If Roseanne Barr’s ‘Apes’ Tweet Was Racist, Then Samantha Bee’s ‘C-Word’ Was Hateful To All Women, But Double Standard ALWAYS Applies

I’ll make my point right here, if it wasn’t already crystal-clear enough in my title: if Roseanne Barr’s tweet about Valerie Jarrett being the baby resulting from the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes was “racist” and an attack against all people of color, then Samantha Bee’s CBS network-aired spewage about the President of the United States’ daughter being a “feckless cunt” is misogynistic and an attack against all women,  And CBS is misogynistic and hateful to women for not having already fired her.  It is as simple as that.

So Roseanne Barr makes a stupid, and yeah, frankly racist comment about former top Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett.  Among the many reasons it was just beyond stupid is that Roseanne Barr frankly shouldn’t be throwing stones in glass houses when it comes to how other women look.  I also must personally confess that I remember finding “Dr. Zira” strangely attractive when I first saw her in the original movie.  But that’s another story.

And then, immediately after ABC proved it has a zero-tolerance attitude for anyone who could be perceived as a Republican saying anything nasty, Samantha Bee had this to say in viciously attacking President Trump’s daughter:

CBS rightly took some responsibility for the comment, because the word appeared on their network show which is NOT broadcast live.  Which means the entire network actively participated in Samantha Bee’s vile comment.  Whereas while the left and their many allies masquerading as “journalists” tried to make it appear – fake-news-style- that Donald Trump was to blame.  When in actuality it was only Roseanne and her Ambien, or whatever she was on.

It doesn’t bother me that Roseanne was fired.  Yeah, what she said was beneath contempt.

What bothers me is to be a liberal is to be a pathological hypocrite.  And progressive liberals are now every bit as much the combination of self-righteousness and hypocrisy as the Pharisees and Sadducees of Jesus’ day ever were.

In addition to Samantha Bee, who said something on a network and directly involved her network when Roseanne Barr did no such thing, we also have a Democrat  named Dan Helmer who is running an ad on these same self-righteous television networks that directly compares the President of the United States to Osama bin Laden.  Now, what makes that funny in a pathologically self-righteous hypocrite sort of way, is that Roseanne Barr’s exact tweet was, “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.”  And so we literally just had a trifecta of hypocrisy: Bee’s “cunt” remark is FAR more hateful than Barr’s “planet” remark; Dan Helmer’s “Osama bin Laden” ad was far more beyond the pale than Barr’s “Muslim Brotherhood” was; and Valerie Jarrett actually went to CBS which hosts Bee and participated in “cunts” to pontificate about Roseanne Barr’s unacceptable words.

But keep in mind, the same damn Disney which through ABC which oh-so self-righteously immediately fired Roseanne Barr has in its employ a vile roach turd named Keith Olbermann.  And he’s got his job.  And if these liberal progressive networks fire an Olbermann for hate, you can bet they will quickly rehire them.  Which they will never do to anyone who could be positively connected to Donald Trump.  Let’s go down memory lane and hear what a liberal progressive can spew and remain on the damn air.  And the same Disney that so quickly raced to fire Barr actually hired Olbermann POST-hateful spewage.  And yeah, Olbermann has also spewed hatred for women.  But that’s fine.

We’ve got Kathy Griffen rescinding her non-apology after doing a photo of herself holding an incredibly lifelike severed head of the President of the United States.  And amazingly in terms of self-righteous hypocrisy, she rescinded her so-called apology on an ABC program.  Somehow, I don’t think that taking back of an apology that was never sincere to begin with would have been quite so-okay had Roseanne Barr did the same ugly thing a few years ago with Barack Obama’s gory, severed head.  Any more than it would have been okay for Barr to hatefully attack – and even using the word “cunt” – against Obama’s daughter.

I haven’t forgotten what the so-called “journalists” did at their White House Press Correspondents gala through their vile mouthpiece Michelle Wolf.

A matter of days ago, the left was aghast and appalled and oh-so righteously outraged when pictures of the federal government holding illegal immigrant children in CAGES (like animals!!!).  But just one small detail: it was OBAMA who did it and the left had to go to photos depicting Obama hatred for immigrants to fake-news frame Donald Trump:

President Trump on Tuesday slammed Democrats who shared pictures of child migrants sleeping in cages to knock his immigration policies, only to backtrack after realizing the photos were taken during the Obama administration.
“Democrats mistakenly tweet 2014 pictures from Obama’s term showing children from the Border in steel cages,” Trump tweeted. “They thought it was recent pictures in order to make us look bad, but backfires.”

One photo of children in a cell was shared numerous times over the weekend amid outrage over Trump administration policies of separating illegal immigrant parents from their children at the southern border.

Trump opponents who shared the photo included activists, journalists and former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, who said: “This is happening right now, and the only debate that matters is how we force our government to get these kids back to their families as fast as humanly possible.”

