The Dishonesty And Hypocrisy Of The Establishment Coming Out In Rabid Rage Against Trump While Whitewashing Clinton Machine

Let’s get a few things out of the way: do I support Donald Trump?  Have I EVER supported Donald Trump?  Hell no.  I literally cried when it was obvious he was going to win in a horribly divided GOP primary where none of the field was able to truly gel any real support and Trump was able to win by process of division.  And I don’t have time to link to it, but you can see what I had to say way, WAY back when Trump said his despicable remark about John McCain as a POW and mocked his heroism and sacrifice of those who suffered more than any other servicemen for being American warriors.

It’s Donald Turd versus Hellbound Clinton.  And the question before the voters is “Who is the least worst?” and even more importantly, “Who has the less vile and destructive vision for America?”

So that said, am I voting for this turd?  Yeah.  I have never been more politically miserable in my entire life, but yeah.  Things are getting really bad in America, and only the worst fools don’t realize it; last election we had a choice between a man who, as a Mormon, believes that Jesus Christ is the spirit brother of Lucifer and a man who actually IS the spirit brother of Lucifer.  That was awful enough.  This race now is a race to the very bottom of the cesspool and the one who comes in second to the bottom of the sewer will be your next president.  And as bad, as awful as Donald Trump is and frankly always has been, Hillary Clinton is utterly evil.  She is corrupt, she has sold out America.  She is literally a traitor in giving away with utter contempt and disregard our national security.  And what she did she did under color of authority.

So we have this “leak” of a tape of Donald Trump that is eleven years old but somehow just came out.  It was owned by NBC, which hired Donald Trump and profited off of him for ELEVEN YEARS.  NBC aggressively promoted Donald Trump on all their programs for YEARS.  But as always in liberalism what is wrong is right until it becomes convenient for it to be wrong again.  That is how these loathsome hypocrites ALWAYS operate.  And when Donald Trump was their money machine and they very clearly didn’t believe he had done anything wrong when he was their money machine.  If you don’t think that’s fair, let me just ask you this: why didn’t NBC bring this to light over a decade ago?  Why did they just suspend the NBC-affiliated employee who was in the video with Trump now?  Why the hell is this only unacceptable NOW???

NBC and ALL of the media culture SWIM in the vile depiction of women.  But it is only an awful thing when a Republican can be slimed for it.

Hillary Clinton has built her entire political career deriving her success from her husband’s political success.  It was always, “When WE were in the White House…”

Well, if you get to take credit for the good, you get to take credit for the bad, Hillary.  If you get to take credit for Bill’s economy, you get to take credit for Bill’s lustful and degenerate appetites and his contempt for women that you spent your life whitewashing and enabling.

And so when WE were in the White House WE were manipulating young female interns to get on their knees and give US oral sex.  When WE were governor of Arkansas WE were sexually harassing a number of women, including Paula Jones.  And then WE called women like her “trailer trash” and WORSE.  WE created a “bimbo eruption squad” to destroy these women personally.  When WE were attorney general of Arkansas, WE were rapists.

WE had our law license taken away for the worst kind of dishonesty.  WE paid an $850,000 fine for our lies and our slander and our actions.  Altogether, Bill paid out about a million bucks for his vile immoral behavior toward multiple women.

Even the left now acknowledges that Juanita Broaddricks rape allegations against Bill Clinton are credible.  Before telling us that the woman who got off other rapists and “stood by her rapist” while taking credit for everything people think he did that were good somehow means we should put a rapist in the White House by proxy through his wife.

Because Bill the rapist WILL be in the White House and WILL be in charge over the most important thing in America, according to Hillary herself.

As you demonize Donald Trump for his vile “locker room” remarks, consider it’s not even CLOSE to what the Clintons did – especially when you also realize that Hillary decided to represent a rapist of a young girl whom she KNEW was guilty of rape, got him off on a trivial technicality, and laughed about it and mocked the girl who was raped after going after that child on the grounds that hey, she got herself raped – what a SLUT that little girl had to be.

Bill and Hillary are rapists together.  One rapes, one gets off rapists.  And booth will rape America every chance they get.

