The Democrat Party is Pro-Slavery. It Always HAS BEEN And Always Will BE Pro-Slavery

I was watching a History channel program on the most bloody battle of the Civil War – the grisly Battle of Antietam with 23,000 men massacred in a single day of fighting – and something popped into my head.

I’ve talked about the Democrat Party being the ideological force that created the Civil War over their determination to keep human beings in the bondage of slavery before.

I’ve also pointed out the basically unbroken chain between the Democrat Party of the Civil War and the STILL racist Democrat Party of today.

Oh, yeah.  I pointed those facts out in articles like “Harry Reid Invokes Slavery To Attack Republicans: The Real Story.”

I’ve written articles on how the Obama Democrat Party STILL wallows in open racism and swims in racial bigotry and feeds off of the bitterness and division and hate they create.

But I didn’t realize one critical way that the Democrat Party is the party of slavery until something occurred to me while I watched that program on Antietam.

The thing that occurred to me is the question, “What would happen if we were fighting the Civil War today, suffering those terrible casualties?”

And there is a crystal-clear, unmistakable answer: liberals would demand peace, and end to the war.  They would demand we stop the fighting and withdraw, suspend combat operations, cut-and-run.  It is who they are.

Okay, fine.  Great for Democrats.  They can claim to be the party that brought us an end to war.

But what would that have meant?  Well, it would have guaranteed that the institution of human slavery would remain intact.  Because the only way the Confederate States of America was EVER going to give up slavery is if they were FORCED to by strong men who were willing to take a stand and fight.

Today, thanks to the complete moral cowardice of Democrats, we have deaths from terrorism having already quadrupled under Obama, terrorism having increased by 150 percent in the first five years of Obama and a further 81% last year alone  – and that figure will be FAR worse when they tally it early this coming year as compared to 2014 – and we have the worst human refugee crisis in the recorded history of mankind as Obama’s failure to lead has created bloodbath after bloodbath that millions of refugees are forced to flee from.

This is a president who denied that there was a “war on terror” or for that matter any “war” at all; he played rhetorical word-games and created PC phrases like “overseas contingency operation” and “man-caused disasters” to masquerade the truth while Islamic State grew and grew and grew into a powerful monster.

And so, thanks to Obama and to every single Democrat being a coward and a liar, we have SLAVERY.  And slavery of the very worst and very most vile sort.

THIS is the real picture of the “war on women” today.  And it is ENTIRELY due to the Democrat Party:

Because to be a Democrat is to “hate war” and therefore to love the consequences of withdrawing from wars we desperately need to fight to prevent far greater evils.

So, yes, it really doesn’t matter how you slice it: if you are a Democrat, you stand for slavery and you always HAVE stood for slavery.


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5 Responses to “The Democrat Party is Pro-Slavery. It Always HAS BEEN And Always Will BE Pro-Slavery”

  1. Nikki Jones Says:

    This is a really moving article, It is so surprising that this issue is so under the radar that people are unaware of exactly what is happening behind closed doors.

    Please see also my artcle on modern-day slavery in the UK and how the employers are taking advantage of the poor refugees.

    Let me know your thoughts?


  2. Nikki Jones Says:

    It makes me so sad to see posts like this, I can’t believe that in this day and age this type of slavery still exists. We need to educate more to raise awareness.

    Please see my post on modern-day slavery and let me know your thoughts?

  3. Michael Eden Says:

    Well, I looked at your article and two primary thoughts came to my mind: the first thing is the critical realization of the fact that it was Judeo-Christianity that ended the practice of human slavery and it was Christian heroes like William Wilburforce who championed the abolition of slavery in the Western Europe that is also known as “Christendom.”

    There is simply no other sufficiently powerful worldview to end slavery; secular humanism stands for nothing, and PC merely redefines who ought to be a slave (i.e., white males).

