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Kudos To Obama For Accurately Describing Kanye West

September 15, 2009

I am a conservative, a Republican, and am proud to call myself a critic of virtually everything President Obama does.

But when a man tells it like it is, I’m willing to stand with him.

And Barack Obama told it like it was when he called Kanye West a “jackass” the other night.

President’s opinion of Kanye West sparks debate

By DAVID BAUDER, AP Television Writer David Bauder, Ap Television Writer

NEW YORK – President Barack Obama’s candid thoughts about Kanye West are provoking a debate over standards of journalism in the Twitter age.

ABC News says it was wrong for its employees to tweet that Obama had called West a “jackass” for the rapper’s treatment of country singer Taylor Swift. The network said some of its employees had overheard a conversation between the president and CNBC’s John Harwood and didn’t realize it was considered off the record.

The network apologized to the White House and CNBC.

Harwood had sat down with the president to tape an interview following his appearance on Wall Street on Monday. Although they are competitors, CNBC and ABC share a fiber optic line to save money, and this enabled some ABC employees to listen in on the interview as it was being taped for later use.

Their attention was drawn to chatter about West, who was widely criticized for interrupting Swift as she accepted an award at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards to say that Beyonce deserved it.

During what sounds like informal banter before the interview begins, Obama is asked whether his daughters were annoyed by West’s hijacking of Swift’s acceptance statement, according to an audio copy that was posted on

“I thought that was really inappropriate,” Obama says. “What are you butting in (for)? … The young lady seems like a perfectly nice person. She’s getting her award. What’s he doing up there?”

A questioner chimes in, “Why would he do it?”

“He’s a jackass,” Obama replies, which is met with laughter from several people.

The president seems to quickly realize he may have gone too far, and jovially appeals to those assembled that the remark be kept private. “Come on guys,” he says. “Cut the president some slack. I’ve got a lot of other stuff on my plate.”

E-mails shot around among ABC employees about Obama’s comments, said Jeffrey Schneider, ABC News spokesman. Before anything was reported on ABC’s air or Web site, at least three network employees took to Twitter to spread the news.

One was Terry Moran, a former White House correspondent. He logged on to Twitter and typed: “Pres. Obama just called Kanye West a ‘jackass’ for his outburst at VMAs when Taylor Swift won. Now THAT’S presidential.”

When ABC News authorities found out about it, they had the tweets deleted after about an hour, Schneider said. Moran declined a request to comment.

Now, I can’t help but ask if ANY of the mainline journalists would have stumbled over themselves to erase traces of a hasty, off-the-cuff, and potentially embarassing remark by, let’s say, President George W. Bush.

I just don’t see the ABC authorities coming around and saying, “The President wants us to do WHAT?  Well, of course!  His wish is our command” if said president’s hankies born the gold-threaded initials “GWB.”  Or for that matter “GHWB” or “RWR.”

So, I might dump on the media over this matter, but not Barack Obama.

Kanye West is a jackass.  What’s more, Kanye West has been a jackass for years.  He was certainly a jackass when he said that President Bush didn’t care about black people during the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

If someone else wants to condemn Obama’s comment as being “unpresidential,” that’s their business.  It’s quite possible that many of our previous presidents would have caught themselves before making such a comment in front of the public.  But this is one conservative who applauds Barack Obama for taking the side of truth (at least this one time) and showing some well-merited outrage over some truly loathsome conduct.

I’m sure I’ll be shooting at you soon, Barry.  But, tonight, I got your back on this one.

And if you were watching that program with your daughters, and you were thinking like a father when Kanye West snatched that microphone away from a young Taylor Swift, then even MORE kudos to you.