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Elle Macpherson Loves Obama Explaining, ‘I’m A Socialist. What Do You Expect?’

March 19, 2012

After all the dumb blond jokes and dumb supermodel jokes, Elle Macpherson just documented that she is smarter than every single Democrat put together.

Supermodel Elle Macpherson Loves Obama: ‘I’m Socialist – What Do You Expect?’
By Noel Sheppard | March 17, 2012 | 18:02

Supermodel Elle Macpherson told shock jock Howard Stern Tuesday that she’s pulling for Barack Obama to be reelected.

“I’m living in London and I’m socialist,” she told her host. “What do you expect?” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

[See Newsbusters for embedded video]

HOWARD STERN: Who should be the next President of the United States Elle MacPherson, go ahead.

ELLE MACPHERSON: I think Obama’s going to do it.

STERN: You like Obama?

MACPHERSON: Yeah, I’m living in London and I’m socialist. What do you expect?

STERN: And you’re living in London and you sense what other foreigners feel. Do they like him?

MACPHERSON: I think foreigners like him. He’s very popular.

STERN: Don’t we look good having a black president and everything? Makes us kind of cool.

MACPHERSON: I think it’s more about his policy. But you know there are I understand that there are a lot of people who don’t, you know, don’t want change. “We want change. We want change.” And he says, “I’ll implement change,” and you go, “Oh, actually, I don’t bleeping feel like I want change. It’s too difficult.”

And Obama’s media wonder why folks think he’s a socialist.

For what it’s worth, the “I like Obama because ‘I’m living in London and I’m socialist'” amounts to saying, “I like Obama because I won’t have to suffer the results of his idiotic failed policies.”

If you live in America – and particularly if you are NOT a socialist – you really ought to vote for somebody other than Obama.