How The Completely Failed Liberal Foreign Policy Makes Donald’s Trump ‘Ban Muslims’ Policy Make Sense

Obama keeps talking about “the global coalition to defeat ISIL.”  Because he is utterly deluded and completely dishonest.  The “coalition” is as much of a joke as Obama himself is.

I’ve written about our pathetic response – realizing that we’ re doing about 90% of the actual work of the “62 countries in the coalition” – and how USELESS it has been in comparison to when the United States actually intended to accomplish a military objective.

Obama boasts that his “coalition” has flown nearly 7,000 sorties since the start of Obama’s red line warning fiasco three years ago.  Do you know what a joke that is???  Let me put it into perspective: we flew more than 8,000 sorties IN THE FIRST FIVE DAYS of Operation Desert Storm.

When you compare Obama’s war with actual wars that our leaders wanted to truly make any real difference in, Obama becomes a joke.  We averaged 1,100 sorties a day against Iraq in 1991; under Obama it’s a laughable SEVEN sorties a day.

Then factor in that 75% of Obama’s sorties return with all of their weapons, having dropped no bombs and not having fired a damn SHOT.

Which puts Obama’s airstrikes and his worthless sixty nation coalition that have done NOTHING into the laugh-riot of his 4 or 5 fighters.  Who are undoubtedly dead now that Putin is bombing them.

We know that this THE most dishonest and cynical administration in the history of the republic has engaged in a disinformation campaign and has altered the intelligence provided to them by our professional analysts in order to make it appear Obama isn’t wildly failing.

Obama’s mission against Islamic State is designed to FAIL.  It is designed to appear like he’s doing something when he really is doing NOTHING.

Barack Obama’s rules of engagement are pathologically wicked because they are inherently self-defeating.  We can’t shoot; we can’t fight; we can’t defend ourselves unless there is no possible chance whatsoever that someone Obama defines as a non-combatant gets hurt forcing our pilots to return with guns and bombs fully loaded 75% of the damn time.  It’s somehow different, of course, when Obama unleashes his drone attacks that have murdered civilians a’plenty: Obama’s drone attacks murder innocents 90% of the time.  But apparently only Obama can “air-raid villages and kill civilians.”  And Obama also refuses to allow any attack against Islamic State that could somehow in some way contribute to global warming. So we can’t bomb the oil fields and of course we already couldn’t bomb anything else.

We end up with virtually NOTHING.  ESPECIALLY when you factor in all of the previous UTTER AND COMPLETE FAILS that are the mind, heart and roach soul that is Obama.  Consider his “four or five” fighters that we ultimately had to show for Obama’s $500 million program.

This is a man who is intent on deceiving the American people with blathering words – which he came out and did again today – while doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to actually keep America safe by taking the fight to the enemy.

And the Islamic State enemy has now taken the fight to us.  Literally within a couple of days of Obama assuring America that such a thing couldn’t happen.  And right after stupidly falsely assuring the American people that Islamic State was “contained” the DAY they unleashed terrorist hell in Paris, France.

The left has this mindset that only warmongers are “evil.”  But the useless cowards who do NOTHING as the warmongers keep attacking us are JUST AS EVIL.  I mean, is the father who abuses the mother of his children bad?  Yeah, he’s bad; but isn’t the man who walks away and DOES NOTHING to take care of his children and the mother of his children pretty damned evil, too?  THAT’S Obama; Obama is the useless turd who keeps promising to mail a check to help that ne NEVER mails after finding out that the electricity just got shut off and it’s getting cold and there’s no food in the house.

Obama’s foreign policy has FAILED.  It has CATOSTROPHICALLY failed.  Terrorism under Obama skyrocketed 150% the first five years of his administration between 2009 and 2013.  That skyrocketing rate turned into a rocket-ship rate as terrorism under Obama soared 81% last year over 2013.  And you just wait until they come up with the soaring rate of terrorism under our FOOL-in-Chief when they compare terrorism this year compared to 2014.

As a result of Obama’s cowardice to risk angering his demonic leftist base, Obama has created more refugees desperate for some place to go than in ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY:

Worldwide displacement hits all-time high as war and persecution increase
News Stories, 18 June 2015

GENEVA, June 18 (UNHCR) Wars, conflict and persecution have forced more people than at any other time since records began to flee their homes and seek refuge and safety elsewhere, according to a new report from the UN refugee agency.