Trump is a horrible man now.  But I remember when Bill was dealing with all this stuff and somehow none of it mattered.  So why does it matter now, other than the fact that to be a liberal is to be a hypocrite???  Because people like me understand that it doesn’t matter WHO gets in the White House, WE WILL HAVE A HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING IN THE WHITE HOUSE.  Unless Hillary gets elected; then we will have A MATCHING SET OF HORRIBLE HUMAN BEINGS.

The left always comes out with, “They’re just coming out with these allegations because of politics.  Well, this is NOTHING more than politics.

And when the Clintons point a finger about sexual garbage, there are three fingers pointing right back at them.  But the media ignores that.

No one is paying attention to the other revelation that came out on the same day: when it was revealed that Hillary Clinton is for open borders and Hillary Clinton gleefully told her Wall Street pals that she has one position for the public and a completely different position that she’s actually going to pursue behind closed doors.  Hillary Clinton literally told her Wall Street buddies who gave her a quarter of a billion dollars that she wants all these horrible trade deals so they can get rich bankrupting the middle class.

Rudy Guliani claimed that Hillary was for open borders, and Politifact said it was a pants on fire lie.  But now we know that Politifact is the real pants on fire lie.  We’ve got the biased media and we’ve got the biased media fact-checkers backing up the lies of the biased media.  That’s what we’ve got today.

But don’t look at that; no, instead look at the egregious behavior of Donald Trump – and forget that you were told to ignore far, FAR worse from Bill Clinton when he was a rapist, a serial sexual harasser, a serial predator of young women.

This race has really ALWAYS been about which candidate will pick which Supreme Court Justices, whether America believes that socialism and regulation and taxation will make American businesses more prosperous and hire more American workers or whether it will continue to destroy entrepreneurship in this country which under Obama is the worst in the history of that statistic.

I’m holding my nose as I’ve never held it before.  And I’m voting for the lesser or two very evil evils.


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5 Responses to “The Dishonesty And Hypocrisy Of The Establishment Coming Out In Rabid Rage Against Trump While Whitewashing Clinton Machine”

  1. dog walker Says:

    The thing about that little girl is that Hillary actually slandered her in order to benefit the rapist. Hillary accused the little girl of having a thing for older men. So it was the worst case of doing exactly what women supposedly hate in rape cases. Blaming the victim.
    I watched about ten minutes or so of the debate.
    I am unimaginably angry. I am angry at Team Trump for not having the rejoinder that would kick the air out of Hillary’s sails.
    I am angry at Hillary for getting away with being a spectacular fraud. I told my wife that I am no longer suitable for volunteer work in her world.
    I hate Democrats.
    I think I linked you to articles about violence that occurred outside of Trump Rallies. People with no business being in our country involving themselves in our politics.
    Shots fired.
    I was assaulted for wearing a red tshirt. No kind of lettering or anything on it. Just a plain red tshirt.
    In my wife’s world people can prance around wearing their trademark sky blue with impunity. They dress their kids in it.
    So what?
    Welcome to the one party state. You get the significance of that I take it?
    Someone as corrupt as Clinton, how soon before she has a personal or private “brute” squad? Pretty good arguments exist that has already happened. Someone that can do “private” deals, can she do private deal with the Cartels? Can she get her “staffing” there?
    Pretty good arguments exist that the Clintons did “private” deals with China before they shold our manufacturing down the river. Also the technology transfer that facilitated China accomplishing launch capacity for ballistic missiles. This election is maddening.

    Give me that Bible quote that tells me how much I can hate my “brother” and still be a Christian.

  2. gr8kty Says:

    Unfortunately, Michael, everything you said is 100% true. But it can be said of Trump that he is pro-life so we have to give him credit for that. And I do think there has been a bit of positive movement in his spiritual thinking. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I sense that in him. Given the above, YES, he will get my vote — the lesser of two evils, I agree. I am helping my daughter-in-law on her campaign for Indio City Council. She brought me a special telephone and stacks of voter registration and I shall be “campaigning” for her via phone. Joan is a wonderful born-again Christian and I believe with all my heart she will be a great asset to the city of Indio.

    Have a good week, my friend. Ellie

    Have a good day!

