Obama’s Treasonous And Dishonest Iran Nuclear Deal

It is an amazing disgrace to reason to listen to Barack Obama.  He has been parading around claiming that we either get his Iran deal or there is going to be a WAR to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.  And there isn’t even a theoretical POSSIBILITY of any other option, or else Barack Hussein Obama is an agent of Satan and a demon-possessed liar.  The ONLY two possibilities are Obama’s Beatific DEAL or Armageddon.

But I remember Obama and every single other Democrat assuring the American people that Iran was NOT a nuclear threat and did NOT have any nuclear weapons aspirations.  I remember every single Democrat personally attacking and demonizing President George W. Bush as a warmonger for even claiming that Iran had nuclear weapons aspirations:

Presidential candidates say a new intelligence report shows that the administration has been talking too tough.
By Scott Martelle and Robin Abcarian
December 05, 2007

Democratic presidential candidates teamed up during a National Public Radio debate here Tuesday to blast the Bush administration over its policy toward Iran, arguing that a new intelligence assessment proves that the administration has needlessly ratcheted up military rhetoric.

While the candidates differed somewhat over the level of threat Iran poses in the Mideast, most of them sought to liken the administration’s approach to Iran with its buildup to the war in Iraq.

“I vehemently disagree with the president that nothing’s changed and therefore nothing in American policy has to change,” said New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. “We do know that pressure on Iran does have an effect. I think that is an important lesson.”

Delaware Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr., chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the new intelligence report indicated that Iran dropped its program before international pressure came into play.

“It was like watching a rerun of his statements on Iraq five years earlier,” Biden said. “Iran is not a nuclear threat to the United States of America. Iran should be dealt with directly, with the rest of the world at our side. But we’ve made it more difficult now, because who is going to trust us?”

The debate was aired without a studio audience over NPR, live from the Iowa State Historical Museum. It covered Iran, China and immigration, offering the contenders a chance to delve more deeply into subjects that often receive less detailed debate treatment.

Clinton and Biden were joined by Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, Connecticut Sen. Christopher J. Dodd, Ohio Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, and former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel.

Which is to say that George W. Bush was ENTIRELY RIGHT and Iran WAS a nuclear threat.  And it CONTINUED to be a threat.  And every Democrat then and now should have been and should be hunted down with dogs and burned alive for their treasonous refusal to protect America.

Democrats have ALWAYS been completely wrong and they always WILL BE completely wrong.

To the extent that we either end up with Obama’s deal or war, it is for the very simple reason that Obama structured it that way.  Obama spent the last eight years – THE LAST EIGHT YEARS!!! – weakening America’s resolve to stop Iran from going nuclear.  He spent the last eight years doing NOTHING to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear power.  He has painstakingly disassembled EVERY international structure and stricture that could have kept Iran from building a nuclear weapon.  He had the plan to make it so that there was literally nothing LEFT but his treasonous “deal.”

I watched Obama’s speech today on his Iran deal.  Until I ran to the toilet and started vomiting when he started trying to imply that he’s the spirit of JFK, come back from heaven.

You have to allude to the words from a previous politician taking apart another politician who tried to compare himself to JFK:

Senator [Obama], I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.

JFK was not merely A cold warrior; he was THE Cold Warrior along with Ronald Reagan.  It is frankly amazing how similar the views of JFK and modern-day Republicans are.  If you take a look at what JFK said on the critical issues of tax-cuts and the economy, for instance, you begin to see that Democrats have NOTHING to do with JFK today.  Absolutely NOTHING.

But facts don’t stop a documented lying fraud and slanderer from usurping the very legacy that he has spent his entire presidency urinating upon.

Obama perpetuated the dishonest Hollywood-invented myth that somehow JFK was some kind of uber-liberal.  It was and remains a lie.  I can even turn to Al Gore’s baby Al Jazeera to point out that Kennedy was FAR more a “bystander” than the kind of leftist champion of the civil rights movement that he was morphed into being after his death.

Now, I DO think that Kennedy might have been much more of a leftist if he hadn’t been mugged by something called REALITY.  But the FACT remains that the Soviet Union acted as aggressively as they did at the beginning of Kennedy’s presidency because they believed he was a left-wing wuss like Obama who didn’t have the stomach for a fight.  JFK had to show the moral courage of a man who was willing to respond to the world; Barack Obama is a malignant narcissist who keeps saying, “the world will respond to me.”

