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New York Times, Biased Slime Machine, Pumps Crap On Cindy McCain

October 18, 2008

Yesterday I wrote an article describing the revelation that a reporter had made up a hateful statement (“kill him!”) to falsely characterize John McCain, Cindy Palin, and the people who are flocking out to support them, as intolerant hate peddlers.  Because the allegation amounted to a direct threat against a presidential candidate, the Secret Service looked into the journalists’ story – only to find it completely false.  But that didn’t stop every mainstream media outlet from presenting it as a documented fact in their anti-McCain-Palin polemics for a couple days.

That was yesterday.  Today, the New York Times unleashed a slime arsenal against Cindy McCain.  The McCain campaign is livid at this attack on the candidate’s family.  It’s not just the fixation on every negative detail of Cindy’s life that makes the story so blatantly unfair; it is the deliberate omission of any positive aspect, such as her humanitarian work, her generosity, or the many other wonderful things she has done.

New York Times writer Jodi Kantor has written six puff pieces on Michelle and Barack Obama, three attack pieces against Sarah Palin, and is now turning her vulture-like attention on Cindy McCain.  If you think that is balanced journalism, call the New York Times; they might well be looking for a demagoguing propagandist ideologue like you.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the media – in a complete rejection of its constitutional role as honest investigators informing the people of the truth in order to serve as an obstacle against government corruption – has become completely biased, liberalism would have been round-filed in this country years ago.  As it is, we have a media that routinely attacks and lies about one side while praising and ignoring negative stories on the other side.  They are rightly being called “the journalistic industrial complex” – and they very much have their own agenda.

The New York Times wants to find Cindy McCain’s drug dealer (at one time she became addicted to prescription pain killers); the McCain lawyer asks why the paper never bothered to try to locate Barack Obama’s drug dealers (he has admitted to using illegal drugs).  They won’t, because they are biased propagandists out to hurt Republicans and win the election for the Democrat Party machine under the facade of “journalism.”

I would suggest, rather than writing puff piece after puff piece about Michelle Obama, the New York Times could look at something like this:

John McCain’s 7 Houses: Liberals, Nuance, and Hypocrisy

August 22, 2008

In the aftermath of the Rich Warren’s Saddleback debate, conservatives were greeted with a new catchphrase to encompass Barack Obama’s windy, cerebral, abstract answers: nuance. Barack Obama’s responses to revealed his “nuanced” understanding of a complex, difficult, ambiguous world.

And of course, conservatives are depicted as having only enough “nuance” to kill some poor helpless animal and drag its carcass back to the cave.

The Obama campaign is also involved in a daily complaint session about how the McCain campaign is constantly engaging in lowball politics and “gotcha” attacks while the ephemeral and pure Obama campaign pursues the higher and loftier things.

Well, bogus, and more bogus.

Both forms of “bogii” are revealed in the Obama campaigns handling of John McCain’s “house controversy.”  Aside from the fact that a guy who spent 5 1/2 years being tortured in a Communist hell hole DESERVES to have a life of luxury these days, there are a couple of factors that really turn this issue into another revealing glimpse into the shrivled soul of the Obama machine.

Get Listy summarizes the issue:

Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain was asked Wednesday by a reporter from Politico how many houses he owned. McCain wasn’t sure.“I think — I’ll have my staff get to you,” McCain reportedly said in the interview in Las Cruces, N.M. “It’s condominiums where — I’ll have them get to you.”

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama jumped on McCain’s statement and almost immediately turned it into a campaign attack. McCain’s camp responded with a responding attack, according to CBS News.

Well, here’s the deal: John McCain had a difficult time answering the Politico reporter’s question because the answer was NUANCED.

It turns out that wealthy heiress Cindy Hensley McCain – who keeps separate finances (there’s even a prenuptial agreement) owns most of the homes. Some of the houses they may not even technically own per se, as they are owned in trusts established by Cindy McCain’s LLC. [Click here for an investigation of the seven houses]. And John McCain didn’t want to get into the personal and murky issues as to what was owned by his wealthy heiress wife.

John McCain may not actually even own a home of his own.  The Obama slam has the merit of being technically correct, but how big of a deal is it with an understanding of the big picture?


That didn’t stop Barack Obama from personally jumping all over this. He’s stumping on it with speech after speech. His campaign immediately came out with an ad depicting McCain as so elitist and so out of touch that he doesn’t even know how many houses he’s bought.

Who’s the caveman now?

Which brings home the issue of hypocrisy.

Barack Obama will whine and complain about how unfair the McCain campaign is, and how they attack him with trivial side issues even as he simultaneously launches into a barrage of the very sort of thing he’s complaining about.

The McCain campaign, for it’s part, mentions Obama’s $4 million in income last year, and his shady million-plus dollar home bought in cahoots with convicted politician-buying sleazeball Tony Rezko and asks, “Does Obama really want to talk about elitism and real estate?”

Of course, Obama does.  The crime isn’t about owning seven houses.  The crime is rather about not immediately knowing how many houses you “technically” own.  You see, for a hypocrite like Barack Obama, appearance is the only thing that really matters.

Remember that the next time he whines about how he’s treated.