    As we speak, leftist universities as part of what can only be called a brainwashing indoctrination exercise are hosting “Privilege Marches” as part of their “white privilege” movement. Leftists are little different than other Stalinist or Nazi socialists of the past – we merely redefine who is a modern-day “Aryan” (now it’s people of color and women in the Democrat Party coalition) and who is a “Jew” (white heterosexual males and conservatives of ANY color).

    I am watching the Democrat Party and liberals document as a matter of routine their true motivation that has nothing to do with “race” or “gender” when I see blacks like Clarence Thomas or Hispanics Ted Cruz or Sarah Palin viciously demonized and demeaned as a matter of routine by the professional left. Imagine the furor that would have exploded in 2008 had a prominent mainstream media publication used the imagery of an organ grinder exploiting monkeys to depict a minority candidate’s children; but that’s EXACTLY what the Washington Post did to Ted Cruz. It is merely one recent incredibly shameful example of the massive racial double-standard among numerous others.

    Today I am watching the Democrat Party committing the same moral crime that has ALWAYS been the primary force behind slavery: they are demonizing people on the basis of qualities that the people they demonize are not guilty of: you cannot demonize somebody on their race or their gender or what their parents did for a living or how much their parents earned doing it. But that is EXACTLY what the Democrat Party does as a matter of routine. White men are held guilty of the crime of “privilege.” It is the very same ends-justifies-the-means EVIL that has led to the worst of human hate. And all Democrats have done is create a race-based coalition to redirect that same spirit of hate to a new target.

    Do “Black Lives Matter” or do “All Lives Matter”???

    If you insist on saying only the first, YOU ARE A DEMOCRAT. Democrats cannot say “all lives matter” and especially that “white lives matter” without being booed and political destroyed. It is EVIL.

    Continuing, the very slavery I write about – slavery as the result of ISLAM – is more the fault of the DEMOCRAT PARTY than any other group of people in America, bar none. We are watching the very same party that demonizes their opponents as “warring on women” whitewashing the ULTIMATE WAR ON WOMEN.

    Is Islam a “religion of peace” the way Democrats keep telling us no matter how many damn terror attacks they launch in the name of Allah? Then fine, slavery is okay and the enslavement and oppression of women is fine. Otherwise, we just exposed a second front PROVING that Democrats are completely irrational and EVIL when it comes to their whitewashing of Islam and Islam has to be held responsible for its depravity and forced to acknowledge it and transform from it. But NO Democrat and for that matter even more than a few RINO Republicans won’t allow that transformation to take place.

    The second thing you highlight in your article is the “enslavement” of illegal immigrants in the UK – something that Democrats and RINO Republicans are responsible for here. Every single nation on earth has a right to maintain its borders and keep non-citizens out of its territory. That is part of being a “nation.” And when you look at a Hispanic nation like Mexico and see how they deal with THEIR illegal immigrants – – and any reasonable person would be forced to conclude, “How are Republicans ‘racist’ and horrible again?” But no.

    Democrats want race-based voting, and ignite hate that will drive racial groups to the polls, which itself is EVIL. And RINO Republicans want cheap labor.

    For the factual record, there is absolutely zero question that illegal immigration drives down wages by cheapening EVERY low-skilled American’s labor by sheer brute economic fact; that the more you have of anything (read “unskilled labor”) the lower the price for that thing will always be.

    But allowing illegal immigrants to flood into this country creates a festering wound that one political party is exploiting in the most cynical way imaginable.

    I am sickened by a Hillary Clinton who calls other people “sexist” when she collaborated to demonize and attack female victims of her husband’s sexual predation. She brought up Donald Trump as a recruiting tool for Islamic State when in fact the primary recruiting tool was her own damn husband for his sexual degeneracy. Hillary Clinton is the living embodiement of “war on women” who got off a child rapist and LAUGHED about it. The young girl Hillary destroyed said that Hillary Clinton took her through HELL. Her whole candidacy is “I’m a woman and you should vote for me because of my gender.”

