Biased Media Coverage Of RNC From Police: ‘when we get there, we have 20 protestors; we probably have 80 people from the media there’

Saw the Cleveland police chief on a video statement noting that there were often 20 protesters with 80 media trying to pimp the protest to create that sought-after propaganda narrative of unrest.

Prior to the RNC, I recall the frenzy of leftwing media speculation that the open-carry laws that Ohio has with guns would turn the convention into a massacre zone.  But at the moment this is where it stands:

Ohio’s open-carry provision had raised concerns that large numbers of armed activists might roam the streets, but only a handful have materialized at the main protest sites.

When asked what he thought of the Cleveland Police’s efforts to date for the convention Williams said, “Right now, I think so far, so good,” but agreed that the significant number of reporters at the convention had made the job of police “a lot more difficult.”

“We have more media than protesters,” Williams concluded.

As always, the problem isn’t guns; it’s the leftist propaganda that demonizes guns.  It isn’t guns that commit acts of mayhem anymore than it was a truck that committed that terrorist attack in Nice (where the terrorist managed to get a gun in spite of the toughest gun control laws in the world).

Let’s ban trucks.  Cars, too, just to be safe.  And I’m sure a kid riding a tricycle fast enough could kill an elderly person.  Better ban them.

Have you heard any “mea culpas” from the media about how WRONG they were about the hysteria on the open-carry laws and how they DID NOT RESULT IN THE VIOLENCE THEY PREDICTED???

The crickets are chirping.

But I just want a record of how the media is pimping every scintilla of anything negative they can.

The words of Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams:

“Our jobs’ a lot more difficult, yes, yes.  Sorry, I mean, most of the time when we get there, we have 20 protestors; we probably have 80 people from the media there.  And we’re tyring to separate out and get a handle on what’s going on, and we have more media than protestors.”

Just so desperate to get the dirt on Republicans and create their horrible image of the RNC that “reporters” are like hungry goldfish greedily swarming to eat bratty children’s spit at a pond in front of a family restaurant.

Let’s see if the media covers the 20 protesters at the DNC with those kinds of swarms and that kind of coverage.  I’ll just tell you in advance that they won’t.

Because to be a “reporter” today is to be a biased, leftwing ideologue propagandist.

And just consider the protests:

We’ve already seen this crap before as anti-Trump Democrats burn flags and terrorize and beat Trump supporters at other Trump events.  Democrats are traitors to every decent thing this nation has ever stood for; and the way they “demonstrate” has continued to be proof of their treason.

Thank God, now they’re setting themselves on fire when they try to burn the symbol of our nation that far better men gave their lives to defend.

And again, the same police that these same vile vermin target are on the job protecting these people from their own moral idiocy:

“You’re on fire! You’re on fire, stupid!” a Cleveland officer shouted at a protester while firing the extinguishing spray.

That’s why Democrats are so incredibly dangerous: all the stupidity of monkeys without the fear of fire and the corresponding instinct for self-preservation.

You tell me if you hear a speech begin with the words, “blue lives matter!” at the DNC.

Believe me, YOU WON’T.

The media are also hysterical covering the “negativity” of the RNC and how it’s all about tearing down Hillary.  Consider the New York Times story:

From Links to Lucifer to Calls for Execution, Republicans Seethe at Hillary Clinton

The Los Angeles Times says the RNC has ONLY been about:

Unifying a party against Clinton, not for Trump

Again, like the way the media swarmed those 20 protesters with 80 media, you just watch how the hysterical, hateful, anti-Trump rhetoric gets covered at the Democratic National Convention next week.  Because rest assured, IT WON’T BE.

I’m just stating as a simple fact that the mainstay speeches of this RNC convention have been from Donald Trump’s family.  And they have been VERY MUCH “for Trump.”  But the media simply ignore that.

ALL these propagandists will focus on at the RNC is the negative, because as ideologue rodents dishonestly masquerading as reporters, these people cannot and will not notice anything positive about the Republican Party.  It’s just not in their shriveled little roach souls.

We’ve seen this garbage throughout the RNC.  When Melania Trump “plagiarized” a small fragment of Michelle Obama’s DNC speech, I never heard a single balanced report about the fact that Joe Biden plagiarized an entire damn speech and Barack Obama plagiarized one of his most powerful speeches.  But then it was “just words,” I suppose.

Apparently, Michelle Obama invented “hard work” and the phrase that “your word is your bond” the way Al Gore invented the internet.

It would have been nice had “journalists” put Melania Trump’s “plagiarism” in a historical context.  You know, point out that both the Democrat president and vice president did far WORSE, and that Melania, after all, is just the WIFE of a candidate, and NOT THE CANDIDATE.

Just remember the slanted way they covered the RNC and then watch how suddenly everything that was so awful suddenly becomes so wonderful when the same reporters get to the DNC.

The one thing you can ALWAYS count on from the media is to be unfair and dishonest in absolutely every single thing they do and say.


