F@#king Bureau Of Incompetence: Same FBI That Cleared Hillary Keeps Clearing Terrorists Who Kill Americans And Hillary Wants To Be NEXT

Apologies for my hint of profanity above.  But the “F” in FBI has to stand for SOMETHING obscene at this point, given how degenerate they have clearly become under Obama.

Here’s the most recent story of the most recent terrorist attack in America:

Ahmad Khan Rahami’s father told FBI his son was a ‘terrorist’ in 2014, but agency determined he was ‘clean’
David Lawler,  New York   and
Harriet Alexander,  Elizabeth, New Jersey
20 September 2016 • 8:53pm
The father of Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man suspected of planting bombs in New York and New Jersey, contacted the FBI two years ago claiming his son was a terrorist, but the agency determined that he was “clean” and did not place him on a watchlist.
Mohammad Rahami said on Tuesday that he called the agency twice after violent attacks by his son on members of his family.
“Two years ago I go to the FBI because my son was doing really bad, OK?” he said. “But they check almost two months, they say, ‘He’s OK, he’s clean, he’s not a terrorist.’ I say OK.
“Now they say he is a terrorist. I say OK,” he added, speaking to reporters outside of the fried chicken restaurant he owns in Elizabeth, New Jersey.
Ahmad Rahami was arrested for aggravated assault in 2014 for allegedly stabbing his brother, but a grand jury declined to indict him. He had also hit his step-mother, his father said.
Mohammad Rahami said those attacks led him to call the FBI. During their conversations he referred to his son as a terrorist, law enforcement sources told US media.
The FBI opened an investigation but found no evidence that Ahmad Rahami had been radicalised, the sources said. It is unclear if he was interviewed at the time.
The agency is now focusing on Rahami’s trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan as it attempts to determine the motive behind the bombings, and whether he received training in bomb-making abroad.
He spent nearly a year in Pakistan from April 2013 to March 2014, during which time he married a Pakistani woman, it emerged on Tuesday.

Sorry, FBI, you got that one almost as wrong as you got it when you said that a woman who illegally installed a secret personal server to bypass the law and then destroyed every single email she didn’t want authorities to see using Bleachbit – AFTER receiving a lawful subpoena for those very records she purged – after smashing 13 cell phones and five iPads to smithereens wasn’t guilty of having done anything wrong in spite of the fact that she put all of our national secrets in the hands of our very worst enemies.

That destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice was so blatant even a Clinton News Network anchor simply refused to believe it had actually happened.

Oh, YES.  There is a LOT of evidence that Hillary Clinton has been “radicalized” and has been actively plotting against America.  But the Fool Bureau of Idiocy couldn’t prove it, could they.

This is NOT the first time the Obama F@#king Bureau of Incompetence had its gaze fixed on a terrorist suspect and let them go free to become a terrorist murderer; it is actually the FOURTH damn time.  The FIFTH time if you count Hillary Clinton, who already murdered Americans at Benghazi and undercover CIA assets through her hacked server and whose horrors haven’t even truly begun yet.

The same FBI that let Hillary Clinton get away scott free let Omar Mateen get away three times.  And we know how that one ended.

Hillary will end far, far worse than that.

I am still amazed that Obama’s Attorney General had a secret, illegal meeting with the husband of a suspect under active federal investigation, and that FBI agents assigned to aforementioned Obama Attorney General actually participated in the attempted cover-up of that secret, illegal meeting by ordering bystanders away and ordering them to put away their cameras and cell phones.

That was the FBI we have come to know and loathe.

It is also the mainstream media that we have come to know and loathe: they didn’t like it when Lynch and Clinton got caught red-handed rigging the system; so they just ignored it and pretended it didn’t happen.

Ignorance is bliss when Big Brother runs the show.  Because knowledge will get you sent to a gulag.

The FBI won’t start hunting down terrorists until it starts hunting down Hillary.

It is an amazing thing to watch what has happened to our justice, to our national security.  Both are contemptible jokes now under these obscene and demonic liberal progressives.

You could have said a year ago that the FBI was an unwilling and unwitting victim to this charade: after all, Obama and Hillary Clinton had crafted a system in which it was virtually impossible to actually compile enough evidence to INDICT somebody and convict them of a crime while at the same time making it impossible for our national security surveillance system to actually track anybody living in America.  But now that the FBI helped “clear” Hillary Clinton, that is simply no longer a valid argument, any more.

Another way to put it is the FBI have become the Federal Butchers of Integrity.

Instead of “investigating,” FBI agents are now being assigned to whitewash criminal and even terrorist behavior.

This is why Democrats are so ardently pushing for the replacement of all of our local police forces by rioting every single shooting of every single black suspect no matter how guilty or how much of a legitimate misunderstanding any shooting is.  It doesn’t matter that in many of these shootings of black suspects, the officer who shoots is himself black.  This crap is going on every day, and it is going on as we speak right now.  Because they want a FEDERAL police force that they can CONTROL and use as a WEAPON against their political enemies.

