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From A Guy Who Just Found Out He’s Into ‘Fat’ Women (Kate Upton ‘Fat’)?!?!

July 17, 2012

I’m into fat women.

I didn’t know it, had absolutely no idea till now (see more of that here).  But apparently I’m one of the very few weirdos out there who find women like Kate Upton very – and I mean VERY – attractive.

But I don’t feel weird at all for panting like a cartoon character when I see a girl with Kate Upton’s face and figure wearing a bikini.

I think that I happen to be fairly representative of most men.  And what I mean by that is that I see beauty in the female form and I see it across several female body types.

I have seen petite, even skinny women who turned my crank.  But I’ve seen voluptuous, let’s say “more than pleasantly plump” women that were VERY pleasing to my eye.  I’ve looked twice at women with small breasts and women with large breasts.  I’ve seen women who didn’t make it to 5′ that were utterly stunning.  And I’ve seen 6′ “Amazons” that made me want to be Tarzan.  And if you don’t mind my talking “race,” I’ve seen knockout gorgeous girls from every race, ethnic background and hair color.  Black women, Asian women, Hispanic women, you name it, I like it.

I honestly couldn’t tell you which woman’s body-style is the most attractive to me.  Because it just “depends”; a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman.  Period.  And there are plenty of beautiful women who carry a lot of weight a lot better than some other women carry “thin.”

Again, I think I’m like an awful lot of men.  If I see a woman with a pretty face, well, I tend to think that woman is pretty.  And if there are a pair of pretty eyes on that pretty face?  Well Whoo-ha. 

Believe me, I’m not a Muslim and I’m not into burqas, but I’m telling you I could see a woman in a burqa with just her eyes showing and I could still know most of what I needed to know about whether a woman wearing one of those things was attractive.  Having said that, please don’t put me down as wanting women to wear burqas; because I really don’t mind the bikinis so much.

 Too many girls and young women are letting themselves be stigmatized by the same damn media culture that keeps pumping liberalism down our throats.  Ever think about that?  The same damn people who are creating these incredibly unrealistic and phony images of women are the same people telling us to vote for liberals like Obama because they’re the “pro-woman” people.  It’s the same damned elite Hollywood media culture.

Hey, girls.  A little advice.  You should try to be the most beautiful “you” that you can be and get yourself out of the comparison racket.  If you’ve got a particular body type, whatever it is, I guarantee you that your body-style will never be the thing that gets in the way of your being beautiful.  And if a man thinks you should have a nicer body, what you really need to have most is a nicer man.

Kate Upton says, “I’m not going to starve just to be thin.”  Well, you go, girl.  You could eat crackers in my bed any time you want looking like you do.  In fact, looking like you do, you don’t even have to share the box with me.  And 99.9-plus-percent of men would be very thrilled indeed to be sitting across the table watching you enjoy that patty melt.

I mean, geez, when a woman who looks like that is mocked for her weight and the person who mocks her isn’t locked away for life in an insane asylum, something is just very warped.

I’m not trying to say that nobody ever needs to go on a diet. Heck, I need to go on a stupid diet. But damn. When you see incredibly beautiful women being ridiculed for their appearance – which seems to happen all the time these days – and you know that millions of young women have insecurity over their “ugliness,” it leaves me feeling sad.  When somebody calls a woman who is as obviously gorgeous as Kate Upton a “plus-sized cow,” just what the hell are all the women who weren’t lucky enough to look like Kate Upton supposed to think about themselves???

Ultimately what we all ought to be looking for is that somebody that YOU think is beautiful who miraculously thinks YOU aren’t half bad, either.  And then we ought to stick to that person like glue.  And to hell with Hollywood.