UNHCR’s annual Global Trends Report: World at War, released on Thursday (June 18), said that worldwide displacement was at the highest level ever recorded. It said the number of people forcibly displaced at the end of 2014 had risen to a staggering 59.5 million compared to 51.2 million a year earlier and 37.5 million a decade ago.

The increase represents the biggest leap ever seen in a single year. Moreover, the report said the situation was likely to worsen still further.

Globally, one in every 122 humans is now either a refugee, internally displaced, or seeking asylum. If this were the population of a country, it would be the world’s 24th biggest.

“We are witnessing a paradigm change, an unchecked slide into an era in which the scale of global forced displacement as well as the response required is now clearly dwarfing anything seen before,” said UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres. […]

And this coward lying fool actually keeps assuring us that his strategies are working!!!  Obama is like an even MORE demented version of Charlie Sheen who was ranting about how he was “winning” because he had “tiger blood” – only he’s destroying America with his moral insanity rather than merely his own life.

Barack Obama is a demon-possessed man and the Democrat Party is so-named because it is the party of “DEMOn-possessed bureauCRATS”.  We are watching the results of a ravenous cancer that has eaten America’s strength and resolve.  Barack Obama is that cancer.  And the Democrat Party is a metastasizing disease that will kill us.

I’m just going to state this as a bald fact: either the United States needs to impeach this wicked fool or else we need to pursue Donald Trump’s total ban of all Muslims.  One or the other.  Period.

The thing about Islam is that YES IT IS an intrinsically unstable and violent religion.

You need to understand something if you want to continue to live: The Christian Bible has passages that not only condone but actually command violence.  ALL of those passages are found in the oldest portions of the Old Testament.  When you contrast that to Islam and the Qur’an, you find a vastly worse issue with violence in the exact opposite order: there were two phases of Muhammad’s life, his Mecca life (when he was the underdog and preached peace and tolerance) and the Medina phase (where he became the superior military force and began preaching violence and hate for the infidel.  And while Jesus came as the Prince of Peace to preach, “Put away your swords,” Muhammad went from peaceful to vicious and ended up VICIOUS.

The Bible takes us from violence to peace and ends with peace and if you’re a Christian you therefore follow the way of peace.  The Qur’an takes us from peace to violence and if you’re a truly devout Muslim who follows the Prophet’s example you follow the way of violent jihad.

In Islam, there is a doctrine called “abrogation.”  If Muhammad said something that is mutually exclusive with something else, you view what he said LAST as the final word from Allah and you follow THAT.  Muhammad was a violent warmongerer who had been in dozens of military campaigns for ruthless conquest and had dozens MORE planned at the time of his death.  Only 100 years after his death, Muhammad’s followers – properly interpreting their Prophet – poured across Christendom and would have forcibly Islamicized all of Europe had they not been stopped dead in their tracks on the other side of the continent as Charles the Hammer broke them at the Battle of Tours.  Rabid Muslim hordes stormed St. Augustine’s Christian realm in Africa and put all the Christians to the scimitar; they poured into Christian Spain and would have violently seized that Christian country for Islam but for El Cid.  They stormed the Christian Byzantium Empire and forced the Emperor in besieged Constantinople to ask for help from the Pope which became the Crusades.

The ONLY time Muslims have ever been “peaceful” is when they have been FORCED to be so because a superior military power would crush them if they were anything else.  Which is why Muhammad DID call for peace and tolerance when he was the inferior power during his first phase in Mecca.

