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Hey, First Lady! Hey! Leave Them Kids Alone! Nation’s Children Say ‘HELL NO!’ To Michelle Obama’s Fascist Nanny State.

September 25, 2012

The first part of that title, for those who aren’t familiar with the song, comes from Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall.”

What’s funny is that in that song, too, nanny state “educators” were lecturing the children.  At one point in the song a nagging teacher says to the little minds under his power:

And of course Michelle Obama is now saying, “Well, they really shouldn’t be able to be allowed to have any meat, either.”

Meat Michelle Obama, the federal government’s ripoff of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld.

And kids are getting pissed off along with their parents:

Nation’s children push back against Michelle Obama-backed school lunch regs
Published: 3:12 PM 09/22/2012
By Caroline May

Children and parents across the country are fed up with the restrictive new school meal regulations implemented by the Department of Agriculture under the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010,” which has long been touted by first lady Michelle Obama.

The standards — which cap meal calories at 650 for students in kindergarten through fifth grade, at 700 calories for middle school students and 850 for high school students — also dictate the number of breads, proteins, vegetables and fruits children are allowed per meal.

A spokeswoman for Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King, who earlier this month introduced legislation to roll back the new standards, told The Daily Caller that King’s office has heard more complaints about the issue during the past few weeks than any other.

“This year, we’ll be hungry by 2:00,” one student, Zach Eck, told KAKETV in Kansas. “We would eat our pencils at school if they had nutritional value.”

Iowa mom Robin Wissink told TheDC that she now provides her autistic daughter Molly, a junior in high school, with a bag lunch because her school’s new menu is so unappealing. Students at St. Mark’s in Colwich, Kan. have also been “brown bagging” their meals.

And some student-athletes in Wisconsin are arguing that the calorie caps hit them especially hard, given their intense workouts and scrimmages.

“A lot of us are starting to get hungry even before the practice begins,” Mukwonago High senior Nick Blohm told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “Our metabolisms are all sped up.”

The new lunch standards have led to the removal of some old food favorites, including a particularly popular item at one school in upstate New York: chicken nuggets.

“Now they’re kind of forcing all the students to get the vegetables and fruit with their lunch, and they took out chicken nuggets this year, which I’m not too happy about,” Chris Cimino, a senior at Mohonasen High School in upstate New York, told the Associated Press, which gave the rules a “mixed grade.”

Students in the Plum Borough School District in Pennsylvania are protesting the new federal restrictions on Twitter.

“everyone.. if you agree school lunches are expensive and small, RT this. we can fight the school! tweet #BrownBagginIt,” @TornadoBoyTubbs tweeted, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Administrators have scrambled to find creative ways to make the new menus appealing. A school district in Lake County, Fla., for example, is planning to conduct a survey to determine how to make vegetables more appealing to children, who often throw them out.

“[The regulations do] limit the food that you can put on the plate,” Alden Caldwell, the director of food services at a Brookline, Mass. school, told Wicked Local. “In theory, it’s a good idea, but in practice we’re finding that there are issues with it.”

Despite the outrage, some parents believe the ongoing obesity epidemic justifies the tight calorie standards.

“I think it’s smart to be pre-emptive and proactive at getting more nutrition fed into the kids,” Amos Johnson, a parent with students in the Lee Summit, Missouri school system, told the Lee’s Summit Journal. “I see that more as a multi-beneficial supporter for health and academic performance. I think that’s the thing I would look at. You should be healthier, and if you’re nourishing the brain and getting the fuel right, academic outcomes should maintain or improve.”

When the legislation was signed into law in 2010, it received bipartisan support, including a big endorsement from Michelle Obama.

“As parents, we try to prepare decent meals, limit how much junk food our kids eat, and ensure they have a reasonably balanced diet,” the first lady said in a statement at the unveiling of the new standards in January. “And when we’re putting in all that effort the last thing we want is for our hard work to be undone each day in the school cafeteria. When we send our kids to school, we expect that they won’t be eating the kind of fatty, salty, sugary foods that we try to keep them from eating at home. We want the food they get at school to be the same kind of food we would serve at our own kitchen tables.”

Obama welcomed students back to school this year with a YouTube video explaining the importance of the new meal plans.

Watch: Michelle Obama discusses ‘exciting’ changes to school cafeterias

King and Kansas Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp introduced the “No Hungry Kids Act,” which would repeal the USDA rule that resulted in the new standards, last week.

“The goal of the school lunch program is supposed to be feeding children, not filling the trash cans with uneaten food,” Huelskamp said in a statement. “The USDA’s new school lunch guidelines are a perfect example of what is wrong with government: misguided inputs, tremendous waste, and unaccomplished goals. Thanks to the Nutrition Nannies at the USDA, America’s children are going hungry at school.”

The previous article I wrote contained a frustrated student’s synopsis of what could have been the entire Obama big government nanny state presidency: “It’s worse tasting, smaller sized and higher priced.”

This is nanny state liberal fascism, straight up.  It commits at least three offenses against individual liberty: 1) it federalizes what ought to be up to parents; 2) it lumps every child into one single category; and 3) like most liberal policies, it punishes the healthy to “protect” the unhealthy.

There are clearly children who should have their calories restricted, just as there are clearly children (mostly due to the penetration of liberal “values”) whose parents don’t bother to take care of them.  But Michelle Obama says that ALL children are fat, inactive sloths who need government to be their mommy and so we’re going to usurp the role of ALL parents and just replace them at lunchtime. 

Frankly, I see a lot more kids who aren’t fat than kids who are.  But like the vast majority of liberal programs, what the liberals really want is more power and more control, and so they take the most extreme cases and exploit them to control everybody as much as they possibly can.