Look at whagrddwo t Obama just did with his tyrannous and illegal EPA executive orders: nothing he’s going to do will have a DAMN THING to do with reducing global temperatures –

Begin gggwith the impact on climate change. The United States is responsible for only 5 percent of the world’s total carbon emissions. […]

… the Clean Power Plan rules will affect climate by less than two-hundredths of a degree Celsius by 2100, an amount so miniscule that it’s nearly impossible to measure. […]

– Obama is actually narcissitic-chump enough to believe that if he guts the U.S. economy with insane policies, China will “go-thou-and-do-likewise.”  When China CONTINUES to build brand new coal plants every single week and continues to sign deals to export coal production to other countries.

Which is to say Obama is flat-out WRONG; but he doesn’t look at the world the way it is and frankly CANNOT see the world as it is: he looks at the world as he wants to “fundamentally transform” it.  So he continues to blather speeches that have nothing whatsoever to do with the way the world actually is.

And that wasn’t JFK.

In the exact same malignant narcissist manner, Obama with incredible arrogance and foolishness has said he was elected to end wars.

History has now proven that it is utterly impossible to drive it through the skull of this messianic-complex moron that he doesn’t have the power to do that.  Our enemies will NOT beat their swords into plowshares no matter how witlessly Obama unilaterally acts.

Obama boasted that he had reset relations with Russia.  And I suppose he DID: BECAUSE NOW WE HAVE THE RETURN OF THE COLD WAR WORSE THAN EVER.  And we are in that situation because Putin and Russia were emboldened by WEAKNESS and COWARDICE.

Obama hasn’t merely shrank the military, he’s GUTTED itWhile Russia prepares for war with us.

And now China is kicking our faces into the dirt in the South China Sea.  China will – thanks to a gutless, feckless, weak, treasonous, cowardly Obama – dominate THE most valuable sea lane on planet earth.

China has already overtaken America – again thanks to Obama and his failed policies – as the number one economy on planet earth.

Obama assured us that he had “decimated” al Qaeda. Over and over again and over and over again, the dishonest lying weasel-in-chief made that bogus claim.  And the ONLY thing that has harmed al Qaeda has been the rise of a terrorist threat that makes al Qaeda look like, well, a “JayVee team” by comparison.

Just like he assured us over and over and over and over again even MORE times the flat-out lie that if you like your doctor, Obama would let you keep your doctor and if you liked your health plan, Obama would let you keep your health plan.

Obama assured us that Islamic State is akin to a “JayVee team” that is pretending to wear Kobe Bryant’s jersey.  And allowed the biggest, most vicious, best-trained terrorist army in the history of the world to grow from nothing to holding the terrorist caliphate that Osama bin Laden could only DREAM of having.  The fool couldn’t have been more wrong or more OBVIOUSLY wrong.

Obama claimed victory for the Iraq War that George W. Bush won in spite of everything Obama did to make us lose.  And then Obama managed to cut-and-run, withdraw, and allow the terrorists to seize everything that we had painstakingly won.

Obama is making ALL KINDS of false claims about how we will be able to verify that Iran is not making nuclear weapons.  He scoffs at the notion that this is a political deal.

But this liar PROVED he is the WORST and LOWEST kind of political SCUM when he lied about the Benghazi terrorist attack and falsely asserted that it was a peaceful protest gone awry.

It is a DOCUMENTED FACT that both Obama and Hillary Clinton KNEW the Benghazi attack was a TERRORIST ATTACK.  But they continued to maintain a lie that it was a peaceful demonstration gone out-of-hand because they were both willing to put their own politics over the truth and over the security of the United States.

And of course Hillary Clinton is further proving the worthlessness and pathological fascism of her own character and nature with her email scandals involving vital national security and her criminal and frankly treasonous sale of the United States for her and her husband’s financial gain.

The next Democrat candidate for president doesn’t give any more of a flying damn about US national security than the traitor we have roaching in the White House now.

And what about the Democrat candidate for president before Barack Obama?  What about the liar who took documented pathological liar Hillary Clinton’s place as Traitor of State???

How about John Kerry?  Well, Kerry proved he was a worthless, treasonous liar without shame, without honor, without decency and without virtue when he manufactured the slanderous claim that he had personally witnessed atrocities committed by his fellow U.S. servicemen in Viet Nam.  You know what made him admit he had been lying in order to falsely demonize the United States of America and the men who fought for it?  He found himself in the box of being personally responsible for those atrocities because, had they actually happened, he would have had the duty to report them at the time.  Which he hadn’t.

There’s not much this disgraceful liar hasn’t lied about.  He repeatedly put himself in for medals that are a DISGRACE for him to have ever worn.  Which was why he threw them away like the trash they were when he was protesting the war.

