Obama Invites Muslim Radicals Into United States: ‘Welcome To America! We Hope You Enjoy Your Glorious Jihad!’

As we speak, Barack Obama is rigidly demanding that the United States accept a minimum of 10,000 Syrian refugees.

The other Democrats in the presidential field, including most ominously Hillary Clinton, argues that we should bring in 65,000 Syrian refugees.  Just for starters.

Barack Obama savagely mocked and demonized Republicans who basically said, “Hold the hell on there” and pointing out that we have absolutely ZERO way of validating any of these people flooding out of Syria because of Obama’s epic fail due to his refusal to even acknowledge a war on terror, let alone actually fight it.

Obama claimed that the Syrian refugees constituted “widows and orphans.”  Because after all he’s a wicked liar who loves taking cheap shots.

Of course, ALL of Obama’s talking points have now been proven to have been outright lies.  Obama just claimed that Islamic State was “contained.” Literally hours before they unleashed a devastating terrorist attack in Paris.  Right.  His own Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and now his own Secretary of Defense have publicly stated, like HELL they are.

How about this one Obama promised us on December 2 that was being taped AS THE SAN BERNARDINO ATTACK WAS HAPPENING:

Washington (CNN)President Barack Obama said in an interview that aired Thursday that he is confident the U.S. is safe from a Paris-style attack from ISIS and that American law enforcement is well equipped to protect the nation during the holidays.

“ISIL will not pose an existential threat to us. They are a dangerous organization like al Qaeda was, but we have hardened our defenses,” Obama told CBS. “The American people should feel confident that, you know, we are going to be able to defend ourselves and make sure that, you know, we have a good holiday and go about our lives.”

Yeah, right, you lying fool turd.  There are 35 people who are either dead or almost ended dead who would beg to differ with your frankly idiotic assessment.

These things follow Obama claiming – FALSELY and DISHONESTLY claiming – that Islamic State was “JayVee” even AFTER they had captured entire cities on the way to establishing the caliphate Obama allowed them to build.  “You didn’t build that,” Obama said, smearing the small businesses and claiming government actually builds everything.  Okay, fine, ISIS didn’t build their caliphate; OBAMA DID.  Before that, Obama was outright lying to the American people prior to the 2012 election falsely claiming that his policies had terrorists on the run when we now now that the truth was the exact OPPOSITE.

Obama’s own FBI director is forced to admit this tragic reality about terrorists coming into the United States under Obama:

COMEY: “Our ability to monitor them has not kept pace. In fact, it is going in the wrong direction. So, our ability to find people hiding in the United States looking to do bad things to root out all kinds of organized criminal factors is steadily being impaired. That’s the problem.”

Obama mocked over “widows and orphans.”

Hey, Obama.   Tashfeen Malik was a “widow” in the moments before she went down in a hail of gunfire trying to murder as many police as possible.  She left behind an “orphan,” a UNITED STATES CITIZEN thanks to Obama, who will now be raised by a vicious and highly radicalized family.

So, yeah, I’m scared of widows and orphans.  Because thanks to Obama, we have “widows” murdering us and little “Barack Hussein Obama II” being raised to murder us in the future.

We already HAD an attack in Paris in which an Islamic State terrorist with a SYRIAN PASSPORT took part in a massive terror attack (that Obama assured us couldn’t happen here):

One of the men who attacked Paris held an emergency passport or similar document, according to an unnamed French senator who was briefed by the French Ministry of the Interior. The senator told CNN the bomber falsely declared himself to be a Syrian named Ahmad al Muhammad, born on September 10, 1990, and was allowed to enter Greece on October 3. From there he moved to Macedonia, then Serbia and Croatia, where he registered in the Opatovac refugee camp, the lawmaker said. Eventually, he made his way to Paris, where he was one of three men who blew themselves up at the Stade de France.

Now we have a terrorist – a TERRORIST WHO WAS ALREADY DREAMING OF JIHAD WHEN OBAMA INVITED HER INTO AMERICA – who Obama didn’t even bother to VET:

The FBI Director James Comey has admitted that the two San Bernardino terrorists showed signs of radicalization prior to Tashfeen Malik’s acceptance into the United States on a “fiancé” visa. Comey notes that Malik showed signs of radicalization as far back as 2013 but was still admitted into the United States as the FBI missed the warning signs when approving the terrorist’s visa. Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, would go on to kill 14 people and injure 21 by opening fire on San Bernardino County Health Department Christmas party.

