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For The Grain Of Salt It’s Worth: My Thoughts On The Casey Anthony Verdict

July 5, 2011

I’m going to say from the outset that I watched this trial as little as I could.  That said, it was on so incessantly that I learned a fair amount about it whether I wanted to or not.

Before I say anything about the Casey Anthony verdict, let me explain why I didn’t watch much of the trial.  Three Words: O.J. Simpson.

The O.J. Simpson verdict was such an obvious miscarriage of justice that it sickened me.  It was for the criminal justice system what Watergate was for politics.  The result of both was an accurate sense of cynicism and a profound degree of distrust in justice in America.

I still think back to the O.J. verdict and what had preceded it: the “bad” verdict in the case against the officers who participated in the Rodney King beating.  Do you remember the riots?  Remember Los Angeles exploding into fire?  Remember that white truck driver who was dragged out of his truck by black rioters who then proceeded to smash his skull with a brick?  And why did they do that?  Because of the injustice they saw in the case against the police officers who had beaten Rodney King.

And the same black people who had been so appalled at the miscarriage of justice then felt entitled to not only riot, but then issue yet another miscarriage of justice: O.J. Simpson was found not guilty because he was black.

Don’t get me wrong.  Racist blacks getting even with racist whites just barely even scratches the surface that has resulted in the death of truth in our postmodern culture.

That case, and many others since, have poisoned my trust in the American justice system.  There are so many bad juries and bad judges and bad lawyers and bad prosecutors that you might as well spin a wheel and accept the results.

So we’ve got the next exciting jury trial (and why so many people can get so into this sordid crap is itself an indictment against the moral depravity of our society).  You can watch every days coverage, you can watch just about every minute of coverage, and the bottom line is that what you see has virtually nothing whatsoever to do with how the jury votes.

Personally, it frightens me that I could have my fate decided by a group of people who are so morally idiotic and so freaking stupid that they actually voted for Barack Obama for president.  The sheer number of stupid and depraved people appalls and frightens me.  And that number is growing by leaps and bounds.

Now, from what I saw, Casey Anthony was guilty, guilty guilty of killing her daughter.  Her kid was missing for a month or more, and I would have spent more time looking for a lost cat (and I’m a DOG person!) than Casey spent looking for her daughter.  She then tells one lie after another to explain away the missing daughter.  Cadaver dogs reacted to Casey’s car.  Extremely high levels of chloroform were found in Casey’s car.  The body of little Caley Anthony still had duct tape that had clearly covered her face.  No one else had anything to do with this girl’s death or her being thrown out like garbage in a trash bag but Casey Anthony.

And she’s going to walk and probably sell her story.  The cynic in me says that Larry Flynt will offer her a lot of money to pose nude in his magazine (maybe Anthony Weiner will be setting that up with his Tweets).

Whether it was premeditated or accidental (although how does duct tape get “accidentally” wrapped around a kid’s nose and mouth?), Casey Anthony is the only one who was involved.  And she’s going to just walk away.  Probably with a lot of money (although I understand the judge could deny her the ability to profit from this case because of her four convictions for lying to investigators in the case).

I guess it was a retroactive abortion: and Casey exercised her “right to choose.”  And how dare we question a woman exercising her right to choose to kill her baby?

I’m disgusted by this verdict.  And what’s worse, I actually cynically KNEW all along that I’d end up being disgusted by this verdict.

I write this as someone who has been watching his culture going to hell for the last twenty years.  And then sees to his horror that the pace of that descent into hell has picked up as it marches faster and faster.  And in goose step, too.