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Public School Teacher Says American Flag ‘Offensive’; Praises Picture Of Dear Leader Obama

May 13, 2010

God damn America is thriving under Dear Leader Part Deuce.  If by “thriving” you mean “sucking poop through a straw.”

A good article on the story is here.

Can you imagine?  We now live in people’s republic in which a drawing of an American flag is reviled as “offensive,” but a drawing of Dear Leader Obama is praised.  In a public school.

Not a public school in North Korea, mind you.  But right here in the good old God damn the USA.

Of course, we should have know that Barack Obama’s fundamental transformation of America would lead to “God damn America.”  And so, yeah, we should have known that our government schools would send high school kids home for wearing their “offensive” and “inflammatory” American flag T-shirts while smiling benignly as hundreds of Hispanic kids wore their Mexican flag T-shirts all around them.

God damn America recognizes that America is a selfish, greedy place that should hang its collective head in shame as Dear Leader Obama travels the globe apologizing for how despicable we have been until the moment he took the oath of office.  Michelle Obama had never been proud of America until Obama was on his way to becoming president.  Why should she have been?  We clearly made Nazi Germany look like Disneyland until the glorious, beatific Dear Leader fundamentally transformed it into the Blessed Utopia it now is today.

You can’t blame this art teacher for despising the flag and the Republic for which it stands.  She’s taking her cues from her president, after all.

We’ve seen the casual contempt Obama has shown for the flag of the United States of America.

In the article above I recount the story of William H. Carney, a hero who received the Congressional Medal of Honor for valor for his inspirational service with the 54th Massachusetts Regiment during the legendary assault on Fort Wagner.

He was struck with one shot, but not being felled he continued, and then was struck with a second shot. On his struggle to cross the beach to the rear he met a member of the 100th New York Regiment who started to assist him, when Carney was struck with another shot in the head. The other soldier asked Carney to let him carrier the colors so he could more easily walk, but Carney refused, saying that no one other than a member of the 54th Massachusetts should carry the colors.

Finally, after an unlikely arrival alive at the rear guard hospital area, he saw his wounded and dying comrades who saw him carrying their colors and cheered him. He was able to tell them “Boys, the old flag never touched the ground.”

Of course, that was in the America of Lincoln.  In the God damn America of Obama, a thirteen-year-old girl is vilified for drawing a picture of her beloved American flag in a public school art class.

Children Sing Praises To Dear Leader Obama

September 30, 2008

In North Korea, Kim Jung Il has led his nation to disaster.  Two million have starved to death during the past ten years.  Preschool children in North Korea were up to 5 inches shorter and up to 14 pounds lighter than children who were brought up in South Korea, and adults in the North are 3 inches shorter than adults in South Korea.  prisoners.  And flying over North Korea at night is like flying over a country in the Dark Ages.

There is a spirit of fear and paranoia.  There are as many as a million North Koreans are being held in gulags for political prisoners.

But none of that matters.  North Koreans still live under the yoke of propaganda devoted entirely to the personality cult of Kim Jung Il.  He is revered as “Dear Leader” among his people, who can know nothing but what they are taught to know.  A picture of Dear Leader is prominently displayed in every building and every home.  Some even worship him.

I remember when the last real famine hit North Korea.  Dianne Sawyer was able to visit this black hole of human misery.  The world – and particularly the United States – provided food aid.  But the packages of food were swiftly re-labeled, and guess who the people gratefully bowed their heads to and humbly thanked for their sustenance?

I imagine that many North Korean children sing praises to their Dear Leader.

And many children are singing the praises of our Dear Leader, as well.

“We’re gonna spread happiness! We’re gonna spread freeeeedom! Obama’s gonna change it, Obama’s gonna lead ’em…”

There are whole choirs of exploited five and six year olds singing Obama’s praises.

We used to view government as providing for the common defense, building infrastructure, and staying out of the peoples’ way as much as possible.  Not any more.  Now government’s job – as epitomized in the person of our Dear Leader Barack Obama – is to bring us happiness.

Our children used to be taught that it was the Truth – as epitomized by Jesus Christ the Son of God – that gave us freedom (John 8:31-36).  Now children sing the praises of a new and very different messiah.

Watching children sing the praises of Barack Obama just creeps me out on a viceral level.  Because I remember when I was a child.  Somehow, I was never encouraged – even once – to ever sing the praises of Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, or even the great Ronald Reagan.  Somehow that’s different now.  Something frightening has happened.

I look at this glassy-eyed little girl singing about how happiness and freedom are somehow bound up in the person of Barack Hussein Obama, and I wonder: what if he loses the election?  Is happiness and freedom dead?

May God protect us as the same sort of Stalinist media that dominates North Korea begins to dominate our culture as well, and as the same cult of personality that has taken over there begins to take over here, as well.