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Left Mocked Sarah Palin For Notes On Palm; Hope They Start Mocking Dianne Feinsten

February 13, 2010

Obama Mouthpiece Robert Gibbs mocked Sarah Palin for the five words she’d written on her palm, as did numerous mainline media propagandists such as MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

It is frankly amazing that the media went so nuts over Sarah Palin’s palm.  It’s like a dog and pony show, with all the media dogs and ponies prancing around whenever Sarah Palin says or does anything.

One interesting theory about the “palmgate” is that Sarah Palin is deliberately messing with the mainstream media’s minds, having every bit as little respect for them as they for her.  The only difference is that she keeps winning the game, and keep losing it.

Ordinary people who didn’t have an ideological axe to grind would probably find it difficult to understand how the people who are marching lockstep behind a man who literally has to bring his teleprompter into sixth grade classrooms could see a “gotcha!” moment in five words scrawled on a palm.

But let’s get past that obvious comparison and go straight apples-to-apples.

We now find out that the illustrious grand maven Senator Dianne Feinstein wrote words on her palm for a debate:

Sarah Palin wrote five words on her hand for a speech; there were no rules barring her from doing so.  In Dianne Feinstein’s case, she broke the rules and the etiquette of a debate.  She took an unfair advantage against her opponent.  She cheated.

Which makes her a Democrat in good standing.

Since Democrats argued that Sarah Palin was so stupid for writing on her palm, I propose that we administer an IQ test to Dianne Feinstein and to every single Democrat in office, and every Democrat who tests the same as or lower than Feinstein resign from office for being “f-ing retarded” (to quote Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel).

You find it again and again: hypocrisy defines liberals.  It is their core essence.