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Fascist Dictator Obama Ignores Separation Of Power And Imposes His Will By Tyranical Fiat With NON-Recess ‘Recess Appointment’

January 4, 2012

I wrote that Obama is a fascist.  I was completely right then, and I am even more completely right in saying it again now.

I should have updated that article, because Obama has done a few quintessentially fascist things SINCE then.

Such as when Obama said the following:

“The idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you, not just on immigration reform. But that’s not how our system works. That’s not how our democracy functions. That’s not how our Constitution is written.”

And then did the very thing that he himself had said was un-American (“not how our system works”), anti-democratic (“not how our democracy functions”) AND unconstitutional (“not how our Constitution is written”).

If that’s not fascist, then nothing is fascist.

Here’s the most recent example of a nakedly fascist president.

Please bear in mind that the Democrats used this exact same tactic when they were opposing Bush.  But unlike Obama, Bush was NOT a fascist dictator wannabe and he respected the Constitution and the rule of law in not ignoring the Senate and its constitutional “advise and consent” role:

Obama bypasses Senate, installs new consumer chief
Jan 4 01:35 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio (AP) – President Barack Obama says he won’t take “no” as an answer from Republicans, so he’s going around them to appoint the head of a new consumer protection agency.

Obama says Republicans would just keep holding Richard Cordray’snomination hostage—and the president says that’s inexcusable and wrong.

He says Cordray must be in place in order for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to start helping consumers deal with unscrupulous mortgage companies, dishonest payday lenders, and others.

Obama announced the appointment of Cordray during a stop Wednesday in Ohio, where Cordray once served as attorney general.

Republicans are outraged but Obama says he has an obligation to act when Congress refuses to.

The recess appointment means Cordray stands to serve for at least the next two years.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP’s earlier story is below.

In a defiant display of executive power, President Barack Obama on Wednesday will buck GOP opposition and name Richard Cordrayas the nation’s chief consumer watchdog. Outraged Republican leaders in Congress suggested that courts would determine the appointment was illegal.

With a director in place, the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can start overseeing the mortgage companies, payday lenders, debt collectorsand other financial operations often blamed for practices that helped tank the economy. Even before Obama announced the move in an appearance in Ohio, Cordray said he would begin work right away.

Politically, the move immediately raised the level of confrontation for a president seeking re-election by championing the middle class and challenging an unpopular Congress. Acting right after Tuesday’s GOP presidential caucuses in Iowa, Obama sought to grab attention and show he would not be slowed by making his most brazen leap-frog over Congress.

Republicans have halted Cordray’s nomination because they think the consumer agency is too powerful and unaccountable. Leaders of the party responded in blistering fashion.

The Senate’s top Republican, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, accused Obama of an unprecedented power grab that “arrogantly circumvented the American people.”

Added House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio: “It’s clear the president would rather trample our system of separation of powers than work with Republicans to move the country forward. This action goes beyond the president’s authority, and I expect the courts will find the appointment to be illegitimate.”

It was unclear who might undertake a legal fight. But people familiar with the matter said an outside private group regulated by the consumer agency might be in the best legal position.

By his move, Obama essentially is declaring that the Senate’s short off-and-on legislative sessions are a sham intended to block him and do not count.

Yet it was his own party that started the practice when George W. Bushwas president.

The White House braced for fallout, but said Obama was left with little choice to get the consumer agency fully running after months of stalemate.

White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer announced Obama’s move on Twitter after senior administration officials first confirmed it to The Associated Press. Obama spokesman Jay Carney said White House lawyers have determined Obama is within his bounds to appoint Cordray now.

Cordray is expected to formally take over the job later in the week and stands to serve for at least the next two years, covering the length of the Senate’s session.

In his comments in politically vital Ohio, Obama planned to say that every day Cordray waited for confirmation, millions of people remained unprotected from dishonest financial practices, according to prepared remarks obtained by the AP.

“When Congress refuses to act in a way that hurts our economy and puts people at risk, I have an obligation as president to do what I can without them,” Obama said.

More than a standoff over one significant appointment, the fight speaks to the heart of a presidential campaign under way. Presiding over a troubled but improving economy, Obama’s must persuade a weary middle class that he is their advocate, while fending off criticism from Republicans challengers and lawmakers.

Obama has constitutional power to make appointments during a congressional recess.

Expressly to keep that from happening, Republicans in the Senate have had the Senate running in “pro forma” sessions, meaning open for business in name with no actual business planned. Democrats started the practice when George W. Bush was president to halt him from making recess appointments.

The Senate held such a session on Tuesday and planned another one on Friday. Republicans contend Obama cannot make a recess appointment during such a break of less than three days, based on years of precedent, and they point to comments by Obama’s own Justice Department echoing that view.

Regardless, the Obama White House now contends such an approach is a gimmick.

For all practical purposes, the Senate is in recess and Obama is free to make the appointment on his own, administration officials said.

McConnell shot back that Obama’s move “lands this appointee in uncertain legal territory, threatens the confirmation process and fundamentally endangers the Congress’ role in providing a check on the excesses of the executive branch.

The president also was expected to announce other recess appointments, possibly including nominees to the National Labor Relations Board.

Republicans have had little opposition if any to the qualifications of Cordray, a former Ohio attorney general. Their objection is with the consumer agency itself.

Obama and his team say lawmakers should try to revise the Wall Street oversight law if they don’t like it, not keep the agency from performing its job.