I listen to the demonization of Democrats who claim that any TRUE statement linking Islam with violence will “radicalize” otherwise people Muslims and realize these people are truly beyond deranged hypocrites.  I mean, stop and think about it: remember Piss Christ?  It actually took liberals TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS to take that hateful piece of “art” down.  And they only ended up doing so because a rising number of people were rightly pointing out how demonically hypocritical the left was for saying they wouldn’t ever show hateful anti-Muslim images but they had no problem whatsoever showing hateful anti-Christian images.  In the same demonically hypocritical liberal vein, remember Chris Ofili’s 1996 ”Holy Virgin Mary” (a presentation of the Virgin Mary covered with elephant dung and collaged pornographic images)?  Let’s face an unpleasant fact, liberals: you didn’t have to worry about Christians going ape-poop and rioting and murdering hundreds or thousands of people, did you?  And yet there is a terribly unpleasant awareness that Muslims will – guaranteed WILL – erupt in mass violence if you do to them what you do to Christians all the time.  But being hypocrites and liars as you are, you refuse to give Christians ANY credit for our peacefulness that is wrapped up in our Christ while you kow-tow to the violence that is wrapped up in Islam’s Prophet.  And it never ceases to amaze me to this very day how absolutely determined you are, liberal, to ascribe to Christianity and to Christians “terrorism” or “terrorists” – such as the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building by Timothy McVeigh or the shooting of the Planned Parenthood clinic by Robert Dear – when there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO REASON TO CLAIM THEY WERE “CHRISTIAN.”  McVeigh was an avowed agnostic who hadn’t been to a church since childhood; by the same standard, no one could call Barack Obama anything other than a MUSLIM.  And Robert Dear  was basically a crazed man whom, “If you talked to him, nothing with him was very cognitive — topics all over place,” as his neighbor pointed out.  Neither of them were or had ever been active in a church, or ever claimed that what they did had been done in the name of Jesus.  But the same liberals who immediately claim “Christian” to anyone who does anything violent who even could THEORETICALLY be called a Christian utterly refuse to acknowledge that Islam had anything to do with a terrorist act no matter how much the lifelong Muslim attackers scream “Allahu Akbar!”  It is an amazing act of abject double-standard hypocrisy.

Look, if Islam really didn’t have anything to do with terrorism, then we would be able to insult Islam and the Prophet all we wanted and we wouldn’t have to worry about any terrorist or violent response; the same way we clearly don’t with insults to Christianity and to Christ because liberals’ attacks in and of themselves prove that Christians don’t respond with violence.

We wouldn’t have to worry about Muslims becoming radicalized by rhetoric unless there was a terrifying undercurrent of radicalization within Islam to begin with.

Islam has a giant inherent problem; it has the problem of a violent Prophet whose last commands to his followers were calls for violent jihad.

But that’s only part of the problem today.  That’s always been a terrifying problem.  But Barack Obama has given us a NEW terrifying problem that has guaranteed that the crisis within Islam WILL come to our shores and ultimately through our doors.

As I’ve already pointed out, there are now MILLIONS of refugees created by Barack Hussein Obama’s demon-possessed policies.  And instead of dealing with the root cause of that refugee crisis, Obama as the lying craven coward and pathological demagogue that he is instead began to demonize Republicans for not wanting to allow ten thousands and yes TENS of thousands of Muslim refugees to enter the United States from Syria.

So here’s the thing, actually THINGS: 1) Islamic State immediately boasted that they would infiltrate the refugees and enter target countries; 2) they did just that when TWO terrorists with Syrian passports came into France and initiated violent jihad in the Paris bloodbath; 3) the Syrian government has completely broken down; we have no contacts with them; we cannot even possibly spot terrorists coming from there; 4) then we learned that Islamic State had captured a passport card machine as well as blank passport forms to create passports that are in every appearance “official”; 5) then we get terrorist woman who entered America in spite of having attended a radical school only to leave that school for another because the first was not radical ENOUGH, and to post Facebook promises that she would join violent jihad BEFORE applying to come into America – and 6) Obama let her in on a visa!!!  When you consider 7) that the Democrat Party demands that we let in tens of thousands of potential terrorists, whom they have proven beyond any doubt that we cannot possibly vet with any reliability, the only reasonable conclusion is that the Democrat Party is a clear and present danger to the United States of America.

But the amazing thing is that Democrats actually, insanely, have a REASON to allow thousands of terrorists to flood into America: because every new terrorist attack amounts to a new “justification” to confiscate the guns from the American people that they have dreamed of doing since it worked out so well for Hitler and Stalin and Mao in securing their unrivaled power over all opposition.

So Obama mocks the Republicans for not wanting to let in “widows and orphans.”  In spite of the facts that 1) the vast majority of “Syrian refugees” are men of military age and 2) WE JUST HAD A WOMAN WHO WAS A “WIDOW” AND LEFT BEHIND AN “ORPHAN” MURDER 14 AMERICANS AND TRY TO MURDER NEARLY TWO DOZEN OTHER AMERICANS.