These are the people who “negotiated” a deal with naked EVIL to prevent the United States from being allowed to have ANY inspectors set foot in Iran, to prevent ANY inspections in ANY Iranian military site, to prevent anyone but an Iranian thug from being able to collect soil samples from another one of Iran’s secret – and illegal – nuclear facilities.  And of course there are side deals that no American voter is allowed to know a damn thing about.

Obama never mentioned, I don’t believe, the utterly failed nuclear arms deal that the LAST Democrat president who betrayed America signed.  And this “deal” is far worse than that abomination was.

This is a nation that deserves to utterly and miserably and agonizingly perish.  Because it worships homosexual perversion on an altar of sixty million murdered babies – at least the parts of those babies that Democrat Abortion Arm Planned Parenthood couldn’t sell to the highest bidder.

We voted for our own destruction, and as Obama once arrogantly lectured Republicans, “elections have consequences.”  And at the end of the day, Satan won.




6 Responses to “Obama’s Treasonous And Dishonest Iran Nuclear Deal”

  1. dog walker Says:

    Were there any Christians in this country’s civil war? Can Christians do civil war?

  2. truthunites Says:

    “We voted for our own destruction, and as Obama once arrogantly lectured Republicans, “elections have consequences.” And at the end of the day, Satan won.”

    Yes. Satan won at the end of the day.

    BUT Satan lost at the end of the age.

  3. Michael Eden Says:

    dog walker,

    There were certainly Christians in our Revolutionary War. In one famous example, on January 21, 1776 in the Lutheran church in Woodstock, Virginia, Reverend Muhlenberg took his sermon text from the third chapter Ecclesiastes, which starts with “To every thing there is a season…”; after reading the eighth verse, “a time of war, and a time of peace,” he declared, “And this is the time of war,” removing his clerical robe to reveal his Colonel’s uniform. Outside the church door the drums began to roll as men turned to kiss their wives and then walked down the aisle to enlist, and within half an hour, 162 men were enrolled. The next day he led out 300 men from the county to form the nucleus of the 8th Virginia Regiment. http://thewikibible.pbworks.com/w/page/22174567/Clergy%20in%20American%20Revolution%20John%20Muhlenberg

    Joshua Chamberlain, THE hero of Gettysburg if there could only have been one hero, was a seminary professor who fought against human slavery. Had it not been for Chamberlain, the Confederates (in other words, the Democrats) would have seized Little Round Top and likely won the turning point battle of the Civil War. He was wounded six times during the war. At Little Round Top, his men were out of ammunition with the Confederates attacking. He ordered and led a bayonet charge that secured the hill for the Union and earned the Medal of Honor. http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2014/02/joshua_lawrence_chamberlain_professor_soldier_christian_man_of_honor.html

    Let me take this out of the realm of war and put it into “life” terms, dog walker. You can use your Christian faith to surrender or you can use it to fight. My mother had breast cancer some years back, and the entire family rallied to her. My brother and I came with my mom and dad to the oncologist appointment and we were all in tears as the oncologist presented a hopeless situation. We went back to my folks’ house and my mom said, “I’m not going to do the chemo. I’m ready to be with the Lord.” And I sat her down on her bed, took her hand, and told her that she could use her faith as her grounds to surrender or she could use her faith to FIGHT. I told her that her husband and her sons and her grandchildren needed her. I told her she had to draw on her faith to fight. She went through the chemo and a miracle happened: because my mother is so sensitive to every medication it is unreal: she will literally suffer every side effect. Yeah, she lost her hair. But she never suffered nausea or had any of the worst of the symptoms. And she is still cancer-free over half-a-decade later because she used her faith to FIGHT.

    It was from Christianity that the doctrine of “Just War” was developed by Augustine. It is STILL the basis for civilized peoples/nations to wage war or refrain from war. https://www.mtholyoke.edu/~jasingle/justwar.html

    So, yeah, in the words of Ecclesiastes, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

    A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

    A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

    A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

    A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

    A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

    A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

    A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.”

    What I have seen happen to the Church is the same thing I have seen happen to “white people” and to “men.” The communist-originated doctrine of political correctness has “fundamentally transformed” what we are allowed to say, how we are allowed to say it, what we are allowed to think. Christians, et al have been put into a box of what is “acceptable.”

    Which is why everybody ELSE has the right to demonstrate and fight for their rights, freedoms, privileges, etc. but us. If you see a black guy wearing a “black power” or “black pride” or “black is beautiful” shirt you think nothing of it. If you see a white guy wearing a similar shirt for his race, well, he probably won’t make it all the way down the block without having been killed and igniting a race riot. And in the same way, it is terribly, terribly WRONG for Christians to stand up for the Christians who are being murdered, raped, tortured across the world. I mean, who do we think we are for thinking we have the right to do stuff like that???