Among other things, Tashfeen Malik gave a bogus address that didn’t even EXIST.  She attended a radical school.  She had already expressed radical views online BEFORE coming to America.  But she was allowed to sail right through the pathetic screening process.  And once in America they began looking up terrorist websites, contacting terrorists, pretty much do everything but put a giant banner on the roof of their house that read “We are TERRORISTS.”  But it’s doubtful even that would have got the authorities’ attention given how incompetent Obama is.

And then let’s just conduct a smell test: this woman with a radicalized background from Pakistan who travelled to Saudi Arabia goes on some Muslim internet dating site to find a likeminded “American” who shared her love of jihad.  And she “online dated” a man with whom she has no connection whatsoever.  You know, when she’d never dated in her life and wouldn’t even show her rather homely face.

But what the hell: Obama said, “C’mon in, folks!”

And just to make it even BETTER, Obama and his libturd pal Jerry Brown give the husband a government job as a health inspector so he could go into any damn school he wanted where our KIDS are.  He could walk into our restaurants.  Meanwhile, Tashfeen was studying to be a pharmacist so she could play with our medication.  You can imagine Democrats would have given her a great government job, too.

We’re actually probably lucky: they both could have killed hundreds or even THOUSANDS of Americans by poisoning us.  Thank Allah it wasn’t a violent enough way to kill us.  At least, it isn’t YET.

The bottom line is this: we had about a thousand times better chance to properly vet and recognize Tashfeen Malik than we do ANY of the thousands of “Syrian refugees” for whom we have ZERO WAY to validate their documents.  We have ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE of knowing who these people are.  Syria is not only an enemy state with whom we have no relations whatsoever; it is a failed state whose government systems have fundamentally broken down.

In all probability, Islamic State has seized its own passport printing machine and has blank passports so they can authenticate their terrorists.  You know, if Obama even BOTHERS to look at the passports given the fact that he utterly failed to keep terrorist jihadist Tashfeen Malik out of America even though she only came here to murder as many of us as she could.

It is also very likely that Islamic State has long-since infiltrated terrorists into America with those aforementioned Syrian passports that we are only now beginning to become stupidly aware of were being printed for more than a year and a half now.

But amazingly, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton not only don’t care, but literally demand tens of thousands more possible terrorists to flood into America.

Call it murder by political correctness.  Call it “retroactive abortion by jihad.”  Because a terrorist woman has “the right to choose,” after all.

And to make it even crazier and more evil, Obama and Democrats not only demand that we bring terrorists into America in the name of political correctness, but also that we strip away the American people’s constitutional right to protect themselves and their families FROM these terrorists.

Add to that that Obama Democrats have now turned our police into murder suspects.  They are staying in their cars because Democrats riot every time they shoot a criminal who happens to be black.  Mobs of young people with their smart phone cameras are surrounding the police who DO try to get out their cars as they scream taunts and threats.  It’s going to get easier and easier for terrorists to attack and do a lot of damage before they’re finally gunned down because Obama breathed life into the vile “Black Lives Matter” movement that cynically couldn’t care LESS about the OTHER 99 percent of the black lives that are murdered by other black people in liberal cities.

And then there is the fact that in the San Bernardino terrorist massacre, we had the chance to prevent the attack from even happening because a neighborhood witness saw some really bizarre things going on in Farook’s garage.  But Obama and Democrats – now including Obama’s Attorney General – intimidated her from wanting to “profile” and “be a racist.”  And knowing that a school was viciously attacked by Obama because they detained a Muslim kid who had made a clock in a suitcase that looked EXACTLY like a bomb, YOU’D BETTER SHUT THE HELL UP.

Obama has miserably failed to keep Americans safe, but that’s okay; because now he’s going to try to make it impossible for the American people to keep themselves safe.

Are you a liberal and don’t like guns?  Then you are a psychotic demoniac fool for not having screamed for Obama’s impeachment: more than 100 MILLION guns have been sold as a result of his fool presidency as Obama has panicked tens of millions of Americans into buying guns.  Between the fact that Barack Obama personally epitomizes a direct threat to the freedom of the American people and due to the fact that Obama has utterly failed to keep us safe from external threats, Barack Obama is the gun salesman of the CENTURY.

Rest assured Obama is going to do everything that the spirit of fascism in America can do to take away your rights and your ability to protect your rights.

As a result of Obama’s failed presidency, let me quote the New York Times as it explores why Donald Trump is rising:

“Americans are more fearful about the likelihood of another terrorist attack than at any other time since the weeks after Sept. 11, 2001, a gnawing sense of dread…”

The problem with Democrats is that they live in a DELUSION and have NO contact with the actual real world.  It literally doesn’t matter to them if the cockroach fecal matter they have in place of brains produces THE EXACT OPPOSITE EFFECT from what they intend.

