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Hypocrite-In-Chief Obama To Accept Democrat Nomination At Crony Capitalist Bank Of America Stadium So Filthy Rich Fat Cats Can Purchase Luxury Boxes

January 19, 2012

Let’s review the latest chutzpah escapades of our Hypocrite-in-Chief:

Take it to the Bank
It’s official.
President Obama will accept his party’s nomination on the last day of the Democratic National Convention at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Bloomberg reported last week that convention planners were struggling to meet their $37 million fundraising goal and the new venue would allow for more incentives, such as luxury skyboxes, to attract wealthy donors.
Well, Occupy Wall Street weighed in, saying it’s part of a broader problem and that — quote“It reflects the tendency of the Democratic Party and President Obama in particular to prioritize the interest of financial institutions and wealthy donors over working class families.”

Barack Obama is doing this while positioning himself as “the 99 percent candidate.”  Because he is a fascist liar without a scintilla of shame or honor.

Bank of America, in fact, has taken more than A TRILLION DOLLARS in secret Obama bailouts.  To be precise, BoA has taken $1.344 trillion in bailouts.

Obama took $421,242 in campaign contributions from Bank of America – which is far more than any Republican took from them.

As I document here, Barack Obama took huge campaign money from ALL the big banks that are going to continue needing “too big to fail” bailouts.  They bought him and paid for him.

And I can’t claim this is true, given the extremely liberal sources, but the Daily Kos is reporting that Bank of America is angling for a SEVENTY-FIVE TRILLION DOLLAR BAILOUT for the wreckage it has done.

Obama having his coronation at Bank of America Stadium is a vicious slap in the face of every single American.

And he’s counting on you to be too damn stupid and too damn immoral to know or care.  And it’s a decent bet that he’ll win that gamble.

If Obama gets re-elected in spite of his record of galling lies and hypocrisy, America deserves to fail and suffer as no nation has ever deserved to fail and suffer before.  Because we had tasted freedom and actually served as the lighthouse for liberty around the world – and then we crapped all over that freedom and liberty and then pissed it away.