Liberal Lie Machine Refutes Itself: Trump Too Dangerous To Be Trusted With Nukes, But At Same Time Russia Wants Him To Be President?

Hillary has told us over and over again that Donald Trump cannot be trusted with the nuclear weapons codes:

“He loses his cool at the slightest provocation. When he’s gotten a tough question from a reporter. When he’s challenged in a debate. When he sees a protester at a rally.

Imagine him in the Oval Office facing a real crisis. A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons,” she charged.

Never mind the fact that her husband Bill actually LOST our nuclear trigger codes and left them vulnerable to foreign powers; just as Hillary proved she would do with her incredibly incompetent use of an unauthorized personal server because she was so fascistically determined to avoid any transparency or accountability.

So on the one hand, Hillary is telling us that if we were to elect Donald Trump, it would mean World War III as Trump loses his cool and starts a nuclear war with our enemies.

But on the other hand – at the same time she’s claiming this – Hillary ideologues claims that Donald Trump is cozying up to the Russians and that Vladimir Putin.  And that the Russians are actually trying to help Donald Trump win over Hillary.  And these attacks are delivered with frothing. rabid innuendo:

Until Friday, that charge, with its eerie suggestion of a Kremlin conspiracy to aid Donald J. Trump, has been only whispered.

But the release on Friday of some 20,000 stolen emails from the Democratic National Committee’s computer servers, many of them embarrassing to Democratic leaders, has intensified discussion of the role of Russian intelligence agencies in disrupting the 2016 campaign. […]

Whether the thefts were ordered by Mr. Putin, or just carried out by apparatchiks who thought they might please him, is anyone’s guess. […]

Okay, so here’s what we are to believe:

  1. Donald Trump is a mentally unstable man who would fly into a rage and push the nuclear button and start WWWIII if he becomes president;
  2. Vladimir Putin and Russia desperately want to be nuked and agonizingly and miserably in a hellfire of bubbling atomic ruin.

How does it not sound like anything short of INSANE to maintain both of these hypotheses???

Even committed leftists, when they analyze this crap, are forced to realize that it’s basically a load of crap.


Let me point out that TWO can play at the “can’t be trusted [with nuclear weapons or anything ELSE] game:

Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton Is Incompetent Liar Who Is Mentally Unstable (VIDEO)

How in the damn hell can you maintain that Hillary Clinton is mentally stable or trustworthy when she not only lies, but lies about her lies and then doubles– and triples-down, quadruples-down, quintuples-down, so on and so on ad infinitum, to lie about her lies about her lies?  What do you say about the crazed psyche about such an easily demonstrable pathological liar???

So allow me to make a far more likely theory as to what is actually going on here:

  1. As the Democrats clearly state, Vladimir Putin and Russia is behind the hack of the DNC and her personal emails that she illegally purged while under House subpoena.  Hillary lied like a lying whackjob claiming that the same Russia could not have hacked her email server that clearly had such supersecret U.S. national security emails on it that even the highest-level FBI agents on the case were not allowed to see those emails.  But yeah, Russia has them.  Putin has seen them.
  2. And in reading through Hillary’s illegally purged 33,000 emails, Vladimir Putin has horrifyingly come to realize that Hillary Clinton is truly insane.  These 33,000 emails that she purged and only Russia and our enemies have reveal that she has a soul more evil than even Hitler and Stalin.  And if she were elected World War III would be the certain result; and Putin is acting to save the world from that terrible end, because a Hillary Clinton presidency and the WWIII that would go with her presidency is not good for anybody.

You see, that hypothesis actually holds water.

Hillary Clinton was revealed to be “a congenital liar” all the way back in 1996.  She has been caught on the record lying about big things and little things, personal things and policy things, pretty much everything under the sun.  And absolutely NO ONE can now reasonably question that she is in fact a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.  And there comes that point where she crossed the line and demonstrated that she is a truly mentally unstable person who is incapable of acknowledging reality.