Tucker Carlson ran a beautiful segment about how the progressive left incredibly hypocritically kowtows to human-rights abusing China.  When it comes to human rights, human freedom and human dignity, China is the greatest monster in the history of the world, but ALL the liberal progressive communications entities literally aid and abet China in its destruction of the human soul as a matter of routine.  And it’s easy to document:

This is the same regime from the Great Leap forward, the Cultural Revolution, the Tiananmen Square Massacre.  China now has a monster-dictator for life with even more power to unleash evil against humankind than Mao had.  But hey, this monster is willing to give liberal progressives lucrative access to the Chinese communist market, so no big deal.

The left doesn’t care about humanity or human decency.  These people stand for nothing.  They don’t care about black people.  They don’t care about women.  They don’t care about illegal immigrants.  They don’t care about anyone but themselves.  They never have stood for anything but themselves.  And everything has always been nothing more than an ends-justifies-the-means means to and end to these people whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron.

It’s hard for me to get too angry or upset about Roseanne’s racism when it’s so easy to demonstrate that the people who are the most “outraged” by it are themselves incapable of decency, or integrity, or honesty, or virtue of any kind.  It’s nothing but a game.  And in this game the progressive left constantly moves the goal posts and controls all the referees.  And when I condemn a Roseanne Barr, I am merely playing the game on their terms, because they will never condemn in the same manner their Samantha Bees, their Keith Olbermann’s, their Kathy Griffens, their Michelle Wolfs.  I merely participate with them in destroying my players, but they will never participate in any way, shape or form in destroying their players.

We stand for what’s right.  But the left will NEVER stand for what is right.

The Word of God prophetically described these people and this end-times generation that would be both hateful and lawless just before the coming of the beast whom they will worship because they are evil.  And here we are.

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10 Responses to “If Roseanne Barr’s ‘Apes’ Tweet Was Racist, Then Samantha Bee’s ‘C-Word’ Was Hateful To All Women, But Double Standard ALWAYS Applies”

  1. mattwwriter Says:

    Perhaps instead of repeatedly telling people what other ideologies do and don’t stand for, you should focus on honing the discourse of your own arguments, in order to write pieces with less-bias language. No political side is without fault, but your arguments will be strengthened if you justify your own, instead of attacking others.
    The only hate and outrage I’ve seen on this issue has come from right-wing news sources, search your heart my friend, find some inner-peace and have a great day! :)

  2. Phillip Brock Says:

    Michael, you are completely on target and we all know the left follows the man of lawlessness. All who read God’s Word knew this day was coming and it will be worse until the Glorious Day of His Appearing. I continue to pray that some of the deceived will change their hearts and turn to Jesus, but most have very hardened hearts. Thank you for your voice and encouragement to fellow believers. We thank you my brother.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Well put.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Bless you, Brother Philip!

    I have learned a whole lot more about “the mystery of lawlessness” and will have to write another article on it and the “man of lawlessness” who is soon to come!

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    That’s actaully quite remarkable that you haven’t heard any examples of left-wing hate. I guess you had placed your head in the ground ostrich-style because I refer to ONE such example of leftist hate in my dang title alone!

  6. mattwwriter Says:

    Women own the hate behind that word, due to the years of systematic oppression behind it. I would never dream of calling a woman the C word, but Samantha Bee is free to call any woman a C word. While I don’t agree with her use, as it reduces Ivanka’s actions to something trivial and a joke when the actions of this presidency are far from a joke, I won’t condemn her for using it. It’s not as bad as a male comedian using the C word, or a white comedian using racially charged language towards a person of colour. Thanks for taking the time to read my comment, have a wonderful 4th of July! :)

  7. Michael Eden Says:


    I profoundly disagree with you on this one respect: if you can use it but I can’t use it, you are a hypocrite by definition and being a hypocrite is the worst thing you can be.

    The word is either a good word in which we should all use it or its a bad word and none of us should use it.

    To create a system where the people who claim they most hate the word reserve the right to use it themselves merely guarantees that men will keep calling you that word for all eternity and feel completely justified to do so because you call yourselves that word.

    One day you’ll decide you want to stop being that word and you won’t use that word and you won’t tolerate ANYONE – male or female – using that word around you.

    But until then, please don’t try to “educate” me that hypocrisy is a good thing and that you ought to have some kind of right you would hate me for having.

    Have a great Independence Day, whenever that day is :)

  8. mattwwriter Says:

    Look, we can go back and forth all day, spouting our personal ideologies at each other, and possibly the occasional insult. But we’re both too far gone into our own beliefs that we won’t change each other’s mind, and that’s okay.

    You’ll probably think that because I haven’t responded directly to what you’ve said, that you’ve won the online debate, which is also fine.

    I just want to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry for whatever happened in your life that left you in a place of citing propaganda machines as sources, supporting self-admitted rapists for president and backing a prejudiced government.

    I’m not a hypocrite, and neither are you, I can see that.
    I know my all-inclusive, loving beliefs and I stand by them, because that’s what Jesus taught. You’re not a hypocrite because you stand by misinformation, rape and suffering. Three things which you obviously support by supporting this government.

    Congratulations on your lack of hypocrisy, and keep believing you’re one of the good guys.

