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Wicked Witches of ‘The View’ Lie by Calling Glenn Beck a Liar

May 23, 2009

Glenn Beck made the collosal mistake of appearing on a show I call “The Poo.”  It features a gaggle of wicked step sisters (and the Cinderella stand in Elizabeth Hasselbeck) – only in this version the wicked step sisters win and Cinderella loses.

In any event, Beck is on the program for all of 90 seconds before Whoopie Goldberg says she’s pissed at Glenn Beck.

Why is she pissed?

Watch for yourself (youtube):

Aside from the admittedly snotty tone Beck uses to parody Barbara Walters (and don’t think for a nanosecond that Bah-bah Wah-wah didn’t inspect Glenn Beck much the same way that Queen Victoria would have inspected a brothel), the “lie” that Joy Behar, Whoopie Goldberg, and Barbara Walters chime in to accuse Glenn Beck of committing was that Barbara came over to him, when in reality HE went over to her.

And this is suddenly a monumentally important deal.

And Glenn Beck was so shell shocked by the vicious attack that he didn’t even realize: he hadn’t actually said any such thing.

I wasted about seven precious minutes of my life that I will never be able to get back to watch the Youtube footage from “The Poo” episode.  At about 2:44 into the video segment, we get the CLOSEST thing to Glenn Beck saying Barbara came over to him:

“Clear the path.  It’s Barbara Walters and Whoopie Goldberg.  Oh, and Steve Croft.  How did they reserve seats on Amtrack when you can’t reserve seats on Amtrack?  Now, as the train took off, and Barbara said, “Glenn Beck.” And I said, “Yes, Mrs. Walters.  How are you?”

Notice, Beck doesn’t actually say anything about Barbara Walters coming over to him.  Nor does he say he went over to her.  He merely parodies the conversation that they have when they did in fact meet.

Now, the View’s wicked step sisters all proceeded to accuse Glenn Beck of lying because he said Barbara and Whoopie came over to him, when in fact he came over to them.   Whoopie Goldberg not only called him a liar to his face, but she actually called him “A lying sack of dog mess.”

And Glenn Beck – clearly taken aback – admits he came over to them, and has no idea why he would have said otherwise.

The thing is, though, Beck NEVER said they came over to him on the clip they showed him.  It was Joy Behar, Whoopie Goldberg, and Barbara Walters who were actually doing the lying.

Whoopie demands of Glen Beck, “Why did you say that with that voice, “Come over here”!?!?  But watch the damn footage: he DIDN’T say that.

It’s Whoopie Goldberg who is “the lying sack of dog mess.”

The wicked step sisters spent seven minutes torturing Glenn Beck with accusations of a lie that was itself a lie by THEM.

Then, on top of that, Barbara Walters – who I would have thought was smart enough and experienced enough to know better – calls Beck “an investigative reporter.”  And Beck responds that he isn’t an investigative reporter.  He rightly corrects her:  “I’m a commentator.”  And then the nasty witch haughtilly proceeded to conclude that Beck therefore thinks he must have no commitment to check out his facts.  Which is absurd.  Barbara Walters herself hasnt been an investigative reporter for years; does that mean SHE doesn’t have any commitment to check out her facts either?  And the answer in her case – given she’s the one who is entirely wrong about her facts – is apparently “yes.”

It was nothing but a cheap-shot rhetorical attack from the beginning.

And Cinderella wasn’t allowed to get a word in edge-wise.  Not when her pit bull step-sisters were attacking a piece of meat.

The wicked step sisters also claim that they hadn’t reserved a table.  But they offered nothing to prove that.  And Glenn Beck had THREE witnesses with him to defend the fact that a table WAS in fact reserved; and that the police escort seated Walters at that table.

The only thing Glenn Beck seemed to be wrong about was his assumption that Steve Croft – who entered the car with Walters and Goldberg – was with them.

This is exactly the kind of dishonest nastiness that we should respect from the mainstream media today: a vicious and petty attack based on lies, pursued with an attitude that indicates, “I’m outraged, therefore I must be right.”

“The Poo” lived up to its billing.  Because that show genuinely stinks.

Hopefully, the next time Glenn Beck – or any other conservative – considers going onto “The Poo,” he or she will stop, take a moment to gouge out both eyes, and then decide against it.