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Why Haven’t Democrats Passed ANY Budget Plan? (Hint: Because They’re Vile And They Know They’re Vile)

July 21, 2011

Today marks the 812th day since the Democrats passed a budget plan of their own.

They did not bother to pass any budget whatsoever in 2010 – in spite of having total control of the House, the Senate, and the presidency.

Barack Obama has been demanding that Republicans cave in and agree to his plan without even bothering to HAVE a plan.

In fact, the last budget Obama submitted was so utterly and completely terrible – demonstrating that he is an inexperienced failure in way over his head – that his plan go shot down 97-0 in the Senate.  Without one single Democrat willing to support the inexcusably pathetic and asinine Obama “plan.”

Where is the president’s plan?  Where are the Democrats’ plan?

That is a complete failure and abdication of leadership.  Why would they do that?  And why would they rely on blatant lies to push their agenda through fearmongering instead of offering any plan whatsoever???

Republicans have offered up several.  They passed a budget (the Ryan budget).  They passed a cut, cap and balance bill that would give Obama the increased debt ceiling he needs.  Why won’t the president or the Democrats offer a plan?

Let me answer the question: because they are evil and vile, and they KNOW they are evil and vile.

If they had the courage and integrity (either of which all Democrats were born without) to openly and honestly put their own idea on the table, the American people would recognize that Democrats are evil and vile.

And Democrats know that.  They know they have to hide their true identity and values the way cockroaches have to hide when the kitchen light gets turned on.

Democrats’ plan, therefore, is to wait for Republicans to lead, and then to attack them and demonize them for their plan.  They have no plan of their own that can stand the light of day, so they demonize the Republicans’ openly revealed plan, even as they cunningly craft a dishonest plan of their own in secret, behind closed doors.

The sad thing is that the American people are becoming more and more vile and evil.  Vile and evil people allow lies and deceit to win the day.

We’ve got surveys showing 95% of students have admitted to cheating in the last year.  And the liberal Democrat public school teachers are being caught having cheated to make themselves look better.  This government school cheating scandal is particularly bad in the Democrat-controlled stronghold of Atlanta (see also here) (yes, Mayor Kasim Reed is very much a Democrat, which tells you how this city votes).

Democrats and future Democrats should clearly be happy; their cheating ways are secure, and clearly are getting stronger and stronger.

Add to that a mainstream media – which has such a documented history of profound liberal and Democrat bias it is not even funny – and the slanted, prejudiced, distorted, biased way they routinely cover the news, and you have a case of the blind and evil leading the blind and evil.

As an example, Obama gave a news conference yesterday.  Of the 16 questions asked, 14 were of the so-called “gang of six” plan – which isn’t anything close to a “plan” in that nothing has been seriously put to paper; versus only 2 questions for the cut, cap and balance bill that just passed the House of Representatives the day before.  Further, the language routinely used to describe the Republican-passed bill (e.g., “ill-fated“) has been overwhelmingly negative and critical.

The “Gang of Six” plan is not a plan at all.  It is not on paper.  It cannot even possibly be written up before the August 2 “deadline.”  It certainly would not be scored by the CBO prior to its passage if it was acted upon.  It is nothing more than a bunch of behind-closed-door agreements and promises.  It also NEVER gets to a balanced budget.  It relies on the gimmick of confusing reductions in the budget baseline with actual budget cuts.  The Gang of Six “plan” reduces the baseline by $3 trillion.  BUT THE BASELINE INCREASES THE DEFICIT BY $9 TRILLION.  Which is to say, the Gang of Six plan increases the deficit by $6 trillion.  It’s a bunch of smoke and mirrors and lies and deceit that is being sold as a good “compromise” that will solve our debt ceiling crisis.

If the Republican-controlled House passes a plan, it is deemed meaningless by the mainstream media.  The Republicans must COMPROMISE their basic values.  Which is to say that a Republican House bill is “ill-fated” because it won’t pass the Democrat-controlled Senate.  BUT WHAT ABOUT A DEMOCRAT SENATE PLAN THAT WON’T PASS THE REPUBLICAN HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES???  Not that there IS such a creature, of course (remember, Democrats know their plans are vile and evil, and could never pass such a plan on their own; rather, they have to cover themselves behind a couple RINO Republicans the way cockroaches cover themselves under the refrigerator); but how is it that the Republican House vote can be so casually disregarded?

The answer is profound bias, combined with an arrogant, snotty attitude both of which will ultimately put this nation in its grave.

I’ll quote myself from just yesterday.  The Republicans are asking Obama, “Where’s YOUR plan?”

Obama has set forth no plan to deal with anything whatsoever regarding the budget/debt ceiling crisis:

SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE JOHN BOEHNER (R-OH): Where’s the president’s plan? When is he going to lay his cards on the table?

Senator Marco Rubio understood this when he utterly destroyed Bob Schieffer on CBS’ “Face The Nation” program after Schieffer – in his masquerade as a “neutral reporter” cited the Obama talking point as the “objective” view:

OK, so where’s the plan?  Where’s the president’s plan?  I’ve never seen a piece of paper with the president’s name on it that’s his plan to solve this crisis.  I’ve seen press conferences.  I’ve seen lectures that he’s given to the Congress.  I’ve seen these press avails where the camera comes in and takes a bunch of pictures.  I haven’t seen a plan.  Where is the president’s plan?

And President Obama’s failure to lead is undermining negotiations.  From ABC’s “This Week”:

MS. AMANPOUR: You also heard what Jack Lew said if there was part of a big deal, it would involve entitlements –

SEN. KYL: But we have no idea what he’s talking about.  That’s the problem. Republicans are not willing to make a deal based upon some vague commitment that, sometime in the future, the president might be willing to look at something that he won’t identify.

But neither Obama nor the other Democrat cockroaches will ever offer a plan, no matter how much they need to or how irresponsible they are for not doing so.  Because if they offered a plan, people would see Democrats and the Democrat Party for what they and it are.

Bad people believe lies.  And the bad people are starting to win, because the Democrats feed a steady diet of lies day in and day out.  Ultimately the bad people and the sea of lies and the Democrats will truly win out – and then we’ll have the Antichrist and the full curse of God damn America until we are truly and deservedly extinct.