Islam has a pathological problem with violence that Democrats ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT confront Islam and the Islamic world with.  There is absolutely NO REASON for Islam as a religion or Islamic countries to try to reform because the left is united in saying that Islamic terrorism – which Obama calls only “violent extremism” because he won’t allow ANY association with Islam – has nothing to do with actual “Islam.”  And so no one from within Islam will ever rise to the occasion and fight.  They won’t because they have no reason to.  And there is no reason to because Obama and Democrats refuse to allow them to have a reason to fight.

So this phantom 62 nation coalition that is doing nothing is led by a United States under Obama that is doing nothing.  For the record, as CNN’s Wolf Blitzer reports, the Muslim nations that allegedly are part of this “coalition” of Obama’s have launched fewer than 5% of the laughably pathetic airstrikes (most of which return to base with all their bombs and ammunition) and NONE of the airstrikes since August.  Where are the damn Muslims?  And the answer is they are nowhere to be found.

I mean, think about it: either Muslims are doing these terrible things and Islam needs to confront their own, as conservatives maintain and have BEEN maintaining, or else this has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam and therefore Muslims don’t need to do a damn thing to deal with it.

So if you want to have a billion radicalized Muslims with Muslims doing NOTHING to prevent a coming bloodbath, just vote Democrat and bloodbath will come to you.

If we don’t go in there and wipe out the roach nest that is all of Islamic State territory; if we do not confront Islam and FORCE them to in Obama’s words “fundamentally transform” Islam, we have no hope of winning this cultural war for the soul of the world.

And a major reason is that “secular humanism” is simply a nihilistic, hollow façade that is not worth fighting for.

Look, we need to either confront Islam with its terrorism and we need to go into Syria and Afghanistan and anywhere else Islamic State has metastasized and exterminate this threat to the world or we need as a nation to shut our borders to all Muslims and ultimately even forcibly deport all the Muslims who are already here.

You need to understand that we already had a massive terrorist attack by the children of Muslim refugees who came here: remember the Tsarnaev brothers who bombed the Boston Marathon?  Their parents showed up on a tourist visa and then claimed refugee status and their children ultimately became radicalized Muslim terrorists.  The fact is that Muslim refugees are quickly becoming embittered and radicalized in Europe even if they didn’t start out that way.  Look at what is NOT being reported in the mainstream media about what is beginning to happen in Europe from Obama’s “poor widows and orphans” that the media doesn’t want you to know about.

You are going to see more and more anger and bitterness from  these refugees.  Even if they weren’t terrorists when they started out.  If you look up words like “burn” “Muslims” “rioting” “France” on Google you’ll see that virtually every single year since 2005 Muslim youth have violently rioted and burned.  You’ll see “No-go zones” in Muslim communities where even the POLICE are terrified to enter.  And that bitter spirit is going to go everywhere that large numbers of Muslims go.  Because that’s just what happens, like it or not.

End the refugee crisis by going in and fighting the Islamic terrorist threat and dealing with Islam’s pathological tendency to produce terrorists or else ban all Muslims.

Those are our only two choices.

Me, I’m for the first one: I’m for not merely idiotically demanding that we keep bringing in tens of thousands of the millions of refugees Obama has created; I’m for ending the reason that we HAVE millions of refugees by giving these poor dispossessed and desperate people back their land and their homes that were usurped by a vast terrorist army.

That won’t happen under ANY Democrat.

Which means we’re ultimately left with either facing a hundred San Bernardinos a day in the near future or else we’re left with banning all Muslims.

That’s the deranged logic that gives Donald Trump his growing poll numbers right now.  He’s a creature manufactured by Obama’s horrifying weakness and morally idiotic policies.  And the only way we’re going to get rid of a Donald Trump is to get rid of the Barack Obama who made him possible.

Donald Trump offers a bad solution.  Should we ban all Muslims?  We shouldn’t ban all of ANYBODY.  But a bad solution can and will become the best solution if we don’t take the only solution – going into Islamic State’s very heart and killing the monster once for all – that can win this fight for our culture’s very survival.



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6 Responses to “How The Completely Failed Liberal Foreign Policy Makes Donald’s Trump ‘Ban Muslims’ Policy Make Sense”

  1. FMC Says:

    “Donald Trump offers a bad solution. Should we ban all Muslims? We shouldn’t ban all of ANYBODY. But a bad solution can and will become the best solution if we don’t take the only solution – going into Islamic State’s very heart and killing the monster once for all – that can win this fight for our culture’s very survival.”

