. Sanctions will be lifted, if not by US, by everyone else. There’s no way the US can “kill” the Iran “deal.” They can only object to US participation, thereby losing even more respect of the international community, in keeping with the GOP position begun by Bush. Ignore the facts, put oil and corp. profits first, and bully our allies. Won’t work anymore with the rest of the world.

    He says that because he’s an abject intellectual idiot to go along with being an abject moral idiot.

    What we had with Iran was a United Nations-voted sanction regime.

    Now, what Questionman is obviously too ignorant to begin to understand when he says the deal “will go through, with our without the US, is that the United Nations Security Council has five permanent members – and the United States is one of those members. Russia and China had actually voted to approve of those sanctions against Iran, and it would have taken another United Nations vote to remove them.

    The US could OBVIOUSLY have blocked those sanctions and kept the pressure on Iran. And any nation trading with Iran would have been a criminal under international law.

    But, instead of wisdom, we have Obama the Fool-in-Chief. And we tore apart the sanctions which will never be seen again. And I guarantee Iran WILL get the bomb the same way Democrats gave the damn bomb to North Korea while making the same fool promises that Obama is making now.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Michael :

    “” Our Constitution was made only for a MORAL and RELIGIOUS people. It is Wholly inadequate to the GOVERMENT of any other””
    –John Adams

    “” Only a VIRTUOUS people are capable of FREEDOM As nations become corrupt and vicious , they have more need of Masters “”
    –Benjamin Franklin
    I agree with these guys , and i believe this is where we are right now!!


  11. Michael Eden Says:


    It’s amazing how right the Bible turned out to be about the last days and how they are here NOW. The Bible told us, “In the last days, perilous times would come” (2 Tim 3) and told us what kind of people we would be like.

    At no time in the world has ANY civilization EVER embraced homosexuality – the ultimate disgrace and the threshold that marks the wrath of God – that we now see today.

    We are the terminal generation.

    And even according to consistent Darwinism, we SHOULD be the TERMINAL generation. At least until evolutionists “evolve” a way for homosexuals to get pregnant and have babies through their perverted sexual degradation.

    So here is the wickedest generation in all human history ready and waiting for something. And that something is the beast.

  12. Jess Says:

    Yes we should never have ceded Europe to the Soviets. Stalin is arguably as awful as hitler. Stalin is responsible for more deaths. But to compare Iran and the Soviets – no. They are two completely different situations. Iran is no super power.
    There is a historical problem with our country where we ally with our enemies enemy who in turn is really our enemy.
    We did it WW2. We side with Soviets over Germany and Japan. And who is our next enemy? the Soviets and the Cold War- Vietnam- bay of pigs.
    Then we side with taliban to beat Soviets. Who is our next enemy? The taliban and Osama bin laden.
    Then apparently ISIS created in same fashion- our own making.
    Our foreign policy needs to change. We need to stop arming groups in order to get rid of who we think is the worst. Cuz the second worst becomes our next worst enemy. We create our own enemies. Maybe we should stay out of it.

  13. Michael Eden Says:


    I’d say you could use a little help understanding your history. It doesn’t seem like you’re either uber-leftist or uber the other way, but your isolationism fails.

    FDR rightly understood when Germany was threatening Great Britain that if Hitler defeated England, we would literally be totally isolated against a Europe Hitler would have unified against us and he would have ultimately attacked us with a power that we couldn’t defeat. He sided with his ally. And he was right to do so.

    I would at least submit that Patton was probably right in wanting to continue on and attack the USSR when we were there having defeated Germany and having the nuclear bomb that the USSR did not yet have. He rightly saw the true menace that the Soviet Union would pose. But Harry Truman was – I dare say – weak and America was tired of war.

    And Truman’s abject weakness was what got America into the Korean War. Just as it was Truman’s weakness that created the situation in which only a few years after inheriting the greatest military machine in the history of the world, we were totally unprepared for war. Which strangely enough is exactly what Obama has similarly done in breaking the finest military machine that had ever existed after inheriting it from Bush only to destroy it.

    Frankly, your view that we side with one power against another, and then that power becomes a menace is true. BUT THAT IS THE STORY OF ALL OF HISTORY. Nations and groups shift allegiances. What a surprise. Until you learn they ALWAYS HAVE SHIFTED. Do you truly believe you are so wise you would have been able to walk the perfect balance? When the ONLY other choice is not to fight and thus be enslaved? Right now we’re not standing up for ourselves against Russia, against China, against Iran, against North Korea. And we will see in the very near future how this weakness will dog us for decades to come until our collapse. No nation has EVER been able to remain a great power in a vacuum. Great nations must trade and be involved with the rest of the world. Or they will weaken and collapse or be invaded by a stronger power.

    The powers that WERE on our side and would have fought for us have seen how weak we are and how useless we are and the allegiances have shifted. Countries that used to come to us are now coming to Russia and China. Nobody is listening to Obama because the only people who ought to fear him are Republicans and Christians.

    As for Islamic State, it was entirely created by Obama by following isolationism and refusal to get involved. Obama pulled out of Iraq against ALL of his generals and senior policy officials’ advice, and he left behind a giant vacuum that Islamic State easily filled. Similarly, Obama gave his infamous red line warning to Syria, then let that country use wmd another dozen times and did NOTHING. And Islamic State took over there too and created the first terrorist army caliphate because we didn’t get involved.

    So at the very least, you have to say, “We need more Islamic States. So we should not get involved.”

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