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If Obama Can Nationalize US Corporations, Why Not Hugo Chavez?

May 17, 2009

Barack Obama has nationalized American businesses such as banks and auto companies.  It was really only a matter of time before other socialists leaders took note of Obama’s example and nationalized American businesses too.

Venezuela seizes US pasta company

Venezuelan officials accompanied by soldiers have seized “temporary” control of a US-owned pasta producer.

Venezuela says the plant, owned by the big US firm Cargill, had violated regulations on price controls intended to guarantee cheap food for the poor.

The move further increases President Hugo Chavez’s hold on the economy, after a series of recent take-overs of private and foreign-owned businesses.

They include a Cargill rice plant, and services companies in the oil industry.

Deputy Food Minister Rafael Coronado said the government would run the factory for 90 days, and would reassess the situation after that.

THERE’S your example of what all of Obama’s good will gestures will net for America.  Hugo knows that he can walk all over us now.

The title of the accompanying artice is “President Obama in historic handshake with Hugo Chavez of Venezeula.”  I’m just quoting that headline as a way of saying that “Dictator rubs Obama’s face in crap following Obama suck-up gesture” would have been a good headline for the story of Chavez’s seizure of an American-owned business.

I’m guessing that Hugo Chavez figured that since he’d given Barry Hussein one of his books, he had the right to take one of America’s factories.

I look at it this way: Hugo Chavez can’t do a worse job running American businesses that he’s nationalized into the ground than Barry Hussein, so why not let him have them?

Ronald Reagan would have sent the Marines to get America’s factory back. But then again, Ronald Reagan wasn’t an appeasing weakling like Barry Hussein, and Ronald Reagan wasn’t virtually as socialist as the Marxist scumbag who needed his arse kicked so high his crap permanently shot out of his ears forever afterward.

Obama won’t get any respect from dictators because he doesn’t deserve any respect – and they know it.

I’m sure that Barry will be able to get the factory “returned” after a bunch of secret concessions.  But don’t forget the naked contempt with which Obama is being accorded by petty dictators that he’d just gotten through sucking up to.