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The Obama Administration Just Can’t Stop Comparing Terrorists To Shoplifters

February 16, 2010

Twenty percent of terrorists returning to terrorism and trying to murder Americans “isn’t that bad” for the Obama administration.

Amy Geiger-Hemmer puts it pretty well:

John Brennan says 20% terrorist recidivism rate “not bad”
By Amy L. Geiger-Hemmer
Feb. 15, 2010 12:00 p.m.

On February 13, 2010, the top White House adviser for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, John Brennan, stated that a 20% recidivism rate for terrorists released from Club Gitmo wasn’t that bad.

Brennan was comparing the terrorist recidivism rate with that of the United States prison system.  In the U.S. prison system, the recidivism rate averages around 50%.  Yet,  Brennan seems to ignore that many prisoners in the United States aren’t terrorists.  The average criminal in the United States isn’t intent on killing fellow Americans simply because they do not agree with one’s own religious beliefs.  The average criminal in the United States isn’t out to wage jihad on innocent Americans if they do not adhere to the same religious practices.  The average criminal isn’t going to strap on explosive devices to their own body to blow up innocent civilians.  The average criminal isn’t going to behead American soldiers and journalists on television.    And the real biggie:  the average criminal isn’t waging a war in the Middle East right now against America and our soldiers.

When a country is at war, as the United States is, doesn’t it make sense to keep any enemies that are captured in custody until the war has ended?  Those supportive of Obama will claim that Bush released prisoners from Club Gitmo, too.  That is true.  But what needs to be taken into context is that Bush had the Democrats, the media, and many liberals,  breathing down his neck to do such a thing – and no pattern of recidivism had been established at the time.  And for some insane reason, Bush always tried to play nice and placate those across the aisle. In hindsight,   Bush should never have released terrorists from Gitmo.  Years have now gone by and we KNOW that many terrorists released from Gitmo have gone back to the battlefields to fight and kill U.S. soldiers.  Obama has the knowledge and past history of what happens when terrorists are set free, yet is still insisting on letting them go and closing Club Gitmo.   Are we our own worst enemy?

20% of terrorists from Gitmo return to fight against us!  Twenty percent!  That is an increase of 6 points from last year.

The flippant, cavalier attitude of the White House advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, John Brennan, speaks volumes for how the White House perceives the terrorism threat.  No big deal.

Clearly, the Obama White House thinks there are more important things to fight against….like FOXNews, Republicans, Conservatives, and people who go to Tea Parties and oppose Obama’s socialist agenda!

On this side we have a guy who masterminded the murder of 3,000 innocent Americans, and gladly would have murdered 300 million if he could have done so.  On the other side, we have a common shoplifter.  Who to let go?  Who to make sure never sees the light of day?  Oh, these tough decisions!!!

Bottom line: the reason we should have Gitmo is to lock up every single terrorist we capture (so we can waterboard them until they grow gills and extract everything they know from them) and allow them to leave only if they’re corpses.

This is the same mindset that produces the following mind-boggling stupidity:

MARJAH, Afghanistan (AP) — Some American and Afghan troops say they’re fighting the latest offensive in Afghanistan with a handicap — strict rules that routinely force them to hold their fire.

Although details of the new guidelines are classified to keep insurgents from reading them, U.S. troops say the Taliban are keenly aware of the restrictions.

“I understand the reason behind it, but it’s so hard to fight a war like this,” said Lance Cpl. Travis Anderson, 20, of Altoona, Iowa. “They’re using our rules of engagement against us,” he said, adding that his platoon had repeatedly seen men drop their guns into ditches and walk away to blend in with civilians.

If a man emerges from a Taliban hideout after shooting erupts, U.S. troops say they cannot fire at him if he is not seen carrying a weapon — or if they did not personally watch him drop one.

What this means, some contend, is that a militant can fire at them, then set aside his weapon and walk freely out of a compound, possibly toward a weapons cache in another location. It was unclear how often this has happened. In another example, Marines pinned down by a barrage of insurgent bullets say they can’t count on quick air support because it takes time to positively identify shooters.

What do you even say?

The fact that John Brennan is perfectly okay with the fact that one in every five terrorists goes back to the battlefield where they try to keep murdering our soldiers is a powerful evidence that the Obama administration has no business being in charge of our war against terror, and John Brennan has no business having a job.