In this latest case I link to above, the black suspect shot by a black Charlotte Police officer had a gun near a campus and refused to drop it.  But facts simply do not matter to Democrats; they continue to chant, “Hands up, don’t shoot!” when it has been PROVEN that that alleged event did not in fact happen, that even Obama’s own rigged justice department was forced to claim it did not happen.

The mobs of Democrat activist thugs that loot and burn and ambush-assassinate police officers in the name of “justice” chant it anyway.

Are there legitimately BAD shootings of unarmed black people?  Sure there are.  There are also legitimately BAD shootings of plenty of unarmed white people, by the way.  But often times when there is a legitimately bad shooting of a black person, the cop who does the shooting is a star player for liberalism.  In Charlotte, it was a black officer; in Tulsa, it was a female officer.  Hire on the liberal “extra credit for being black or female” policy and what do you expect???  Do you want skilled police officers, or do you want politically correct police officers???

Didn’t you know that women are racists against black people???  Black people, too.  All it takes is being handed a badge and a gun and poof!  Instant racist!!!

It’s kind of an amazing end-of-days phenomena in which liberals exploit political correctness to put unqualified officers on the streets and then use the same political correctness to punish society for the result of the actions of the same unqualified officers they put on the streets.

Police departments across the nation are DESPERATE to hire black and female officers to appease a leftist machine that will NEVER be appeased until Dear Leader is running the world.

These Democrats have a political agenda that is truly terrifying.

They burn and loot and riot and beat Donald Trump supporters at event after event.  But which side is “violent”? why, the other side, of course.  How DARE Republicans stick their faces in front of Democrat fists and boots thinking they have a 1st Amendment right to peaceably assemble???

In the same way, you talk to a liberal and the war on terror was all Bush’s fault, right?  I mean, Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.  But he didn’t do that on a whim; he did that because we were horrifyingly attacked on 9/11 with nearly 3,000 Americans murdered.  We know that al Qaeda spent three years of mostly Clinton presidency plotting that attack.  But we’ve actually got liberal lunatics fool enough to believe that the whole thing was masterminded by Bush in less than eight months.  And, I mean, al Qaeda didn’t start planning this attack in 1998 out of a vacuum; they did it because of YEARS of Clinton weakness and appeasement out of their view that America was a “paper tiger.”

CNN analysis said that Osama bin Laden “spectacularly miscalculated” by thinking America was a paper tiger.  But that really isn’t quite true; it’s just that the weak, gutless pathetic administration changed by the time that the attack that they were planning was ready to be carried out, and that an administration who would actually fight back had come to power rather than another Democrat puke.

We’ve watched Obama for eight years do the same things that Bill Clinton did: gut the military, make American credibility a mockery, undermine our national security in devastating ways.  And the result has been a 1,900 percent increase in global terrorism since George W. Bush left office.  I remember Bill Clinton doing the EXACT SAME THING as this article from this year points out: “US military aircraft in decay, over half of fleet unable to fly.”  If our military wants to keep one plane flying under Obama, they have to cannibalize another plane for the parts.  That’s how bad it is.  And as Obama’s reverend infamously said, our chickens have now come home to roost.  And instead of fighting these Muslim martyr-murderers, Hillary Clinton wants to bring in millions more Muslim refugees.

Because we haven’t had anywhere NEAR enough vicious terrorist attacks yet.

Meanwhile, the same party that is responsible for a one-thousand, nine-hundred percent increase in terrorism is blaming the party that has been out of power SINCE that increase occurred and is actually arguing that disarming the American people is the way to keep that people safe.  The “logic” is that the more dangerous the situation is, the less you should be allowed to have any chance of actually defending yourself.  The “logic” is that “Donald Trump” is responsible for recruiting the Islamic State terrorists that only exist today because Barack Obama first ignored their rise, then ridiculed them as “JayVee,” then did virtually NOTHING as they created the world’s worst refugee crisis in all recorded human HISTORYUNICEF says that FIFTY MILLION children are refugees now.  And that has exploded because of one incredibly wicked man named Barack Obama and one incredibly wicked political party a.k.a. the Democrat Party.

Weakness is the worst provocation of all.  Except for maybe a woman president to the outrage of men who force women to wear burkas from their heads to their toes with even their eyes veiled in many cases.  So this will be your future “feminist” if Hillary Clinton is actually allowed to be our president:

Image result for women in burkas images

Image result for women in burkas images

Realize: to every single Democrat, THIS is “peaceful”; THIS is “tolerance.”

Barefoot, pregnant, and head-to-toe in BURKA.  And women will have VOTED for it.