Before his remarks at a high school in a Democratic suburb of Cleveland, Obama met with a family who got taken advantage of by a mortgage broker.He sought to use their story as an example of how the consumer agency can crack down on such practices.

Obama was focusing on the most Democratic congressional district in Ohio, a Cleveland suburb, a day after Mitt Romney won Iowa’s Republican presidential caucuses by just eight votes. Obama’s trip signals the White House’s intent to keep the president in the public eye even as the political world focuses on the GOP’s selection process.

Barack Obama, fascist.  Dictator.  Tyrant.  And that is according to his own Democrat Party and even his own Justice Department.

This was what the Democrats said and did about the matter only three and a half years ago, as documented by the Associated Press on 5/24/08:

The Senate is famed for its long-winded debates, but on Friday it took Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown just seconds to stop Republicans in their tracks.

With the Senate entering the first day of its Memorial Day recess, the Ohio senator was briefly in the chair, before a near-empty chamber, to gavel in and gavel out what is called a pro forma session. Without that procedural move, the Senate would technically be adjourned and President Bush could install administration officials or judges as “recess appointments” — without Senate confirmation.

“That’s the fastest I’ve ever done it,” said Brown, who like other freshmen does duty as presiding officer when the Senate is in regular session. He said he didn’t realize until he got there that the prayer and Pledge of Allegiance, which usually open a session, were dispensed with for pro forma meetings.

“I’m willing to do it,” Brown said of showing up when nearly every senator has already left town. “We’re not going to let them get away with that kind of abuse of power.”

According to numbers provided by the Senate historian’s office, Bush had made 165 recess appointments by last fall. That’s when Democrats started blocking them with pro forma sessions.

By comparison, former President Clinton had a total of 140 recess appointments over eight years, George H.W. Bush had 77 in his four years and Ronald Reagan 243 in his eight years in office. A recess appointee is allowed to serve until the end of the congressional session, which in this case coincides with the end of the Bush presidency.

The mini-sessions must be held every three days to keep the Senate from officially going into recess. On Tuesday, Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.), who also got pro forma duty over the New Year’s holiday because he lives nearby, will take the chair. On Thursday, Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) will do his few seconds’ worth.

Here’s what the New York Times said about it:

In early 2007, shortly after Democrats took control of the Senate, President George W. Bush made several recess appointments. But in November 2007, Senate Democrats did not formally recess before going home for Thanksgiving. Instead, they stayed in “pro forma” session, sending a member into the chamber every three days to bang the gavel.

Senate Democrats repeated the move during breaks for the rest of Mr. Bush’s presidency, and Mr. Bush did not try to make any further recess appointments. Under President Obama, Republicans – despite being a minority in the Senate — turned the tables by also keeping the chamber in pro forma session.

According to the Democrat Party of just a few years ago – including one Senator Barack Hussein Obama – Barack Obama is a fascist who has abandoned the Constitution.

Here is what Obama is doing:

Obama’s own lawyers publicly stated in a 2010 exchange with Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts that the president doesn’t consider a congressional recess official — meaning he can’t legally exercise his recess appointment power — until Congress has been gone for three full days.
“The recess appointment power can work in — in a recess,” Obama’s Deputy Solicitor General Neal Katyal said. “I think our office has opined the recess has to be longer than three days [to make an appointment].”
The Senate entered a recess on Tuesday, after having held a pro forma session to keep Obama from making any recess appointments. Another was planned for Friday.
By making the appointments just one day after the Senate went into a recess, Obama appears to breaking his own administration’s rules and, as scores of Republicans are quick to point out, decades of executive precedent.

According to The Hill, Obama’s move breaks from 20 years of precedent while violating a policy established under fellow Democrat and former President Bill Clinton’s administration.

This is a flagrently fascist and tyrannous act.  And it is a fascist and tyrannous act according to OBAMA’S OWN LAWYERS.

There’s something called “advise and consent.” Every Congress has had that – until the age of Obama. If Obama wins on this, there will no longer be such a thing. No president will ever again have to bother to present his nominees to the people and their elected representatives; rather, he will simply wait until recess and appoint the people he wants. He can appoint anyone, no matter how extreme or how out-of-step with the American people those “appointees” (they won’t be “nominees” because the president will merely appoint them) ever again.

The Senate has been meeting every three days to prevent Obama from doing the very thing he did.  Three days kept the Senate officially in Senate by the Senate’s own rules; rules which DEMOCRATS created, for what that’s worth.  And now the rule of law is simply meaningless because we have a fascist-in-chief ruling over us.

It is the act of a true fascist and the result of a true fascist party.

You damn Democrats just remember this when a conservative president gets into office and takes what your vile president did and runs down the field with it.  You just remember when a Republican president shoves the law right down your throats and does whatever the hell he wants because your own worthless Führer-in-Chief gave him the precedent to do so.  You just remember how it serves you right when you wake up to find out that we’ve just passed the “Hunt Every Democrat Down With Dogs and Burn Them Alive” act and that the hunting is already under way.]

Because it will serve you completely right.

One last thing: I am beyond sick and tired of lying two-faced hypocrite Democrats telling us that Democrats are the party of compromise and Republicans are the party of partisanship and obstruction when history flies in the face of such incredibly false claims.  A few years ago Democrats were every bit as “obstructionist” as Republicans are now.

The only difference is that the Democrat Party isn’t honest or moral or decent enough to live by the rule of law such that we end up with a constantly moving goal post.

The other thing that pisses me off to no end is how Obama continually presents himself as being such a transcendent figure who rises above politics when he proves every single day that he is the most divisive force in American political history.