    I agree with your assertion that the real solution is going in there and killing the monster.. Of course, with Obama we will not do that. However, I do not disagree with Trump’s proposal, either. For the record, he never said ban all Muslims permanently – only until the government can get a handle on the situation. Of course, we all know that the current administration has absolutely no intentions of doing so.

    As soon as I heard Trump’s Mulsim ban, I knew that the MSM would leave out the part where he said until the government can get control of the situation and figure out what is going on. Now, I am not supporting Trump, only stating the truth. I am happy to see that my man Cruz is making ground lately!

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    I’ve got to point out one thing. When you say, “For the record, he never said ban all Muslims permanently – only until the government can get a handle on the situation.” we can put it into an XY intercept:
    Ban Muslims until government gets a handle on things = ban all Muslims FOREVER because the government can’t even get a handle on its own ASS, let alone terrorism or Muslims.

    I mean, seriously, when is the government going to get control of ANYTHING???

    I wasn’t arguing for Trump here; I was merely pointing out that if we don’t fight terrorism there, we will have absolutely no choice but to ban Muslims here. It’s one or the other, liberal. And ultimately if we ban all Muslims, it will be LIBERALS’ FAULT for refusing to fight them.

    I’m not a Trump person either, by any means. I mean, the guy is NOT a conservative. He is for single payer healthcare (socialized medicine), he’s for a far-reaching view of seizing land from landowners on Eminent Domain, he’s been for not only abortion but partial birth abortion. He’s been on the other side of dang near everything. As a rather pertinent example, Trump was saying just a few weeks ago we should let Syrian refugees in on humanitarian grounds. Oh yes he DID:

    Just a few weeks ago Trump was saying we should NOT fight Islamic State and that we ought to let RUSSIA and IRAN fight instead:

    And then this slick weasel just turns on a dime and rabidly contradicts his spew and none of his supporters have the brains to care.

    He has absolutely no integrity or honesty whatsoever; he is a demagogue of the lowest and worst kind. He is every bit the malignant narcissist Barack Obama is – maybe even WORSE because unlike Obama Trump actually has actual success to back up his view of self-deity.

    I understand that people are getting beyond pissed-off rabid; I’m ONE of them! But it’s a shame when we get angry and then form a circular firing squad and shoot ourselves. And that is what we’re doing by even considering Donald Trump.

    We are in TROUBLE as a nation. Things are about to go from awful to a whole lot worse.

  3. FMC Says:

    “Ban Muslims until government gets a handle on things = ban all Muslims FOREVER because the government can’t even get a handle on its own ASS, let alone terrorism or Muslims.”

    Oh, they have a really good handle on this, at least from their perspective. This is all by design. They get more democrat voters and if some Paris-style attacks come along the way, that is good, too, because they can use that to take away our guns and make government even more totalitarian.

    I live about 1 mile from a Mosque. I know many Muslims, even one who was born in Palistine who regards me as a good friend. He hates Israel with a passion and I find that hard to swallow. Actually, every one of them in that Mosque hate Israel. If you ask me, if they hate Israel, they hate America, too.

    To the north of me is Dearborn, Michigan. Many down here call it Dearbornistan because it is basically a Muslim city. There they aren’t very tolerant, either, but of course we are supposed to be. The Muslim families there don’t just have one or two kids, they have many and their population is growing. Someday, we will have some of the same problems as Europe. Hopefully, God’s endtimes timetable runs out before that.

    Personally, I think the Muslim faith is anti american and it is definitely anti Christian and we should not allow them here period. When their numbers get large enough, they will start demanding Sharia.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    “This is all by design”


    Oh, I completely agree that “this is all by design.”

    The article I wrote for yesterday begins, “Is this all part of a plan?”

    We can call illegal immigrants “undocumented Democrats” at this point. There is absolutely zero question that the Democrat Party machine has the most cynical plan to “weaponize” illegal immigration. They don’t CARE how much it harms the nation or the American people.

    And yes, I believe there is no longer any question that Obama politically WANTS terror attacks because we wants to “weaponize” them into an attack on the American people and their Constitution. When you take away the people’s right to keep and bear arms, you take away the people’s right to keep and bear FREEDOM.

