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Barney The First Dog Strikes First Republican Blow Against Corrupt And Biased Media

November 7, 2008

Republicans have been waiting for a prominent Republican official to finally go after the corrupt and biased media propaganda machine, and throughout this election campaign, there has been little promise that we would see it.

At long, long last, one of our own drew some blood: Barney, the first dog, finally decided to bite a reporter.

Apparently, he was as sick of the disgusting media jackals as I have become.

Mind you, that Reuters journalist is fortunate that Barney did not bite him where I would have bitten him were I in Barney’s place.  Let us just say that he would have filed his future stories in a voice rendered permanently falsetto.

I wrote an article titled, “Do Unto Obama as Liberals Did Unto Bush.”

Now I’m waiting for Barney’s article on how to deal with the liberal media.

I’m just wishing that Barney had run for President instead of John McCain.  I get the sense he would have really gone after Barack Obama where it would have done some real damage…