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Obama’s ZERO Lack Of Progress With Hillary Voters Eroding Dem Confidence

September 23, 2008

“Barack Obama’s support from backers of Hillary Rodham Clinton is stuck smack where it was in June, a poll showed Tuesday, a stunning lack of progress that is weakening him with members of the Democratic Party in the close presidential race,” according to the Washington Times.  The Times article also says that Hillary Clinton primary voters “find Obama less likable, honest, experienced and inspiring than Democrats overall do, and have a better view of McCain.”

That’s what I call a triple whammy: zero progress with an essential voter block; erosion of confidence in the Democratic Party; and a whopping load of Democrats don’t like him, don’t trust him, don’t think he’s qualified, and actually prefer his Republican opponent over him.

Sounds like things aren’t going all that great in Obamaland, the Peoples’ Socialist Republic of.  And when you add to these woes the problems he’s having in crucial swing states he desperately needs to win (like Pennsylvania), and the six point gulf between what the polls say and how he will likely actually do in November, and Obama’s problems begin to stack up like a house of cards.

I have marvelled at just how terrible a candidate Barack Obama has been since learning of his incredibly radical church and his incredibly anti-American and anti-white reverend.  He is the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate, who in turn chose the third most liberal member of the Senate as his running mate.  Even the man’s vaunted speaking ability has turned out to be limited to the presence of a teleprompter!  And yet fickle Demorats spurned their inevitable candidate for a fling with a politician who cynically promised to bring “hope” and “change,” but turned out to have “the political instincts of a Chicago thug.”

There are some discrepencies in the polling data, like there always are in almost every polling issue; just enough to provide the Obama campaing with hope:

Obama spokesman Bill Burton said Clinton supporters are turning to Obama “in huge numbers” and noted that the AP-Yahoo News data differed from other polls. He said strong feelings by Clinton supporters were understandable considering the length and intensity of the Democratic primaries and said of Clinton, “She’s done everything we’ve asked her to do.”

But I would submit that this is the same overconfident and arrogant campaign that was being widely criticized by Democratic insiders only ten days ago.

Americans are outraged over the housing finance meltdown, and Obama has benefitted with a short term bump in the polls.  But few analysts believe that the Wall Street turmoil will be decisive, and some feel that if Americans are truly frightened, they will turn to McCain, who leads Obama in perceived trust, leadership, and experience according to poll internals.