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6 Responses to “Biased Media Coverage Of RNC From Police: ‘when we get there, we have 20 protestors; we probably have 80 people from the media there’”

  1. FMC Says:

    Over the years, I have had numerous arguments with lefties who swear up and down that the media is biased in favor of Republican/conservatives. I’ve never understood this and these confrontations always left me scratching my head – am I missing something. Well, throughout the nomination process, culminating at the RNC, Hillary’s scandals, compulsive lying etc, and the concomitant media’s coverage of this and blatant bias, It should be obvious to anyone with some semblance of a brain that we have the resurrection of Joseph Goebbels propaganda ministry. If it weren’t for the MSM, these Democrat charlatans wouldn’t have a chance.

    – I just finished reading the two latest books from Dinesh D’Souza and they were both most excellent.

  2. truthunites Says:

    “The one thing you can ALWAYS count on from the media is to be unfair and dishonest in absolutely every single thing they do and say.”

    The media hates Ted Cruz, especially Faux News.

  3. Michael Eden Says:

    Yes, we see this all the time between the media, between academia and between “science” that is now openly political.

    Consider that Obama just wrote a highly political article that was published by JAMA.

    One of the patently false claims Obama makes in this “peer-reviewed” and “scientific” article is that ObamaCare has pushed premiums down. One little problem: something called “reality”:
    California Obamacare rates to rise 13% in 2017, more than three times the increase of last two years

    And this is hardly new: we’ve seen skyrocketing premiums ever since this demonic takeover of our health care system first emerged:
    Obamacare premiums soar as much as 78% to help cover ‘essential health benefits’

    When you exclude the “subsidies” that falsely appear to make healthcare cheaper (because SOMEBODY STILL HAS TO PAY FOR THAT, DUMBASSES), it is unimaginable how destructive ObamaCare has been to the cost of healthcare. People are paying more and more for “insurance” that doesn’t actually equal “healthcare” because the networks have shrank and there are too few doctors in those networks. Oh, and the massive deductibles that make your “insurance” USELESS:
    Many Say High Deductibles Make Their Health Law Insurance All but Useless

    But hey, Obama told his outright political partisan lies in JAMA. So the lies must be true.

    There is no credibility any more in ANY institution and I can easily explain why:

    We are seeing all the titsuckers of government coming out in favor of the government tit that they suck. It is as simple as that.

    Science LOVES “global warming” or “climate change” or whatever the hell garbage you call this garbage science because scientists have received hundreds of billions of dollars to “study” it. And all they have to do is keep crying wolf to get more money for more studying.

    One of my favorite claims of “historians” is that Nazism was “right wing.” Yeah, in the sense that it was the right wing of the most extreme radical LEFT it was “right wing.” The Nazi Party was a WORKERS party and it was a SOCIALIST party. And you tell me which side of the spectrum that puts them on. What you find if you examine the Nazis honestly is that when compared to communism, it was Coke vs. Pepsi. Two very similar versions of the same damn leftism. And they hated each other because they competed over the same leftist ideologues. So people say the Nazis broke up the unions. In fact they did THE SAME THING the communists did, replacing the unions with one great big giant government-approved union they could control. Liberals say Nazism was militaristic, being too damn stupid to realize that the Soviet Union fielded the largest and most powerful army in the world, second only to the Chinese communists in sheer manpower. You talk about racism and the Nazis, and these fools have no idea that the Soviet communists were still committing genocides with their native populations a HUNDRED YEARS after we abused our American Indians And Stalin murdered ethnic populations by brutal starvation to the tune of millions. And being socialist, the Nazis merely had a slightly different form of government control over the means of production; rather than simply owning it outright, they imposed laws and regulations requiring corporations to comply with the regime so the regime still controlled the means of production.

    Sounds “right wing” to me.

    We live in a world immersed in lies. Because Satan is “the god of this world” (2 Cor 4:4).

  4. FMC Says:

    You should also point out that the Democrats of the 1930’s were in bed with the European fascists. A young JFK went to Nazi Germany in the 30’s and when he came back, he called Hitler a legend and said that opposition to Hitler is rooted in jealousy. FDR admired Mussolini and thought that Italian fascism was ahead of The New Deal. He even sent a crew over to Italy to study Italian fascism. Ironically, Mussolini read FDR’s book and said that it was good and that FDR was a fascist just like him.

    Democrats had to cover this up. I think that is why they try to associate fascism, nazi and holocaust with being right wing. Democrats always find a way to blame someone else for that which they are doing or guilty of. If I am not mistaken, I think that is one of the tactics of Saul Alinsky.

  5. Michael Eden Says:


    If you read Jonah Goldberg’s incredibly excellent work “Liberal Fascism,” you see that going back before Hitler, the American left was in love with the fascists and openly admired how they “got the trains running on time.”

    To be a liberal is to be someone who has abandoned the God of the Bible for the god otherwise known as the human State. And the bigger and more powerful their State is, the bigger and more powerful their GOD is.

    That has been proven true over and over and over again going back to at least Woodrow Wilson.

  6. FMC Says:

    Yes, I have that excellent work, have read it and will most likely read it again. Hitler’s holocaust put a big stain on fascism. As a result, Democrats had to distance themselves from it, even though they still intended to pursue fascist ideas. If people in the U.S. are forced into concentration camps and murdered off, you can bet that it will be the Democrats doing it. If somehow you and I end up in the same camp, at least we will have something to discuss and maybe even plan an escape before we are gassed.

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