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Why Obama’s Outrage Over “Lipstick” Comment Is So Outrageous

September 10, 2008

Barack Obama is “about-to-go-totally-postal” livid with outrage over the “lies,” “swift boat politics,” and “phony outrage” generated by his “You can put lipstick on a pig” remark that followed Palin’s “What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull?  Lipstick” quip.

(CNN) — Sen. Barack Obama on Wednesday accused Sen. John McCain’s campaign of engaging in “lies” and “swift boat politics” in regard to his comment about “lipstick on a pig.”
Sen. John McCain’s campaign said Obama’s “lipstick” line was an attack on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Sen. Barack Obama dismisses GOP criticism about his reference to “lipstick on a pig.”

“Spare me the phony outrage. Spare me the phony talk about change,” Obama said at the start of an education event in Norfolk, Virginia.

“We have real problems in this country right now. The American people are looking to us for answers, not distractions, not diversions, not manipulations. They want real answers to the real problems we are facing.

“I don’t care what they say about me. But I love this country too much to let them take over another election with lies and phony outrage and swift boat politics. Enough is enough,” he said, referring to how Swift Boat Veterans for Truth launched attacks against Sen. John Kerry in the 2004 presidential race.

But his outrage is itself outrageous.

Aside from the fact that Obama’s “lipstick on a pig” remark follows in the immediately aftermath of THE most famous line of a speech that 37 million Americans watched; aside from the fact that Obama would have had to be an incredibly stupid man NOT to have Sarah Palin in mind as a referent when he made his own “lipstick” remark; and aside from the fact that the crowd Obama delivered the remark too CLEARLY took it to mean a “red meat” mocking of Palin; Barack Obama’s own “phony outrage” merely serves to show what a dangerous hypocrite he really is.

This is the same Barack Obama who deliberately misrepresented John McCain’s remark about staying in Iraq for “100 years” into a vile characterization that McCain is the kind of mindless war monger who would keep us at war forever.  In the very same breath that he said “100 years,” John McCain pointed out that he would be for keeping troops in Iraq as long as they were safe, similarly to the way that we’ve had troops in Germany and Japan for over sixty years.

This is the same Barack Obama who deliberately misrepresented John McCain’s avoidance of answering how many houses he and his wife owned to morph him into some “older than retarded” filthy rich elitist who owned so many homes he couldn’t remember them all.  In reality, John McCain doesn’t own any houses; his wife owns them, and several of them are investments properties, and properties held by Cindy McCain in trusts.

This is the same Barack Obama who deliberately misrepresented John McCain’s JOKE about rich being defined as “$5 million” even after McCain said it would be distorted.

So Barack Obama’s selective outrage over “lies” and “swift boat politics” – when he clearly took a swipe at Sarah Palin – just serves to remind me of what a low-life piece of lying rodent turd this guy is.

You don’t like it when people critically examine what you say, Obama?  Then why have you done it over, and over, and over again?

John McCain’s 7 Houses: Liberals, Nuance, and Hypocrisy

August 22, 2008

In the aftermath of the Rich Warren’s Saddleback debate, conservatives were greeted with a new catchphrase to encompass Barack Obama’s windy, cerebral, abstract answers: nuance. Barack Obama’s responses to revealed his “nuanced” understanding of a complex, difficult, ambiguous world.

And of course, conservatives are depicted as having only enough “nuance” to kill some poor helpless animal and drag its carcass back to the cave.

The Obama campaign is also involved in a daily complaint session about how the McCain campaign is constantly engaging in lowball politics and “gotcha” attacks while the ephemeral and pure Obama campaign pursues the higher and loftier things.

Well, bogus, and more bogus.

Both forms of “bogii” are revealed in the Obama campaigns handling of John McCain’s “house controversy.”  Aside from the fact that a guy who spent 5 1/2 years being tortured in a Communist hell hole DESERVES to have a life of luxury these days, there are a couple of factors that really turn this issue into another revealing glimpse into the shrivled soul of the Obama machine.

Get Listy summarizes the issue:

Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain was asked Wednesday by a reporter from Politico how many houses he owned. McCain wasn’t sure.“I think — I’ll have my staff get to you,” McCain reportedly said in the interview in Las Cruces, N.M. “It’s condominiums where — I’ll have them get to you.”

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama jumped on McCain’s statement and almost immediately turned it into a campaign attack. McCain’s camp responded with a responding attack, according to CBS News.

Well, here’s the deal: John McCain had a difficult time answering the Politico reporter’s question because the answer was NUANCED.

It turns out that wealthy heiress Cindy Hensley McCain – who keeps separate finances (there’s even a prenuptial agreement) owns most of the homes. Some of the houses they may not even technically own per se, as they are owned in trusts established by Cindy McCain’s LLC. [Click here for an investigation of the seven houses]. And John McCain didn’t want to get into the personal and murky issues as to what was owned by his wealthy heiress wife.

John McCain may not actually even own a home of his own.  The Obama slam has the merit of being technically correct, but how big of a deal is it with an understanding of the big picture?


That didn’t stop Barack Obama from personally jumping all over this. He’s stumping on it with speech after speech. His campaign immediately came out with an ad depicting McCain as so elitist and so out of touch that he doesn’t even know how many houses he’s bought.

Who’s the caveman now?

Which brings home the issue of hypocrisy.

Barack Obama will whine and complain about how unfair the McCain campaign is, and how they attack him with trivial side issues even as he simultaneously launches into a barrage of the very sort of thing he’s complaining about.

The McCain campaign, for it’s part, mentions Obama’s $4 million in income last year, and his shady million-plus dollar home bought in cahoots with convicted politician-buying sleazeball Tony Rezko and asks, “Does Obama really want to talk about elitism and real estate?”

Of course, Obama does.  The crime isn’t about owning seven houses.  The crime is rather about not immediately knowing how many houses you “technically” own.  You see, for a hypocrite like Barack Obama, appearance is the only thing that really matters.

Remember that the next time he whines about how he’s treated.