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As Obama Claims Republicans Ruined Economy, Consider Economy During LAST YEARS’ Martha’s Vineyard Vacation

August 19, 2011

One of the lies Obama told on his BS (because U weren’t in his Canadian-built bus, were you?) tour was that he’d fixed the economy, and then the Republicans came to power

Let’s burn that lie down right now. 

While Obama was happily hobnobbing with the super-rich at Martha’s Vineyard last August, I wrote up a list of all the things that were truly going to hell:

Obama’s having a grand old time because he doesn’t give a flying fart about the following facts that have gripped the country while he was gripping a golf club:

The mainstream media’s adjective of the day to summarize all of the above is “unexpected,” of course.

And my favorite headline while Obama was on vacation #6 (not hard give the competition) comes from Überlefty David Letterman:

Okay, scratch that: THIS is my favorite headline:

All of these things were reported as occurring during one of Obama’s four golf outings on his sixth vacation so far just this year.

I didn’t realize that last year’s post on Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard vacation would come in handy to refute the massive Obama lies just before this year’s Martha’s Vineyard vacation.

Boy, Obama sure had the streets paved with gold last year before those nasty Republicans entered the scene, didn’t he?  Last August, you might recall, Obama had the White House, Nancy Pelosi owned the House of Representatives lock, stock and barrel and Harry Reid had a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.  But of course Bush was to blame for everything back then, just like Republicans are to blame for everything now.

Since Barack Obama became president, the number of Americans on food stamps has increased by 43%.  But blame Bush.  And Republicans, of course.

As Barack Obama leaves on vacation to hob-nob with the millionaires, the man who isn’t bothering to get economic briefings on a daily basis is ignoring a world on the verge of meltdown over fears of a U.S. meltdown.

It is amazing how utterly jammed-packed with fecal matter Democrats are.  George Bush was to blame for everything because George Bush was president; but Barack Obama being president for nearly three years means he is absolutely not to be held responsible for anything.  Republicans are to be blamed for everything now because they control the House of Representatives, but the fact that Democrats had total control of both the House of Representatives AND the Senate from 2006 until 2010 – which strangely corresponds quite well to when everything started going to hell – means they aren’t responsible for anything.  Because Bush was president, and the president is responsible unless that president happens to be Barack Obama.  And of course you hold the Republicans responsible if they control the House because you don’t hold the Democrats responsible even if they control both the House and the Senate.

One might laugh at this mindset, but it is the mindset of your mainstream media news.

I leave you with the words of former NBC News president Michael Gartner about Barack Obama:

“I think people have a fondness for him and I don’t think people blame him for anything that’s wrong in this country, unless – I think the far-right of the Republican Party does, but I don’t think the moderates do and certainly the Democrats don’t.”

When this is the representative attitude of the mainstream media, you know that America has truly surpassed Joseph Goebbels in the field of propaganda.

Democrats Now Own Health Care: Blame EVERY Rate Increase Or Reduction In Benefits On THEM

March 24, 2010

Remember Anthem Blue Cross, and how Obama and Democrats blasted away at them for their rate increases?  Remember how they used that issue as the impetus to impose their health care solution?  From CBS:

The Obama administration is asking why Anthem Blue Cross is raising its health insurance rates by nearly 40 percent for some California customers while making handsome profits — and is pointing to the rate hike as evidence of why health care reform needs to pass.

Okay.  Barry Hussein got his ObamaCare passed.  So if there are any other rate increases from any other insurance companies, who should we blame now?

Blame Obama and blame the Democrats.  They wanted health care.  Now it’s all theirs.

Democrats demonized and demagogued their way to owning health care.  Well, now they own it.  So let the demonization and demagoguery fall entirely upon their heads from this day forward.

If your rates go up by as much as one penny, or if your benefits are reduced in any way, shape, or form from now on, you have one scapegoat: Democrats.  Make sure they wear it around their necks.

Cry out loud.  Scream about it.  Call the news.  Blog about it.  You opened your mail, and Barack Obama made your premiums go up.  Make sure everybody hears that Obama promised to fix your health care, and now it’s more expensive.

An unending crescendo of constant blame on ObamaCare and rising costs from any health care insurance provider from anywhere in the country would be music to my ears.

The era of blame Bush is over.  The era of blame Obama begins today.