Trump Family FAR More Important Than The Republican Politician No-Shows And Non-Endorsements In What Really Matters To Americans

“I don’t know if I can trust this politician.  But if other politicians say he or she is okay, then, well, that politician must be okay.”

If you think that way, you are already so far into the progressive liberal Democrat anus that all you have ever seen your entire life is fecal matter.

You have to be a true worshiper of government to think that way.  If you want a politician who is adored by a political establishment that was created by politicians, for politicians, then Hillary is your crook.

For the rest of us, does it really matter if Jeb Bush and the Bush family, Mitt Romney and his RINOs, or even a clearly butthurt Ted Cruz and John Kasich either won’t show up or won’t endorse if they do bother to show up?  Notwithstanding that ALL of the above gave a pledge to support the Republican nominee (including Jeb Bush as shown here), and NONE of them had the character to stand by what they promised they would do.

But does it really matter what the “establishment” says?  How much confidence do you really, truly have in these people that they are honest and aren’t just doing whatever the hell they think is in their political interests?

The question that Hillary Clinton and the Democrat attack machine is most throwing out is whether Donald Trump has the temperament and the character to lead America.

And you know what?  The best people – the VERY best people – to sway most voters will be Donald Trump’s family.

It turns out the man did a pretty good job raising his kids.  An amazing job, in fact.

The man that Hillary Clinton constantly demonizes would have raised the Texas Chainsaw Massacre family.

He didn’t churn out a bunch of spoiled, sociopathic psychos.  These young people have each given THE most powerful speeches of the RNC describing the father they know and have known intimately for their entire lives.

We find that Donald Trump has been a loving, caring, involved father even though he was an incredibly busy businessman.  He took the time to raise his kids to be humble, forcing them to start from the very bottom of his businesses and work their way up so they could understand not only the business and the elements of the business, but to get to know the human beings who make up that business from the lowest rung up.

Tuesday night it was Tiffany and Donald Trump, Jr. who spoke.  And knocked it out of the park.  After Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement endorsement speech, Eric Trump followed up and gave a solid speech.

Up tonight, to introduce her father, is his daughter, Ivanka.

She’s told the story of how she would call her daddy’s business collect.  And how the call would always go through to her daddy.  And how no matter what he was doing, or who he was meeting with, Donald Trump would take his daughter’s call.  And if he was meeting with important people, he would introduce them over the phone to his daughter.  And tell them what a wonderful girl she was.

Is that really Hillary’s monster???

How did such an evil man raise such good kids?

How did a man who so despises women raise such talented, confidant, powerful daughters?

Donald Trump didn’t leave it to Ted Cruz to come up right before him and set the stage for him.  And in hindsight that’s obviously a rather good thing.  Rather, Trump turned that all-important duty to the smart, talented daughter that he spent his life empowering.

You can tell more about a person by the family who love them than you can by the political elites who have their hands in that person’s pocket.

The real “Trump Towers” are his kids.  And look how high he has raised them.

That’s the real message that has come out of the Republican National Convention so far.  And you can trust that the dishonest mainstream media will do everything they can to ensure that the people who haven’t watched will NEVER hear about that fact.


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2 Responses to “Trump Family FAR More Important Than The Republican Politician No-Shows And Non-Endorsements In What Really Matters To Americans”

  1. Invisible Mikey Says:

    I’m afraid you are probably correct that it does matter to voters if a candidate appears to be a good parent. It shouldn’t, because there’s no solid corollary between being good at one’s personal life and being an effective president. The Lincolns and Roosevelts had complicated, unhappy marriage and family lives, but were good presidents. John Adams and Jimmy Carter had great marriages and families, but they were failed office-holders. Reagan had a good marriage and presidency, but distant, troubled relationships with his children. I just don’t see how we can assume the two areas of life are very directly related. It’s a fine thing that Mr. Trump has good relationships with his children. It says nothing about what kind of president he would make.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Invisible Mikey,

    I agree with you. But what it DOES do is disprove the notion that the Democrats want to project that this guy is some sort of sociopathic monster who is going to push the nuclear button and kill all human life on planet earth. It proves that he probably is NOT the pure narcissist that he’s being depicted as being.

    I never had any grounds to argue that the Clintons weren’t “good parents” or that the Obama’s aren’t “good parents.” But the latter in particular was an AWFUL president. But just as neither of them fired off all the nukes, because these are people capable of caring about the future through their kids, there is every bit as good of a ground to believe that Trump won’t, either.

    This really gets to what I believe about voting: I don’t vote for somebody because I like them or don’t like them; I vote for a candidate because of the policies that candidate is espousing and second to the degree I trust that candidate to carry out those policies faithfully as he or she promised.

    The Democrat Party has been trying to make Trump unelectable because they were saying he is unstable. And he’s very clearly not, based on how all four of his kids turned out.

    But I’m with you holding my breath hoping he’ll make a good president and not knowing.

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