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Obama Gives Company $529 Million To Build Cars – In FINLAND. And It Gets BETTER; This Is Another Solyndra!

October 21, 2011

American jobs suck and the United States should be funding union jobs that benefit “the world” rather than helping the American people.  And throwing away half a billion dollars in American taxpayer money to fund green jobs boondoggles on the other side of the Atlantic is perfectly fine.

That’s not my opinion; that’s Barack Obama’s opinion, according to ABC News:

Car Company Gets U.S. Loan, Builds Cars In Finland
In Billion-Dollar Gamble on Tesla and Fisker, Some Worry About A Second Solyndra
Today, 9:47 PM EDT

With the approval of the Obama administration, an electric car company that received a $529 million federal government loan guarantee is assembling its first line of cars in Finland, saying it could not find a facility in the United States capable of doing the work.
Vice President Joseph Biden heralded the Energy Department’s $529 million loan to the start-up electric car company called Fisker as a bright new path to thousands of American manufacturing jobs. But two years after the loan was announced, the job of assembling the flashy electric Fisker Karma sports car has been outsourced to Finland.
“There was no contract manufacturer in the U.S. that could actually produce our vehicle,” the car company’s founder and namesake told ABC News. “They don’t exist here.”
Henrik Fisker said the U.S. money so far has been spent on engineering and design work that stayed in the U.S., not on the 500 manufacturing jobs that went to a rural Finnish firm, Valmet Automotive.
“We’re not in the business of failing; we’re in the business of winning. So we make the right decision for the business,” Fisker said. “That’s why we went to Finland.”
The loan to Fisker is part of a $1 billion bet the Energy Department has made in two politically connected California-based electric carmakers producing sporty — and pricey — cutting-edge autos. Fisker Automotive, backed by a powerhouse venture capital firm whose partners include former Vice President Al Gore, predicts it will eventually be churning out tens of thousands of electric sports sedans at the shuttered GM factory it bought in Delaware. And Tesla Motors, whose prime backers include PayPal mogul Elon Musk and Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, says it will do the same in a massive facility tooling up in Silicon Valley.
For more on the Fisker and Tesla loans and the Obama administration’s green auto loan program, watch “Good Morning America,” “World News with Diane Sawyer,” and “Nightline.”
An investigation by ABC News and the Center for Public Integrity’s iWatch News that will air on “Good Morning America” found that the DOE’s bet carries risks for taxpayers, has raised concern among industry observers and government auditors, and adds to questions about the way billions of dollars in loans for smart cars and green energy companies have been awarded. Fisker is more than a year behind rolling out its $97,000 luxury vehicle bankrolled in part with DOE money. While more are promised soon, just 40 of its Karma cars (below) have been manufactured and only two delivered to customers’ driveways, including one to movie star Leonardo DiCaprio. Tesla’s SEC filings reveal the start-up has lost money every quarter. And while its federal funding is intended to help it mass produce a new $57,400 Model S sedan, the company has no experience in a project so vast.

There is intense scrutiny of the decisions made by the Department of Energy as it invests billions of taxpayer dollars in alternative energy. The questions come in the wake of the administration’s failed $535 million investment in solar panel maker Solyndra. The company’s collapse, bankruptcy and raid by FBI agents generated a litany of questions about how the Energy Department doles out billions in highly sought after green energy seed money.
A key question, experts and investigators say, is whether another Solyndra is in the offing.

Of COURSE this is a great bet: just look at how great things have gone for the Chevrolet Volt!!!

Wait, what’s that you say?  The Government Motors Volt is a complete fiasco?  But… but Obama just said that all the choices he made were the right ones, like his choice to piss away $535 million of the American people’s money even after being warned that it was a stupid move.

Because if you don’t agree with Obama blowing billions of dollars on green energy boondoggles whether here or overseas, you’re just a racist is all you are.

What was it Obama’s spiritual leader for over twenty years said?  “No, no, no.  Not God bless America.  God DAMN America!”

Well, God damn America it is.  And God damn American jobs, too.

A vote for Obama is a vote to piss on America. It always WAS a vote to piss on America.

If you’re tired of getting pissed on, it’s way past time to get pissed off and throw this fool out of office before he ruins America even more.