Everything Obama came into office declaring about terrorism was either an outright lie or the belief of a naïve fool.  In fact, terrorism has SKYROCKETED BECAUSE WE ELECTED OBAMA.  We watched terrorism skyrocket between the day Obama took office and 2014.  But we aint seen NOTHIN’ yet: terrorism skyrocketed ANOTHER 81% since 2014.  And you watch how it explodes this year over last year.  We are truly in trouble because this blathering fool we foolishly chose to lead us into delusion and then into hell.




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13 Responses to “Obama Invites Muslim Radicals Into United States: ‘Welcome To America! We Hope You Enjoy Your Glorious Jihad!’”

  1. dog walker Says:

    I wonder about poison. I mean there is all of this talk of circulating around the possibility of a dirty bomb. That is when they take radioactive poison and blow it up and spread it around that way.

    But what about just going to the produce section and just a little sprinkle of magic dust here and there. By the time anyone figured out their cancer came from a terrorist act I would be long gone.

    Kowabunga, and praise be to Allah! I don’t know why he motivates me to such thoughts.

  2. dog walker Says:

    Oh, and about that radioactive stuff… there ain’t no scarcity of it. Depleted uranium is what was used as armor piercing projectiles in all of those conflicts. All you need to collect it is a geiger counter and a dustpan.

  3. futuret Says:


  4. D. Arthur Wargo Says:

    And yet, even following S. B. all too many Americans are brainwashed into this PC BS. They think we, those trying to keep the country and their sand covered cranium safe, are akin to Nazis. We are bigots for wanting our country to protect the actual citizens of America.


  5. dog walker Says:

    Oops. I bet that got me on the no fly list.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    dog walker,

    Actually, it would have been a LOT easier and likely a lot more deadly for Syed Farook – in his job as a health inspector – to have gone to a bunch of schools and poisoned the food that the children were going to eat.

    The ONLY reason a terrorist wouldn’t want to do something like that is that they wouldn’t be able to go out with “the bang” – although I suppose they could try to go out in a blaze of glory when the police finally figured out who had poisoned the children and came to bust them.

    This could have been a LOT worse.

    I mean, if they had poisoned thousands of kids’ food, how in the hell would Obama have been able to blame the terrorism on “gun violence”???

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    Actually, it is EASY to make a “dirty bomb” as there is low-grade radioactive material at any average junk yard. For example, LOTS of medical equipment contains radioactive material, and the stuff just gets thrown away.

    Or glow-in-the-dark clocks contain radium you can scrape off. Or you could buy a bunch of smoke detectors which contain radioactive americium.

    It would be TOO easy to detonate one of these things and make a city politically incorrect to live in for DECADES. Property values would plummet and people would be afraid to go into a target zone even if there was virtually no radiation.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    D. Arthur Wargo,

    Yeah, it’s funny how anybody who tries to stop the government from confiscating our guns the way the Nazis confiscated guns gets called a “Nazi.”

    The reason the Jews went so meekly to their deaths was because the Democrats I mean the Nazis had already taken all the guns and made sure they were the only people who had guns.

  9. D. Arthur Wargo Says:

    The world’s is upside down

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness, who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” — Isaiah 5:20

  11. D. Arthur Wargo Says:

    That right there is the only good news in all of this

  12. Truth Unites... And Divides Says:

    Many folks voted for republicans to stop the Libs but that didn’t work because the RINOs are in charge.

  13. Michael Eden Says:

    Truth Unites… And Divides,

    My prediction is that Donald Trump will ultimately blow up the Republican Party and what otherwise would have been a CERTAIN presidential win in 2016.

    That said, the reason a demagogue like Donald Trump could rise in the GOP is because of the horror that Obama has been and the utter fail of the RINO Republicans to do ANYTHING to even slow Obama down.

    Obama says we should keep letting in tens of thousands of Muslims – even from SYRIA where ISIS has its own seized passport machine and the official blank passport forms – and even when we now KNOW terrorists are coming in both from Syria (two terrorists in Paris) and here (the woman behind the San Bernardino massacre who came in on a visa we did NOTHING to check) – and Obama is hell bent on bringing these people in no matter the costs or consequences.

    A Donald Trump seizes on the RAGE of people who are getting rabid.

    It doesn’t look good for America.

    Now, if Donald Trump is the GOP nominee, I will vote for him. As bad a president as I think he would be – the man is every BIT as much a raving malignant narcissist as Obama – he would STILL be better than the devil’s choice of Hillary Clinton.

    I’d say God help us, but I think America took that option off the form.

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