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Rick Perry Has A ‘Big Black Cloud’ Of Biased Media Propaganda Hanging Over Him

August 18, 2011

Never forget, the mainstream media is biased and dishonest.  And they WILL NOT be fair or objective:

Ed Schultz: Rick Perry’s reference to a “big black cloud” was a racial crack at Obama, wasn’t it?
posted at 5:36 pm on August 16, 2011 by Allahpundit

Via Larry O’Connor at Breitbart TV. As shameless as this is, it’s not the worst example of MSNBC playing games with video to support a favored racial narrative. Remember this classic of the genre? And it’s not just MSNBC in this case who took Perry out of context either. ABC’s account of what he said is even less fair than Schultz’s:

“Mr. President, you need to free up the employers of this country to create jobs.” Perry called on Obama to “free up this country” from “stifling regulation.”

“I’m a pro-business governor, I don’t make any apologies about it and I will be a pro-business president.”

Perry warned that a “big black cloud” hangs over the country.

“I think you want a president who is passionate about America — that’s in love with America.”

Sounds like he’s talking about Obama, right? Not so. Watch the clip, which includes extra footage added by O’Connor, and you’ll see that he was talking about the debt. In fact, that’s obvious to me even from the footage Schultz did air, which conveniently excludes the final part where Perry emphasizes that the “cloud” he’s referring to is our debt crisis. They might as well have left it in there, frankly: The beauty of the “dog whistle” accusation Schultz is making is that there’s no way to disprove it, even in full context. It’s a claim about what a speaker means, not what he actually says, so the fact that Perry’s clearly talking about the debt is no impediment. Schultz and his viewers know that Perry’s a secret racist and that he’s using code words to communicate subtextually with his racist audience, so all they have to do is look for words like “black” or “dark” and connect the dots, irrespective of what the speech is about. Short of figuring out a way to let the left read his mind, there’s no way Perry can prove that his intentions were innocent, which of course is precisely why they love love love this specie of demagoguery. We have 14 more months of this ahead of us. And trust me, Captain Civility will be very coy indeed about reining in his side when they start in with it full-bore.

Update: Can we at least set some ground rules about this before the campaign? I know that would defeat the left’s purpose of being able to declare any innocent turn of phrase racist and disqualifying as political circumstances require, but let’s see if we can pin them down. How about if they gave us a list of words that Perry shouldn’t use, ever, in any context? And if he stays away from those, no “dog whistle” accusations. Deal?

As rabid of a leftwing ideologue partisan as Ed Schultz is, ABC DEMONSTRATES THAT IT IS EVEN MORE RABIDLY BIASED.

Mediaite reported:

Rick Perry ‘Big Black Cloud’ Quote Edited Out Of Context By MSNBC And ABC News

GOP hopeful Gov. Rick Perry drew fire from some quarters earlier over a remark, reported by ABC News’ The Note blog, that “a ‘big black cloud’hangs over the country.”

As it turns out, Perry’s remark was much more specific. While he did use the phrase “big black cloud,” he was referring explicitly to the debt, as the full video of Perry’s remark reveals.

BreitbartTV’s Larry O’Connor tracked down the full video of Perry’s remarks (which Mediaite also requested of ABC News prior to our post on the subject), and compared it with an edited version that aired on Monday night’s The Ed Show.

[The videos appear here for comparison]

Now, Schultz could have aired the entire clip, and still tried to make the case that Perry’s remark was poorly chosen. Chopping the clip the way he did was dishonest and, at best, an oversell by a zealous partisan commentator.

But there is no excuse for ABC News’ reporters abridging Perry’s remark in that fashion. It was their reporting upon which April Ryan, and others, relied in forming their strong reactions to the quote, and not Schultz’s edited clip. It was the truncated, oddly-paraphrased fashion in which ABC reported his remark (“Perry warned that a ‘big black cloud’ hangs over the country”) which made me contact them (and Perry’s campaign) to check on the quote in the first place.

We also performed several searches for video of Perry’s remarks before publication, but found nothing.

Whatever your opinion of Governor Perry, politically or otherwise, he deserves to be quoted as fairly and completely as any other figure. Not to do so is inexcusable.

MSNBC “journalist” Chris Matthews shrilly says in his rabid fear that news organizations will turn over every imaginable stone to dig up dirt on Rick Perry.  Even if they have to invent stuff, apparently.  Some journalist researched Michelle Bachmann’s family tree back to the 19th century just to try to show that her ancestors settled “near Iowa” (rather than in Iowa).  And the sheer unadulterated outrage and frothing anger over these insignificant findings is really quite amazing.  Considering that these same “journalists” never bothered to look into Obama’s secrets – many of which are STILL hidden in the dark (etc. etc.)while the media steadfastly go through the trash of every Republican who might threaten their messiah.

Don’t ever forget that the mainstream media is thoroughly dishonest.

Liberals are dishonest hypocrites.  Both character deficiencies quintessentially define them.

P.S.  Don’t forget that the mainstream media is literally invested in Barack Obama.