To be a Democrat is to be the worst form of FOOL the world has EVER SEEN.

Progressive liberal feminists rabidly despise the Christianity that gave them the most freedom that the world had ever seen.  And they’ve demanded something else.  Well, they’re going to GET something else – until that something else gets THEM.

If liberals had so much as a shred of integrity, no one would be fighting Islam harder.  But they DON’T have a shred of integrity.

So you don your burka, Democrat woman.  Because according to you, that is peaceful and tolerant and these are GOOD things, are they not???

Meanwhile Barack Obama gave a whitewashing, reality-denying speech yesterday at the United Nations, blithely ignoring the fact that HE led the world into a crisis that Hillary Clinton vows to explode even worse.

How can all these things be?

Because the Antichrist is coming, and very soon every Democrat will proudly take his mark on their right hand, or on their forehead.

We simply live in the time before that still-future event happens.

And all you need for all of this to play out is what we have today: the denial and the obstruction of justice by those who should have been its greatest guardians.

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4 Responses to “F@#king Bureau Of Incompetence: Same FBI That Cleared Hillary Keeps Clearing Terrorists Who Kill Americans And Hillary Wants To Be NEXT”

  1. dog walker Says:

    I got a relative that is in the FBI. I kind of don’t really like him and he kind of doesn’t really like me. Relative on the wife’s side.

    He is ostensibly a Christian. Of course it ain’t nothing for me to say about that. Only reason I disavow Christianity is because I figure I would be an embarrassment to it.

    Athletes, well yeah I fancy myself an athlete. I leave it to the gentle reader to figure if that is silly or not. i am an old guy.

    What is funny about this guy is that he likes this pseudo barefoot running thing. Cool enough. I don’t know if you are paying attention to that genre. These guys wear like a neoprene sock with little toe socklets kind like a glove. They call it barefoot running. Somehow cool enough. They get that stuff at REI I am sure.

    All right. Let me fold in Christianity. He was telling me and anyone else who would listen that he prayed to the Lord for guidance about that barefoot running thing. Hey, cool. But he is all tatted up like a Ubangi, both arms for I figure about a thousand bucks worth.

    I asked him if he prayed to the Lord about them tats. Our relationship kind of diminished from then on.

    Oh, yeah, and I took him on my morning climb once. I think he and I both wanted to see how FBI conditioning stacked up against an old guy, a madman. I made him cry. Well, alright, figuratively or metaphorically or some damn thing.

    He is always packing. I am always packing. He does it, it is kind of obvious. I am way more subtle. Of course he doesn’t have to be subtle although I think you can get a hole poked in you badge or not if you play that wrong. That can be from fellow LE.

    I am pretty sure I am on a bad list with those hoseheads. Then again some folks think me paranoid.

    I went an seen my little Angelman this morning. So nevermind all of that.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Never have understood the “tatted-up” thing.

    I’m old enough to know that there was a time when two and ONLY two groups of people got tattoo sleeves like we’re seeing today: fleet Navy/Marine guys and convict lifers.

    And the culture is NOT trying to emulate the fleet Navy/Marine guys, I’ll just let you know up front.

    It’s the “Look at me, I made myself look like I’m in a GANG! I look just like a dangerous criminal!”

    And I’m like, “And you actually think that’s a GOOD thing?”

    People who are old enough to know better don’t like all the damn tats.

    And they don’t think the barefoot fools have a whole lot of sense, either.

    Me, I’m one of those old farts with collapsed arches. And therefore I’m one of those people who know that people who don’t have adequate arch-support in their shoes are a special class of idiot.

    New theme: can old dudes be elite athletes?

    Yeah, to me they sure can, based on how I look at it. In the gym, I can lift poundages that would KILL most anyone driving by my gym. And then I can come back the next day and do it again.

    And from what you’re saying, you’re the endurance equivalent of me.

    A tiny, tiny fraction of the population can do what we do.

    And then you factor in the age thing, and it just starts getting ridiculous.

    Yeah, we’re elite athletes. We can do stuff that anybody who tries to do what we’re doing very quickly realizes they cannot even begin to do. We’re in a class that very few other people are in.

    New topic again: the disavow Christian thing. You know, there’s that saying that if you ever were to find a perfect church you shouldn’t go inside. Because whoever you are, YOU would RUIN it.

    It’s also true that Christianity represents the ONLY group in the world where members have to say they are totally depraved sinners in order to join. And God hates the proud, self-righteous holy rollers.

