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How Obama Got Elected

November 17, 2008

I came across this watching Hannity and Colmes, and had to let you enjoy it too.

A video survey of Obama voters displayed on confirms the results of a recent Zogby poll: Obama won on the basis of shocking ignorance of the electorate, fed by shocking media bias.

Everyone knew which candiate had had an “issue” with clothes, and which candidate had had a daughter get pregnant (Sarah Palin, for those of you whose sub-rock habitat gets bad reception), but the question of which party was in control of Congress was a much more difficult matter for them.  Again and again, you get to hear Obama supporters believing that Republicans were in charge of Congress.

A Zogby poll shows that 57.4% of voters could not correctly answer which party controls Congress.  Monkeys randomly pushing a button could have done better.

On issues that really mattered, or on issues that made Democrats look bad, people were ignorant; on issues that made Republicans look bad, or stupid, everyone seemed to know.

I have said this again and again: we live in an age of media propaganda.  And no democracy can long exist in such an environment of political propaganda.