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Obama Has Insurmountable Lead Over McCain… In France

September 16, 2008

In France, historically the European country with the strongest anti-American sentiment, 80 per cent would back Mr Obama, while Mr McCain would receive a derisory 8 per cent.

That’s right.  In the European country that most despises Americans, Barack Obama has a 10-1 lead over John McCain.

And we can fondly reminisce about Obama’s celebrated appearance before massive crowds before Hitler’s Victory-Tower phallic symbol and think of how great it would be if the American election were held in Germany, where Obama leads 67% to 6%.

Barack Obama also has a stranglehold on the Islamic “death-to-the-Great-Satan-America!” vote.

Barack Obama is a Harvard-trained lawyer.  If he can figure out a way to get the election moved – on a “change of venue” grounds – to one of those countries in which only the tiniest fraction of the people believe that America is a force for good in the world, he can win the White House in a slam dunk.

What can I say?  Woe is me, for I have an overwhelming compulsion to thumb my nose at countries that despise the United States.  And the more they hate us, the more I want blow a raspberry at them.

Campaign Slogan: Piss off France – vote for McCain-Palin

Alternative Campaign Slogan: Suck it yourself, Hollywood sluts – vote for McCain-Palin