There actually IS one other hypothesis, and it is this: that this isn’t about mental instability, it’s about Russia’s determination going back to the 1940s to mess with the United States every chance it gets.  And a pathological incompetent fool like Hillary Clinton has already demonstrated that she will put on a kick-me sign by allowing our worst enemies to penetrate her secret fascist server, just as the Democratic National Convention has proven that they are pathological incompetent fools because they had linked themselves to the Hillary servers the Russians so easily penetrated.

Russia’s got Hillary’s emails.  The 33,000 permanently purged emails that even the FBI weren’t allowed to look at along with the numerous emails that they found that had all kinds of vital national security secrets that Hillary gave away to our worst enemies.  And there are two and only two terrifying scenarios, with the second being even more terrifying than the first: that either the Russians will leak one embarrassing and incriminating email after another or will use the emails to blackmail Hillary into favoring Russia over her own people; or worse yet, that the emails reveal that Hillary Clinton is an insane psychopath who will blow up the world if elected president.

You pick.

Don’t worry.  The media will be honest and will question Hillary’s sanity every bit as much as Trump’s.  Yeah, I know.  That was a joke.  Of COURSE they won’t.

Just as they won’t fixate on the stories that prove that Obama has been an utter disaster for our economy while doubling our national debt and literally racking up more debt than every single past president (George W. Bush included) COMBINED.  They won’t talk about the fact that not only in spite of but BECAUSE of that massive government spending that sucked the life out of our private economy, entrepreneurship is at an all-time LOW and “For the first time in over 30 years, more businesses are dying off than being created.”  They won’t talk about the fact that small-business start-ups are at an ALL-TIME LOW.  Just as they won’t talk about the fact that under Obama terrorism will skyrocket by 1,900 percent over when George W. Bush was president; or that we can know FOR A FACT that Barack Obama just did something that makes the “Iran-Contra scandal” look virtuous in comparison.


Will you get the facts you need to make a sound decision about whether you want another four more years of Obama as Hillary becomes his third term or whether you want CHANGE???

They won’t talk about that; they’ll slander Trump with talk about being a bully and throwing out babies.  I’ve got a screenshot to the Politico smear here and here’s the link to the article they will likely purge now that it’s been proven to be an ideological and biased attack.

Trump_get that baby out of here

We continue to get these incredibly bogus stories like the gold star Muslim and the baby Trump kicked out of his event garbage.  To the extent they can, the mainstream media can be “trusted” to depict Trump as badly and terribly as possible.  Sometimes – as in the baby that no Trump did NOT kick out – they will go so over the top they have to correct the record.  But most of the time they will just continue to create a narrative that they would never turn against Hillary even though there is a hell of a lot more evidence to do so.


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4 Responses to “Liberal Lie Machine Refutes Itself: Trump Too Dangerous To Be Trusted With Nukes, But At Same Time Russia Wants Him To Be President?”

  1. bob Says:

    I call the mainstream media the enemedia. Breitbart is the only news site that tells the truth and that I trust. Great that they joined the trump train too! Trump loves America. I’m so sick of the lies about him. Where are HilLIARy and obozzo when Louisiana is in a state emergency? Exactly. Enjoying her nasty husbands birthday and obozzo is golfing. Trump is the only one that cares and I know would make America Great again! Look at and if you haven’t already. This is our last chance of saving the US. Every liberal needs to watch clinton cash too. Anyone can go to and look at trustworthy news and they have clinton cash for free on their site and youtube. Clinton had her shot and look at all the lies and damage she has caused! It’s time for someone to kick the elites butt to the curb. We need a Brexit here in the US and Trump is our only way to fix the US or soon Hillary will have us living in a 3rd world country dump like the middle east where the muslims that are coming from it need to go back. They can’t be vetted, won’t assimilate and do not preach peace. Every day there is a new attack that the enemedia hides but doesn’t hide it. Even US equality chief said he made a mistake and they will never assimilate! In Germany they are losing billions because they refuse to work or volunteer, get free housing, transportation and food and say they are “Merkel guests.” Look at sweeden with all the rapes and Germany! I’m sick of all the fake islamaphobia stories told in enemedia. has an article today about all the proven fake “hate crimes.” We do not want sharia law! We want to have America be great again and protect its citizens first! We are about to politcally correct ourselves off of a cliff. It’s ridiculous. What ever happened to free speech? Hillary is trying to ban it by taking breitbart away as she doesn’t want people knowing the truth! That is something a dictator would do! Bribart is the only news site where you can state your opinion on comments and they don’t get deleted if they are positive about trump, rebublican, not supporting illegals, if you say anythint negative about a muslim like just telling people about what they believe, etc. Facebook, youtube, twitter, etc has banned together to take away free speech. It’s only considered “worthy” if you are behind the agenda by the liberals in office. Wake up people! We won’t have a country if Trump doesn’t win! He wants border while she wants bridges! Look into what is going on behind the scenes! Breitbart explains it all! Any liberal reading this…wake up and vote Trump 2016!

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    Donald Trump was NOT my candidate when I had a choice. But at this point I have no choice. I have voted in every single election since I began to serve my country as a soldier when I was a young man and I am going to vote in this one. The choice is between Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton – and there is no question that Hillary Clinton is a criminal traitor who belongs in a prison cell.

    So I didn’t like McCain but I voted for him. I didn’t like Romney but I voted for him. Now I didn’t like Trump – mostly because of his tendency to use over-the-top rhetoric that makes it so easy to demonize him it is beyond stupid rather than his actual policies – but rest assured, Bob, I will crawl over broken glass from my deathbed to vote for Donald Trump this November.

    I hope Donald Trump proves me wrong and is the greatest president in US history because I love my country. And the biggest reason I hope that is that to prove me wrong, the first thing that has to happen is Trump has to get ELECTED and Hillary Clinton can finally receive the federal investigation into her criminality that she deserves.

  3. George Meredith MD Says:

    George Meredith ·
    George Meredith MD

    In the year that preceded her run for the Democratic nomination, Hillary’s aides pressured her to go to the Betty Ford Clinic because of her alcoholism. Willful Hillary resisted, choosing instead, to detoxify under the direction of an unnamed Internal Medicine detox specialist, working out of her Westchester home.

    Curiously when her personal Internist Lisa Bandack MD released Hillary’s medical record ( summary) on July 28, 2015, Bandark presented Hillary’s serum lipid and triglyceride studies, colonscopy report etc but cleverly neglected to mention Hillary’s alcohol rehab report. And the key liver function studies were likewise omitted from this personal physicians “summary”. Go to the July 28, 2015 Bandack report and search for yourself….you will find no CDT, no MCV, no GGT, no AST, no ALT, no BAC (blood alcohol level) and no AUDIT (Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test).

    Consider: a common defense mechanism for alcoholics is lying. They lie even when they don’t even have to! For alcoholics like Hillary Clinton, lying becomes a way of life for them.

    Attention! Hillary and her doctors chose to hide these things from us. Remember, Hillary sits atop a vast criminal network with which she and her narco trafficking cabal (judges, prosecutors, lawyers, private detectives, a variety of government agents, etc) have the power to steal this election. Furthermore, were they be able to steal this election, Hillary’s temper tantrums, so well known to her staff and her secret service detail, places the planet earth at considerable risk …..,.THEREFORE WE THE PEOPLE, should insist on a blood alcohol level should she, in a drunken rage, decide to push THE NUCLEAR BUTTON

    George Meredith MD

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Dr. Meredith,

    Hillary’s alcoholism – which is probably behind all of her stupid and paranoid decisions – is only one of many, many things that the most transparently dishonest and corrupt regime in the history of the United States has hidden.

    Thanks for posting that!

    Amazing what a horrible human being we might be electing in a week.

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