It is the way liberals think: they know better.  They are the elite intelligentsia who know more than and better than you.  And they should be the ones who get to push all the buttons and pull all the levers of society.

Hey, Michelle, leave them kids alone.

 I’m glad more parents and frankly MORE CHILDREN are learning a lesson in intrusive big government liberal nanny statism.

High School Students Sums Up Results Of Entire Obama Presidency: ‘It’s Worse Tasting, Smaller Sized And Higher Priced’

September 19, 2012

Nick Blohm is learning about socialism the hard way: his calories have been redistributed:

Students strike against new federal school lunch rules
By Jim McLaughlin of the Journal Sentinel
Sept. 17, 2012

Mukwonago – By 7 a.m. Monday, senior Nick Blohm already had burned about 250 calories in the Mukwonago High School weight room.

He grabbed a bagel and a Gatorade afterward; if he eats before lifting, he gets sick.

That was followed by eight periods in the classroom, and then three hours of football practice. By the time he headed home, he had burned upward of 3,000 calories – his coach thinks the number is even higher.

But the calorie cap for his school lunch? 850 calories.

“A lot of us are starting to get hungry even before the practice begins,” Blohm said. “Our metabolisms are all sped up.”

Following new federal guidelines, school districts nationwide have retooled their menus to meet new requirements to serve more whole grains, only low-fat or nonfat milk, daily helpings of both fruits and vegetables, and fewer sugary and salty items. And for the first time, federal funds for school lunches mandate age-aligned calorie maximums. The adjustments are part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 touted by Michelle Obama and use the updated Dietary Guidelines for Americans from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The changes are hard to swallow for students like Blohm. On Monday, 70% of the 830 Mukwonago High students who normally buy lunch boycotted cafeteria food to protest what they see as an unfair “one size fits all thing.” Middle schoolers in the district also boycotted their school lunches, with counts down nearly half Monday. They’re not alone in their frustration; schools across the country are reporting students who are unhappy with the lunch offerings.

The sub sandwich line at Mukwonago High used to let students pile veggies on a six-inch French bread bun. Options now include a fist-sized whole wheat roll or multigrain wrap, and the once popular line is now mostly empty.

The healthier food is less the issue than the portions.

“A freshman girl who weighs 100 pounds can eat this lunch and feel completely full, maybe even a little bloated,” said Joey Bougneit, a Mukwonago senior.

But Blohm is a 6-foot-3-inch, 210-pound linebacker. He’s also class president, and takes several Advanced Placement classes. If schools want students to perform well, he said, they can’t be sitting in their chairs hungry.

Last year’s fare featured favorites like chicken nuggets and mini corn dogs in helpings that were “relatively decent,” Bougneit said. But health-conscious regulations have changed that. Last week’s super nacho plate, for example, offered just eight tortilla chips.

Adding to the dissatisfaction is a 10-cent price hike on lunches because the USDA, which oversees the National School Lunch Program, forced many districts to raise full-price lunches closer to the $2.86 it reimburses for students who qualify for free lunches. That means the leaner, greener lunches at Mukwonago High this year now cost $2.50 instead of $2.40.

“Now it’s worse tasting, smaller sized and higher priced,” Bougneit said.

Officials share concerns

Pam Harris, the district food service supervisor and a registered dietitian, said children’s weight and poor nutrition in America are serious problems, but the changes are too abrupt.

“I could not be more passionate about this,” Harris said. “I want to solve this problem. But limiting calories in school lunch is not going to help the overweight kid. What happens at home is a major piece of that puzzle.”

“Our issue is pretty much kids just don’t want to eat vegetables,” she said. “The USDA wants to solve the problem of childhood obesity. Those are two kind of separate issues.”

Harris spoke at all lunch periods Friday to explain the federal dietary changes and had students fill out comment cards explaining what they do and don’t like about the new menu. She plans to send those and parent letters to the USDA in hopes the department will allow districts including Mukwonago to gradually introduce their menu over a few years.

In a clothing store bag the size of a backpack, Blohm lugged his homemade, linebacker-size lunch including a bag of raw carrots, two ham sandwiches on wheat bread, two granola bars, an apple and three applesauce cups – an estimated total of 1,347 calories.

How long will the students keep boycotting the lunch program?

“I’ve already told my mom we might be packing my lunch for the rest of the year,” Blohm said.

Clay Iverson, Mukwonago’s varsity football head coach, said student-athletes are bigger, stronger and more athletic than ever before, and their food intake needs have evolved.

“Everything has been accelerated, and maybe nutrition hasn’t been,” he said.

He worries that if players’ stomachs are growling by the end of the school day, they’ll go home and binge on anything they get their hands on and undo any of the benefits of the lighter, healthier school lunch.

Teens need a push to make healthy eating choices, Iverson said, but they’ve got plenty else to worry about during the football season.

“I wonder if the people who made the decision had to go through a day like Nick Blohm.”

For the factual record, Barack and Michelle Obama know exactly what every tummy needs, and if you’re still hungry after your ObamaMeal, it’s only because you don’t have enough faith in your messiah.  Plus you’re a racist.

These kids are ingrates.  They ought to relish every single bite and thank Obama that they have to pay more to get less.

They should be happy that we’re boldy following the path pioneered by the People’s Republic of North Korea.

And under Obama’s glorious policies, we are entering our fourth year of crop failure which, combined with our stupid and immoral energy policy, will help foster food riots around the world.

Pretty soon senior citizens will have the exact same opportunity to enjoy the same sorts of benefits from ObamaCare.  Think of it as redistributing the pain.

I remember the lines from 1984: “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.”

Let me add one more in honor of Big Brother ‘Bama: “Less is more.”