  3. dog walker Says:

    Ellie, Michael,

    i just drank 100ml of whiskey and am sipping on a 25oz beer and that ain’t nothing to be bragging about. Politics is getting the best of me. Michael, I read your essays and I am all like, damn, this guy is my preacher. I suspect he has been everywhere I been. Thing of it is I gots to get a grip on where I am going.

    I believe in God the Father almighty, and his only son Jesus, who was born of a virgin named Mary. He suffered and died for us and a few days later he rose again and ascended into heaven and sit at the right hand of the Father….

    We lost. We are losing. Our country, our society is going down the drain and that is that. What do I got to do about it? Figure out Jesus. Figure out what Jesus would have me do in the face of the entropy. Can I say entropy in public?

    They ain’t nothin we can do. At least they ain’t nothing we can do that I want to do.

    I believe in God the Father almighty … some say that is all you need to do or say to accomplish what they call salvation. My wife says your life has got to change in order to prove that you are on the level.

    I love my wife. You should see her. My parents are both dead but they celebrated that I found her. I meet people that say “everybody loves Barbara.” They don’t exactly say that about me but I kind of don’t care.

    Self destruct. Here is me. This morning I did a 3300 foot age inappropriate climb. I am conspicuous in doing that. There are people that go to my climbing track to see if I am there and doing it. They ain’t doing it. They can’t do it. They don’t know. Here is me wrestling with God.

    I want to see if my heart will pop. Suicide by exercise, will God forgive me for that? My wife would likely be heartbroken but she knows what I am doing and she knows my mind.

    I seen an animal this morning that I didn’t recognize. I think it was a hedgehog…
    ANd I think they are supposed to be extinct in North America, but look at that picture on the wiki page. Man o man!

    Last week I seen a bobcat. Man o man.

    My knee hurts. Tomorrow I am going to hang out with little handicapped kids. F— politics.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    I believe deeply that EVERY Christian ought to show up and vote. The idea that Christians shouldn’t be the ones who decide which authorities are allowed to take over our nation and rule is evil.

    If ANYONE has the wisdom to vote, it is temples of the Holy Spirit.

    So I WILL vote. And I will vote for Donald Trump because although in many ways he is a truly revolting man, he still represents better values than Hillary Clinton’s rabidly anti-Christian and anti-Christ worldview.

  5. dog walker Says:

    Temple of the holy spirit, well of course I got to hear that even though you said it to Ellie rather than me. Severe depression. Don’t tell my doc about that. He’ll take away all of my guns.

    Did I tell you that I hate Democrats more than I love my little guys? Well I take it back. I went an seen Angelman and Downy Boy this morning. Those little guys get me back into right thinking. Downy Boy was being a pure terror this morning. Knocking everything down, tipping everything over. No recess for him.

    So me and Angelman… I wonder about this. I speculate that the guy is innocent. You know what I mean? I mean what level of cognition before you can sin? Babies can’t sin. That has to be true.

    So I think about Angelman sometimes in the context of purity. Him and Jesus are buds. That is how that has to be. Even though Angelman can’t comprehend a word of language. We don’t gotta tell him about Jesus and suffering and dying for our sins and all that. He don’t get it but he don’t need it.

    Temple of the holy spirit? Why am I thinking about that? Surely not just because you said it. I have heard it before.

    I couldn’t get Angelman to walk, well finger walk. You know, him holding my fingers and me getting him to take steps. So we sat down and just sat there in the wood chips that they got spread under the swings. He is picking them up and playing with them in his hands just enjoying or experiencing the tactile sensation of it all.

    Me, I was just experiencing some kind of timelessness. Earlier I just wanted out of there.But here I am. I can just sit there in the wood chips with Angelman and just feel comfort and peace. Like nothing really matters.

    Autism girl. I gotta come up with a better nickname for her. I don’t wanna use her real name cuz that seems like it would violate privacy or something. I had some interaction with her today. That is a big deal when you think about it. Getting her to interact with people. We were playing. We were playing a back and forth word banter. She doesn’t do that with people. My wife was teary eyed.

    My fear is that the people in her world are abusive or at the very least coarse. So we have a silly dialog or banter back and forth. But she is interacting with me. I think about all of the cool stuff I have done in my life. I have flown airplanes. I have collected money. Why is it that the most satisfying thing I can think of just now is getting a little girl to interact with me.

    Today was a good day. I gotta do that more often.

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