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U.S. Marines Saying NO To Obama Fascism: And I TOLD You This Would Happen

March 22, 2012

The cover says it:

The accompanying review gives us more:

Sgt. Gary Stein might be saying things about President Obama that a lot of Marines think, but some are saying he took it too far.

Stein has come under fire for stating on Facebook that he wouldn’t follow certain orders given by his commander-in-chief. And Marines say Stein’s not alone in his disapproval. More anti-Obama talk is being heard in the workplace and new Military Times poll data shows declining approval among military service members for the president’s job as commander-in-chief.

The Marine Corps depends on its chain of command structure, especially in a time of war. Some Marines say Stein and other vocal Marines like him are undermining that system.

See this week’s issue for a breakdown on what is happening, what it means for the chain of command and what Marine’s are saying about it.

We’re told some of the reasons why:

The article cites hot button issues such as repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” relaxing restrictions of women in combat, and steep budget cuts, behind the disapproval numbers.

And what did I say would happen three years ago?

Messiah-in-Chief Barack Obama? Will Conservative Soldiers Stay In?

This is just idle speculation, but I wonder how many professional warriors would leave the military rather than take their orders from Commander-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama?

Here are the poll numbers representing active duty military personnel:

If the presidential election were held today, for whom would you vote?
Total: 68% for McCain; 23% for Obama

Enlisted Personnel:
68% for McCain; 24% for Obama

70% for McCain; 22% for Obama

Which of the candidates would do a better job as president handling the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?
74% for McCain; 19% for Obama

Which of the candidates would do a better job as president handling military personnel issues, such as pay and benefits?
73% for McCain; 18% for Obama

Which of the candidates would do a better job as president handling Defense Department issues, such as weapons purchases, the size of the armed forces and national security strategy?
77% for McCain; 15% for Obama

And here’s a link to the corresponding story in the Army Times.

I was a soldier, too. If a Barack Obama suddenly became my Commander-in-Chief, I would have realized the war is over, and America lost. I wouldn’t fight for the radical infanticide/abortion agenda, the radical gay rights agenda, or any other radical liberal agenda. I signed up to fight for the United States of America; not God Damn America. And I’d figure it’s about time that liberals sent their children off to die screaming in the mud for their new Peoples’ Socialist Republic under their new Messiah-in-Chief. Hell, instead of protesting military recruitment, these once-traitorous vermin (under the previous gone-but-not-forgotten United States of America) can quit protesting military recruiting stations and start actually signing up in them. That’s right, liberals; instead of bombing recruiting stations like Obama’s terrorist pal William Ayers you can go and start signing up to sacrifice your blood and guts for your new country.

Geez, I wonder if you’d stop bitching about how evil American soldiers were fighting terrorists all over the world if you actually had to do all the fighting yourselves? Heck, it’s possible it might even start to occur to you that a place like Guantanamo Bay is a better idea than releasing terrorists who will immediately start trying to kill you again the moment they get back to their old stomping grounds.

Heck, I’ve got an even better idea. Liberals have thought excluding gays from the military was so danged unfair and discriminatory. Why don’t we “swing the other way,” and have a “Gay All The Way!” military? Maybe – in the name of tolerance – you might allow a few token heterosexuals in as long as they don’t reveal that politically incorrect sexual orientation of theirs. It’s time to gear up for battle, Rump Rangers; you’re going to need to feed a lot of red meat into the grinder once the world’s dictators realize that the President of God Damn America is an appeasing weakling. You can use those superior compromising skills of yours to deal with Iran unleashing terrorist hell once your Messiah-President does nothing while Iranian President Ahmadinejad develops nuclear weapons so they can launch terrorism-by-proxy strikes on us with impunity.

The new God Damn America could augment its “Gay All The Way!” status with women who believe that being excluded from being able to do anything a man can do is discriminatory. They can start walking sustained patrols while carrying a hundred pounds of extra weight in 110 degree heat, and be the ones who try to keep all their body parts intact while running and dodging with fifty pound combat loads. Good luck with that, girls. The guys carry that; surely you can do it too. And don’t worry; you won’t have any heterosexual males around who would let that insulting and patronizing chivalry of theirs get in the way of your NOW-feminist-style equality. You’ll get the chance to develop that upper body strength of yours digging your own fighting positions out of the rock hard clay.

There’s already an upside: in the United States military, combat readiness has always been hampered by pregnancies that could run as high as 30%. The God Damn America military could drop that down to zero.

And the fighting men of the “Gay All The Way!” God Damn America Army could finally put an end to that tired old cliché about there not being in atheists in fox holes.

All I know is this: I look at the numbers of the conservatives serving in the military, and I can’t help but wonder – and even hope – that those conservatives start leaving the army of the nation that wants to start pissing on their basic values in droves. Let the liberals start doing the fighting. Conservatives have done most of the fighting; liberals have done most of the bitching. Maybe we conservatives could start bitching about how evil liberals are for trying to protect the country for a change.

With all due respect, as you look at what is happening with Obama’s planned-to-fail escalation of Afghanistan – because a timetable for withdrawal was never anything ever than a timetable to defeat – and as you look at our armed forces beginning to literally fall apart under the worst commander-in-chief in American history, just where exactly was I wrong three years ago?  I was completely right about the military disaster we would see; I was completely right about Obama’s failure to do one damned thing to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons and preventing the Armageddon the Bible said we would have; and I was right about soldiers becoming increasingly pissed off at this godawful miserable failure who is sticking his feet up on the Oval Office desk.  Just as I was right that the forcibly-homosexualized military would not go over well.

As a soldier who served with soldiers and led soldiers, I believed – and continue to believe – that I understand the military mindset.  And it continues to viscerally offend me what this smiling sack of cockroach feces has done.

Personally, I would have left as soon as possible after Obama became my CiC rather than watch him systematically destroy something that I loved.  But as I observed at the time, where are these warriors to go given the fact that Obama has given us a wrecked economy that will never create anywhere near the jobs we need as long as his depraved policies are in effect? 

And maybe mine was the coward’s way out, because I would have just slunk away and cut and ran from my Army.  And these NCOs who are standing their ground and trying to defy an immoral system that is breaking down all around them are the real heroes.