  9. Michael Eden Says:


    You know, I tried to disagree with you in a polite, courteous way. But notice you just apparently can’t be disagreed with without getting rabies. I am referring to your incredibly patronizing “I’m sorry for whatever happened in your life” personal attack basically on my parents or my childhood.

    Again, I simply cite the very definition of “hypocrisy” as all the proof I need that you are incredibly wrong in your “What’s okay for me is immoral for thee” posture. Here’s the definition of the word “hypocrite”: “the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.” Hmmm. Does that apply to what you’re claiming is appropriate with the C-word? Oh, you are the living embodiment of a “hypocrite” if words actually matter. And if words DON’T matter, then the C-word is just another word that doesn’t matter and men can say it to women all they want. Saying it’s okay for you to do something you say it’s not okay for someone else to do. If you believe it’s appropriate for a woman to use a word that a man cannot use without being vermin, you are a hypocrite by definition of the word itself. And if words don’t matter, you already forfeit any right whatsoever to any argument you have, because the C-word itself is just another word people who despise truth can play around with.

    Self-admitted racists? Hey, lady, I didn’t vote for Bill Clinton, the only president we know for an absolute fact was a rapist. I hope you didn’t vote for that rapist who raped Juanita Broaddrick.

    I have to laugh at all the irony: during the Bill Clinton presidency not ONE of you liberals gave one flying damn about what that man did over and over and over to women. People just like you shredded any woman who came forward the way Paula Jones came forward and Kathleen Willey and Kathy Shelton came forward. We’re hearing over and over about Trump’s relationship with that porn star; Clinton had his OWN “porn star” sexual relationship that was exposed before your ilk elected him. Her name was Gennifer Flowers and you couldn’t care less that this man was a dishonest serial sexual predator at the beginning any more than you later cared about a 21 year old intern who was the daughter of a a major Clinton supporter at the end. And now you’re so full of self-righteousness because Republicans are acting like YOU acted and taught us how to play this game called politics. You told us that none of this stuff mattered and you were completely on the side of sexual predation during the entire Clinton era. Again, we call this “hypocrisy.” We tried. You won. You changed the rules forever. The Democratic Party unanimously voted that this would be the way the game would be played forevermore. The only thing that matters is politics and what political positions that a candidate for president has that his base likes: if he’s pro-abortion he can molest all the women and girls he likes and the party will protect him. Except now that when it’s in your naked partisan political interest to move the goal post again here you are all indignant. You demand that we be held to a standard that you yourselves rabidly screamed didn’t matter years ago? Again, the proper term for this is “hypocrisy.” You changed the rules and all the other side did was play the game by the rules you taught them how to play the game.

    That and the fact that 95% of the scumbag slimeball maggot men who have done these terrible things to women have been LIBERALS like Harvey Weinstein who is widely credited with being the horror show who started the Me Too movement, like Bill Cosby who endorsed Barack Obama between drugging girls and raping them. How many Hollywood and prominent liberal media figures have gone down in flames that were once liberal darlings???? It’s a shame you’re not capable of turning all that indignation upon all the roaches on your side who so richly deserve it.

    Your garbage about “propaganda as news sources” is so pathetic. Especially when you cite this fake news “fact” that Donald Trump is a “self-admitted rapist.” That news conference exists ONLY in the minds of THE most rabid propagandists. Holy crap, I remember so-called “journalists” from your side like Nina Burleigh who actually said that she would proudly get down on her knees and perform oral sex on Bill Clinton to thank him for his abortionist baby killing stance! THAT’s how to be an “objective journalist” is it??? But it’s actually even worse than that. Your rhetoric destroys any grounds whatsoever for any reasonable debate: I don’t have to bother debating anything you say; I can just trivialize your source. If I don’t like your source a fact gets to become a lie no matter how true it actually is. And ipso facto nothing you say or any opinion you have whatsoever counts for a damn thing. And presto bismo, I just won any and all arguments by the mattwwriter method. It’s so easy and I feel so smug and so smart!!!

    And let’s play the “who’s the real scumbag game” again. Matt Lauer, liberal rape roach. Charlie Rose, liberal rape roach. Michael Oreskes, liberal rape roach. Glenn Thrush, liberal rape roach. Mark Halperin, liberal rape roach. I can go on and on with all your “legitimate journalists” who have been publicly revealed to be the worst pieces of filth. I have a button that locks the door so women can’t get out and can’t escape my sexual attack. But don’t worry, I’m a liberal so all the crap I report must be true. And of course all these roaches were giving us the REAL news when they weren’t treating girls like dirt because after all they’re liberals and no liberal ever lied or said “It depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is.” Give me a break with your propaganda crap, you propaganda consumer.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Roseanne barr might have meant VR was Vernan Jordan a relative of Valorie jerrad . Maybe was talking about _Johnnie Weismiller, the real appman, but he was white.
    We all know that JW means Jehova Witness or JOhn Weis. Its all bad, so don’t use acronynyms. Its whats in your heart that counts .

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