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Why Is Obama’s Economy In Shambles? Consider His Psycho Felony Hit And Run Secretary Of COMMERCE

June 12, 2012

Whatever you do, don’t stop for trains if a senior level Obama official might be behind you.  Obama liberals have no rules and openly flout the laws of the land at every turn; they’ll drive right over you if you get in their way to their messiah’s next fundraiser.

Remember that load of crap about Bush driving the economy into a ditch?  Yeah, Obama’s people took over the car and are now driving the economy crazily around in a series of felony hit and runs.  That must be better.

Commerce Secretary John Bryson investigated for hit-and-run car crash
8:12 a.m. CDT, June 11, 2012

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of Commerce John Bryson is being investigated for several hit-and-run car crashes in Southern California on Saturday that police say appear to have been caused by the Obama administration official.

The San Gabriel Police Department, in a statement released early Monday, said a preliminary investigation indicates Bryson caused the first crash when his Lexus rear-ended a Buick in San Gabriel on Saturday at about 5:05 p.m. He hit it again when leaving the scene.

The second crash took place about five minutes later in nearby Rosemead, California, when Bryson allegedly hit a Honda Accord, according to the statement, which was issued along with theLos Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Bryson was found unconscious behind the wheel at the scene of the second crash, police said. Paramedics treated him at the crash site and he was admitted to a local hospital for non-lethal injuries, police said. Passengers in the other cars had no major injuries.

Police said so far “there is no indication that alcohol or drugs played a role in the collisions.” They added that Bryson and others were cooperative with the investigation.

Representatives for the Commerce Department said they would issue a statement soon. Representatives for the White House had no immediate comment.

According toCNN, the Commerce Department has acknowledged that Bryson was involved in a car crash. He has been released from the hospital, the television network said, citing a department spokeswoman.

A former utility executive, Bryson has served as Obama’s secretary of Commerce since October 2011, according to the department’s website that also touts him as a key member of the president’s economic team.

The Secretary of Commerce is a delusional psycho who just drove his Lexus into three fender benders.

All that crashing reminds me of Obama’s economy.  Because it’s crashing every bit as bad as the our Secretary of Commerce.

It’s a crime how these people are driving our economy.  Literally.

Republicans tried in vain to stop Obama from appointing this leftist turd.  Oh, well.

As a P.S. I know that Bryson’s handlers are claiming he had a seizure.  And that’s why he rammed into a car that was stopped for a passing train, got into an argument about it, and then drove off and smashed into another car.  I know that reporters tried to get the Commerce Department to answer questions such as whether Bryson had ever had a seizure before, was he supposed to be on medication, or were there any prohibitions on his driving privileges, etc.  Commerce refused to respond to these questions.  For the record, I also know that Jerry Sandusky is claiming he sodomized a boy in the Penn State locker room shower because he suffers from Histrionic Personality Disorder.

Liberals will buy that one, too (Jerry Sandusky wasn’t a member of former Democrat presidential nominee John Kerry’s “band of brothers” by any chance was he?).

If the criminal were reversed and it was Obama’s Commerce Secretary who was on trial for sodomizing boys, I would have a very similar point to make about what is being done to our economy under this administration.