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Honoring Meadowlark Lemon, A Great Man and Lifelong Man of God

December 28, 2015

I was just about to walk out when I heard the news that stopped me in my tracks.

It was being reported that Meadowlark Lemon had died at age 83.

A few nights ago, I saw an interesting thing: my best friend had a Christmas Eve party and I happened to see her very beautiful daughter take a picture of the food on her plate.  It actually just came up during a conversation I had with the girl’s mother by coincidence last night.  I asked what her daughter was doing and she said she was probably taking the picture for her Facebook page so her fans could see what she had for dinner.

I was stunned: I mean, WHO CARES WHAT SHE HAD FOR DINNER???

You’d be surprised, my friend told me (mind you, she IS gorgeous; and a talented singer and musician who has appeared in a couple of films, for that matter).


I don’t even care what I eat.  I mean, if I like it, all I know is that I’ll continue to eat it until there isn’t any more of it left.  But one of the very last things on this earth I want to devote my limited span in this world to is pouring over the dietary peculiarities of another person.

Let it stand for the record that shall endure for all ages that I DO NOT CARE ABOUT KIM KARDASHEAN OR HOW MANY FACE LIFTS OR TUMMY TUCKS SHE HAD THIS WEEK.

Okay, so I don’t give a leaping fig about celebrities, I said just last night.

Except for this one.

I stopped dead in my tracks and my eyes teared up as I remembered memories that always made me smile.

I watched Meadowlark play basketball when he came to town when I was a child.  My mother watched Meadowlark Lemon play basketball when he came to town when she was a child.  My grandfather watched Meadowlark Lemon play basketball.

Even in some very dark days of racism, he was a man who transcended race.  Because he was a man who had a transcendent God and wanted to bring that God to as many people as possible.

He was a man who used every gift that he had to make people laugh without insulting anyone.  And more important, he was a man who used every gift he had to share Jesus Christ, the Savior and only the Hope of the world.

Meadowlark Lemon was a great man and a great man of God.  And I honor him and I pray for his family today.