    And that’s when the final act of taking the rest of our freedoms away will be put into motion.

    But right now, WE’RE actually helping them DO it with some of the psycho policies Donald Trump is spouting.

    The words of a journalist imprisoned by Hitler always come to mind:

    “I am writing this from cell 24. Outside a new Germany is being created. Many millions are rejoicing. Hitler is promising everyone precisely what they want. I think when they wake to their sobering senses, they will find they have been led by the nose and duped by lies.”

    I actually think the American people have to too large of a degree (i.e., we have reached the terrifying tipping point) are now IMMUNE from “waking up to their sobering senses.” When they are lied to and the lies come home to wreak havoc, they will believe a new lie. And then a different lie after that one’s ravaging consequences come home. And so on.

    The thing about a “Muslim ban” is that it will ultimately end up as a “Christian ban.” There is absolutely no question whatsoever at this point that liberals hate Christians FAR more than they hate Muslims, radical or not.

    You seriously don’t think liberals will be able to use THE IDENTICAL SAME POLICY against Christians?

    And you say, “Oh, no! Muslims are TERRORISTS.”

    And I say, “Just like you’re going to be called soon. Especially if Obama wants your guns and you refuse to give them up.”

    I’ve argued and argued against the gun-confiscating mindset that “a few bad or crazy people with guns justifies our seizing all the guns.” That’s not going to be possible any more because now some conservatives are saying “a few bad or crazy Muslims justifies banning all the Muslims.”

    I read in the newspaper that the outfit that exposed Planned Parenthood’s harvesting of baby body parts is going to have to go before a judge in San Francisco and show that they DIDN’T incite people to violence (i.e. terrorists).

    Bad arguments are contagious and spread to other issues. And they have a terrible tendency on boomeranging back (like your biological weapons experiment that infect your own instead of the enemy).

    We’re going to be the next “terrorists” whether we hurt anybody or not. If nothing else, it will be an extension of the Obama “logic” that to morally confront your enemy is to “radicalize” your enemy because your words are tantamount (at least to moral idiots) to violence. And the enemy is RIGHT to kill you if you say a truth that they don’t like, after all. So Christians will become “terrorists” for “inciting” Muslims to “radicalize.”

    Oh, yeah, this terrorism thing is ultimately going to be a real boon for those who want to finish taking away what’s left of American liberty.

    Martin Niemöller, a Christian pastor who spent seven years in Hitler’s concentration camps, put it thus:

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    When they come for YOU, will you have already provided your torturers with all the legal justification they need to haul you away and feel good doing it???

    My point in this article was NOT that we should ban Muslims!!! For the official record, my point is that WE NEED TO GO FIGHT THESE TERRORISTS, WE NEED TO EXPOSE THE CONNECTION BETWEEN ISLAM AND JIHADISM, AND WE NEED TO DO IT NOW BEFORE WE LOSE OUR VERY SOUL AS A NATION.

    There is no question that Muslims have a direct nexus with terrorism. There is also no question that most Muslims are not terrorists. We need to deal HARD with the people WE KNOW are terrorists and go to where they are and kill them dead. We need to confront Islam with its crisis. We don’t need to start undermining everything that made us great.

    We’re at a point where we are too cowardly to fight for our freedom; so we’re going to start taking away other people’s freedoms to try to compensate for our national cowardice. And that despicable policy is going to come boomeranging back at the people who call themselves “Christians.” It surely will: the Book of Revelation confirms this not-yet but soon-to-be fact.

  5. FMC Says:

    “We can call illegal immigrants “undocumented Democrats” at this point.”

    Actually, I am kind of ashamed that I have never thought of this myself – “undocumented Democrats.” So simple, so true, yet so brilliant…. I like it.

    “When they come for YOU, will you have already provided your torturers with all the legal justification they need to haul you away and feel good doing it???”

    Of course I will, because I will always stand up for the truth and what is morally right and in the coming days, that will be enough justification for them. They will haul me away with me feeling good knowing that I did so…. Hopefully, God will have mercy and get us out of here before then.

    Have a merry Christmas for you and your family!

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    You have a Merry Christmas, also, FMC.

    We are currently watching the Democrat Party attack against America on every single front happening simultaneously. That is a fact.

    But we know the God whom we serve and we know He told us these days would come to pass.

    And we honor and celebrate His Son coming into the world.

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