Help, Has Anyone Seen Obama’s Missing $1.4 Billion Blimp? It’s Destroying Power All Over Pennsylvania

I feel sorry for Obama, in a way.  I mean, it can’t be easy being a demon-possessed incompetent fool who is pathologically incapable of acknowledging personal responsibility for ANYTHING.

Just last week during the Benghazi hearing I heard Democrat after Democrat wax indignant that Republicans were “wasting” $5 million on a hearing into the murder of the first United States Ambassador since 1979 who had begged and pleaded for additional security more than 600 times to deaf State Department ears.  It also just happened to come up that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State had personally and repeatedly lied to the American people and had literally lied while standing directly over the flag-draped coffins of men who deserved better than America gave them.

Doesn’t matter.  It was an appalling waste of money.

Let’s see how many Democrats become appalled at the waste of more than $1.4 BILLION – 280 TIMES what they were appalled about when Hillary Clinton’s lies were being revealed – and counting as this giant blimp drags a huge 5,000-foot tether cable across power line after power line until it either massively explodes or is shot down.

Here’s a link to the story.

More than 20,000 people are without power and that number is basically going up by the minute as power lines and transformers blow up.

They will eventually have to shoot it down because otherwise the helium in the football-field-sized blimp will detonate and massively explode.

And what a damn waste.  The Army tried to kill the blimp program but the Obama Pentagon said no way, Jose.  So it became one of Obama’s “zombie programs.”

Nothing like this has ever happened before because we’ve never been so damn poorly and miserably misled before.

This blimp is a portrait of its leader: just floating around causing massive damage wherever the hell it goes.

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