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Failed President Obama Continues Campaign Lies While Unemployment Rate INCREASES In 44 Out Of 50 States (That’s A Ninety Percent ‘You Suck Rate,’ Obama)!

August 20, 2012

“When I grew up a ’60’ on a test was an ‘F’ for “fail.”  Obama’s getting ninety percent of the economy wrong isn’t just a failure, it is the mother of all failures; it is failure on steroids; it is catastrophic, world-class, historic failure.

Unemployment rate rises in 44 states
By Bernie Becker – 08/17/12 12:59 PM ET

Close to 90 percent of states saw their unemployment rates rise in July, a potentially worrisome development for President Obama’s reelection campaign.

The Labor Department reported Friday that 44 states in all saw their jobless rate go up, with four states seeing no change at all. Only Idaho and Rhode Island — along with Washington, D.C. — saw their rates drop last month.

The economy added 163,000 jobs in July, the Labor Department said earlier this month, a figure that beat expectations and outpaced the sluggish job growth of the previous three months.

But Republicans also latched on to the fact that the national unemployment rate ticked back up, from 8.2 percent to 8.3 percent.

The strength of the job market and the economy at large is still expected to play a key role in November’s match-up between Obama and the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, Mitt Romney.

If Obama doesn’t lose this election in a total blowout, it is all you need to know to understand how morally and rationally sick this nation has become.

The Jeremiah Wright “No, no, no!  Not God bless America!  God DAMN America!” presidency is moving along splendidly.  If Obama is re-elected, cue Antichrist, cue the Mark of the Beast, cue Armageddon – because hell is surely coming.