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Latest AP Poll Giving Obama 60% Approval Assumes There Are 59% (+17 Points) More Democrats Than Republicans

May 12, 2011

This just another example of the legion of bias in the mainstream media:

59% more Democrats than Republicans?  Really?  And we’re supposed to believe that after that vicious asswhipping Democrats got in 2010?  Riiighhhttt.

Let’s quickly do the math: 46% Democrats – 29% Republicans equals a difference of 17.  And 17 divided by 29 (the base number) is .58.6.  So there are 58.6% more Democrats than Republicans for this poll to be valid.

All The President’s Pollsters: AP Poll Skews Democrat by 58%
By John Romano

(YBH) – Covering American politics is a minefield even working with good information which eschews partisanship.

The AP was not helpful today in that lonely quest for unbiased intel.

They released poll numbers which have President Obama lurching forward with a 60% approval rating.  Sounds great for the President doesn’t it?

However, the AP polled a full 58% (+17 points) more Democrats in this poll than Republicans.  The AP always polls more Democrats for some reason (no explanation is given why), but this month’s partisan gap is the largest since April and May of 2009 when the Dem-Rep gap was +18 and +14 points respectively.   The poll released today had 46% of respondents self identify as Democrats and just 29% who identify as Republicans.

Not surprisingly, the President’s approval ratings in the three polls noted above that skewed most Democratic were the highest of his administration.  Each had the President’s approval numbers at 60%+.

Conversely, the two lowest approval numbers reported by the AP during Obama’s time in office was when poll respondents were distributed evenly among Democrats and Republicans.  In April and November of 2010 Democrats edged Republicans in the poll by just one point (November = Dem. 39%, Rep. 38% and April = Dem. 41%, Rep. 40%).  President Obama’s approval in those polls were 49% and 47%.

So when the AP releases its own poll and reports that, “In worrisome signs for Republicans, the president’s standing improved not just on foreign policy but also on the economy, and independent Americans,” perhaps the poll should be taken with a grain of salt.  What the heck?  Make it a grain of salt and a shot of Tequila for good luck.

The poll was joint effort between the AP and GfK Roper Public Affairs.  A call from YBH! to AP/GfK asking for a reason for the discrepancy was not returned.

If you trust the media farther than you can throw your giant-screen television across the front yard, you are a genuine fool.  It literally appears that they decided to give Obama 60% approval, and then figured out how many Democrats would have to be in their sample to obtain that pre-determined result.

Here’s a poll that is a little more based on reality:

Poll: Economy hampers Osama bin Laden boost
President Barack Obama’s approval rating continues to show a boost after the successful mission to kill Osama bin Laden, though it’s being weighed down by his lowest marks on the economy since taking office, a new poll suggests.

The president’s overall approval rating is at 52 percent in an NBC News poll released late Monday – a gain of three points since last month – while his disapproval rating dropped four points to 41 percent. The post-bin Laden bounce wasn’t quite as pronounced in this poll, conducted Thursday through Saturday, as it was in some polling done in the first two days immediately after the terrorist leader was killed.

Obama’s approval ratings are buoyed by big improvements in how Americans view Obama’s handling of foreign policy, with 57 percent approving, up from 49 percent in April. Meanwhile, Obama’s disapproval on foreign policy has dropped 11 points to 35 percent. Views of his handling of the war in Afghanistan have also improved, up 10 points since last month to 56 percent.

But views of how the president is handling the economy have dropped since April to their lowest levels since Obama took office. A month ago, 45 percent of Americans said they approved of his handling of the economy. That number is now down to 37 percent, while disapproval has risen six percentage points to 58 percent. Before this month, his lowest ratings on the economy came last August, when 39 percent approved and 56 percent disapproved of his job performance on the issue.

The poll was conducted May 5-7 and surveyed 800 adults. The error margin is plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

So AP and those who follow them claim that 58% of the country are enthusiastic Democrats, while in reality 58% of the REAL people are looking at Obama, then looking at their empty pocketbooks and their foreclosure notices, and then looking to anyone who can save them from Obama.

And the unjustified approval Obama is receiving for relying on Bush policies to get Osama bin Laden EVEN AS HE DEMONIZES THOSE VERY POLICIES is going to have a very short shelf life, indeed, according to most pollsters.  We can all remember George H.W. Bush having more than 90% approval after winning Gulf War I, only to lose to Bill Clinton.  And yet you’d think that Obama must surely be unbeatable given the media propaganda.

I think back to the World War II generation.  If you read the German propaganda at the time, Adolf Hitler was beloved to the point of deity.  The fact of the matter was that he never received more than 37% of the vote in any legitimate election.  Which only goes to tell you that fascism always works much, much better when the journalists embrace it.

I don’t know if we’re heading toward a 1984 society or an Animal Farm society.  But either one of them starts with massive disinformation that just keeps getting worse and worse.