    Again, a quality that she has no control over. And what would Hillary Clinton say or ANY Democrat say of a Republican who said, “You should vote for me because I’m a MAN.”??? But being a Democrat is being a hypocrite who says what I do is right and if you do the same damn thing I do you’re WRONG WRONG WRONG. So Hillary Clinton is out there saying women are better at things such as listening, etc. Which is another way of saying Hillary Clinton has thrown open the door to the counter that MEN are better at certain things, too. And for instance you should elect a MAN because men are stronger and will keep you safe and protect you.

    Which would open the floodgates of hell as the Democrat Party attack machine goes into full kamikaze mode over THE SAME DAMN TACTIC HILLARY CLINTON JUST USED BEING TURNED AROUND.

    Because to be a Democrat is to be a hypocrite without shame.

    Now, I know I went where you didn’t want to go. But we DO have a terrible problem with slavery. And that problem is being IGNORED by the party that says that Islam is “peaceful” and “a tolerant religion” when it ISN’T. And we are seeing a massive rise in slavery because a) Obama has done NOTHING to stand up for freedom in the world and b) because the rest of the world has been using the exact same demagogic “logic” that the Democrat Party has embraced.

    I want to stand up for freedom and dignity in the world. I want to end the “you’re not human so you don’t matter” logic that has justified the murders of more than sixty million human babies in America. Because if you’re something that can be aborted without guilt you’re something that can just as rightly be ENSLAVED without guilt. And if women are the targets of slavery they are also the targets of sex-selective abortions that we see all over the world. I want to stand up for a world where people are held to the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, so I want to see an end to the horrible Democrat Party’s racial coalition based on fomenting anger over race. I want to stand up for truth and see an end to hypocrisy where liberals cynically and demagogically blather on about things that they are more guilty of than ANYONE BAR NONE.

    That’s how you end slavery. You have to have a worldview – and I submit a Judeo-Christian worldview – that is sufficiently powerful to value human dignity and to value truth (see John 14:6 and John 18:37). Every single other ideology has not only failed but has massively increased evil. So both Hillary Clinton and before her DNC leader Debbie Wasserman Shultz could NOT distinguish between “the Democrat Party” and “Socialism.” This is a genuinely terrifying thing because socialism is the most murderous and human-dignity-crushing worldview of all time and has resulted in the murders of well over 100 million people.

    Some things truly ARE worth fighting for, by which I mean combat. I think of these young, innocent and all-too-often CHRISTIAN girls being enslaved and I want to rise up and FIGHT to end that by any means necessary including war. And the very last thing on earth I would EVER do is go out and justify the worldview behind these girls’ sexual enslavement.

    We’re actually seeing this sexual oppression and determination to enslave women MASSIVELY DEMONSTRATED within Islam. AS WE SPEAK Muslim men in fully half a dozen European countries and over a dozen cities are attacking and denigrating women:

    What they are displaying, Nikki, is the rabid refusal to integrate into the Judeo-Christian valuation of women. Women are THINGS to them.

    And so I turn it on you, Nikki, and ask for YOUR thoughts on that? This is what I want to hear from you that I can’t say I heard in your article: WHY is slavery bad if Darwinism is true and reality amounts to the survival of the fittest? WHO is responsible for slavery today? WHY has it so exploded? WHO is whitewashing this giant wrong? WHAT can we do to fight it and defeat it? And finally WHICH worldview do you point to that has the power to demand that people be willing to risk their very lives so that others may be free?

  4. Lucia Jane orlando Says:

    The repulicans blacks or uncle Toms repulicans evil then and now. Colin Powell is the werst of them all. I mean colon Powell the vowl movement of peer repuplican crap on are nation .

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    Lucia Jane Orlando,

    All I know is you have a truly despicable notion of the racism you embrace and elevate. As racist as you are in pushing race into everything – as opposed to MLK’s Dream that one day we wouldn’t look at each other as “white” or “black” but as human beings – you proceed to dogmatically state being “black” = “being a liberal Democrat.”

    By the way, your liberal education system obviously truly failed you. Your spelling and grammar are nearly as poor as your ability to think.

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