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Jimmy Carter: Terrorism’s ‘Useful Idiot’

April 21, 2008

A “useful idiot” is a person in who is in such a state of naïve, foolish, and willful denial that he allows himself to become a tool of those who would overthrow his country.  A brief examination of Jimmy Carter demonstrates that he is precisely this.

He is a tool of Hamas, a known terrorist entity; he is a documented tool of anti-Semitism; and he is a tool of anti-American and frankly anti-Democratic forces who have repeatedly vowed our destruction.

The Bush administration – like all U.S. presidential administrations before it – had the policy of refusing to directly engage with terrorist states and rogue totalitarian dictatorships.  Doing so, they argued, gives these states credibility and legitimacy in the eyes of the world while doing little to change their despicable ways.

In other words, by dialoguing with terrorists, we implicitly recognize them, and thereby recognize the acts that they commit.  We abandon the belief that some acts are so heinous, and so deplorable, that anyone who commits them should be shunned and reviled instead of being rewarded with recognition and legitimacy.  Instead, we tacitly acknowledge that using violence and suffering to advance one’s cause is a valid path to inernational recognition.  Otherwise, we would not have allowed their violent approach to succeed.

Former president Jimmy carter turns this wisdom – attained by virtually every democracy on earth through decades of experiences with terror – on its head.  No one wanted him to go to act as an intermediary with Hamas, which is on both the American and European lists of terrorists.  His hubris is simply astonishing.

The historic democratic diplomatic position has been this: if a group wants legitimacy, it has to set aside terrorism.  If such a group wants to sit at any negotiations, they must stop their murderous attacks on innocent civilians.  Period.  The recent successes of peace agreements with the Irish Republican Army were based on this firm principle.  When they finally set aside their terrorist tactics, they were accorded legitmization.

But Carter seems to think that it would be better if a terror group not have to disavow violence in order to become a viable peace partner.  He seems to think that a terrorist organization should have legitimacy even as it blows up innocent civilians in cafes and markets.  In other words, he seems to believe that it would be a better world if terrorists could eat their cake, and have it too.

What this is all about is a former president of the United States legitimizing the known terrorist group Hamas.  It’s what Israel’s leaders say they fear and in fact is what Hamas’ leaders say is precisely the purpose for the meeting.

Katrina Kratovack reported that “Heading the Hamas delegation in Cairo were Gaza leaders Mahmoud Zahar and Said Siyam. “This meeting is a message to those who don’t recognize Hamas’ legitimacy as a movement,” Zahar said as he left for Egypt, according to Hamas’ Web site.

In Cairo, Hamas spokesman Taher Nuhu told The Associated Press that the purported Thursday meeting would be “a recognition of the ‘legitimacy’ of Hamas’ victory in the Palestinians’ parliamentary election in 2006.

“We do not claim we are the only legitimate group there, but we are an integral part whose legitimacy was manifested in the elections,” Nuhu said.”

And the message that is being legitimized bears notice.  Yunis al-Astal, a Hamas Parliament Member, said that the destruction of Israel is just a precursor to Islam’s domination of the world.  He said on al Aqsa television on 12 April 2008, “Very soon, Allah willing, Rome will be conquered… this capital of theirs will be an advanced post for the Islamic conquests, which will spread through Europe in its entirety, and then will turn to the two Americas, and even Eastern Europe.”  

 Margaret Thatcher said that “Democratic nations must try to find ways to starve the terrorists and the hijacker of the oxygen of publicity on which they depend.”  But Jimmy Carter defies this wisdom as well, preferring to give Hamas all kinds of media access and attention through his visit.

Even as Carter was kow-towing with Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal and other terrorists, Israel was the victim of yet another terror attack.  A Hamas car bombing wounded 13 Israeli soldiers at border crossing on 19 April 2008 during the Passover holiday.

Jimmy Cater has, in both his public statements as well as his written works, has long since forfeited any credibility he could have had with Israel.  They know he is no friend of theirs, and not to be trusted.  That is why they shunned him during his visit.

Carter, of course, is claiming that his visit may have had the result of gaining Hamas’ recognition of Israel.  This is clearly flatly untrue, and merely demonstrates that the man has one thing in common with Hamas: he deserves no credibility or legitimacy whatsoever.  A glance at the facts in news reports reveals that Carter accomplished nothing more than getting his name in the papers, and of course giving a terrorist group undeserved credibility in the Arab world.  Hamas continues to hold on to its longtime terrorist positions, it will not recognize Israel’s right to exist, there is no ceasefire agreement, and Hamas didn’t even bother to quit trying to kill Jews while Carter was in town.

“We believe that the problem is not that I met Hamas in Syria,” Carter said in his address to the Israel Council on Foreign Relations. “The problem is that Israel and the United States refuse to meet with these people, who must be involved.”  Just so long as we all understand that it is the United States and Israel who are responsible for all the problems in the world.  Jimmy Carter’s terrorist pals sure aren’t to blame, in his warped worldview. 

Turning to leaders that actually have some genuine current relevance…

Senator Barack Obama criticized Carter’s visit.  After pointing to his “unshakable commitment” to help protect Israel from its enemies, Obama said: “That’s why I have a fundamental difference with President Carter and disagree with his decision to meet with Hamas,” Obama said. “We must not negotiate with a terrorist group intent on Israel’s destruction. We should only sit down with Hamas if they renounce terrorism, recognize Israel’s right to exist and abide by past agreements.”

But Barack Obama is promising to essentially do the same thing with Iran and other rogue regimes that Carter is doing with Hamas, and he doesn’t even attempt to deal with whatever nuances he believes exist between his position and Carters (perhaps this could be an “inane question” in a future debte?).  I would argue that it is every bit as dumb to legitimize an Iranian terrorist state which refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist as it is to legitimize a Hamas’ (Palestinian territory) terrorist state which refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist.

Obama seems to have the same delusion that Carter does: that if the president of the United States doesn’t directly talk with a terrorist state, no one will.  Again, in reality the United States does in fact engage with Iran through any number of diplomatic channels and backchannels.  Allowing Iran to have a global forum and a posture of legitimcy while they develop nuclear weapons and kill American soldiers in Iraq by proxy is a very bad idea that demonstates Obama’s inability to comprehend the nature of this terrorist state. 

(Sigh).  Perhaps I should start thinking about my future post titled, “Barack Obama: Terrorism’s ‘Useful Idiot.’