    Jesus teaches that as crystal-clear as you can get:

    To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everyone else, Jesus told this parable: “Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed: ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other people–robbers, evildoers, adulterers–or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.’ “But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’ “I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” — Luke 18:9-14

    Christianity isn’t about being “holier-than-thou”: IT’S ABOUT BEING FORGIVEN OF YOUR SINS BECAUSE YOU KNOW AND CONFESS THAT JESUS TOOK YOUR SINS ON HIMSELF AND LITERALLY TOOK THE BLAME FOR THEM AND PAID THE PRICE FOR THEM AND NOW GOD SEES US AS RIGHTEOUS BECAUSE HE LOOKS AT US THROUGH THE PERFECT RIGHTEOUSNESS OF JESUS. Jesus lived a perfect moral life in my place; He died the death that I was supposed to die, again in my place; and when He rose from the dead, He brought all who claim in and believe in Him with Him.

  3. dog walker Says:

    Heh, elite athlete, my mind goes there. I am pretty sure I climbed over 100,000 feet this summer. I got to get me one of them Stravas. They are like a little GPS watch that will upload your exercise track and vertical profile to your Strava webpage. I ain’t gonna buy one though. They are like $300 and all they give me is bragging rights and people I know not only don’t care but are kind of resentful.

    Women, at school have asked me about my exercise. I ride my bike to that school so I don’t have to compete or displace them parking. These girls are more than a little overweight. But I get it. School jobs don’t burn a lot of calories and they load you with the kind of stress that precipitates comfort eating. That is a candle burning at both ends. I hesitate to even tell them about my regimen. Tomorrow I am going to try for a 5000 foot climb. I will probably lose 3 or 4 pounds. If they think just riding a 15 minute commute to the school is doing the trick… well it is better than nothing, so if they pick up on that no harm done. I think my body is a present from God. I figure it is on me to take care of it and enjoy it.

    Disavow Christianity thing, there was a guy who denied Christ three times the very night he was taken captive. I guess I ain’t that bad. I think I gotta start my day praying for my path. Maybe I gotta spend some time in a region of the Bible that I don’t choke on.

    Going to church, I am probably a ways out on that. Weirdly, I get to looking down my nose at people that I don’t figure for good enough and even weirder I go to Bible study and argue with the guys that have been studying it for decades. I am kind of an unpalatable guy in a church. I ain’t what you would call a people person.
    Other weird thing between me and Church is that I don’t see Church as a healthy place.

    Figure this, working guys go to Church after having spent a week working. Working for most people isn’t exercise. They all got that stress comfort eating thing going on. Then Sunday is the service and a big ole pot luck. Man o man that is good food but it is doubling down on the damage I done to myself all week.

    Saturday is for sleeping late and enjoying marriage followed by honey do’s. Sunday is for burning it all off.

    Wait a minute. I am retired. I got every day. But figure this, I don’t know any retired guy that can do anything like I can do. If I hang with them I end up drinking beer and playing golf. Hey, and we gonna need a golf cart. Care to guess why?

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Well, you DO have to realize that the “looking down” thing works both ways. Jesus excoriated the Pharisee for looking down his nose at the tax collector. But do you seriously not think that Jesus would not have excoriated the tax collector had HE been the one looking down HIS nose at the other guy?

    If somebody were to tell me, “I hate Christians who go to church. They are so judgemental!” My immediate response would be, “Wow! What an INCREDIBLY JUDGEMENTAL thing of you to say!”

    It takes all kinds to make up a world. It ALWAYS takes all kinds.

    And the same with church. There are all kinds of people there. Some of them I frankly don’t have a lot of time for. I have no idea why they are there; it sure doesn’t seem to be to serve, worship or honor God. Then there are the people whom I would literally willingly lay down my life for; the truest salt of the earth.

    There’s a saying called the “80/20 Rule” that is now more like the 90/10 rule or even the 95/5 rule: that 20 percent of a church does all the work while the other eighty percent just shows up. We talked about being “elite” in our training, but I’m elite in more ways than one: I am one of those few who show up and SERVE GOD and seek to honor Him and bring Him glory and praise. That’s my mission in this life. And “my people” are the people who are like me and have that passion to serve. And I count it a privilege and an honor to be around those few.

    They lay it all on the line. They serve. They work. They have PASSION.

    The New Testament uses the phrase “one another” to command Christians to assemble together 100 times. Here’s a link that may not even contain all of them, but you ought to see how important it is:

    Another good link is here that tells you more: http://overviewbible.com/one-another-infographic/

    My hikes are my time to deal with my stress and to put my day into perspective. It’s also my time to pray and to just stop and look at the sky and marvel. Somebody made all this by an awesome design; somebody made our bodies and yes, in the words of Psalm 139 they are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Somebody is the Author of Life itself; and according to that same Psalm 139 the lives of Angelman and the girl with Autism are to be cherished.

    The amazing thing about the Bible is that it truly is GOD’S Word; it aint my opinion and what is even more important to me it’s aint your opinion or anybody else’s opinion: IT’S GOD’S WORD. And that settles it. I will gladly stand with God and be judged by the world rather than stand with the world and be judged by God.

    That’s how I work and that’s how I play, too.

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