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    We can certainly agree on your added line.

    We are watching, I believe and maintain, “the mystery of lawlessness” which will culminate in “the son of perdition.” Righteousness is not ascendant right now; rather, the god of this age is being allowed a free hand as revealed in God’s Word for the last days. “In the last days, perilous times will come,” we are foretold.

    The Antichrist will literally sit in the Holy of holies and pronounce himself God. That’s the mid-point of the Tribulation. He will already have installed the Mark of the Beast.

    We’re watching as God gives us justice by giving us the leaders and the system of government that we deserve. Because we are such a toxic, wicked people now that “God has given us over” to wrath.

    And that’s my point.

    Ultimately, Satan is the most intelligent being ever created, just as he is the most beautiful being ever created. But he is also ultimately the STUPIDEST being ever created. For his end is sealed. And he will burn in hell with all the moral idiots who follow him, follow the beast, and follow Obama.

  5. dog walker Says:

    Oh man, that is a good reply. Here I sit schooled again. So does the bible really say “a time to hate?” So I looked it up. It sure does. Maybe I better not focus just now on that.

    Talk about that damn cancer and what it means to fight in that context. My mother in law died a few weeks ago at the age of 97. She had breast cancer back in 1969. That was before they even invented chemo. It can be survived without chemo. She lived 45 years after that and became kind of a hope for a lot of women who had that cancer. Sad thing about that is that a lot of those women turned down that chemo because of her example and got a … bad result.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    dog walker,

    There are passages in Scripture that clearly teach that God hates. For example:

    •Psalm 5:5, “The boastful shall not stand before Thine eyes; Thou dost hate all who do iniquity,”
    •Psalm 11:5, “The Lord tests the righteous and the wicked, and the one who loves violence His soul hates.”
    •Lev. 20:23, “Moreover, you shall not follow the customs of the nation which I shall drive out before you, for they did all these things, and therefore I have abhorred them.”
    •Prov. 6:16-19, “There are six things which the Lord hates, yes, seven which are an abomination to Him: 17 Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, 18 A heart that devises wicked plans, feet that run rapidly to evil, 19 A false witness who utters lies, and one who spreads strife among brothers.”
    •Hosea 9:15, “All their evil is at Gilgal; indeed, I came to hate them there! Because of the wickedness of their deeds I will drive them out of My house! I will love them no more; All their princes are rebels.”

    Okay, so God can hate. Why can’t I???

    Well, when God hates, He hates perfectly, in complete balance and harmony with all His other attributes. We don’t do that. We hate, we get fixated on our hatred, we ignore everything else. And we take our vengeance. But the Bible is clear on that topic: “Vengeance is MINE, says the LORD.” Psalm 5:5.

    Hate is something that a Christian needs to think twice about. And then if we’re still hating think twice more about again.

    There’s the way of the world, which IS to hate and get even. And there’s God’s way.

    But that doesn’t mean that we should be a bunch of sissies mildly rebuking the man or men who are raping our wives but of course NOT physically trying to stop them. In the same way, we ought to stand up for what is right and be willing to FIGHT for it.

    There IS something called “righteous anger.” There IS something about getting fed up enough with evil that you determine to deal with it and drive it away and replace it with something good. And anybody who says that isn’t a Christian attitude is a moral idiot.

    It was an act of righteousness when we stormed the beaches in France to defeat the Nazi socialists and in the Pacific theater to defeat the Japanese socialists. The sin wasn’t fighting; the wickedness was in letting a wicked enemy ever get that strong to BEGIN with. Which is the sin we’re committing right now, all over the world, of course. Including right here at home as racist rioters hear, “We gave them space to destroy” from Democrats. Which encourages them to destroy all the more.

    Evil will always grow stronger unless and until someone face it and defeat it.

    There is a code for Christian warriors that dates back to the days of knights and chivalry. Note the very first one and realize its first because its the basis for honorably doing all of the others:
    ◾To fear God and maintain His Church
    ◾To serve the liege lord in valour and faith
    ◾To protect the weak and defenceless
    ◾To give succour to widows and orphans
    ◾To refrain from the wanton giving of offence
    ◾To live by honour and for glory
    ◾To despise pecuniary reward
    ◾To fight for the welfare of all
    ◾To obey those placed in authority
    ◾To guard the honour of fellow knights
    ◾To eschew unfairness, meanness and deceit
    ◾To keep faith
    ◾At all times to speak the truth
    ◾To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun
    ◾To respect the honour of women
    ◾Never to refuse a challenge from an equal
    ◾Never to turn the back upon a foe

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